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UH turns down Colorado game

By Ferd Lewis

LAST UPDATED: 01:33 a.m. HST, Sep 24, 2013

The University of Hawaii has turned down a proposal to play Colorado next month in a school-record seventh football road game, UH athletic director Ben Jay said.

Jay met with Colorado AD Rick George in Dallas today where they are attending the NCAA Division I athletic directors meetings.

CU had sought UH as an opponent for an Oct. 19 game in Boulder, Colo., an open date for both schools.

The Buffaloes became in need of an opponent when their Sept. 14 home game with Fresno State was cancelled due to heavy flooding in Colorado. But Fresno State and CU were unable to find a mutually workable date to reschedule.

"I've notified athletic director Rick George so that they can begin finding another opponent and petition the NCAA if it is a Football Championship Subdivision team," Jay said.

Had UH taken the game, it would have meant playing four road games in a five-week period.

CU is believed to have offered UH more than $600,000 to accept the game.

"I don't want to go into the reasons why we made the decision, but Norm (Chow) and I decided not to play Colorado," Jay said. 

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allie wrote:
Mistake..Colorado has a terrible team and the campus is in an emergency situation with the enormous floods. UH could have beaten them. Colorado is a far better academic school as national stats show and students there do not care about football. They are phasing it out. Too bad UH is still stuck with a high school mentality about football.
on September 23,2013 | 07:53AM
false wrote:
Apparently the money offered was not enough.
on September 23,2013 | 08:43AM
1local wrote:
Jay should cancel the rest of the games for the season - coming out 2nd place is not good enough for Hawaii. Chow is on his way to being the next Von appen...
on September 23,2013 | 09:25AM
hunebasami wrote:
now 3- 12 will be 3-13 this week.
on September 23,2013 | 09:47AM
Nevadan wrote:
Good call. These players need to study. Unique to UH: Seven road games = seven overseas games.
on September 23,2013 | 02:59PM
droid wrote:
I was with you until I found out about the $600,000. The Warriors need that just to break even this season.
on September 24,2013 | 01:13AM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
Right, Jay cancels the season, then next year we can say we only had one loss in the Mountain Wet Conference.
on September 23,2013 | 11:47AM
Totally ignorant response.
on September 23,2013 | 01:20PM
omd111 wrote:
What make you an expert in everything, including sports? All you do is bad mouth the team and everything they do. How do you know what is involved with making the decision on whether to play the game or not. Everything with you seems so easy, but I guess it's because you know everything.
on September 23,2013 | 10:00AM
kaupena wrote:
Maybe Coach Chow informed the AD that we might lose against Colorado. It seems like a good and safe call no matter how much money we would have made. Too many losses means no more job security.
on September 23,2013 | 12:43PM
rayhawaii wrote:
You said it. I think you are a mind reader.
on September 23,2013 | 04:06PM
nuuanusam wrote:
You're not being logical. Care about football or not has nothing to do with academic stats. If your logic is true, then Stanford is a lousy school in academic.
on September 23,2013 | 10:09AM
thenocomment wrote:
ROLO 2014
on September 23,2013 | 11:07AM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Yes I wonder why Rolo is in Nevada? Like anything in life timing is everything however being a head football coach has to be a Knute Rockne deal otherwise why even try being a head coach? u know the go go go go fight fight fight fight that Knute loved to say to his Fighting Irish teams. Manti made a wonderful decision to matriculate at Notre Dame and it was just a buzz saw that the Irish ran into in this past season's BCS championship game. Saban's got something going on there in Tuscaloosa.
on September 23,2013 | 11:22AM
droid wrote:
I agree. There was nothing wrong with the Run-and-shoot. Rolo learned the Pistol in Nevada and meshed together, the combined product has proven to be the world-class scheme of the future. He is ready to replace Norm next year. There’s a coach worthy of McMackin pay.
