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Chow's pay is eighth in Mountain West Conference

By Ferd Lewis

LAST UPDATED: 08:21 p.m. HST, Nov 07, 2013

Norm Chow ranks eighth among the 12 Mountain West Conference football coaches in total pay this year, according to a survey by USA Today.

Chow receives $550,000 per year from the University of Hawaii and $70,000 from other sources for $620,000 overall, the paper reported today.

He is 3-17 in two seasons at UH.

Boise State's Chris Petersen earns the most in the MWC, $2,151,000, according to the study.

Nationally, Alabama's Nick Saban tops the 126 coaches in the Football Bowl Subdivision at $5.45 million.

Navy's Ken Niumatalolo makes $1,514,210, the survey said.


MWC Coaches Earnings

1. Chris Petersen  Boise State   $2,151,500

2. Jim McElwain   Colorado St. $1,350,000

3. Dave Christensen Wyoming  $1,200,000

4. Troy Calhoun Air Force  $903,100

5. Rocky Long San Diego St. $800,000

6. Bob Davie New Mexico $763,600

7. Tim DeRuyter Fresno St. $655,000

8. Norm Chow  Hawaii $620,000

9. Brian Polian, Nevada $525,000

10. Ron Caragher San Jose St. $525,500

11. Bobby Hauck UNLV $503,749

12. Matt Wells Utah St. $502,500

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Publicbraddah wrote:
No wonder we're in 8th place!
on November 7,2013 | 07:04AM
hunebasami wrote:
9th 10th and 11th and 12th beat us.
on November 7,2013 | 08:16AM
rosa wrote:
Chow should give back some of his pay. He should donate half his pay in accordance with Ben Jay's philosophy that UH cannot help itself and we need your donation to continue BUSINESS AS USUAL.
on November 7,2013 | 08:28AM
allie wrote:
No need to pay more than $80,000 for a minor league coach. This is a very weak league. Bottom of the heap.
on November 7,2013 | 10:20AM
warfan808 wrote:
Bottom of the heap....what college football are you watching ...the MWC has either 1 or two ranked top 25 teams every year and has two members that have been to BCS bowls and probably will have anothe rthis year in frsno...smokeing too much bra
on November 8,2013 | 05:44AM
Anonymous wrote:
how does chow rank in 2013 in the MW regarding wins? Chow should be paid minimum wage and commission on all of his wins. 2nd place every game is not good enough - even if he is consistent. $51,000.00 per month - $11,923.00 per week is too much - UH needs to be audited on all excesses. Pay should be compared strictly on Hawaii - Hawaii comparison only - Every person in Hawaii makes less than their counterpart on the mainland. mike.
on November 7,2013 | 09:08AM
serious wrote:
Well, look at the records--Petersen could get a heck of a lot more with a top ten school.
on November 7,2013 | 09:57AM
bigislandkurt wrote:
For those who have ever wondered if Kenny Niumatalolo would ever consider coming home to coach, think again.
on November 7,2013 | 07:09AM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
Navy hasn't changed their offensive schemes in decades. Tweaked it. So Niumatalolo cannot coach UH.
on November 7,2013 | 07:47AM
Publicbraddah wrote:
He has expressed his intention of retiring at the end of his current contract.
on November 7,2013 | 09:15AM
allie wrote:
on November 7,2013 | 10:21AM
Pauoa wrote:
Coach Chow's pay reflects the State's commitment to Div I/BCS program. You can't pay a coach well or afford to pay a coach well means that your program is not committed financially. How can you expect a football program to excel?
on November 7,2013 | 07:10AM
Ronin006 wrote:
Pauoa, for a guy who never was a head coach and, therefore, had no win-loss record as a head coach before coming to UH, it seems to me the salary paid to Chow is much more than it should have been until he was able to prove he could handle the job. His demonstrated performance clearly shows he is not up to the task.
on November 7,2013 | 07:48AM
pcman wrote:
