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Beth Chapman pleads not guilty to harassing teenage girl

By Associated Press

LAST UPDATED: 01:49 a.m. HST, Sep 19, 2013

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. >> The wife of TV bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman has denied verbally harassing a 16-year-old girl at a Colorado lake.

The Gazette reports attorney Gary Lozow entered a not guilty plea Wednesday to misdemeanor harassment on behalf of reality TV star Beth Chapman, who couldn't appear in court because she was in Hawaii. Her trial is scheduled to begin Dec. 11.

A police report says witnesses told investigators she called the girl "a tramp, slut and whore" for wearing inappropriate clothing at Monument Lake on July 10. Police in Monument, north of Colorado Springs, couldn't reach Chapman to issue a summons, so they obtained an arrest warrant July 13.

The Chapmans appear on the CMT show "Dog and Beth: On the Hunt." They own a home in Castle Rock.

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honokai wrote:
Their schtick is tired, We I think "Hawaii" I never think about these folks. Too much arrogance and stupidity. Take your show and go away already..
on September 18,2013 | 06:07PM
allie wrote:
agree...they are an embarrassment to this state.
on September 19,2013 | 06:28AM
honopic wrote:
Fianally, allie - a comment on something you know about first-hand.
on September 19,2013 | 07:53AM
busterb wrote:
allie knows all about being an embarrassment
on September 19,2013 | 09:00AM
allie wrote:
mean! But no, I am greatly needed here as palani has said
on September 19,2013 | 09:56AM
copperwire9 wrote:
You do know a lot about being mean. I'll grant you that.
on September 19,2013 | 11:21AM
DAGR81 wrote:
on September 19,2013 | 01:08PM
atilter wrote:
and pathetic
on September 19,2013 | 01:39PM
kalai wrote:
You are not greatly needed here. You are not wanted in Hawaii. go back to North Dakota!
on September 19,2013 | 03:15PM
joseph007 wrote:
kalai: go with her.
on September 20,2013 | 08:54AM
Mythman wrote:
on September 19,2013 | 09:32AM
silvangold wrote:
and you would care...why? You dont belong to THIS State. go and be embarrassed in North Dakota with YOUR mandans.
on September 19,2013 | 01:39PM
joseph007 wrote:
she is an embarrassment to women everywhere. rude, obnoxious, white trash
on September 20,2013 | 08:53AM
2_centz wrote:
You ever been to Big Island and been around the houles over there. about the same as Beth Chapman.
on September 19,2013 | 04:27PM
HD36 wrote:
Something looks very unusual about that lady.
on September 18,2013 | 06:16PM
syhud wrote:
It must be those two big ears she has. Yup, it's those two big ears for sure.
on September 18,2013 | 06:42PM
allie wrote:
on September 19,2013 | 06:28AM
ezridah wrote:
her smile
on September 19,2013 | 01:42PM
kailua000 wrote:
she is such a disgusting human being. rude and arrogant. when she lived in Kailua acted like she was too good for anyone except when the camera was rolling. we were all happy to see her move to Kahala. good riddens to white trash rubbish
on September 18,2013 | 07:10PM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
Look at the pic! She's BUSTED.
on September 18,2013 | 07:30PM
john_zee wrote:
and she racked up some charges against her
on September 18,2013 | 07:53PM
smooshpappy wrote:
Maybe her day in court will allow her to get everything "off her chest".
on September 19,2013 | 12:07PM
ezridah wrote:
she's milking it for all its worth
on September 19,2013 | 01:43PM
omd111 wrote:
she called the girl "a tramp, slut and whore" for wearing inappropriate clothing. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
on September 18,2013 | 07:50PM
Bothrops wrote:
Pot calling the kettle black?
on September 18,2013 | 07:52PM
Anonymous wrote:
If I could imagine what Allie looks like, this would be it...except Allie's beard is probably a little thicker....
on September 18,2013 | 07:52PM
Slow wrote:
finally a truly great allie comment.
on September 18,2013 | 07:59PM
lynnh wrote:
You "REALLY" need to grow up and "GET A LIFE!"
on September 18,2013 | 10:11PM
allie wrote:
mean and untrue
on September 19,2013 | 06:29AM
silvangold wrote:
no, NOT mean.....just TRUTHFUL
on September 19,2013 | 01:52PM
kalai wrote:
Allie, You can dish it out but you can't take it!
on September 19,2013 | 03:27PM
omd111 wrote:
Saw that picture of her and her husband and I threw up a little in my mouth. Disgusting trash!
on September 18,2013 | 07:52PM
kalena96761 wrote:
Those two have nothing to do with Hawai'i news. I don't understand why the Advertiser wasted the space on this one.
on September 18,2013 | 08:41PM
BigOpu wrote:
Ha! Agree. I didn't even bother to read the story. Came straight to the comments because I knew there were going to be some entertaining posts.
on September 18,2013 | 09:20PM
zhk8o8 wrote:
i hate to say it but I do give them some credit for being able to climb out from the bottom of the barrel; an American success end-story (which most covet) albeit through distasteful means...it is hard to fault those of us who have a harder time climbing out from the hole of our upbringing as we are numerous in society. as difficult as it is, maybe the key to being a class above is to ignore the ants of ignorance...unfortunately, the loving and hating might only serve to perpetuate 'stardom' by acknowledging one's existence with every media 'view' or 'hit' on the internet or cable box...myself and this post included..............."big mahalos" to the tutus who teach 'shaaaaame' and self respect.
on September 18,2013 | 10:42PM
allie wrote:
