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Honolulu drivers among the worst in U.S.

By Erika Engle


Honolulu ranks at No. 128 of 200 U.S. cities in the “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report.”

The company’s ninth-annual report ranks Honolulu as one of the least safe-driving cities, in that the average driver will experience a collision every 8.7 years, 15 percent more likely than the national average.

The safest U.S. city in which to drive, according to the study, is Fort Collins, Colo., with a collision likelihood of 28.2 percent compared to the national average, and an average of 13.9 years between collisions.

The other markets in the top five were Boise, Idaho at No. 2; Sioux Falls, So. Dakota at No. 3, Brownsville, Texas at No. 4 followed by 5th-ranked Madison, Wis., where drivers have a collision likelihood of 20.3 percent and an average of 12.5 years between collisions.

“We don’t want drivers in Honolulu to be discouraged by their ranking,” said Shauna McBride, Allstate’s regional spokeswoman.

“Instead, we want the report to challenge drivers in Honolulu to make positive changes to their driving habits that will in turn make the city a safer place to live, work and raise families,” she said.

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RichardCory wrote:
Worst traffic and the worst drivers. Lucky you live Hawaii.
on August 27,2013 | 09:36AM
eoe wrote:
So before everyone gets all bent, basically what this study says is if you live in a dense city, you are more likely to be in an accident, and if you live in the sticks or the exurbs you have less chance of being in an accident.
on August 27,2013 | 09:50AM
cojef wrote:
Not really so, or maybe so, as you mention dense in the head. It's all in the head, aggresiveness contribute greatly to accidents on the road. The study did not cover kind of cars that drivers use. There was one study that indicated that BMW and MB drivers were the rudest drivers, but then again it did not state where it was conducted. Other studies have shown that the now-in crowds drives BMW's, thus we are getting warmer to some truths. Meaning rudeness, aggressiveness, and other behaviorial habits influence the outcome of these studies. No one study is really sure what causes accidents. Speed is another factor to comsider. Thus by reading my post all these studies are riddled with holes like the Honolulu streets, and that may be another cause. One can go on and on.
on August 27,2013 | 10:48AM
Hilofrank wrote:
I'd say calling people driving in HNL "dense" is accurate. I mean they could have called them "Denise" and don't call me "Shirley."
on August 27,2013 | 11:37AM
nitpikker wrote:
i have always noticed that particularly bmw and mb drivers will cut in front of me and/or proceed to drive at their chosen speed DESPITE switching to the fast lane! A-H--S!
on August 27,2013 | 06:33PM
salsacoquibx wrote:
Wow what a surprise..and they needed a survey to tell us that..lol
on August 27,2013 | 09:51AM
Bdpapa wrote:
Yup, known that for years!
on August 27,2013 | 08:03PM
downtown wrote:
Confirms what is obvious. Da worst drivers, da worst pedestrians, and da worst bike riders. I even see pedestrians and bicyclists run red lights too! It's not just living in a densely populated city with bad roads, overcrowded freeways, etc. It's the behavior of some drivers that make it unsafe for the rest of us. It ain't everybody, but there's enough.
on August 27,2013 | 09:57AM
sailfish1 wrote:
Yes we have lousy drivers here in Hawaii. I'm actually surprised that we're #128 out of 200. I would have expected somewhere near the bottom.
on August 27,2013 | 10:15AM
eoe wrote:
You have clearly never been to someplace with actual bad drivers.
on August 27,2013 | 10:23AM
Bdpapa wrote:
Sorry but Hawaii drivers are really bad.
on August 27,2013 | 08:03PM
speakingtruth wrote:
I agreed until I visited Seattle.
on August 27,2013 | 10:31PM
lee1957 wrote:
With a little more effort on everyone's part we can get to #200.
on August 27,2013 | 11:02AM
Hilofrank wrote:
Hey, I thought only our DOE was in a "Race to the Bottom." We have a lot of catching up to do with the DOE.
on August 27,2013 | 11:38AM
HealthyandHappy wrote:
The left lane cruisers are the worst.
on August 27,2013 | 10:16AM
PTF wrote:
I encounter them everyday.
on August 27,2013 | 10:54AM
Thank You!!! And have you ever witnessed the Ignorants who will merge into the right lane just before you have a merging lane coming leaving no room for the two lanes. Common sense tells MOST people to merge to the left to allow people the ability to merge. SHEESH!
on August 27,2013 | 12:32PM
syhud wrote:
I think the worst are drivers making a right turn on red. After making a so called complete stop they zoom out to beat the on coming right of way traffic. THEN! slow down as soon they're on the straight away!
on August 27,2013 | 06:57PM
Mei mei wrote:
see it everyday... red light runners... aggressive drivers, no courtesy, and just rude... and that's just the side streets!
on August 27,2013 | 10:31AM
Hilofrank wrote:
I see bad drivers....
on August 27,2013 | 11:55AM
paradisetax wrote:
No worries! Rail is on the way.
on August 27,2013 | 10:36AM
tutulois wrote:
As a daily pedestrian, I am not surprised by this.
on August 27,2013 | 10:43AM
As a pedestrian you must also have witnessed the pedestrians that enter a crosswalk without a care in the world thinking they have the right of way. Im not saying they dont have the right of way, but if you are not even concerned with your own safety, I dont want to hear complaints either.
on August 27,2013 | 12:34PM
ricekidd wrote:
on August 27,2013 | 03:48PM
CriticalReader wrote:
Because everyone is angry. You start driving in a good mood. Then, within a mile, you've hit 3 deep potholes, had a bus cut you off, and sat at four red lights within 4 blocks. THEN you hit the metal plates and worry about your tires, right before you hit four lanes diverted into one lane by cones blocking off miles of empty road with no one doing anything except the cone truck guy at the end sitting there texting. And all that is on a good day, when HPD doesn't close down a whole freeway to "investigate" the death of some idiot riding a motorcycle without a helmet,
on August 27,2013 | 10:55AM
Ratrase wrote:
No $hit?
on August 27,2013 | 10:58AM
lee1957 wrote:
This is news? Tell us something we don't know.
on August 27,2013 | 11:01AM
kauailawyer wrote:
Just don't buy Allstate Insurance.
on August 27,2013 | 11:05AM
samidunn wrote:
Try driving in NYC or Boston
on August 27,2013 | 11:12AM
Hilofrank wrote:
Dude, just got back from SFO. Holy bad drivers Batman! If I closed my eyes and drove, I might have done better.
on August 27,2013 | 11:39AM
Anonymous wrote:
Maybe you shouldn't have been driving inside the airport...
on August 27,2013 | 12:51PM
Steve96785 wrote:
I learned to drive in NYC. Pulling on to the East River Drive in bumper to bumper traffic moving at 70mph was one of the most harrowing experiences of my youth. I would rather go back through basic training that have to repeat that feat as a novice.
on August 27,2013 | 11:42AM
Sorry Boston does not even come close to our bad driving situation any more. I go there fairly often and I speak from recent experience. NYC - not so sure - but it is so dense compared to Oahu that it shouldn't even be on the same list with us. I drive in town every day and every single day on the way to work I see between one and four serious traffic offenses. Running a red light is so common that we all wait upon getting a green light to see if crossing traffic is going to go through the red light. It is not safe to walk or bike on our streets. Crosswalks are a joke. Aggressive drivers are common, and I NEVER see anyone getting a ticket for speeding. (except where speed traps have been set - and everyone knows they are there)
on August 27,2013 | 11:43AM
eastside808 wrote:
Good for me cause i'm in in the auto repair business. At least I know it will be steady business and if the rail doesnt go through then even better cause will definitely have choke cars on the road. If we let all those people who cant read English and dont know how to use turn signals on the roads even better! It pays to live in paradise and I'm one happy camper.
on August 27,2013 | 11:31AM
ricekidd wrote:
on August 27,2013 | 03:50PM
Hilofrank wrote:
Great case for rail. Not because the stupid drivers will stop driving, but those traveling by rail (if ever it gets built), will avoid the idiots in the cars. I mean come on, a guy plows into a police officer, who was parked in the shoulder lane, with emergency lights on, and kills the officer? Now that should be a death penalty case. We have the worst drivers in the nation, simply because no one can understand the concept of "Slower traffic keep right." Not even the truck divers.
on August 27,2013 | 11:36AM
Frank, you are making way too much sense. "Slower traffic keep right" Then there are those who purposely drive slow in the fast lane just to create problems and rage. **Its usually those little half-ton pickups that do this-why is that? Stupidity or People that think they are in the right. I guess they both revolve around the stupidity arena.
on August 27,2013 | 12:40PM
Steve96785 wrote:
We don't want to discourage drivers in Honolulu, but we will raise the insurance rates for all drivers in the state because of this report.
on August 27,2013 | 11:39AM
Anonymous wrote:
I have a few incidents where dumb drivers honked me for doing the correct procedure. In one case the driver honked at me for driving the wrong way and the arrow clearly showed that I was in the right direction. I pointed it to the errant driver who promptly ignored me. There was that other time I was driving out of the Costco gas station towards Costco and the arrow clearly showed that I may drive straight to Costco's entrance. The driver behind me honked me because he thought I was supposed to turn. Then there are those dumb drivers who honk you for stopping for a car that has stopped immediately in front of you. I am not the least bit surprised at the findings.
on August 27,2013 | 11:56AM
ricekidd wrote:
on August 27,2013 | 03:53PM
alohacharlie wrote:
If we had a police department that would concentrate on enforcing the existing traffic laws, especially for red lights, we would not have this problem. I had an occasion to have to drive out on H-1 at night not long ago and while driving the speed limit, I was passed by almost every other vehicle. The next day I went into the local police station and complained to the sergeant on duty who told me that it was too dangerous out on H-1 at night to allow law enforcement officers out there. No sh.t.
on August 27,2013 | 11:57AM
ricekidd wrote:
If you know how to drive you would now the unwritten rule: on Freeway or Highway you go 5-10miles over the speed limit to have a good flow of traffic, also give that 1-2car length its reall works but again drivers in Honolulu is Too DUMB to know this...
on August 27,2013 | 03:56PM
Surfahmom wrote:
really drivers here need to learn the rules of the road...and drive accordingly.... that means use turn signals!! Look before you change lanes !! Learn the rules of a 4-way stop!! learn to use the left lane on the freeway properly..no, you should not be going 40mph in the left lane...DUH ! I do love that drivers have aloha for each other...WAY nicer than driving in LA or SF...folks will let you merge,etc. I think we all need to pay more attention, and also drive more defensively...STOP TAILGATING AT 60mph...it's dangerous!
on August 27,2013 | 12:00PM
Surfahmom, I once saw 2 lanes of traffic get the green light. The lady right in front of me drove accross the intersection and then STOPPED to allow a yield/merging lane from the right enter her our lane. I have never seen a person go all the way accross the intersection, then completely stop. Rediculous.
on August 27,2013 | 12:43PM
Jonas wrote:
@Surfahmom - totally agree with your statements. Odd thing - I usually drive about 5mph above the speed limit and whenever I'm being tailed - 3 out of 4 times it is a woman tailing me. I don't know why.
on August 27,2013 | 03:00PM
hanabatadayz wrote:
this survey is bogus..we should be ranked 199
on August 27,2013 | 12:11PM
loquaciousone wrote:
Honolulu ranks number one in senior drivers opening drive through windows in stores that do not have drive throughs.
on August 27,2013 | 12:31PM
saveparadise wrote:
Bad drivers you ask? Anybody see the fat girl with dyed red hair speeding in her red lifted truck in the right shoulder lane on the freeway past Radford High and then taking the shoulder lane again to the Aiea cutoff yesterday afternoon at 5:30? Jeez!?
on August 27,2013 | 12:42PM
primo1 wrote:
"...we want the report to challenge drivers in Honolulu to make positive changes to their driving habits..." Unfortunately drivers here in Honolulu are not up to the challenge, simply because "denokea"...
on August 27,2013 | 12:48PM
bekwell wrote:
What? Did the people making the pole ever drive in Los Angeles or Las Vegas? At least here people will give you a chance to change lanes if you ask with your turn light. Not in those other cities. Put your turn light on and they speed up to block you from getting in front. Too much traffic in Honolulu? Yes. That rises the statistics of fender benders, but it doesn't mean bad drivers . . . just overpopulation.
on August 27,2013 | 01:20PM
W_Williams wrote:
The most courteous drivers are Waimanalo residents and those influenced by them.
on August 27,2013 | 01:46PM
Bdpapa wrote:
Yes they are!
on August 27,2013 | 08:05PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Catch TheBus. Grow Soybeans in your garden. Listen to the birds sing. No need drive, no need money.
on August 27,2013 | 01:54PM
Big C wrote:
Many of the drivers in Hawaii are bad because they forgot what it was like to have patience. With the use of Laptop/smartphone/technology in general, everyone life got "RUSHED". Everyone needs to slowdown, enjoy life. Remember, are you LIVING or just EXISTING?
on August 27,2013 | 02:38PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
There needs to be weighted score, i.e., how does driving in Hawaii compare to California, Florida, Illinois or Nrevada?