IRT Pauoa on commitment. Pay has little to do with success. Look at the other coaches and where they stand. Colorado State and Wyoming are in the top 3 in coach's pay but they are in the lower 3 in wins. AF Academy coach's pay is almost double of Chow's and they are 0-8, just like us. We just happen to get a coach who could not adjust to being a head coach and to the situation in Hawaii and put together a winning year. We came close to winning at least 4 games to date but coaches (head, defense, offense and special teams) mistakes carried the games. Sad but true.
on November 7,2013 | 07:50AM
hunebasami wrote:
JJ first got paid $400,000 that $150,000 less then Chow. Shouldn't Chow win more games.Money doesn't equal to win but it helps.
on November 7,2013 | 08:19AM
Readitnow wrote:
The difference between JJ, Mac, and Chow is … not a salary issue. June had receivers that could catch and hold onto the ball … and run after that for a bonus. I think if we invest a few hundred bucks for additional stickum to go on those gloves we'd be in a good place. It's hard to recruit super players if we don't have a winning season. It also doesn't help that Hawaii is way out in the middle of the ocean and away from the major sports fans and media. Hawaii is a terrific place to recruit super players … ready for retirement.
on November 7,2013 | 12:21PM
warfan808 wrote:
Hawaii had a great recruiting class this year ranking 55th in the country... two four stsar and these recievers are young but talented , they will come together. BY the way I shook corey paredes hand one time at a game and he had gloves on....my hands were sooo sticky after ..i dont know whats up with all the dropped passes.
on November 8,2013 | 05:47AM
csdhawaii wrote:
Mack was getting paid over $1 million, did that help us?
on November 7,2013 | 09:41AM
XlllX wrote:
Hahahaa....man..i always wonder what if Chow came in after June Jones success, would we be "chasing championships" with all the momentum we had coming off the undefeated season. Now we only chase the other team down the field as they keep scoring on us...
on November 7,2013 | 11:31AM
Ulalei wrote:
4th lowest
on November 7,2013 | 07:42AM
staciemahina wrote:
As for Niumatalolo coming back to Hawai`i. I'm not sure if I want to watch the spread option every Saturday. It can get pretty tedious. Physical offensive approach for sure tho. Watch the UH 3 techs and the linebackers this Saturday.
on November 7,2013 | 07:47AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
I could field a losing team for a lot less.
on November 7,2013 | 07:48AM
staciemahina wrote:
Chow isn't paid too little, there is a huge problem with college HC salary inflation. $1.35 mil for the CSU coach and $1.2 for Wyoming is absolutely ridiculous. How can they justify those salaries when their programs are losing money, and both programs have smaller markets than Hawai`i. A huge part of the problem is that head coaches are the only university employees who have agents. Something needs to be done about this or its going to doom smaller programs like those in the MWC. A shameful use of taxpayer money to boot.
on November 7,2013 | 07:53AM
Manoa2 wrote:
Every one of those coaches have beaten Chow in every game we have played against them. So Chow should be the lowest paid coach based on merit-- on head to head competition.
on November 7,2013 | 08:09AM
hunebasami wrote:
even getting paid 8 out of 12 we lost to coaches that got paid less. no. 7 just above Chow is undated. We sure didn't get the bang for our money/
on November 7,2013 | 08:14AM
Bully wrote:
McMackin was making a million and we did not get much out of that either.
on November 7,2013 | 08:17AM
warfan808 wrote:
except for two bowl games and an 11 win year out of 3...(albiet loses in those bowl games)
on November 8,2013 | 05:51AM
Descartes22 wrote:
This just goes to show that we should double Chasing Championships Chow's salary and extend his contract for 10 years. He will then have incentive to beat a couple more teams over the next decade, and thereby add to his impressive victory ledger of Lamar, 1st year FBS'er South Bama, and the Walkin' Rebels. He may even win on the road by 2019.