on September 24,2013 | 01:17AM
Allie, In this case as many, the porblem has nothing to do with the academic prowess of Colorado, but not enough money to offset the expenditures to endure this game. If there is a problem with high school mentality, you need to look no further than your own mind. Please!
on September 23,2013 | 01:19PM
oxtail01 wrote:
Phasing it out? You got to be kidding - they make millions on the program, they're part of the big league, they have a beautiful stadium on campus that holds over 40,000 (been there). By the way, they just spent millions improving the athletic complex for students.
on September 23,2013 | 02:33PM
frontman wrote:
Smart move..................... UH doesn't need a 10th loss.
on September 23,2013 | 03:59PM
mplatte wrote:
Your comments seems as though you are bi polar. I would think you would be happy that "your university" has decided to allow them more class time
on September 23,2013 | 05:02PM
niimi wrote:
Yeah, but Uh is worst.
on September 23,2013 | 05:45PM
f206 wrote:
And if UH decided to play the game, you probably would have come out and said that UH doesn't care about its student athletes. You seem to just come out contrary to whatever the story happens to be about. Get a life!!
on September 23,2013 | 09:12PM
Wazdat wrote:
why not take the money and send the 2nd team
on September 23,2013 | 07:54AM
hunebasami wrote:
because they are dumb. should get a businessman to handle financial.
on September 23,2013 | 09:48AM
loquaciousone wrote:
If Colorado had thrown in their buffalo, that would have sealed the deal. I hear that bison meat is much leaner than beef.
on September 23,2013 | 07:58AM
HawaiiCheeseBall wrote:
Makes good jerky too.
on September 23,2013 | 08:52AM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
"I don't want to go into the reasons why we made the decision, but Norm (Chow) and I decided not to play Colorado," Jay said. Easier to have turned down offer before it got to that point. It is like going out on three dates and then deciding to call it off. Better for Colorado to have let them put their effort into finding another opponent sooner so that they will not end up playing an inferior opponent. Ben Jay is turning out to be someone who wants to please everyone, then try to compromise, then probably acquiesced with Norm because Norm would know it would be another loss on Norm's short and choppy tenure at UH. Compare to June who turned around an 0-12 team to 9-4 omg. Norm, just leave and coach Punahou.
on September 23,2013 | 08:00AM
nitpikker wrote:
jones did by having a "bottom feeder" schedule.
on September 23,2013 | 09:46AM
Did you just pull that from the bottom of your mind? You obviously have NO idea!
on September 23,2013 | 01:22PM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
no this looks to be just another of ALL-LIES bogus aliases. This one was created within the last few days and is purposely very similar to another name with only 1"k" . If you hide the name the comment would pass for ALL-LIES anti JJ mantra.
on September 23,2013 | 04:09PM
droid wrote:
take a look at what JJ has done @ smu. those aren’t bottom-feeders the mustangs play. they are top 10 teams. please get a clue.
on September 24,2013 | 01:19AM
hunebasami wrote:
Punahou wants to win.
on September 23,2013 | 09:58AM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
They got a chance to go all the way this year in The "Prep Bowl".
on September 23,2013 | 11:25AM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
They had a chance the last 2 years.
on September 23,2013 | 11:49AM
kaupena wrote:
The Lee Brothers are doing MIRACLES at Kalani High School.
on September 23,2013 | 12:46PM
BoneDry wrote:
Yes they absolutely are. Kalani used to be everyone's doormat before the Lee Brothers showed up on the sidelines.
on September 23,2013 | 04:38PM
BoneDry wrote:
and I might add Miano is also working MIRACLES at Kaiser. Maybe after this sad episode with Chow is over, The Lee Brothers or Miano or Rollovich would be interested?
on September 23,2013 | 04:46PM
Wazdat wrote:
NO Lee bro's...TOO OLD. Lets get some youth in there...
on September 23,2013 | 11:24PM
csdhawaii wrote:
