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Police arrest man, boy in confrontation over damaged cars

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 03:28 p.m. HST, Aug 12, 2013

Police arrested a 16-year-old boy for damaging vehicles and a 39-year-old man, who allegedly threatened the boy with a pocketknife when the teenager tried to drive away.

Police said the incident happened as the boy was driving out of a narrow cul-de-sac in Mililani Saturday night.

The man saw the boy hit several vehicles, including a vehicle belonging to the man’s wife, police said. The man confronted the boy, who was driving away from the scene, reached into the boy’s vehicle and threatened him after pulling out a pocketknife, police said.

Officers arrested the man for unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle and the boy for damaging the vehicles.

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Mei mei wrote:
that's insane - what ever happened to Citizen's Arrest? that punk deserves to be in prison!
on August 12,2013 | 03:39PM
Grimbold wrote:
I agree, the police who did this should be disciplined!
on August 12,2013 | 04:54PM
Aieagrl wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on August 12,2013 | 03:44PM
LKK56 wrote:
What would Zimmerman do?
on August 12,2013 | 04:19PM
bumba wrote:
Good riddance.
on August 12,2013 | 04:58PM
lynnh wrote:
on August 12,2013 | 09:48PM
ryan02 wrote:
I know you must think your answer "Justice" is tough, cool, witty, or whatever, but do you seriously think it's appropriate to shoot a teenager dead because the teen damaged some parked cars? People who think death is the appropriate punishment for property damage are a bigger problem/threat to the earth than the property damage itself.
on August 13,2013 | 07:03AM
SueH wrote:
"Tough, cool, witty, or whatever".....He certainly wouldn't be damaging cars anymore and trying to leave the scene if the consequences were more direct.
on August 13,2013 | 08:33AM
TigerEye wrote:
...Just as, you would never put another person in danger if some yahoo/concerned citizen took a shot at you for running a red light.
on August 13,2013 | 10:12AM
HAJAA1 wrote:
We would throw a party. Or....I would.
on August 13,2013 | 12:58AM
ryan02 wrote:
You would throw a party because a teenager is dead? Simply because he damaged some parked cars? People who think death is the appropriate punishment for property damage are a bigger problem/threat to the earth than the property damage itself.
on August 13,2013 | 07:04AM
HAJAA1 wrote:
And people so unbelievably gullible to believe that a "teenager just damaging some cars" is all this teenager does? LOL! Wipe it off your forehead!
on August 13,2013 | 08:08AM
HAJAA1 wrote:
And I would LOVE to see how ryan02 would react if the "teenage just damaging some cars" hit one with a baby in it and killed the baby. Ryan02 were you a sheltered child? lol
on August 13,2013 | 08:11AM
SueH wrote:
Not a sheltered child, but probably dropped on his head as a baby.
on August 13,2013 | 08:34AM
TigerEye wrote:
That wasn't the story here. Not even close. You're firing blanks at your strawman.
on August 13,2013 | 10:47AM
TigerEye wrote:
You have no idea what this teenager does. Just as nobody knows what you do. If you'd seriously support the murder of a teenager for damaging property then I think you're a bigger threat to public safety than this kid.
on August 13,2013 | 10:26AM
TigerEye wrote:
The very definition of blowhards. All shaking their fists at the moon and (anonymously) shouting about how somebody (else) should "do something."
on August 13,2013 | 10:16AM
Aieagrl wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on August 12,2013 | 04:33PM
Big C wrote:
May not be Po-Po-Lo, but surely is a LO LO.
on August 12,2013 | 04:47PM
kailua000 wrote:
he's lucky he wasnt shot
on August 12,2013 | 04:37PM
niimi wrote:
Dumb kid.
on August 12,2013 | 04:38PM
Grimbold wrote:
Rotten brood.
on August 12,2013 | 04:55PM
Big C wrote:
Wondering if the kid even had a driver's license.
on August 12,2013 | 04:48PM
paniolo wrote:
No more. You have to be 18 to drive alone with a full license. Under 18 you need an adult (parent, family member) seated next to you. And that's with a temporary license.
on August 12,2013 | 07:06PM
Big C wrote:
Good to hear. They should impound and keep his car too.
on August 12,2013 | 08:02PM
hikine wrote:
Arrogant punk kid. Take away his driver's license!
on August 12,2013 | 05:00PM
Carang_da_buggahz wrote:
The people whose cars were damaged need to SUE the pants off of this punk's parents. After all, whatever happened to responsibility and accountability for the misdeeds of your children? Go after them in civil court. Don't hold your breath waiting for some judge to dispense "justice" in the legal system. None will be forthcoming. Witness the cops going after the aggrieved party. Hit 'em in the wallet where it REALLY hurts! Only then will people sit up and take notice.
on August 12,2013 | 05:14PM
Anonymous wrote:
I agree with you. However, it's more than likely that the punk kid's punk parents will be filing a suit against the guy who's car was damaged. You know, all the emotional distress that the homeowner caused the kid.
on August 12,2013 | 11:21PM
kailua1980 wrote:
This is crazy! Read the next two breaking news headlines..."Bystanders chase down bag theft suspect..." and "Police say suspect threatened officer with knife..." Ponder over all three stories at the same time. The Waikiki good samaritans caught a criminal; there were more than one. The police office was threatened, but has a taser and a gun as a last resort. The homeowner was trying to stop a criminal in a fleeing car, which can become a deadly instrument in the hands of the wrong (this teenager) person. He was probably by himself. Why is the person who was trying to stop a criminal leaving the scene of the crime being charged? He was protecting (life and) property and used minimal force. Its not like he stabbed the kid...If this was a police officer, on or off-duty, there is a chance that a gun would have been drawn and the 16 year old might have been shot, and the officer could easily have said the kid was driving the car at him/her, and this would have been called a justifiable shooting. PLEASE prosecuting attorney...drop the charges against the homeowner.
on August 12,2013 | 06:11PM
ryan02 wrote:
Maybe the teenager is "connected" to someone, and got favorable treatment from the police? Or the man who stopped the teen was overly violent and the police became concerned? We don't know. My own view is the man did the right thing to stop the teenager, but we don't know all the facts.
on August 13,2013 | 07:07AM
BIG wrote:
on August 13,2013 | 12:18PM
BIG wrote:
yes i agree
on August 13,2013 | 12:18PM
Too_Much_Pilikia wrote:
Can you imagine the charges brought forth if the man was using a gun to stop the punk? "Unauthorized entry" into a vehicle to stop the idiot from escaping? Oh please! Hawaii has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation. I wonder if our local population would continue to act out their aggressions in public if there was a concealed carry law for law abiding citizens. But nay, the criminals no scade. Makes you feel real safe, yeah?
on August 12,2013 | 07:26PM
ryan02 wrote:
Yeah, if they both had guns they could have had a shoot-out and killed each other, and maybe a by-stander as well. That's much safer than what happened here.
on August 13,2013 | 07:08AM
HOSSANA wrote:
on August 12,2013 | 09:09PM
myviewofthings wrote:
on August 13,2013 | 05:30AM
ryan02 wrote:
I think the police went overboard in arresting this man, but look at what happened in Waimanalo when a citizen tried to detain a car thief -- the citizen was too rough and ended up killing the car thief, and now the police are being sued. I guess you can't have it both ways.
on August 13,2013 | 07:11AM
hawaiikone wrote:
Maybe it might be a good idea to not need to be "detained" in the first place.
on August 13,2013 | 11:56AM
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