on November 7,2013 | 08:18AM
foodbear wrote:
Instead of the headline reading "eighth highest" it should read "second from the bottom."
on November 7,2013 | 08:20AM
kennie1933 wrote:
Tim DeRuyter at Fresno State is a real bargain based on records!
on November 7,2013 | 08:45AM
kong2985 wrote:
Richer get richer. Chow Fun will be collecting his max Social Security when he retires or fired, can collect unemployment as well. He will be able to eat lots of Chowfun
on November 7,2013 | 08:49AM
allie wrote:
Norm has vast family wealth hon.
on November 7,2013 | 10:21AM
Descartes22 wrote:
Yes, the family has lucrative interests in the Utah furniture industry.
on November 7,2013 | 10:48AM
kennie1933 wrote:
Interesting....really? Is it anything we buy in Hawaii?
on November 7,2013 | 11:31AM
Descartes22 wrote:
I'm jesting in reference to Chow and his son being swindled out of more than half a million by Mormon associates in a non-existent furniture business.
on November 7,2013 | 12:27PM
kennie1933 wrote:
Oh dohhh...haha! Yes, I knew about the son being swindled but didn't know it was a furniture "business."
on November 7,2013 | 01:11PM
blkdrgn wrote:
They should get paid per win.
on November 7,2013 | 08:53AM
Nevadan wrote:
If so, every university would want to play UH
on November 7,2013 | 11:13AM
Madruo55 wrote:
Norm Should Return A % of his pay Check.
on November 7,2013 | 09:06AM
Oahuan wrote:
Chow is $600,000 overpaid.
on November 7,2013 | 09:09AM
Shh wrote:
We should pay him more. Maybe we will win a game!
on November 7,2013 | 09:15AM
Wazdat wrote:
still overpaid for what he does
on November 7,2013 | 09:15AM
gsc wrote:
Have Faith !!!
on November 7,2013 | 09:19AM
kainalu wrote:
And how many of the other Mountain West coaches live in Hawaii? Because the Federal Government has determined that the Cost-of-Living in Hawaii is about 22% higher than the National Average. The Cost-of-Living so much impacts recruiting quality candidates to fill positions here, that the Feds and others offer a Cost-of-Living Allowance, otherwise, they wouldn't get quality candidates. I'm not opining on whether or not Norm is worth what he's paid, I'm merely pointing out that a job in Hawaii generally needs to pay more than their counter-parts on the mainland.
on November 7,2013 | 09:35AM
amela wrote:
I guess DeRuyter will get a hefty raise "if" he stays around.
on November 7,2013 | 09:40AM
palani wrote:
Performance based pay sounds about right. If your team is at the bottom, that's where your salary should rank as well.
on November 7,2013 | 09:57AM
BigOpu wrote:
Wow, how pissed are the Wyoming fans?
on November 7,2013 | 10:12AM
emelynnr wrote:
Being in a bowl game 2 of the last 4 years isn't so bad. But .500 record is unacceptable
on November 7,2013 | 03:16PM
HAJAA1 wrote:
Boosters and public should pitch in $$$ and help bring back June Jones. I'd pay higher ticker prices for a stronger, exciting pass happy team.
on November 7,2013 | 10:13AM
hon2255 wrote:
Chow = overrated
on November 7,2013 | 10:37AM
Descartes22 wrote:
Chow is not overrated. You have to be thought of highly to be overrated.
on November 7,2013 | 10:50AM
warfan808 wrote:
he was ..
on November 8,2013 | 05:53AM
Bdpapa wrote:
Not JJ! Exciting football but too many strings attached.
on November 7,2013 | 06:03PM
oxtail01 wrote:
Name some with actual DATA/FACTS to back it up!
on November 7,2013 | 09:50PM
ezridah wrote:
and he earns every penny of it...he isn't too old for that !
on November 7,2013 | 10:46AM
swagger wrote:
Normy should pay for his big hiring mistake, how man OC gets a pay check for staying home.
on November 7,2013 | 02:23PM
RandolphW wrote:
Perhaps Norm Chow will consider running for an elected office once he retires from UH.
on November 7,2013 | 05:25PM
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