Wonder why he doesn't want to go into the reasons? Doesn't seem very transparent. What's he hiding about the decision?
on September 23,2013 | 01:23PM
SY808 wrote:
That 13th game is a gift!!! If you are stupid enough to not use it then they are going to take it back...
on September 23,2013 | 08:02AM
PokeStop wrote:
Why turn it down? UH needs the money to balance their budget. Is coach Norm worried about not being able to win 7 games in order to qualify for a bowl game? Bowl game ain't happening this year or next year without a decent offense. UH would be lucky to win one game this year as 0 - 12 is looking like a distinct possibility right now! Fred Von Appen you got company! UH could have used this extra game to give the younger (future) players more game time reps. Woolsey is the QB of the future as the kid has mobility, quick release, and a cannon of an arm! Higgins/Schroeder have had their chance and they bring "ZERO" to the table. Graham, jury is still out on this guy.
on September 23,2013 | 08:08AM
boshio wrote:
because it means one less lost for the year.
on September 23,2013 | 08:26AM
allie wrote:
The Bowl game in question is totally phony in any case. It is an embarrassment
on September 23,2013 | 10:33AM
mrluke wrote:
First thing you ever said that I agree with.
on September 23,2013 | 03:37PM
CriticalReader wrote:
At the very least, the $600K could have been used to buy out the rest of Chow's contract.
on September 23,2013 | 08:15AM
loquaciousone wrote:
Let's not forget now that only UH students from North Dakota don't need to attend classes. All others are students first and athletes second.
on September 23,2013 | 08:31AM
loquaciousone wrote:
Let's not forget now that only UH students from North Dakota don't need to attend classes. All others are students first and athletes second.
on September 23,2013 | 08:31AM
BTO wrote:
Good news, UH Football is not a product we want to advertise until we have our pieces in order. The extra week is good to get the O-line healthy, work Saint Juste into the offense and helping Woosley become our #2 by learning to hit the under short routes and having the recievers learn new short routes.
on September 23,2013 | 08:36AM
Bdpapa wrote:
Too bad, but I support the decision. Go Rainbow warriors!
on September 23,2013 | 08:42AM
Rok888 wrote:
Good decision. For only $600,000, UH would still take a lost. That amount does not cover expenses...Also, its asking a lot for our student athletes to spend a month away from school...
on September 23,2013 | 08:45AM
hunebasami wrote:
WOW Mac handled 13 games and all his students graduated and he attended all. Plus in his worst year he was 6-7. Better then Norm Chow who can't handle 13 games, scared about studies( maybe recuited not for IQ), and can't coach. Boy with 6-7 we wanted Mac to leave. We miss him now thanks to Chow Time.
on September 23,2013 | 10:10AM
Descartes22 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on September 23,2013 | 12:57PM
BoneDry wrote:
funny that Chow dumped the entire previous staff and it seems they all went on to enjoy success elsewhere. Maybe one of those coaches Miano, Rollovich, the Lee Brothers would be interested in the job after Chow is released? I think any of those 4 would be a great choice and would be committed to the community.
on September 23,2013 | 04:54PM
inverse wrote:
Unless the players and coaches are all flying first class, they are all eating lobsters for lunch and dinner, and all staying at the Ritz Carlton, after all expenses, UH should come away with at least $300,000 in profit, maybe more.
on September 23,2013 | 12:59PM
oxtail01 wrote:
Wow, a prime example of not learning much about money matters.
on September 23,2013 | 02:37PM
Descartes22 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on September 23,2013 | 09:00AM
loquaciousone wrote:
Hawaii plays at UNLV on 10/12/13, Utah on 11/2/13 and then goes to Maryland on 11/9/13. Does he have to draw pictures for you guys?
on September 23,2013 | 09:17AM
hunebasami wrote:
Why will we have a winning season if we don't play Colorado?
on September 23,2013 | 10:12AM
loquaciousone wrote:
Call HART. I think they have some coloring books left.
on September 23,2013 | 10:46AM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Hahahahahahahahaha !!!!!
