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Hawaii's congressional delegation reacts angrily to shutdown

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 10:18 p.m. HST, Sep 30, 2013

Hawaii's congressional delegation reacted angrily to the partial government shutdown that took effect at midnight in Washington, placing the blame squarely on House Republicans for refusing to compromise.

"Republicans accomplished two things tonight, both bad," said U.S. Sen. Mazie Hirono said in a statement. "They have manufactured a crisis over Obamacare and shut down the government. And they have shown to the American people how far they are willing to go with their anti-compromise ideology, taking paychecks away from thousands of workers, families and businesses in Hawaii and millions more across the country.

"The country is being held hostage by a few dozen hardliners in the House who seem to be incapable of compromise," Hirono said. "This is sad and frankly stupid considering the many other challenges our country faces."

Sen. Brian Schatz sounded a similar note, chastising House Republicans for their "recklessness."

"Despite knowing that a government shutdown would hurt seniors, veterans, families and dedicated public servants, as well as put our economic well-being at risk, House Republicans have stubbornly refused to agree to fund the federal government.

"Every moment that the government remains closed endangers our economy and American families across the country," Schatz said.

The shutdown was assured when the House and Senate were unable to agree on a spending bill for essential federal funding. House Republicans had demanded changes to the national health care law as a condition for approving any proposed spending bill, a demand that President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats flatly rejected.

Rep. Colleen Hanabusa said Monday was "an embarrassing day for Congress."

"It is unfortunate that Speaker (John) Boehner and his caucus insisted on putting the priorities of a radical segment in their party above those of the American people," Hanabusa said. "With so much at stake and time ticking away, they continued down this misguided path instead of working with Democrats to bring a clean spending bill to the floor and keep the government's doors open.

"In a time that demanded leadership, they offered brinksmanship," Hanabusa said.

Hanabusa said she does not support taking the debate to a joint conference given the urgency of the situation.

"I will continue to urge Speaker Boehner to bring a clean spending bill to the floor."

Hanabusa's Chief of Staff, Rod Tanonaka, indicated the shutdown will have an immediate effect on the congresswoman's own office.

Hanabusa will furlough all district staff, close the Honolulu office, and furlough all Washington, D.C., staff with the exception of legislative director Josh Dover, press secretary Ashley Nagaoka Boylan and an assistant, Tanonaka said.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard said she was disappointed by the "political rhetoric and games" that marked the final week of supposed negotiation.

"Valid concerns and issues have been raised, but are issues that have should have been debated and solved without holding our government hostage, with countless people in Hawaii and across the nation feeling the brunt of painful impacts," Gabbard said.

In a statement released shortly after the deadline passed, acting Gov. Shan Tsutsui added that the shutdown would affect all states and could "derail" economic recovery.

