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Oahu's roads see 87 collisions over 12-hour period Sunday

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 01:25 a.m. HST, Nov 18, 2013

A typically busy Sunday on Oahu roads produced a typically high number of traffic collisions across the island. From 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., there were 87 traffic collisions on Oahu, according to the Honolulu Police Department traffic log.

Evidence of the everyday rash of insurance headaches was evident in Aiea, where traffic on the H-1 freeway was backed up in both directions around 1 p.m. due to separate accidents on both sides of the roadway.

About an hour and a half later, at least four cars were involved in a multi-vehicle series of collisions in the eastbound lanes of Kalanianaole Highway near the intersection with Kuliouou Road.

No life-threatening injuries were reported in any of the day's collisions.

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harley1 wrote:
too much niele rubba neckin goin on......
on November 17,2013 | 07:13PM
Skyler wrote:
on November 17,2013 | 07:38PM
joseph007 wrote:
no, too many dumb drivers.
on November 18,2013 | 08:20AM
Kiyoshi2011 wrote:
People in Hawaii just gotta learn that they don't have to step or slam on their brakes when there's no one in front of them. Also gotta learn to get out of left lane if you're not going fast. If you're driving in the left lane and the person to your right is going same speed as you or faster, get out of the left lane.
on November 17,2013 | 07:35PM
ahkyee wrote:
Agree. Also too much tailgating and sudden lane switching going on.
on November 17,2013 | 07:40PM
Kiyoshi2011 wrote:
People only do that because people are in the wrong lanes relative to speed. Right lane is for slowest drivers, middle lane is for people going faster than the right lane and the left lane is for people going faster than any lane. I hate when people just stay in the left lane going the same speed as the middle lane. Then the middle lane goes same speed as the right lane and now you have everyone just right next to each other going the same speed. Big contributing factor to the horrific traffic and also to accidents because people switching lanes trying to get around the idiots who do this.
on November 17,2013 | 08:01PM
eros_et_logia wrote:
People have the right to travel at any speed between the minimum and maximum speed limitations in any lane they choose. Your attitude, Mr. Kiyoshi, is at the root of many traffic accidents here. I guess you're a typical Asian who can't drive.
on November 17,2013 | 08:37PM
Kiyoshi2011 wrote:
Wow! Getting racist now. Classy! You sir, I assume, are one of the idiots who stays in the left lane going 50mph thinking its okay cause you "going speed limit" What a tool!
on November 17,2013 | 09:55PM
Kiyoshi2011 wrote:
I see a white guy in the picture in this article too by the way. He apprears to be the driver in front who slammed on his brakes for whatever reason.
on November 17,2013 | 10:05PM
Hapa_Haole_Boy wrote:
Kiyoshi (and ahkyee) is 100% right here. Don't stupidly play the race card. A considerable, probably majority percentage of traffic in Hi is for reasons like this.
on November 18,2013 | 12:18AM
hikine wrote:
It's in the driver's handbook. If you plan to drive slow stay away from the 'fast' lane and move to your right! You need a refresher course. The mainland has the same rule. It's a courtesy thing.
on November 18,2013 | 02:58AM
RetiredWorking wrote:
eros, so you're saying whites, Hispanics, blacks and Eskimos are much better drivers than Asians? That's rich, lol. Playing that dumb race card, when it makes no sense to do so.
on November 18,2013 | 04:42AM
omd111 wrote:
You need to learn how to drive eros. You're the problem on the road...DA.
on November 18,2013 | 07:25AM
Hawaii001 wrote:
You do this to me, I will use my horn!
on November 18,2013 | 08:43AM
lee1957 wrote:
What Kiyoshi describes is called courtesy.
on November 18,2013 | 10:46AM
RetiredWorking wrote:
Kiyoshi, so you're saying that the fast lane should move faster than the speed limit then? If the middle lane is traveling 5mph over the limit, then the fast lane should move faster than 5mph over limit? FWIW, if conditions permit, I drive 5mph over limit in any freeway lane. If I'm in the fast lane and another vehicle is coming up from behind at a faster speed, I always slide over to the middle lane, if it's possible. I have noticed that cops will not bother you if you stay within 5mph of the posted limit. Drive 10mph over the limit, and you'll most likely get a ticket.
on November 18,2013 | 04:40AM
Wage Earner wrote:
What Kiyoshi is saying is to lead, follow, or get out of the way. Its not your job to enforce speed limits unless you're a law man. You already admit to moving over if someone is coming up behind you, so what's the problem? If joe blow wants to drive beyond the speed limit, that's his deal and his problem if he gets pulled over and ticketed. Big boy rules in play here. People who are speeding know that they are speeding. If you don't move out of their way, you will create a road rage incident.
on November 18,2013 | 05:46AM
control wrote:
Speed demons do what they do because they know they can get a way with it. Road rage is just the next chapter in their behavior. Nothing big boy about it, just alot of rude, inconsiderate people. If the police won't do their job then someone else has to step up.
on November 18,2013 | 06:58AM
SueH wrote:
"If joe blow wants to drive beyond the speed limit, that's his deal and his problem if he gets pulled over and ticketed"..... Sorry, Wage Earner, but it becomes MY problem when he slams into me because I'm doing the speed limit and driving responsibly. Speeding is AGAINST the LAW and can't be justified by any means, regardless of which lane you're in. It's usually the speedster and chronic lane changer that thinks he's in the Indy 500 that causes the crashes that involve innocent people driving normally.
on November 18,2013 | 07:10AM
Wage Earner wrote:
You're right, it will be your problem. You'll have a busted car, sore neck, and back... all because you refuse to move over to the right and allow people travelling faster than you to continue in the #1 lane, despite the fact that there are signs that say, "slower traffic keep right". I hope you do that and joe blow slams into you. Right or wrong, you'll still have to deal with fixing or getting a new car and medical issues... all because you want to play policeman.
on November 18,2013 | 07:35AM
lee1957 wrote:
That's exactly why you shouldn't be in the left lane.
on November 18,2013 | 10:49AM
jotobuddy123 wrote:
You're absolutley right. Then there are those who slam on thier brakes while approaching an intersection on a yellow light. With nobody in front of them. We have the worst drivers in his state-bar none-that cause accidents.
on November 18,2013 | 06:16AM
paniolo wrote:
And, they don't put on their turn signals when changing lanes.
on November 18,2013 | 07:45AM
hanabatadayz wrote:
slow down..this is not the mainland
on November 17,2013 | 08:35PM
nitpikker wrote:
yeah but if you wanna slow down, do it in the right hand lane. eros the i***t too.
on November 17,2013 | 11:49PM
Wage Earner wrote:
This isn't the mainland, but we utilize the Eisenhower Interstate system.... slower traffic keep right. You keep that mentality then I hope you're involved in a road rage incident. Right or wrong, its a headache when cops are involved.
on November 18,2013 | 05:49AM
control wrote:
Except that interstate rules were meant to apply only to interstate roads which in Hawaii is H1, H2, H3. All the other roadways on Oahu do not qualify. BTW, the only reason why Hawaii has 'interstates' is so that they can get federal highway funding and for no other reason.
on November 18,2013 | 07:01AM
Wage Earner wrote:
Who told you that? "Hawaii" doesn't have interstates.... only Oahu and that's because we have military bases and the interstates connects them. The federal funding is because we have interstates not the other way around. BTW, i'm not disputing the fact that the rules only apply to the freeway/interstate.
on November 18,2013 | 10:18AM
Hapa_Haole_Boy wrote:
Part of why Kuliouou area has accidents in left lane is because imbecile HI Kai people decide to get into left lane BEFORE Niu Valley, when they're not turning left WAY AFTER Kuliouou Road. If these Hi Kai imbeciles got into the left lane AFTER Kuliouou Road, which is MORE THAN enough time to turn left into Hi Kai, then the left lane wouldn't get so piled up and accident prone.
on November 18,2013 | 12:22AM
inverse wrote:
it is not race which is a big issue, rather residence. in both pictures, by the look of the people involved and type of vehicle, looks like the accident involved one driver from the mainland and the other from Asia. Not only are visitors unfamiliar with Oahu's confusing roadways, add roadway work and subsequent confusing detours, slowdowns , etc and you get this rash of accidents. Add cellphone us by resident drivers and lane squatters who are slower than everyone else and too arrogant to drive in the right most lanes to let people pass on the left and you get this rash of roadway accidents. Just lucky these accidents did not involve a pedestrian, bicyclist or motorcyclist as this would have greatly increased the likelihood of a fatality.
on November 18,2013 | 02:33AM
HanabataDays wrote:
The other from Asia? How long ago, O Karnak? Nisei, sansei? No can tell? Shoots den.
on November 18,2013 | 03:00AM
inverse wrote:
The person in blue talking to the HPD officer is most likely a Japanese national. I have been in situations on which the driver and passengers are clearly tourists and drive erratically making last minute turns, lane changes or sudden stops because they don't know where they are going .
on November 18,2013 | 07:18AM
hikine wrote:
Looks like a well coordinated plan to jip the insurance companies! People nowadays needs a refresher course in driving manners. Why is everyone in a hurry?!?
on November 18,2013 | 03:00AM
GAC wrote:
keep on making the lanes smaller and that what you get. going to get worse yet
on November 18,2013 | 03:33AM
mikethenovice wrote:
Let's see if we can break this record in the near future?
on November 18,2013 | 04:03AM
mikethenovice wrote:
Glad I stayed at home reading the SA.
on November 18,2013 | 04:03AM
none wrote:
Lanes getting narrower on h1 will also start causing more accidents. Buses and huge trucks are having hard time staying in their lanes . Throw in speeders and slow pokes and you have the potential of gridlock just waiting to happen.
on November 18,2013 | 04:21AM
samidunn wrote:
Only allow cars on the H1.
on November 18,2013 | 07:38AM
geeknews wrote:
Keep all delivery and semi's off the roads from 5am to 9am and 3pm to 7pm.. This would help.. Many countries and places in mainland force deliveries at night to lower congestion during the day.
on November 18,2013 | 04:38AM
loquaciousone wrote:
Did anyone contact Ripleys yet?
on November 18,2013 | 05:54AM
samidunn wrote:
It's like bumper cars out there.
on November 18,2013 | 07:33AM
islandsun wrote:
Worse roads, worse traffic, poor politicians
on November 18,2013 | 07:34AM
localflavor wrote:
Too much cell phone use while driving.... Guess the car manufactures are installing turn signal for looks..lots of humans out there don't know it even exists. Sista thinks making a turn into a driveway from the middle lane okay!...no mo common sense out there...stay home mo safe. Drivers think the red light is Xmas coming earlier this year...in a hurry to see if Santa came to their house, already.
on November 18,2013 | 07:52AM
lowtone123 wrote:
Our island is small, our roads are narrow and full of bends, turns and potholes. So why do some drivers insist on driving like it's the Indy 500? You are not driving on a multi lane interstate freeway that goes straight for dozen of miles.
on November 18,2013 | 08:13AM
Hawaii001 wrote:
If you drive slower than the posted speed limit, I will use my horn - no reason to drive below speed limit unless traffic forces you to do so.

