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Woman on bicycle struck by police car in Kailua

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 04:57 a.m. HST, Oct 14, 2013

A 27-year-old woman was struck by a police car early Sunday morning while riding her bicycle in Kailua.

The police car struck the bicycle at about 12:30 a.m. near the intersection of Hamakua Drive and Kailua Road. Paramedics took the woman to the hospital in critical condition, according to an Emergency Medical Services report. Her condition was upgraded to serious at the hospital, police said.

The officer was not injured.

The Traffic Division opened a negligent injury and administrative investigation. No arrests were made.

Police closed the Kailua-bound lanes of Kailua Road between Kainehe Street and Hamakua Drive until about 5 a.m. while they investigated the crash.

The crash marks the second accident in three days involving a police car and serious injuries.

Early Friday morning, a police officer was seriously injured when a Mercedes sedan leaving a driveway and a marked police vehicle collided on Kapiolani Boulevard near Kona Iki Street at 12:20 a.m. Friday.

Paramedics took the 37-year-old woman officer and the 66-year-old man driving the Mercedes to the hospital in serious condition.

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serious wrote:
Helmet law for all ages!!!!
on October 13,2013 | 08:10AM
Kalaheo1 wrote:
Bicycle helmets may help prevent head injuries and death in a children who crash in a certain type of low speed accident.

Otherwise, there is very little evidence to support their use. Their mandatory use discourages bike use AND studies show that drivers are more careless around helmeted bicyclists. There is no question that places that mandate helmet laws, bicycle use drops off precipitously. Countries like the Netherlands that are the safest for bicyclists are also the lowest for helmet use. Basically, it's the automobile user that makes cycling more dangerous. If you really care about bicycle safety, hten you should be calling for protected bike lanes and more driver education.

Even the Federal government is backing off their push for bicycle helmets in light of the mounting evidence that they are largely worthless, and there is little scientific evidence to support their use.



on October 13,2013 | 09:12AM
localguy wrote:
You might want to talk to ER doctors and neurosurgeons who try to put the bicycle rider's broken skull and brain back together after an accident. Any of them would tell you a helmet offers superior protection to the brain versus the skull alone. And lets not even mention "Road Rash." Ultimately it is the rider's decision on whether to wear a helmet or not. Understanding your failure to protect yourself against injury could affect the lives of family members should you become an invalid due to an accident. Check out these images of bicycle helmets that gave their all. Want to bet the owner is grateful for their sacrifice? http://www.terryhersheypark.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=590
on October 13,2013 | 11:55AM
Kalaheo1 wrote:
That is a compelling anecdote.

Ironically the second comment on that website is the same as mine. Bicycle helmets seem like a good idea, and if someone wants to wear one, they should. But legislating their use on flimsy evidence actually gets people hurt.

You know what population could benefit from mandatory crash helmets? Automobile drivers and passengers.

on October 13,2013 | 02:47PM
1local wrote:
was lighting being used on bicycle? its the law...
on October 13,2013 | 04:56PM
Kalaheo1 wrote:
I don't know. The story didn't say, but I would think that would be an important detail to have mentioned if she wasn't.
on October 13,2013 | 06:28PM
Kalaheo1 wrote:
I shouldn't make claims with backing them up.

"but a helmet saved my life!"