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localguy wrote:
This is not news. Our dysfunctional congress & senate reps, Mazie Hirono, Brian Schatz, Tulsi Gabbard, & Colleen Hanabusa, have all been directed by their party to spin their willful failure to do their jobs, blame it on anything but the party and fellow bureaucrats. Sorry you clueless bureaucrats, one fails, you all fail us. Have you no shame? You continue to accept a paycheck for incompetent work while others are losing money. As usual, when a bureaucrat leaves the Nei, they immediately change their alliance to their party, start carrying their little red book, and make nice to the Steerage Class back home. It is through failures like yours you make the USA look weak, like a third world, but you do not care. So don't waste our time by lying to us about what you are doing to fix the problem. You are the problem. You are just angry you got caught. Bunch of whiny, snot nosed, red headed step children. (No offense to red hair)
on September 30,2013 | 10:30PM
1local wrote:
the four monkeys from Hawaii are all responsible for the shut down. the two in the house are lame ducks and the two in the senate are blind mullets - all contributed and should take responsibility for the shut down - enough of the blame game that has gone on for the last five years.
on October 1,2013 | 04:51AM
bulldog1 wrote:
That's hitting the nail on the head! Unfortunately, by the time blind followers realize it, it will be too late. We're witnessing another stage in the further decline in America where the predominance of political hot air and power is dangerously affecting everyone's future.
on October 1,2013 | 06:40AM
mellishi wrote:
...ditto! we change 'em already, enough is enough - vote 'em all out of office.
on October 1,2013 | 06:41AM
hanalei395 wrote:
Sorry. For Mazie and Tulsi, and for either Schatz or Hanabusa, it's a lifetime job. And for Hawaii's congressional delegation, it will always be 100% Democratic.
on October 1,2013 | 09:08AM
saveparadise wrote:
Sad but true Hanalei. We continue to vote on false promises and hopes of a better quality of life. Poli=many, tics=bloodsucking insects. Insanity continues......
on October 1,2013 | 10:51AM
nalogirl wrote:
I am tired of them always blaming the republicans. Don't any of them realize that they are bashing members of their own constituents? Not everyone in Hawaii is a democrat, but it sure seems like it. They need to take the blame as well. Why do they not have to get Obamacare? They are too good for that, but it's okay for the people that pay their salaries to have to use it.
on October 1,2013 | 11:45AM
hanalei395 wrote:
"for the people that pay their salaries to have to use it" .....Hey, nalogirl, ....Obamacare is for the people who now have no health care. ... If you already have health care, don't worry about it. Got it now?
on October 1,2013 | 12:15PM
Graham wrote:
Hiram Fong, Pat Saiki where Democrats??? Who knew...
on October 1,2013 | 01:47PM
hanalei395 wrote:
Hey Graham, FROM NOW ON, it will always be 100% Democratic. Got it?
on October 1,2013 | 02:23PM
paradisetax wrote:
The "four monkeys" also voted for themselves and their staff to opt out of Obama care! Totally self-serving; blatant corruption.
on October 1,2013 | 11:44AM
Anonymous wrote:
These criticisms of our delegation are ridiculous. The Republicans are responsible for this fiasco. The health laws are the law of the land - Republicans had their chance to win the presidency and control of Congress and they lost. Trying to commandeer our whole government over this just makes them look like soar losers trying to make everyone suffer because they didn't get their way.
on October 1,2013 | 06:32AM
wondermn1 wrote:
People like Anonymous are the problem and of course they try and blame everyone but they need to look in the mirror. Obamacare is a total disaster and we were all lied to as far as the results that it will bring if its not stopped so DELAY FOREVER OR STOP OBAMACARE AND GET THE GOVERNMENT OPENED UP AGAIN. Pelosi and Reed need to realize we don't want OBAMACARE. A 20% INCREASE IN HMSA AND NOW THE DOCTORS WONT HAVE TIME TO EVEN SEE YOU BECAUSE THE GATES FOR FREE MEDS HAVE NOW BEEN OPENED TO THE NON PAYING PUBLIC WHO WILL DRAG AMERICA DOWN
