Saturday, July 26, 2014         

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Caldwell sends nonessential city workers home early

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 02:00 a.m. HST, Jul 30, 2013

Most of the city's about 10,000 employees were sent home early today -- at 3 p.m. -- in anticipation of Tropical Storm Flossie moving over Oahu tonight.

Mayor Kirk Caldwell made the announcement at noon, saying he wanted to allow non-emergency city workers enough time to get home safely. He said he also wanted to prevent major traffic jams during the normal pau hana commute times.

"A lot of precaution is being taken here," Caldwell said. 

The early workday will not apply to essential employees, including police, fire, sewer and bus workers, he said. Municipal golf courses, the zoo and satellite city hall locations will close at 3 p.m.

Caldwell said the decision stands until he declares the emergency situation for Honolulu over. He said that could come around midnight, as Flossie is expected to hit Oahu by 9 p.m. with the first effects coming about 6 p.m.

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allie wrote:
I would hate to be labeled "non-essential"
on July 29,2013 | 12:08PM
dpinsacto wrote:
Non-essential sums up approximately 99.1% of all city and state government jobs. The civil servant motto must be something like this: We do less all day than most people do by 10am, and we get free parking in the CBD.
on July 29,2013 | 12:23PM
PCWarrior wrote:
Why in the world does the city even need 10,000 workers?
on July 29,2013 | 02:15PM
serious wrote:
Because they VOTE Democratic!!!!
on July 29,2013 | 03:46PM
DAGR81 wrote:
Great point.
on July 29,2013 | 04:03PM
RetiredWorking wrote:
Do research. Count how many government positions there are. What, so we need only 1,000 workers? You think?
on July 30,2013 | 01:41PM
RetiredWorking wrote:
disagree with dpinsacto. I doubt most government workers do less all day than you and most peopledo in 2 hours. LOL, so you think 20,000 government workers get free parking @ CBD? LOL, get real!
on July 30,2013 | 01:39PM
PCWarrior wrote:
allie you are so non-essential it is not funny.
on July 29,2013 | 02:15PM
whatzupwitdat wrote:
@PC WARRIOR; LOL!! You took the exact words from my mouth!!
on July 29,2013 | 03:08PM
whatzupwitdat wrote:
LOL!! you took the words right outta my mouth!!
on July 29,2013 | 03:14PM
whatzupwitdat wrote:
Okay, since you don't like that label (although YOU ARE) how about LOSER???
on July 29,2013 | 03:13PM
DAGR81 wrote:
Love it.
on July 29,2013 | 04:04PM
DAGR81 wrote:
on July 29,2013 | 04:02PM
Hapa_Haole_Boy wrote:
L M A O dpinsacto. Really, really funny (mostly b/c it's (sadly) really, really true).
on July 29,2013 | 12:30PM
Hapa_Haole_Boy wrote:
Jeez, as if CCOH workers don't get enough bennies..... KEY question: are they getting PAID for just the part of the day they worked, or is this yet another cost the taxpayers are being made to shoulder?
on July 29,2013 | 12:31PM
GooglyMoogly wrote:
Really?? The gov't gets called out (deservedly) for being ill-prepared for natural disasters. They finally take a proactive step and it gets called a benefit? You understand that the storm is scheduled to start affecting Oahu right around evening rush hour, right? The mayor is trying to get everyone (not just city employees) home safely with minimum impact on traffic.

If all I knew about Hawaii was based on what people post on these comments, I'd assume that all Hawaii residents were by and large a bunch of f-ing whiners.

