Friday, November 27, 2015         

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Deer-vehicle collisions remain least likely in Hawaii

By Erika Engle


The odds of a driver hitting a deer in Hawaii are 1 in 6,787, the lowest in the U.S.

Auto insurer State Farm used claims data and drivers license counts among the states to determine its calculations.

The odds of a Hawaii driver colliding with a deer in the next 12 months are about the same as the odds that a middle-of-the-pack National Football League team will score 13 wins in a row.

Conversely, the most likely state for deer-vehicle collisions is West Virginia, for the seventh consecutive year. The chances of any licensed driver hitting a deer in the next year is 1 in 41. While high, the likelihood reflects an 8.3 percent improvement over last year.

Montana is second at 1 in 65; Iowa moved up one spot to third, at 1 in 73; South Dakota swapped places with Iowa with 1 in 75. Pennsylvania is still fifth at 1 in 77.

Probabilities for drivers in each state declined from a year ago.

Axis deer were first introduced to Hawaii in the 1800s and have no natural predators, aside from human hunters.

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