arresting local drug addicts? They are the usual Hollywood shibai and a bit racist in their message
on September 19,2013 | 06:30AM
kalai wrote:
allie, You can dish out the comments but you can't take them when it's about you!
on September 19,2013 | 03:29PM
LMO wrote:
Typical "Blaming the Victim" behavior.
on September 19,2013 | 02:07AM
CartwrightPark wrote:
Everyone in Hawaii who's come into contact with Beth knows what type of person she is. Stay classy white trash... Lolly Lolly Ice Head.
on September 19,2013 | 06:07AM
Cricket_Amos wrote:
Hard to tell without seeing the evidence.
on September 19,2013 | 06:12AM
loquaciousone wrote:
After watching their show for a couple of years, I can believe that that loud mouth witch is definitely guilty as charged. After all, that's the way she acted on the show.
on September 19,2013 | 07:10AM
omd111 wrote:
Yeah...and she should be the judge of character and morals. Self righteous...for what?
on September 19,2013 | 07:18AM
allie wrote:
it is all part of the Hollywood shibai
on September 19,2013 | 10:02AM
silvangold wrote:
and you KNOW this, right? W R O N G you're just trying to stay in the conversation, but you donno how to.
on September 19,2013 | 01:55PM
kalai wrote:
allie can dish it out but can't take it!
on September 19,2013 | 03:30PM
Malani wrote:
Hard to believe that Beth did not harass the person making the charges. We've heard Beth call women slut and just about every filty name in the book especially when they retaliate against her. So how does she expect the public to believer her now? Beth and her husband are poor examples of a role model and do not represent the Hawaiian Islands just because they catch the bad guys. They catch the bad guys for the benefit of their own pockets. Out of their mouths come blessings and cursing, the definination of a hypocrite. Usually they have their guys filiming their show. Bet they don't have this case's tape?
on September 19,2013 | 07:28AM
mcc wrote:
Sentence her to never come back to Hawaii and not be associated with Hawaii. Such a boorish family.
on September 19,2013 | 07:45AM
allie wrote:
agree..sleaze city
on September 19,2013 | 09:57AM
BigOpu wrote:
Unfortunately the case is in Colorado. They'll probably sentence them back to Hawaii...away from Colorado. Worse representation of Hawaii ever to hit the tubes.
on September 19,2013 | 12:10PM
honopic wrote:
Based on the photos I've seen of Beth Chapman and comments from people who've seen her around town, she wouldn't know "appropriate" clothing if it bit her you-know-where.
on September 19,2013 | 08:00AM
PokeStop wrote:
I've actually stood right next to her in person at the Kmart store in Salt Lake. She is short, ugly, and definitely out of proportion! What the old saying, "what you see is what you get!" Disgusting piece of trash. Baby Lisa...Dog's little one is also disgusting and flat out dumb!
on September 19,2013 | 08:50AM
loquaciousone wrote:
If you raced her in the fifty yard dash, you would have to beat her by 10 yards to win.
on September 19,2013 | 09:08AM
allie wrote:
that phony tv show appealed to the lower end of the viewing public. Sad and depressing show that exploited drug addicts and unemployed
on September 19,2013 | 09:58AM
Mythman wrote:
The girl wasn't "dressed" by Dog's own dresser - you know in show biz there are "dressers" right?
on September 19,2013 | 09:31AM
medicinecrow65 wrote:
These people were/are(???) about as local (to the islands) as a penguin and he's just another indian wanna be who claims to be part Cherokee and who is probably as much that as me (though I AM actually part indian, just not Cherokee). Why on earth are these two still on TV?!
on September 19,2013 | 10:17AM
loquaciousone wrote:
Maybe he's a mandan from North Dakota.
on September 19,2013 | 10:27AM
alfhawaii wrote:
white trash
on September 19,2013 | 10:24AM
Fred01 wrote:
better than local trash.
on September 19,2013 | 10:35AM
copperwire9 wrote:
on September 19,2013 | 11:24AM
nodaddynotthebelt wrote:
I can't believe that their shows are popular. An ex-con running around with a badge pretending to be a law enforcement officer. Hawaii really needs to rethink this aspect of bail bondsmen. They should not be allowed to wear a badge and representing themselves as law enforcement officers. This is just asking for trouble.
on September 19,2013 | 10:46AM
lowtone123 wrote:
She shouldn't be one to judge other people's taste in clothing. Sheesh!
on September 19,2013 | 11:34AM
awahana wrote:
I know people that have worked for her. And they don't know each other, but they give me very similar stories. Potty mouth. Bad attitude. Bossy. No bills paid, or on time. Wouldn't work for her again. Doesn't care for her dog. Verbally abusive. Disgusting. Will never work for them again. The list goes on...
They already had many chances after all the public errors they have made. Its only a matter of time until they collapse under the poophole they are making...
on September 19,2013 | 11:58AM
atilter wrote:
no news here
on September 19,2013 | 01:39PM
silvangold wrote:
take Beth back to your sleaze city....she'll learn you stuff......
on September 19,2013 | 01:59PM
silvangold wrote:
really? fo wat?
on September 19,2013 | 02:00PM
Rickyboy wrote:
Wow the kettle calling the pot black.
on September 19,2013 | 02:37PM
scooters wrote:
Pot calling the kettle black...
on September 19,2013 | 03:31PM
Anonymous wrote:
Your comment makes you just like them.
on September 19,2013 | 06:28PM
joseph007 wrote:
don't know if being rude and a tita is part of her act, suspect it is not.
on September 20,2013 | 08:52AM
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