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Former HPD major gets 8-month sentence in plea deal

By Associated Press

LAST UPDATED: 03:17 p.m. HST, Oct 17, 2013

 A former Honolulu police major has been sentenced to eight months in federal detention for lying to FBI agents and filing a false tax return.

Carlton Nishimura was also sentenced Thursday to undergo three years' supervised release, complete 200 hours of community service and pay about $2,000 restitution to the IRS.  

He pleaded guilty in a plea deal with prosecutors, who agreed to dismiss charges including extortion and drug possession.

Nishimura says he lied to agents when he told them he didn't tell a woman about an investigation into the United Samoan Organization. He also says he didn't report about $9,000 on his tax return.

He was accused of receiving money to protect an illegal gambling room. Court documents alleged crystal meth was found during in his Waianae home.

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Former Honolulu police major to be sentenced

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Dawg wrote:
Ouch! Is eight months to long. Considering!
on October 17,2013 | 03:08PM
Kalaheo1 wrote:
Considering what?!?!? That he put other officers lives at risk and promoted methamphetamine in our islands???

That's still only about 25% of what Christy is doing for weed.

on October 17,2013 | 07:54PM
RichardCory wrote:
Officers who abuse their authority in this way should receive no leniency whatsoever. No plea deals under any circumstances. Take the case to trial. I don't care how much time and effort it takes. Scum like this are worse than any common street criminal because he's the very person who is trusted with the badge and the gun necessary to stop criminals. When even the police are criminals, they deserve no mercy.
on October 17,2013 | 09:52PM
Margaret8 wrote:
No way it should be 8 years!! If roger Christie is locked up for years for paka lolo then this cretin certainly should be kept off our streets. Meth!
on October 17,2013 | 03:13PM
nalogirl wrote:
So true Margaret8, why is this guy only serving 8 months when Christie served years for his pot? I guess it's all about who you know.
on October 17,2013 | 03:20PM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
Christie is a different animal. He constantly sold and grew paka in the face if the Feds. This is not a drug case, it's a perjury or lying. If meth was found, do we know if 10 people lived on his property? No.
on October 17,2013 | 03:42PM
jomama wrote:
nuts. He was a cop who betrayed his badge and the people he was sworn to protect. And you think Christie was worse? Puleese. What is your stake in this because obviously you are biased.
on October 17,2013 | 04:59PM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
Stake? Just my opinion, 1 st Amendment, like you all.
on October 17,2013 | 09:03PM
droid wrote:
Don’t forget he admitted to filing a false tax return, as well. Clearly, he was trying not to report something. Was that “something” drug money? Probably.
on October 17,2013 | 11:03PM
Ratrase wrote:
8 months for perjury, bribery, tax fraud, and possession of a dangerous drug (possession is 9/10 of the law) he must have friends in " high" places.
on October 17,2013 | 11:15PM
bigislandkurt wrote:
A greater question is......does he remain a police officer? Can he still retire and be entitled to his full police pension?
on October 17,2013 | 03:18PM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
Kurt, if you read the article, it says former police major.I think that answers your question.
on October 17,2013 | 03:47PM
hikine wrote:
Pension was earned when he was working. This incident doesn't jeopardize his retirement income.
on October 17,2013 | 07:22PM
Kalaheo1 wrote:
hikine wrote: Pension was earned when he was working. This incident doesn't jeopardize his retirement income.

While he was working on HPD, he was also employed by criminals. Let them pay his pension.