Further reading: http://cyclehelmets.org/1019.html

on October 13,2013 | 02:53PM
I would rather doubt a helmet would have helped the police officer 1 bit. Need to reconsider your "helmet to all law"!
on October 14,2013 | 11:30AM
nitpikker wrote:
chronic? riding a bike at that hour? probably w/o any lights. mountain bikes-thieves love them. they can glide thru neighborhoods silently while casing the area. you don't know they're around unless you actually see them.
on October 13,2013 | 08:43AM
Kalaheo1 wrote:
The article didn't say anything about no lights. And it certainly didn't say anything about this 27 year old women being a thief or a drug user. It's entirely possible that she is exactly the sort of person that we all say we want more of, an individual who doesn't own a car and who walks, rides the bus and rides a bicycle.
on October 13,2013 | 08:54AM
RetiredWorking wrote:
Kalaheo,have to agree with nit and like. Most likely she's a chronic. Most people you say we want more of are fast asleep @ midnight and might not be training between 8pm-5am.
on October 13,2013 | 11:11AM
IAmSane wrote:
What if she was coming home late from work? I come home sometimes at 5, or 9, or 1 or 2 am depending on how much work I have and I certainly don't use drugs. What's the point of even speculating anyway?
on October 13,2013 | 03:30PM
RetiredWorking wrote:
No sane person commutes to work @ midnight. I'm a guy who sometimes bicycles 6 miles to work. I wear dirt bike protective gear too. I'd NEVER consider biking @ midnight, if I had to go in to work. And I certainly don't do drugs either.
on October 14,2013 | 05:03AM
sayer wrote:
I had to work jobs where I ended at 11 p.m. or midnight and usually those types of jobs you are too poor to have a car, like I was. Retail. I rode my bike or walked.
on October 14,2013 | 08:13AM
likewise wrote:
I'm with nitpikker. The only people I see riding around Kailua at that time of night are the chronics and the usual suspects. But who knows. We are a town of exercise fans. Still strange though.
on October 13,2013 | 09:55AM
nearby wrote:
How could anyone agree with nitpikker? No facts, just idle speculation.
on October 13,2013 | 04:56PM
RetiredWorking wrote:
IRT IAm, no sane person commutes to work on a bicycle @ midnight. I'm presuming you're come home @ 1am or 2am driving a car, not a bicycle.....right?
on October 14,2013 | 05:12AM
IAmSane wrote:
It really doesn't matter...
on October 14,2013 | 07:08AM
Kailuaraised wrote:
People in Hawaii ride bikes to bars.
on October 13,2013 | 05:35PM
lynnh wrote:
I love how the SA left out the "very important fact" that she was hit by a police car who made a turn into oncoming traffic and hit her.
on October 13,2013 | 10:05AM
RetiredWorking wrote:
lynn, I read the article which said she crossed in front of a police car.
on October 13,2013 | 11:13AM
Kalaheo1 wrote:
The last time HPD ran over a bicyclist in Kailua, they charged him with a registration sticker violation.
on October 13,2013 | 02:49PM
jayz43 wrote:
"Kai-lua"? REALLY?
on October 14,2013 | 12:54AM
Malani wrote:
lynnh, News report mentioned that the police had the green light.
on October 14,2013 | 06:19AM
Anonymous wrote:
When the first posted the article, there was no mention of police whatsoever. They updated it.
on October 14,2013 | 09:03AM
engineersoldier wrote:
SA always mentions if speed and alcohol were factors--except when the car is a police car.
on October 13,2013 | 11:43AM
egoo wrote:
For my job I am on the road constantly, traveling from one place to another. I regularly encounter bike riders that are very inconsiderate of the rules of the road, and mind you this is during all hours of the day. Whether on the highways, or in residential areas, on a daily basis I find riders that are not properly equipped with the necessary safety equipment, riders that fail to signal their intentions to turn, and many riders that will ride out into the road lane to avoid some obstacle near the shoulder or edge of the lane, and do so without looking for traffic or signaling. I have seen more often than not, riders riding through intersections against the light. Granted sometimes they stop and look to see if there is oncoming traffic, and then they try to ride through in the pedestrian walkway (as if that makes crossing legal), but I see this more than often that a complete stop by riders. It is also not unusual to see bikers riding through stop signs without yielding to or stopping for traffic, as they lawfully and legally should. I see this from riders of all ages, makes, and types. Just because your bike shorts are shorter and tighter than someone else's does not mean that they are any better. As a general rule of thumb I try to stay as clear of them as I can, even having to resort to driving in the opposite lane when passing them. And in a company vehicle, doing so is asking for someone to complain. While I do not know the circumstances by which this poor young girl was riding her bike after midnight in the dark, we should assume that the responsibility should not be shared equally between car driver and bike rider, but rather that the bike rider should exercise considerably more caution and safety when riding on roads that were designed for automobile traffic. It is in the same way in which we like to say that the pedestrian has the right of way. Yes, that is true, but within reason. If the person in the car is backing out of a parking stall, and the pedestrian is still a good distance (let's just say 30-40 feet away), it is on the pedestrian to slow their gait and allow the car to complete it's reverse course, then safely pulling away, while not putting any person or property at risk. But no, generally the pig headedness or our "ME/I" culture dictates that we must continue to walk, and even speed up our pace, so as to get around the car that is already pulling out of the parking space, and slamming our hands on the trunk or hoods of the car while yelling asinine things like,"Watch where you're going!!"...or darting in front of moving cars so we can cross the road...because the car will stop for me. Apparently not...