on September 23,2013 | 12:03PM
Descartes22 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on September 23,2013 | 12:35PM
loquaciousone wrote:
If you had paid attention to the discourse from the beginning, Ben Jay had expressed concern about the travel schedule from the onset. However, like any person with any common sense, he chose to listen to all sides before finalizing his decision. That's how logical people act. The kid come first not selfish fanatics who only think of themselves.
on September 23,2013 | 02:07PM
Descartes22 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on September 23,2013 | 04:09PM
mplatte wrote:
Your point of being uncorroborated works against you. Look past your own nose. You may realize what you sound like
on September 23,2013 | 05:08PM
csdhawaii wrote:
All we're saying is, why not just say so? Why refuse to say why?
on September 23,2013 | 01:26PM
Descartes22 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on September 23,2013 | 04:10PM
luv2play wrote:
No. All we are saying is "Give Colorado a chance" Again, everybody sing now: Give Colorado a chance!
on September 23,2013 | 04:30PM
NITRO08 wrote:
If the game was a home game they would have taken it 7 games on the road would be to much for the players of any school.
on September 23,2013 | 10:07AM
csdhawaii wrote:
And it would have taken him all of five seconds to say that.
on September 23,2013 | 01:28PM
oxtail01 wrote:
It's called the "banana effect"!
on September 23,2013 | 02:38PM
bleedgreen wrote:
In spite of a reasonable offer, I surmise Norm Chow won the stare down with Ben Jay.
on September 23,2013 | 09:20AM
NITRO08 wrote:
No coach wants to play 7 games on the road.
on September 23,2013 | 10:08AM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Maybe 0-7 with a 2-4 home record was not enticing. It will get interesting though if at the kickoff of the last home game, UH is 0-11.
on September 23,2013 | 12:06PM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
"Well, we'll look at game tape Sunday, tighten up all the loose chin straps, take this lost as a learning experience and come to practice on Monday! This team will move on, we can't dwell on losses."
on September 23,2013 | 11:54AM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
u know the true character of a person shows when one is not talking about a subject that is essential in life and only for pleasure.
on September 23,2013 | 12:09PM
HH, you know sometimes the only things worthwhile in life are the little inessential things we are a party to. You might learn a little by watching the components that go into sports that have EVERYTHING to do with life and building the CHARACTER you are portraying in your analysis. You could spend your time discussing philosophy, economics, science, or anything else discussed in the educational arena, but I am not sure, but when do these subjects teach you: teamwork, desire, hard work, fair play....you know the more I write the more I believe academics does nothing in respect to life that sports does. In the end, I believe life without sports and what ideologies it teaches are imperative to building good morals, ethics and the other subjectives that life reveals.
on September 23,2013 | 06:03PM
hunebasami wrote:
Norm Chow wants to tie Fred record 0-12 bot beat it. Boy our school must be rich to turn down over $500,000. Don't ask the tax payers to help. Isn't that how Fresno built their program. Look at them now. Or should I say watch them next week.
on September 23,2013 | 09:45AM
Fred01 wrote:
It's because the Warriors suck.
on September 23,2013 | 10:07AM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
oh Fred01 the troll!!! Long time to smell!! How's everyone's favorite dumb, ugly, fat, lazy, drunken wus? Still trying to talk tough? Even after that 8 year old beat you up in front of the bus stop with all those other kids watching??? Why are you still walking around town wearing nothing but that pair of Depends I gave your mom to have you wear? You know, someone with a body like yours should be wearing a full sweat shirt and sweat pants at all times when you're out in public!!! Man when I drove by Aala park and saw you there only wearing those Depends I almost yaked all over my dash board!!! You should be ashamed of yourself!!! And for Pete's sake you really need to buy a new set and change!!! Those Depends start to reek if you don't change them for over a year!!