on October 1,2013 | 06:48AM
Kuniarr wrote:
Obamacare the law of the land? Since when has there been a single law that was not enacted by entire Congress?

Obamacare was enacted by the Democrats without a single Republican vote.

Most importantly, not a single Democrat knew what Obamacare was all about simply because there were over 11,000 pages of regulations to Obamacare.
on October 1,2013 | 09:08AM
hanalei395 wrote:
That's right, Obamacare IS the law of the land. And like Social Security and Medicare, Obamacare is here to stay.
on October 1,2013 | 12:22PM
HealthyandHappy wrote:
I am worried we can't afford another huge unfunded program.
on October 1,2013 | 12:45PM
hanalei395 wrote:
Don't worry about it.
on October 1,2013 | 12:50PM
nalogirl wrote:
I disagree, and please do not compare Obamacare to SS or Medicare, totally different.
on October 1,2013 | 01:34PM
hanalei395 wrote:
I SAID ....Like Social Security and Medicare ...OBAMACARE IS HERE TO STAY.
on October 1,2013 | 01:49PM
2localgirl wrote:
That is spelled SORE not SOAR, as in like an Eagle when we no longer soar in the realm of nations. IF OBamacare is so wonderful, why are NOT ALL RESIDENTS (citizens) of the USA not bound by this wonderful entity? Seems to me that you're forgetting that Congress and OBAMA and family are NOT COVERED by this wonderful medical care. WE WERE A FREE COUNTRY and part of that is being allowed to choose for yourselves what you want. This health care is NOT allowed by the Constitution but then again OBAMA is above that isn't he?
on October 1,2013 | 09:51AM
nalogirl wrote:
Very well said 2localgirl, and I agree completely.
on October 1,2013 | 11:51AM
maafifloos wrote:
Totally agree. Blame is not House Republicans for refusing to compromis, it's entire dysfunctional Congress and President..
on October 1,2013 | 07:18AM
saveparadise wrote:
Now that sums it up. Sad but true.
on October 1,2013 | 10:53AM
thepartyfirst wrote:
http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2013/10/house-republicans-wait-at-a-table-for-dems-to-negotiate-budget/ Try look up this link.
on October 1,2013 | 11:21AM
HOSSANA wrote:
Couldn't have said it any better.....right on!!!!!
on October 1,2013 | 08:22AM
2localgirl wrote:
and the localgirl replies to your comments. VERY TRUE! It's all about the party mantra. There is now only one party in this country and it doesn't represent ME or many others whom I know. Hawaii is the most socialist leaning state and it's all plantation mentality. You work for the plantation doing just what they tell you with no brain power of your own. I can't believe that those who came to the USA and Hawaii in particular would be locked into this mentality after all of these years as 'free people' of the USA. Have you no power to think for yourselves? Yes, blame it on anyone who doesn't follow the Dem party line. Obama last night sounded like a spoiled child (it's all about the results of an election). I am still reeling over the blind following that he has curried within the USA. Then again, it gets down to those who are lazy and want to be supported by the masses who do work. It's so disappointing that our nation that was once great has fallen to the ruler and being destroyed from within. In reality, God is gone from America, and this is the result of that. Instead of God we trust....it's Obama we trust. Well not I! No I am not a Republican nor anything but a conservative. I want people to have the power, not those who sit on their thrones in Washington put high above 'us' who put them there! Term limits, forget it, won't happen. We are toast but I'll go down railing against this no matter. Sadly New Babylon will fall..... Well said localguy.
on October 1,2013 | 09:47AM
Skyler wrote:
Our delegation solely to blame? Hardly. My fingers are pointing at the President and the hard-liners in Congress on BOTH sides. Debate and compromise is needed in any situation - especially this one - but is basically non-existent due to the hard-liners on both sides. The entire Congress has a record-low approval rating of 10% (source: Forbes), and it's due, in part, to the inability to find common ground. The President is the Commander-in-Chief and he must shoulder some of the blame for failing to bring both of the party hard-liners to a consensus.