on October 13,2013 | 12:19PM
onevoice82 wrote:
You were doing good until your back- up scenario..... You would never ask a car to slow down when seeing you backing up from 20-30 feet away, why is the bicycle supposed to? Your earlier comment accused bikes of not following road rules and then you ask the bicyclist to disregard rules of right-of-way later in your comment. Stay consistent when making a point.
on October 13,2013 | 03:58PM
Manoa2 wrote:
I used to ride a motorcycle and I can tell you they are hard to see especially at night and a bicycle is even harder to see. The Bicycle rider has to ride very safely and that means to ride defensively with the assumption that cars have difficulty seeing them. I had to do that riding a motorcycle and giving way to cars just to be safe.
on October 13,2013 | 06:19PM
egoo wrote:
Um...PEDESTRIAN... And, if in such a situation in any given parking lot, generally the assumption is that the vehicle in forward motion would yield to the vehicle that is in reverse motion. Granted "right of way" would probably be given to the vehicle in forward motion. The same would be for the bicycle rider. Unless there is something wrong with your display font, I don't believe that anywhere in the above statement was the bicyclist asked to disregard rules of right-of-way. But thanks for pointing out where you may have been confused.
on October 13,2013 | 11:12PM
onevoice82 wrote:
I wasn't confused at all. My reasoning still stands. By recommending that a bicyclist should slow down for a backing up vehicle is in effect asking them to waive their right of way!
on October 14,2013 | 11:22AM
egoo wrote:
...and I agree with you. Your reasoning stands as logical, but I still believe that caution by each and every party, and yielding, even when one party clearly has the right of way may help to alleviate many of these very frustrating and all to frequent mishaps. I would less ask them to waive their right of way as I would strongly encourage caution, patience, and aloha. Non-alcoholic drinks all around!!
on October 14,2013 | 04:05PM
mikethenovice wrote:
Talk about striking a nerve. Calm down, ego.
on October 13,2013 | 08:27PM
egoo wrote:
Yeah people...check your ego at the door. Sheesh!!
on October 13,2013 | 11:13PM
Malani wrote:
egoo, your statements seem all mixed up. Here is my experience with bike riders. They do get distracted at times and it is at these times that when they get distracted they wobble on their bikes and steer their handelbars toward the car going in the same direction. When that happens the car steers to to other lane also. The car hits the other car and they get faulted while the biker drives off. Bike riders should never be allowed to bike ride in the lanes the car drives on. Whose fault, the biker of course but then he paddles off and gone before the police arrive.
on October 14,2013 | 06:31AM
egoo wrote:
Thanks. I was very clearly stating 2 seperate comments, related by how the individuals act or react to each situation...whether pedestrian or bicycle rider. No matter, I agree with what you are seeing and I see on a daily basis exactly what you are stating. Especially when the bicyclist(s) are riding against traffic.
on October 14,2013 | 04:07PM
residenttaxpayer wrote:
I come across a lot of bicyclists at night who don't have lights at the last second barely avoiding hitting them cause I couldn't see them....
on October 13,2013 | 02:14PM
Time to get your eyes checked!
on October 14,2013 | 12:52PM
mikethenovice wrote:
Way past your bedtime, lady.
on October 13,2013 | 08:18PM
mikethenovice wrote:
Bicycles have made themselves a nuisance by challenging cars and pedestrian. On the road, they don't follow the rules of the road by acting invincible, and on the sidewalk, they do not ring a bell or yell to the people walking and just zip by inches away from us.
on October 13,2013 | 08:24PM
SteveToo wrote:
They closed the road for 4 1/2 hours. WTHell?
on October 13,2013 | 09:31PM
egoo wrote:
Some of the doorlocks on those new biles are really hard to open, and the windows were all rolled up...
on October 13,2013 | 11:15PM
mikethenovice wrote:
All accidents should happen when the traffic is slow.
on October 14,2013 | 07:26AM
Carang_da_buggahz wrote:
Hmmmm. I wonder if "special courtesies" were extended to the officer involved?
on October 13,2013 | 11:43PM
Kate53 wrote:
Were there lights on the bicycle? Too many people ride around at night without lights or reflectors of any sort.
on October 14,2013 | 12:43AM
boohoo wrote:
I work in town at 330am... every morning I get a cup of coffee at 7-11 or jack in the box... There are many bicyclists riding in the middle of the road or even coming out of nowhere from the streets... I get angry cause someday, someone or even myself may hit one of those cyclist.. They need to be more careful and cautious.. I know there are no traffic on the roads and some area the lighting is bad... Several times bicyclist come off the side street on ULUNIU ST .. and I almost hit them ... so now...I take the Kailua Road but still some of them still find it amusing to just cruise in the middle of the street or off the side walk wavering the bikes like they own the road ... with no helmet or even lites on the bikes .geez
on October 14,2013 | 03:58AM
mikethenovice wrote:
Bikes are making a pest out of them self. Worst than the homeless situaltion. Much more hazarduos.
on October 14,2013 | 07:28AM
RetiredWorking wrote:
The latest news report states the bicyclist might've been drinking.
on October 14,2013 | 06:26PM
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