on September 23,2013 | 04:20PM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
oh and Fred01 did you ever work up the nerve to ask ALL-LIES out? May I suggest you go to the goodwill and buy a new outfit something like a polyester leisure suit would be perfect for you and for goodness sakes change the depends and take a shower!!! Oh and don't be picking your nose and eating it when you're talking to him, YOU GOT THAT???
on September 23,2013 | 04:27PM
BoneDry wrote:
ROFL!!! Oh man!!! That is soooo gross but sooo funny!!!
on September 23,2013 | 04:39PM
Toop_Minaki wrote:
cunfuzd I will be having extremely disturbing nightmares for several nights thanks to the truly ghastly imagery you created. I hope you're pleased with yourself. :)
on September 23,2013 | 05:10PM
dadadidi wrote:
The taxpayers hold the bag again! We will soon be asked to pick up the $2,000,000.00 tab when Manoa Chancellor Tom Apple waived that debt from the UH athletic department. Then Coach Chow dismissed his offensive coordinator with over $100,000.00 in full pay before the academic year even began. Now, we decline a $600,000.00 offer from Colorado to play a game there. Unfortunately, the loyal base of Rainbow supporters who cannot afford to watch the games on Pay Per View will be asked to bail out the UH again. When will the UH become more fiscally responsible. We still support Coach Chow, but this team has the fight to dig in and the spirit to beat Colorado.
on September 23,2013 | 10:17AM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
When picking Tom Apple, someone rumored that he was the Apple family, iPad,iPhone,etc.etc. I think we were wrong.
on September 23,2013 | 11:56AM
Dadadi, I believe they are being responsible. If you look into the matter, $600K was not enouch to make any money. It would only add to the deficit you are asking talking about.
on September 23,2013 | 01:26PM
Wazdat wrote:
on September 23,2013 | 11:30PM
jeanlafitte1 wrote:
good idea... not enough money.
on September 23,2013 | 10:36AM
ha_oleboy wrote:
C'mon Ferd, Don't let Uncle Ben get away with self serving refusals to explain his actions, while he underhandedly blames the refusal to play Colorado on Ciao.
on September 23,2013 | 10:39AM
HawaiiCheeseBall wrote:
One more road games seems a little much. too much time away from school.
on September 23,2013 | 10:45AM
EwaWarrior wrote:
Since when does school get in the way of football?
on September 23,2013 | 10:52AM
I'll explain it to you: If you dont make the grade-you dont play. Seems simple enough to understand.
on September 23,2013 | 01:27PM
I respect the decision, but do not expect any help or cooperation from Colorado in the future. I am sure we won't get any love from Temple either. Seems like for a school that at times needs a little cooperation from other institutions on the mainland, we sure know how to alienate them. Expect a game cancellation on a "technicality" from Colorado in the coming years. We might then have 8 games for the year, total. Remember BYU's cancellation?
on September 23,2013 | 10:49AM
inverse wrote:
Got news for you, opposing teams is not the only people Chow has alienated. Pretty much all of the standout holdover players from the MacMakin era have either quit, transferred or quit and tried to make in in the NFL or CFL. The longer this goes on the harder it will be for UH to claw out of the pit of despair. Rolo/Miano/Aranda 2014.
on September 23,2013 | 11:44AM
Descartes22 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on September 23,2013 | 01:00PM
busthalfnut wrote:
Very true, and very over-looked.
on September 23,2013 | 05:11PM
808comp wrote:
Don't want to go all that distance to get another loss.
on September 23,2013 | 10:50AM
dlg808 wrote:
OH, now I see it....You can't lose if you don't play. Good move guys
on September 23,2013 | 11:20AM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
We do not fold in Texas hold'em if we have an AK pocket, especially if suited because we have the greatest chance for a AKQJ-10 Royal Flush.
on September 23,2013 | 12:13PM
false wrote:
Ben Jay must losing a lot of sleep over his decision to leave the Ohio State athletics program and come to UH. His only salvation is Wahine volleyball. Drop Div I. football and cut your losses.
on September 23,2013 | 12:35PM
warriorrebel wrote:
Big mistake, according to Stephen Tsai's numbers, Hawaii would have made $300,000 profit for the game and the athletic dept. needs as much "positive" money as possible. Colorado is a BCS school and would be good for exposure.
on September 23,2013 | 01:00PM
Bayman wrote:
wrong and bad decision, what was the reason? take the game, take the money, your going to lose and not qualify for a bowl anyway, whats the difference between 2-10 and 2-11? nothing, but your 600k richer..way to not think of the school first...i hope this wasnt jay's decision...or that does not bode well for his future vision...i have a feeling it was chowderhead's decision. Another bad decision.
on September 23,2013 | 01:45PM
PCWarrior wrote:
Bok bok bok bok...da chicken went run away from da henhouse and now they stay in Colorado. If Jay and Chow don't want to play football they can hit the street buddies. June Jones once said he wanted to play a Texas team and then he said he thought Texans never backed down from a fight. Jones beat Alabama and took BYU apart. Those were the days, when the UH football team was led by men with olos.
on September 23,2013 | 02:13PM
dlum003 wrote:
As difficult as it may be, we'll all have to go on living our lives (sniff) ...
on September 23,2013 | 02:25PM
oxtail01 wrote:
If Jay was really concerned about the physical hardship on the players, he would have taken the game. The money made from this extra game would have gone a long way towards buying out Chow's final year AND show the players that he is really committed to their welfare. Bet if polled privately, majority of the players would be glad to have a new coaching staff next year - one that gives them a fighting chance of winning. Additionally, by taking the game and announcing a new coaching direction for next year. Jay would have stopped the loss of more season ticket holders, which would prevent a loss of another $1 million at least.
on September 23,2013 | 02:47PM
islandsun wrote:
If the players decided they didn't want the Colorado game, who could blame them. The bigger issue is Norm. He obviously doesn't want to quit in this loser light. Understandable. But it gets much worse for Chow with each and every additional loss from here forward. Just resign effective end of season, so Jay can start the hunt now. People will respect you more for admitting that you just don't have it.
on September 23,2013 | 03:35PM
frontman wrote:
Smart move..................... UH doesn't need a 10th loss.
on September 23,2013 | 03:58PM
64hoo wrote:
no, has nothing to do with the loss. the reason they cancelled was they want that weak off to heal any injuries, if they played them that's 1 by week they miss, cannot play 11 straight games without a rest weak. that's the reason they are not going to Colorado. make sense to me.
on September 23,2013 | 04:19PM
FLIPTOP2 wrote:
Chow definitely isn't a "fit" for UH. He was let go (aka fired) in his last jobs. We need someone who truly has a proven record, If we can pay UH Dean/President $1 mil surely we can find a coach that can do the job!!!
on September 23,2013 | 04:11PM
mplatte wrote:
Agree! The math is simple..... Oh wait! Where are all the supportive fans to pay for it cause they sure aren't on this blog
on September 23,2013 | 05:12PM
niimi wrote:
It is far better to be 0-12 than 0-13.
on September 23,2013 | 05:45PM
RKC808 wrote:
Good. Why prolong the suffering.
on September 23,2013 | 08:23PM
BigOpu wrote:
Its because 0-12 looks a little better than 0-13
on September 23,2013 | 10:09PM
DocG wrote:
Funny, my thought is ... if Colorado needs a game so bad .... why aren't they willing to make this a "home & home" series ? We are scheduled to play in Boulder in the near future are we not ? If they came here would they not profit a couple of hundred grand ( Hawaii's profit from the trip ) ? Guess they really don't need a game that bad ... or is it ... who wants to travel that far and then play a football game ? Certainly not them ! Good call guys.
on September 23,2013 | 10:31PM
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