If you stop in the middle road for no reason at all, I will use my horn - pull over to the side or find a parking spot..

If you use the middle of the road as a parking spot, I will use my horn -- pull over to the side or find a parking spot.

If you stop in the middle of the road to talk to someone on the side of the road, I will use my horn -- see above.

. If you have no idea where you're going, and you're doing stop, go, stop, go, stop, go at every intersection, I will use my horn -- pull over and figure out where you are. If you have GPS...use it.

If you stay stopped when the light turns green, I will use my horn -- pay attention to the traffic signals.

If you don't use your turn signals properly or not at all, I will use my horn -- practice using your turn signals

. If you don't know your sequence at a 4-way stop, I will use my horn -- learn how to count: 1, 2, 3, 4.

If there is no one in front of you, KEEP GOING until a red light or a stop sign forces you stop! Don't hit the brakes. KEEP MOVING.

If you can't follow these simple rules, get out of the way. Wake up people! Learn how to drive!
on November 18,2013 | 08:49AM
Carang_da_buggahz wrote:
Knowing how some people can be when behind the wheel, using your horn around here can get you seriously beaten, if not killed. Your impatience and recalcitrance can lead to your eventual demise at the hands of some of our local populace. Don't push your luck.
on November 18,2013 | 10:39AM
Upperkula wrote:
your so right 1 whack medivac.
on February 4,2014 | 07:02AM
slink wrote:
FYI Hwaii001 - Most of what you honk at is against the current law: Section 15-19.27 of the Revised Ordinances of Honolulu specifically says, “The driver of a motor vehicle shall, when reasonably necessary to ensure safe operation, give audible warning with his or her horn; but shall not otherwise use such horn when upon a highway.” ...the law prohibits using a horn in any other situation, such as a greeting or honking at someone who doesn’t react quickly to a green light, he said. see http://www.staradvertiser.com/columnists/City_law_outlines_appropriate_times_for_drivers_to_honk_horn.html
on November 18,2013 | 10:57AM
Upperkula wrote:
Thank you, the voice of reason.
on February 4,2014 | 07:01AM
Upperkula wrote:
Use your horn I use my BAT!
on February 4,2014 | 07:01AM
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