on October 17,2013 | 07:57PM
ptofview wrote:
Google his name and you'll find lots of info. about how much he's collecting in pension benefits! Outrageous!
on October 17,2013 | 04:25PM
Ewasohappy wrote:
on October 17,2013 | 07:04PM
pgkemp wrote:
geeezzzzz, and roger got dope and he's locked up forever, cmon...............
on October 17,2013 | 03:19PM
Bully wrote:
What about the meth found at this home? Nothing no law broken or it didn' have his name on it and it could have belonged to anybody.
on October 17,2013 | 03:21PM
hikine wrote:
Funny that's how perps say when their car gets stopped and the cops find drugs... "I swear officer that's not mine!" The point is that meth was found in his house! He can't prove it's not his!
on October 17,2013 | 07:20PM
droid wrote:
More importantly, he filed a false tax return — which he admitted. What was false about it? He forgot to report the ca$h he was earning from selling meth, maybe?
on October 17,2013 | 11:05PM
gsc wrote:
Sweet Deal ..... Good Job Prosecutor Kaneshiro....
on October 17,2013 | 03:37PM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
Gsc, ahhh, wrong jurisdiction........federal case. Geez people, please get edjumacation before posting.sac
on October 17,2013 | 08:58PM
2NDC wrote:
You got that right. If Kaneshiro was prosecuting, Nishida would have been acquitted of all charges AND he'd be filing a civil lawsuit against the city.
on October 17,2013 | 11:31PM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
Then why wasn't Deedy acquitted if Kaneshiro favors law enforcement types? Hmmmmmmm.
on October 18,2013 | 12:51AM
FrankieT wrote:
When you put on the uniform of a police officer you are expected to follow the laws and uphold the high traditions of the force. When you decide to break the law you hurt all those around you, give the police force a bad name and most of all you lose the trust of the general public.
on October 17,2013 | 03:49PM
hanabatadayz wrote:
hawaii's finest
on October 17,2013 | 03:56PM
bumba wrote:
on October 17,2013 | 03:59PM
Rickyboy wrote:
So that's how USO got busted.
on October 17,2013 | 04:34PM
hanabatadayz wrote:
plea deal..i guess he had to rat to avoid a longer jail sentence..now he better fear for his life
on October 17,2013 | 04:45PM
engineersoldier wrote:
This is another case of your SHOPO working hard to protect its own, with full pension. He committed this crime while an officer, he should lose his retirement benefits, period. Where is the deterrent for other police officers to do criminal activities? This is a joke and shows the worst part of Hawaii. We should be showing outrage.
on October 17,2013 | 06:37PM
sluggah wrote:
PENSION!!!!!! That little weasel shouldn't get a penny!
on October 17,2013 | 06:46PM
Ewasohappy wrote:
I guess crime does pay.....for some.
on October 17,2013 | 07:06PM
Shotzy wrote:
So, will this drug dealer get to keep his pension ? The judge should have this guy's IRA account frozen,while they seek a court order to have it liquidated and distributed to various drug treatment facility's.
on October 17,2013 | 06:47PM
Uncleart66 wrote:
And now a word for the police union.........nothing? Speak up please.......
on October 17,2013 | 07:08PM
Ratrase wrote:
Captains are probably not union rank & file officers.
on October 17,2013 | 11:20PM
false wrote:
There are a number of officers, not only Nishimura that have been in the force for a great length of time, and have moved up in the rank and file. Having done this, and standing high above the force, their mindset becomes invincible and because they are the law, corruption are easily executed, thinking that no one besides the law would be able to catch their wrong doing. There are always that small percentage of law enforcement officers that will not uphold their sworn oath and ruin the reputation of the majority of good and honest officers. It's too bad that their job are exposed to many temptation and the weak, greedy and dishonest will take that chance, but somehow will slip and get caught. Nishimura, such an embarrassment for your family and HPD, accept your punishment, "Crime Does Not Pay."
on October 17,2013 | 07:26PM
Ratrase wrote:
Make that Major, even less likely to be a union member.
on October 17,2013 | 11:22PM
pizza wrote:
Kevin Bruhn got 3 years... Shame in that federal judge- 8 years to 8 months. He was a HPD Commander. What an embarassment.
on October 17,2013 | 08:19PM
808warriorfan wrote:
200 hrs community service = 25 days @ 8 hrs per day
on October 17,2013 | 09:03PM
localguy wrote:
Wait till he gets to prison and meets all kinds of new friends. They will teach him the ropes of surviving prison life, new skills, things to do after lights out. Be afraid of prison Carlton Nishimura, be very afraid. What were you thinking? Wearing the badge, rank of Major, and you willfully failed to meet the standards. What a disgrace you are to HPD.
on October 17,2013 | 09:44PM
2NDC wrote:
Nah, he's going to "Club Fed". He can hob knob with folks like Alan Pfleuger. It will be like an 8 month vacation. :-(
on October 17,2013 | 11:33PM
2NDC wrote:
Nah, he's headed to "Club Fed". It will be like an 8 month vacation. :-(
on October 17,2013 | 11:34PM
localguy wrote:
Looks like the fines will take care of most of his pension. Hmmm, looks like McDonalds will have a new crew person after he gets out. http://www.hawaiireporter.com/high-ranking-honolulu-police-major-pleads-guilty-to-federal-tax-fraud-obstruction-of-justice-charge/123
on October 17,2013 | 09:48PM
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