on August 28,2013 | 01:05AM
rayhawaii wrote:
Slow drivers in the left lane, all the time. Some people no brain. They don't think there is 50 cars behind them passing all over the place trying to get around.
on August 27,2013 | 03:18PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
NEIL-1 was in the left lane of the H-1 East near Kapolei going 55 MPH.
on August 28,2013 | 01:06AM
titasmom wrote:
Yes, the police should be out there enforcing the laws...no changing lanes over solid lines, no going through red lights, entering the intersection as the turn light is changing to red and then blocking the intersection for opposing traffic - so irritating!
on August 27,2013 | 03:25PM
ricekidd wrote:
Wow WE NEED A STATS to know that we Hawaii drivers don't: Turn on signals when turning, brakes alot on freeways left lane ,loves to site scene others accidents,think they're such a good driver,bus drivers who think they GOD, ETC..... Ive driven in many places around the world but Hawaii is the worst place to drive due to uneducated, self important need to goto driving school drivers. Unlike other smart contrys who make their citizen goto driving school and to purchase a car you need to prove you have space for your car.(LIKE MANY PEOPLE IN HAWAII WHO LOVES TO HAVE A CAR FOR EVERY PEOPLE IN THIER HOUSEHOLD MEMBER...)(OH YEA DON'T FORGET THAT THOSE PEOPLE ARE THE ONE WHO IS RESPONSBLE OF OTHER PEOPLES LIFES BECAUSE PEOPLE WHO PARK THIER 5TH CAR ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD AT THE CONER WHICH YOU KNOW WELL YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSE TO PARK) CAUSE DELAY IN REACTION TIME FOR PEOPLE I NEED... PEOPLE IN HAWAII IS DUMB!!! HAVE NO CONSIDERATION FOR OTHERS...
on August 27,2013 | 03:45PM
Mahalo wrote:
NOT THIS CAN NOT BE TRUE! We have the most friendliest drivers, they stop on the freeways to allow on ramp traffic to merge unto the freeway. We are so caring of our neighbors that we must stop on the freeway to watch a fender bender on the other side of the road. And if its raining or the sun is shinning we just slow to a snails pace to watch the beauty of the weather. SO ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO CALL HAWAII THE WORST DRIVERS!!!
on August 27,2013 | 03:50PM
syhud wrote:
NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fo real!
on August 27,2013 | 03:56PM
islandsun wrote:
No Joke. Immigrants, retirees and others that never leaned. And when school is out, many teachers & kids are messing it up. Too slow in the left lane, no signals, indecisive, inability to merge correctly.
on August 27,2013 | 07:00PM
awahana wrote:
Its not just street driving, there is NO ALOHA in Hawaii PERIOD.
Parking lots taking up more than a stall, cutting and taking the stall that you are waiting for, leaving their shopping wagon in a parking stall, ruining it for the next guy, and leaving your wagon in the middle of the store aisle, blocking everyone, while they go get a free sample of sausage on a toothpick, or digging in your purse for your iphone, or talking with someone in the middle of the aisle. Need I go on?
You can find MORE ALOHA almost anywhere else. Japan. Canada. Tourists are being suckered into spending their life savings, paying $400/night, and paying money to see free nature like Hanauma Bay, and swimming in the polluted beaches that you can get sick or die from. They're coming to 'paradise' thinking that we have the ALOHA SPIRIT here. That was 30 years ago. Auwe!
I'm not angry. I'm disappointed to see the place I grew up go to hell. Let's all try and do better. I am putting my wagon away, and not using my phone in public.
on August 27,2013 | 07:33PM
Publicbraddah wrote:
Maybe worse traffic is caused by worse drivers. In any case, I agree and also agree we have some of the worse pedestrians as well. The AINOKEA state strikes again.
on August 27,2013 | 07:56PM
Bdpapa wrote:
A major part of the problem is the drivers who don't put turn indicators lights until the light changes. It is quite irratating to be nehind someone who does this.
on August 27,2013 | 08:07PM
miyviews wrote:
Wow, at least they used the turn signals ... when I drive, I hardly see anyone use their turn signals. Don't forget driving slow in the fast lane, passing on the right, merging at speeds less than the flow of traffic, and as a peeve as a pedestrian, rolling through stops and pedestrians cross walks by default when turning right. I predict in the future it will be like China with its totem pole style of driving -- the biggest vehicle always has the right of way, including turning right into an intersection.
on August 27,2013 | 08:49PM
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