Eh I'll probably get slammed for this, but I don't care: I'm holding out hope that the younger members of Congress will, in the near future, tame the Congressional beast & lead it in the right direction. Our country can't afford to continue like this.
on October 1,2013 | 11:58AM
gohawaii wrote:
Sure sounds like our delegation is out of touch with what the voters want. Like the Republicans, we don't want the government shutdown, and we don't want obamacare! It's the Democrats and obama that won't work with the Republicans and what the majority of Americans want. Hawaii voters need to think twice on who they vote for in the future. Democrats are bankrupting our country. The State of Hawaii is also following in the nation's footsteps in getting into debt. We need smarter leaders who can take America and our Hawaii in a sustainable direction.
on September 30,2013 | 10:31PM
kiragirl wrote:
Yep. They blame it on the House Republicans yet they don't realize it is the Senate Democrats who are non-compromising. Shameful.
on October 1,2013 | 01:13AM
halanjo wrote:
Remember that the Republicans are also known as The Party of No. Seems like some folks are drinking cool-aid laced with Okolehao
on October 1,2013 | 06:10AM
ISCREAM wrote:
Let's see...Obama "No Compromise"...Harry Reid..."No Compromise"...who is the party of NO?
on October 1,2013 | 07:49AM
thepartyfirst wrote:
http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2013/10/house-republicans-wait-at-a-table-for-dems-to-negotiate-budget/ Look this up.
on October 1,2013 | 11:22AM
wondermn1 wrote:
Absolutely, a problem brought on by the Democrats and Obama. I don't know about you but I know my health care plan with HMSA sent me a letter saying my premium's will go up by a wopping 20% January 1 because of Obamacare so again the working taxpayers get the shaft and those who do nothing except drain society win. The Democrats need to wake up and realize that we do not want Obamacare and the Republicans in the house are spot on. The dems can try to spin the blame but the reality is the blame goes to them.
on October 1,2013 | 06:31AM
kiragirl wrote:
Listening to the President's speech, he repeatedly said people are "forced" to go without health insurance. Forced? Those are the same people who are "forced" to stay in bed instead of going to work. When will people take responsibility for their own lives?
on October 1,2013 | 07:25AM
nalogirl wrote:
Exactly, Obama won because anyone getting welfare, 2 years of unemployment, food stamps, free healthcare, free cellphone, free car insurance would never vote for someone who wants thme to work for their money. Here's an idea, you can't vote unless you work and pay taxes.
on October 1,2013 | 11:55AM
environmental_lady wrote:
I am disgusted with all those who blame our Hawaii Congress people for this mess. They did not create it. The extreme right-wing Republicans created an unnecessary crisis because they can't have their unreasonable way. I'd never compromise with them. They want unlimited funding for the military and oil subsidies while crimping on the poor and middle class and they want to do away with environmental regulations needed for our health and safety. You can't compromise with death and poison! I'm glad that the Democrats are staying strong. The Republicans alone should take the blame. They don't care about the federal employees being furloughed as long as they themselves can still draw their paychecks.
on October 1,2013 | 12:54PM
nalogirl wrote:
I don't think delaying ACa for 1 year is a crisis. You need to get better information.
on October 1,2013 | 01:33PM
bulldog1 wrote:
Here's another case of intelligent but ignorant. Democrats support some of the most wasteful programs. EPA is an example where hot air and politics are more important that science. Just take a look at the background of managers running EPA programs, lots of communications and political science folks who demand a high price for media and plain bs. Do some homework. Check out EPA's radon program. They've spent a fortune on public relations and media, making radon a problem in places where there isn't a problem as verified in science.
on October 1,2013 | 02:52PM
Charliegrunt wrote:
When the President and his lackey, Harry Reid say, "No negotiations!" What do you expect? BO and the Democrats think they have a dictatorship. OBAMA CARE is going to be a train wreck. No effort was made by the Democrats to study countries that all ready have socialized medicine to see what worked and what didn't work, and how to find a course of action that would work for this country. The Democrats have NOT PASSED A BUDGET since BO has been in office. BO has been able to spend unchecked. As it was explained on CNN last night, there are four options. The cheaper the option, the less the one who purchases it gets, BUT the government, which means the rest of us will have to pay the difference for those who can't make the payments. Now who among you are fools enough to buy into that. We could follow Norway and pay for medical school and subsequent training for doctors and put them on salary, and charge the taxpayers 70% income tax. Well said "gohawaii"!
on October 1,2013 | 03:38AM
Anonymous wrote:
I really don't think they feel they have a dictatorship - they won the passage of the law, it's the law now, and holding the law hostage with a government shutdown is absurd. Why don't they work on normal negotiations to improve the law rather than living in denial.
on October 1,2013 | 07:01AM
ISCREAM wrote:
The passage of the law was last minute, without proper review, while Democrats had a super majority to pass anything...does that make it right? And just because it is Constitutional does not make it right or of benefit to the country. What have you to say about Nancy Pelosi's infamous quote..."We have to pass this legislation to see what is in it?
on October 1,2013 | 08:35AM
2localgirl wrote:
if it's so great, then 'howcum' they missed all the deadlines that they did to implement it awhile ago??
on October 1,2013 | 09:55AM
lee1957 wrote:
If it's the law of the land, how do they delay portions of it by executive fiat and not new legislation?
on October 1,2013 | 09:58AM
jussayin wrote:
Rep. Colleen Hanabusa said Monday was "an embarrassing day for Congress." LOL. It's been an embarrassing year for the President and Congress. This is just another example. As much as the House was stubborn, so was the Senate. At least the House tried different versions of the bill but the Senate dems killed them all. So it's like two kids pointing the finger at each other and hoping us, the taxpayers, see their respective side. Most of us see that our so called leaders are useless and maybe we should cut back the number of people in Congress as the first act of saving money.
on September 30,2013 | 10:45PM
mischal wrote:
Shamelessly, Colleen stood up there and said `it`s the law, get over it`. Yet, she and the rest of the Dems refuse to be part of the law. The hypocrisy is astounding! Exemptions for the `in` crowd, while middle America gets it stuck to them. And all the while, blaming the GOP for the shut down. How stupid do they think the American people really are?!
on October 1,2013 | 02:52AM
wondermn1 wrote:
Hanabusa did such a great job for the Waianae coast that we now have sent her to Washington to destroy it as well??? What were we thinking Duh! She is and was an embarrassment for the leeward coast now she is and embarrassment to all of Hawaii. It appears as though he vote by Lazy Mazie and Brian Schatz went to close down the government as well so the people who are affected should blame them but they will probably blame GW BUSH again. Rather than face the real problem which is the Dems and Obama trying to turn America into a socialistic country. WAKE UP HAWAII AND WAKE UP AMERICA OBAMA AND THE DEMS ARE AT FAULT AND ONLY THEY ARE TO BLAME FOR THIS MESS
on October 1,2013 | 06:40AM
lee1957 wrote:
An embarrassing day for Congress, indeed, and Colleen fits right in.
on October 1,2013 | 09:58AM
Tilac wrote:
Hawaii's congressional delegation would be an embarrassment to a junior high school election.
on September 30,2013 | 11:05PM
sumoroach wrote:
WHERE IS A BUDGET THE LAST ONE WAS 2009. Obama has yet to pass a budget. Facts people facts. Bush passed the last budget in 2008for the 2009 FY. Who is not doing their jobs? The DEMS had the house and senate for two years and they still could not pass a budget. It is because a new budget will eliminate 1.3Tillion dollars from the CR. 1.4 came from the omnibus bill 410billion and the stimulus bill 890billions. Thus taking us back to 2009 levels. How do you think Obama double the debt in 5 years. 1.3 * 5 years = 6.5Tillion dollars to the debt. DEMS need to pass a budget period. DO YOU JOB. Mazie Hirono, Brian Schatz, Tulsi Gabbard, & Colleen Hanabusa.
on September 30,2013 | 11:33PM
primowarrior wrote:
The President doesn't pass budgets. By law, it has to originate in, and pass, the House. The President submits his proposals for the House to consider, which he has done. The Senate did pass a budget about six months ago, and sent it on to the House to conference, but Boehner refused to appoint the necessary members to do so, so no budget. As for the Democrats holding both the House and the Senate for two years, they actually only had the 60 necessary votes to override a filibuster for just a few months during that time, so the Republicans were able to block anything they didn't agree with the rest of the time.
on October 1,2013 | 12:19AM
Bergonia wrote:
Your right, but the President signs the appropriations Bill which makes the budget become law. So if he does not sign the appropriations bill their is no budget.
on October 1,2013 | 01:31AM
toomuchpilikia wrote:
on October 1,2013 | 04:31AM
gary360 wrote:
Body Odor called Republicans irresponsible, well it appears that he and his followers are the irresponsible ones. The vast majority doesn't want your stupid odorcare but you continue to force down our throats. Dictators have a way of bringing down a country from within which is exactly what's happening and We The People are to blame for electing these idiots. Well I think it's about time the democrats start taking the blame of destroying our country and start doing what "We The People" want not what BO wants. This also pertains to the republicans who crossed over to the other side. I wonder if any of our politicians every read these comments, less they care.
on October 1,2013 | 01:03AM
CloudForest wrote:
Democrats Angry!! How shocking that they would choose this as their cause for anger - no more government handouts and payoffs! If they wished to have a righteous anger they would be fuming at: Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Behghazi, Eric Holder, The IRS ["I plead the 5th"], Obamacare's tyranny, etc. etc. etc. ................. BUT NO !!! They get angry when their "Utopian Desires" get disrupted! Communistas all.
on October 1,2013 | 02:29AM
Slow wrote:
Barack Obama is a Communist? A card-carrying Commie? You make me nostalgic. My late boss used to claim Gov. Burns was a "card carrying Commie" and referred to our Congress woman as "Patsy Pink." Quick, look under your bed! Commies are everywhere! Mommy, Mommy, I tink I see a Commie!
on October 1,2013 | 11:14AM
shooter wrote:
Wrong headline...should have read Local congressman react POLITICALLY to government shutdown........oh..and if you check..I don't t think Obama has submitted budgets to congress.....
on October 1,2013 | 03:08AM
sumoroach wrote:
He did but was four late. He does not what a budget.
on October 1,2013 | 04:43AM
DAGR81 wrote:
All four representatives had their comments written by obama's press department.
on October 1,2013 | 04:45AM
Kalli wrote:
Our Congressional delegation after being politicians in democrat controlled Hawaii, have no idea what it is like to compromise with Republicans. They are used to the our way or the highway mentality of the ruling party. I pity Congress for having to work with what we have elected from Hawaii.
on October 1,2013 | 05:19AM
bluevette wrote:
What's the difference between Republican incapability to compromise and Democrat refusal to negotiate? The press will report on the former, but not the latter. The House has passed a real budget every year since 2009; the Senate has not put up a full budget for a vote (contrary to law) since 2009.
on October 1,2013 | 05:34AM
bluevette wrote:
I forgot. The Senate did finally vote on a budget in 2013, but refused to do so in 2010, 2011, and 2012.
on October 1,2013 | 05:39AM
artmurch wrote:
Now there is an oxymoronic phrase – “compromise with Republicans”.
on October 1,2013 | 05:43AM
lokela wrote:
Next time these politicians need to past a test to get in. And that test is are you smarter then a 5th grader?
on October 1,2013 | 06:18AM
kiragirl wrote:
They will fail. :)
on October 1,2013 | 07:29AM
zoomzoom65 wrote:
why angry? they are just at fault as all of there other colleagues in congress.
on October 1,2013 | 06:29AM
loio wrote:
this, from the lock-step partisan democrats, the ones who gave us this monumental stupidity of Obamacare, and so much other stupidity. the press carries water for Obama and the Dems, and so the GOP will take the heat, but I say more power to them.
on October 1,2013 | 06:39AM
soundofreason wrote:
"And they have shown to the American people how far they are willing to go with their anti-compromise ideology,">>> I believe it was the PRESIDENT who came RIGHT out and said "no compromise". Short memory?
on October 1,2013 | 06:41AM
false wrote:
Of course they're angry... all little kids get angry when they don't get their way.... And they will get even angrier if they have to separate Obamacare from Funding the Government. LOL LOL LOL
on October 1,2013 | 06:45AM
nitpikker wrote:
its the republicans fault. BUT only because they embrace the teaparty nuts. before the teaparty came into existence there was more compromise.
on October 1,2013 | 07:04AM
cojef wrote:
Same old Democratic Party line, blame game. Remeber it take two to tango. ACA was passed on partisn basis, and now cannot do anything to get the ball rolling for it running. Big Business have been give a delay, why not also the private citizen. To add insult to injury, why is Congress and its staff members not covered by the ACA. Guess, they are the elites while the private citizen taxpayers are serfs that must do the biddings of the lords and masters. Yep, like sheep being led to slaughter.
on October 1,2013 | 07:31AM
nalogirl wrote:
Soon people will protest this ACA, I know many young people that are tired of how our government is being run.
on October 1,2013 | 12:06PM
CriticalReader wrote:
One thing you can say for our Congressional delegation: They are not Tea Party. That is going to be a line of demarcation going forward. Tea Party or not? The United States, in fact no Country or civilization in the world, can humanely and prosperously survive under the thumb of neo-conservatism. It always fails the general population wherever it occurs, leads to mass suffering, and tends to involve cataclysmic disorder. The numbers never work out in the end. Neo-conservatives always lose. There are always less of them than there are of others. They "hate" the others, and their policies always reflect that. And that always leads to their eventual eradication. Why America is allowing this to happen now is the real surprise. We should be proceeding so much smarter than we are because we ARE so much smarter than we're acting. So, it's only a matter of time. Wake up America. Eradication of the Tea Party may as well happen sooner than later. This theater of hatred, fear and angst has played on long enough.
on October 1,2013 | 07:45AM
nalogirl wrote:
It was the democrats that labeled the TEA party people "nuts," because they knew that people were fed up. The media and the Obama administration took their simple idea of taxed enough already and called them crazy.
on October 1,2013 | 12:10PM
danji wrote:
Tulsi have pledged to return to the treasury all wages she gets while there is a shutdown. Mazie, Brian and Colleen I HOPE YOU ALL DO THE SAME. colleen does your staff's wages come from the government or your allotment for staff--either way pay them from your wages.
on October 1,2013 | 07:46AM
localguy wrote:
Tulsi can pledge all she wants but what she needs to do is work the law so all dysfunctional congress and senate are docked pay for every day there is no budget. No budget means you had a whole year to do your job and willfully failed to do it. Yet you made nice on the camera, took off on holidays and vacations, sat on special committees, all things you wanted to do except your job to pass a budget. Some bureaucrats even pledged to give the pay to charity. Hello you fools, that is a tax deduction. What are you thinking, no budget, no pay. Simple as that.
on October 1,2013 | 07:54AM
realist3463 wrote:
Angry? You are kidding, right?
on October 1,2013 | 07:58AM
false wrote:
Hey, for a moment I thought Mufi was the commander in chief. Nope, it was just his twin bozo, Barrack, shouting "My way or the highway".
on October 1,2013 | 08:05AM
Slow wrote:
Barack Obama and Mufi Hannemen are twins? Uh...right.
on October 1,2013 | 11:11AM
wondermn1 wrote:
Both Obama and MUFEE were able to get the democrats to believe the lies that they were telling and now we have a nightmare for all of America called Obamacare or ACA (Affordable care act) and in Honolulu we have that nightmare MUFEES baby the RUSTING SCREACHING RAIL that brings in its Kiewit pacific workers in from the MAINLAND RATHER THAN HIRE FROM THE LOCAL POPULATION. Both built on a foundation of lies that will crumble
on October 1,2013 | 02:52PM
DanLBoom wrote:
Finally Voters are Really seeing who is the problem in Washington.Sad part about it is that they ( Colleen,Lazy,Schatz,and Tulsi ) Kept spinining the blame game all the way to the end and not mention the "Doom & gloom". Like George Bush,You can only blame the Republicans only so far ,before the people Wise-Up.Watching Harry Reid last night was pathetic.Is that guy for real??? Ultimately it came down to the pres's Saving face/ Health care law OR a shut down ... guess what our Lo Lo's picked the Shut-Down . Really?? well I'm not surprised. Is there a "Re-set Button"??? Yes!! there is . It's called Election day. We need to get those buggas out of office,the sooner the better.Imua
on October 1,2013 | 08:18AM
roadsterred wrote:
Obama, Reid, and Pelosi lackeys. Not an original thought among them.
on October 1,2013 | 08:29AM
Slow wrote:
Yeah, their the biggest dummies of all the big dummies. So dumb. And not smart either. It happens every time we have a Punahou guy as President.
on October 1,2013 | 11:06AM
ISCREAM wrote:
Shouldn't our Congressional delegation and their staff be required to purchase health insurance on the Federal Exchange? Why are we paying for their health insurance?
on October 1,2013 | 08:31AM
CriticalReader wrote:
Because they're employed by an entity that extends health insurance to its employees as part of its benefits package, much like a high 90 % of all employers in this Country.
on October 1,2013 | 08:44AM
Bdpapa wrote:
Good info, still not right!
on October 1,2013 | 09:08AM
lee1957 wrote:
Interesting that three of the four roll out the hackneyed partisanship lines. Blaming the Republicans is not leadership. I don't think Maize, Brian, and Colleen could spell leadership if you let them use a dictionary. Tulsi is a breath of fresh air, please stay that way.
on October 1,2013 | 09:54AM
CriticalReader wrote:
Yes, "leadership" in American Government is defined as "shutting down" American Government. Have to wonder whether or not Tea Partiers attended al qaida training sessions or Taliban think tanks. Same MO. Destroy American government. Not for any attainable or even logical reason, but because they just don't like American government. Very scary. They let these people walk around the Capitol building without handcuffs and leg irons.
on October 1,2013 | 10:16AM
nalogirl wrote:
The TEA party loves America they just don't like the way america is going. Spreading lies as usual.
on October 1,2013 | 12:13PM
Hauolie wrote:
All these clowns in Congress should also be furlough and required to address this Countrywide impacting issue with no pay like all the federal workers......They are taking this country down the tubes.............................
on October 1,2013 | 10:29AM
Kuniarr wrote:
What is not mentioned at all is that Obamacare establlshed another government bureaucracy which would require millions and millions for it to function and increase US budget deficit.
on October 1,2013 | 10:43AM
danielmiyamoto wrote:
Obamacare is unpopular for many constituents of those hundreds of house members who voted against funding it. Insurance costs have been rising very quickly, and services have been cut in the past 4-5 years as a preparation for Obamacare costs. Just got a letter from HMSA that raises the insurance for my employee next year from around $400 to over $900. "Affordable"? I think not. Congress may have shoved this law through 5 years ago (without "knowing what is in it", as Nancy Pelosi said) but as the details come out, more people do not like what this legislation does. If it's that great, why does congress need personal subsidies toward their health care granted by the president?
on October 1,2013 | 10:57AM
realist3463 wrote:
Hirono and Schatz are at best disingenuous. On Saturday night, the House sent the Senate a third proposal (the first two defunded or delayed implementation of the Affordable Care Act). The third proposal included funding for the government and attached the repeal of the Medical Device Tax. This relatively small provision is part of the original healthcare law and has widely been acknowledged to be hurting patients and providers. In March, the Senate. led by Senator Reid, voted 79-20 to repeal it. This third proposal that the House sent to the Senate said: repeal this tax provision and that's it; shutdown avoided. On a party line vote late yesterday afternoon, the Senate killed the proposal 54-46. So, why would they do that? Maybe Senator Reid saw this as an opportunity for political ups men ship to damage Republican image with the American people without regard to the damage to the American public. SA should tell the whole story and not just that which supports their political position. The reality is both parties are at fault, the Congress and the President.
on October 1,2013 | 10:59AM
Ronin006 wrote:
Our two senators have no one but themselves and their fellow Democrats in the Senate to blame for the government shutdown. The house spending bill contained a reasonable provision to extend the implementation of the individual mandate in Obamacare for one year to be consistent with the one-year delay granted by Obama for corporations, unions and the politically-connected and to eliminate exemptions granted to members of congress and their staffs. What could be fairer?
on October 1,2013 | 11:02AM
Slow wrote:
I've read the comments. The government shutdown, the majority of you evidently believe is the fault of the Democrats. Interesting parallel universe you folks live in. ACA is the law. We live in a democracy. Holding the economy hostage is the Republican's game. It is flat-out absurd to blame the Democrats for Tea Party lunacy.
on October 1,2013 | 11:10AM
nalogirl wrote:
You sound like a democrat, just do what the government wants and don't question us. This is not the USA that I want to live in.
on October 1,2013 | 12:16PM
Ronin006 wrote:
Yes, Slow, ACA is the law, but how did it become so? It became law because of Democrat bribery, extortion and lies. How so? Here is how. Some senators who opposed the bill agreed to vote for it by demanding certain concession for their states. That is extortion. Others who were opposed to the bill were offered attractive concessions for their states by Senate Democrat leadership by voting for the bill. That is bribery. And to get members of congress and the public to support the bill President Obama said if you like your doctor, you can keep him or her; if you like the health plan you are on, you can keep it, and your health insurance would cost no more than you are now paying. Lies, lies, lies. Laws based on bribery, extortion and lies should be invalid and those responsible ought to spend some hard time in jail.
on October 1,2013 | 01:08PM
sailfish1 wrote:
"reacts angrily"! They are part of the problem. Congress should been working on the budget and got it done a long time ago. Instead, they waited until the last few days and start putting in "add-ons". Our delegates should have been pushing things along early in the fiscal year. I am also getting tired of our delegates' emails asking me to contribute money before the "deadline".
on October 1,2013 | 11:13AM
awahana wrote:
You get the leaders you deserve. How are they in office? Because you voted for them. Just like how we voted for Bush twice, we are now in this mess, and forevermore, because of that chimp.
on October 1,2013 | 11:36AM
blackmurano wrote:
Why are the local liberal Democratic team ion Congress are angry at the Republican for not accepting the Obama health care when they themselves refused to be part of the Obama health plan in their employment? The four "clone" of the far liberal Barack Obama sounds exactly like him. . .
on October 1,2013 | 12:09PM
Ratrase wrote:
Just because you don't like a law doesn't give you the right to stop the train. This law was passed 5 years ago, upheld by the Supreme court, and the republicans tried to vote it down and failed 42 times. To say that the Administration refuses to compromise, try compromising if you break the law and see how far you get. If you don't like a law, work to change it, but you can't defy it out of spite. There is no compromising necessary on the part of the administration in enacting legislation that went through the legislative process.
on October 1,2013 | 01:04PM
nalogirl wrote:
I emailed Mazie Hirono just a few minutes ago and this is the response I recieved: "Mahalo for your message. Due to the federal government shutdown, my office is currently closed. Please note that replies to correspondence may be delayed once my office resumes normal business operations." Aren't they still drawing a paycheck? Lazy Mazie is right.
on October 1,2013 | 01:12PM
Ratrase wrote:
It's her staff that are furloughed. They are not allowed to work or else it might be considered overtime. Thank you republican tea baggers.
on October 1,2013 | 05:47PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Have u ever noticed that most forum participants lean to the Republican side? Hence the overwhelming comments against the Rail in these forums as well.
on October 2,2013 | 12:50AM
cshaffer wrote:
The real problem is the amount of money the federal government wastes. If the government would stop wasting money there would not be such big money problems. The biggest waste of money is the "war on illegal drugs". Legalize marijuana, then have the tobacco companies sell packs of joints. Government makes money on the tax on the packs. Next allow the Coca- Cola bottleling company to bring back the 1900's original formula Coca -Cola sell it the same as a alcohol beverages and tax it. Legalize prostitution and gambling and tax these activites. Let out everyone that has been imprisoned for illegal durgs, prostitution, and gambling. Only thieves, rapist, terrorist, and murders should be behind bars. Next create a tax on the top 500 American companies based on the unemployment rate. When the unemployment rate comes down to 2 % no more tax. More people working, more people paying taxes! If the government doesn't stop the rich from getting richer at the expence of the middle, and lower class then our society will only head toward anarchy.Obama needs to make medical marijuana a part of his Affordable Health Care.
on October 1,2013 | 09:18PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Lots of good ideas. I'm lovin' it and this is not a commercial.
on October 2,2013 | 12:53AM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Ironically it's the two party partisan system that is tending the government to waste money. One side saying spend spend spend, while the other saying save, save, save. So when one party controls both the executive branch and the legislative branch, it's feast or famine time depending on the party. When The Republicans take over, the pendulum swings the other way, and lots of times negate Democratic programs. This tug of war needs to stop, in order to stop us from sending money down the proverbial garbage disposal lol. PLEASE END PARTISAN POLITICS NOW !!
on October 2,2013 | 01:00AM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
If anyone can be blamed its Barry because he took it for granted that The House would be controlled by Democrats as he sleep walked through the reelection process. The unfair power of The Electoral College got Barry back in office as he took democratic union strongholds New York and California with their monster Electoral Votes, while MANY little Republican victories in the US House elections did Barry in. Barry just took it for granted, so I do not think Hanabusa and Gabbard can blame ONLY the Republicans. This country CAN elect a Republican President as Reagan took 49 states in his reelection of 1984.
on October 2,2013 | 12:46AM
Makua wrote:
It seems simple. If the US government elects to close down than nobody should get paid until the government is open.
on October 2,2013 | 09:04AM
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