on July 29,2013 | 02:06PM
PCWarrior wrote:
Can he send me home too? No, didn't think so.
on July 29,2013 | 02:16PM
mikethenovice wrote:
Get paid for playing with your smartphone.
on July 29,2013 | 02:50PM
bobbob wrote:
or even better, for complaining on SA comments
on July 29,2013 | 03:48PM
bobbob wrote:
I agree with googly.. you guys are a bunch of whiners. No he cannot send you home, but when do finish work for the day, the roadways would be less clogged than it would be otherwise. If school was in session, I would expect it to be cancelled or classes to be shortened as well for the same reason. It's already raining pretty heavily on oahu, and traffic is already bad and moving slowly. But I'm sure you'd find it preferable to sit on the freeway in even worse traffic when the storm arrives. And yes, it's projected to hit around rush hour traffic time.
on July 29,2013 | 03:47PM
Wonderful_World wrote:
It's a STORM...not a hurricane! Good thing it doesn't snow over here!
on July 29,2013 | 02:41PM
mikethenovice wrote:
Hawaii will snow in the year 5050.
on July 29,2013 | 02:50PM
Mypualani wrote:
@ GooglyMoogly, I really really like your post and the way you think. Yup rush hour is mean and with a storm! Mahalo
on July 29,2013 | 04:40PM
DAGR81 wrote:
on July 29,2013 | 06:17PM
sailfish1 wrote:
It's past rush hour time and the storm hardly affected the traffic. So every time we expect heavy rain we should give the City employees the day off? Hahaha! What a waste!
on July 29,2013 | 07:37PM
RetiredWorking wrote:
Totally agree with you, Googly. Lot of whiners, haters, unhappy, resentful, jealous people on this forum.
on July 30,2013 | 01:41PM
kiragirl wrote:
There must be a better way to make decisions instead of subjectively (better safe than sorry mentality). With all these satellite information, guessing should be minimal. I predict rain in the late afternoon but nothing spectacular to let workers get off early.
on July 29,2013 | 12:37PM
bobbob wrote:
so instead of doing the conservative thing, wait until after a disaster hits, then panic? You must be one of those that sits down and starts taking a sh*t, and only afterwards realize there's urine all over the seat and no toilet paper. ------- ----------- ----------- --------- Also don't quit your day job, as it's already raining heavily and traffic is moving slowly.
on July 29,2013 | 03:54PM
DAGR81 wrote:
Enjoy your afternoon off at our expense while we work to pay the taxes that paid for your emergency leave.
on July 29,2013 | 10:47PM
loquaciousone wrote:
What time are you leaving Krik?
on July 29,2013 | 12:39PM
Wonderful_World wrote:
He left a long time ago!
on July 29,2013 | 12:46PM
Morimoto wrote:
He probably never went to work today. After all, he's the mayor, who can replace him if he gets hurt by the 35 mph winds or he might slip and fall after stepping in a puddle. Better safe than sorry.
on July 29,2013 | 12:51PM
loquaciousone wrote:
Hey, Krik can fix potholes, follow the opala truck, leap tall dog turds in a single bound as long as he has his tee shirt. I hear FEMA is thinking of getting him one of theirs before Flossie gets here.
on July 29,2013 | 01:18PM
mikethenovice wrote:
Name has been changed to moon craters from pothole.
on July 29,2013 | 02:49PM
mikethenovice wrote:
You can replace him, but the taxpayers would be stuck with paying his workers' compensation for life.
on July 29,2013 | 02:48PM
Ripoff wrote:
He's having lunch with Ben at 939 Keeaumoku street.
on July 29,2013 | 01:53PM
mikethenovice wrote:
What's the Zip Code?
on July 29,2013 | 02:49PM
false wrote:
Happy endings.
on July 29,2013 | 02:58PM
loquaciousone wrote:
I saw Krik putting on his FEMA t-shirt and waterproof getas. I wonder where he's going?
on July 29,2013 | 12:53PM
Sunny wrote:
Next non-essential State workers will go home early too.
on July 29,2013 | 12:54PM
salsacoquibx wrote:
We have to run to the stores and get a ton of TP before its too late..lol Non-essential..lol
on July 29,2013 | 01:11PM
loquaciousone wrote:
I did my shopping at Longs yesterday and have all my essentials....beer, poke and poi.
on July 29,2013 | 01:19PM
dsl wrote:
shucks, that's what I forgot - poi!
on July 29,2013 | 01:54PM
mikethenovice wrote:
Midweek has a coupon.
on July 29,2013 | 02:51PM
mikethenovice wrote:
CVS stocks thanks you.
on July 29,2013 | 02:51PM
jusjoking wrote:
No ice?? Yea, true now, probably no need.
on July 29,2013 | 02:58PM
sailfish1 wrote:
Yup, the union is going to demand equal treatment of their workers.
on July 29,2013 | 07:38PM
RetiredWorking wrote:
Nonessential State workers worked a full day on Monday. No admin leave, but you could choose to take paid leave if you desired.
on July 30,2013 | 01:33PM
samsdad wrote:
"Non-essential" federal employees must be saying "what about us?"
on July 29,2013 | 01:18PM
salsacoquibx wrote:
Feds don't count..like me..lol even if where non-essential
on July 29,2013 | 01:35PM
mikethenovice wrote:
Send the cry babies on their noisy motorcycles home early before they cry. Bully people have to have it their way.
on July 29,2013 | 02:47PM
jusjoking wrote:
When the rail is done they can all ride home regular time even in a tsumani, surf boards in hand. Just in case somebody was fibbing a little.
on July 29,2013 | 03:34PM
engineersoldier wrote:
Caldwell should do a rigorous scrub of his organization to cut out the fat and "non essential". He could start with this of the so-called non-essentials.
on July 29,2013 | 03:30PM
DAGR81 wrote:
Oops, seems like allie is no longer with us.
on July 29,2013 | 04:06PM
bobbob wrote:
Her boss informed her she was essential, so she'll be at work all night scrubbing the floors of the pizza joint and nibbling on the crusts thrown under the table by people's kids.
on July 29,2013 | 04:20PM
DAGR81 wrote:
At least she works for her pay.
on July 29,2013 | 11:49PM
64hoo wrote:
do they get paid for the whole day for a half day work, do they comeback tomorrow. your tax dollars at work.
on July 29,2013 | 05:24PM
hanabatadayz wrote:
lucky they got out early..too many accidents happening on the road..people don't know how to drive
on July 29,2013 | 05:50PM
Kapaho wrote:
So what about the state workers? Are they essential? I think not, same as the county.
on July 29,2013 | 06:59PM
sailfish1 wrote:
If they measure productivity of the City workers, they will probably find that there was very little difference in output during this day when the workers went home early. Those workers would have just sat around and talked about the impending STORM anyway.
on July 29,2013 | 07:42PM
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