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Rep. Brower says he is putting down his sledgehammer

By Allison Schaefers

LAST UPDATED: 06:19 a.m. HST, Nov 20, 2013

State Rep. Tom Brower is retiring the sledgehammer that he has used over the past few weeks to demolish stolen and abandoned shopping carts that homeless people use to carry their belongings. 

"It's time to put down the sledgehammer. The point that I was trying to make has been made," Brower (D-Ala Moana, Waikiki) told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser Tuesday. "Now that the issue of shopping carts is on our minds, the question is are we going to move forward and try to solve it or just let it become status quo." 

Brower's unusual cart-cleanup tactics made national news and sparked a firestorm of controversy after the Star-Advertiser on Monday first reported about his actions.

If the carts were clearly marked with a store's logo, Brower said he returned them. If they were not, he would pound them with his sledgehammer and either drop them at a recycling center or leave them for the city's bulky pickup service.

While many residents supported Brower's unorthodox clean-up, homeless advocates earlier today were calling for legislative leaders to take disciplinary action against him. 

"I'm not trying to attack the homeless," Brower said. "I'm trying to attack the issue of cleanliness, but some people interpreted as an attack on the homeless.

"I'd like to thank everyone who has commented by email or telephone. I've listened to all of those comments. Some supported what I did and some did not, but I really appreciate their thoughts."

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richierich wrote:
I think I'm going to run on down to CityMill and buy a bunch of sledgehammers to distribute to the homeless. Run Tom Run.
on November 19,2013 | 02:52PM
Fred01 wrote:
He's such a fool.
on November 19,2013 | 03:18PM
tod wrote:
What I don't understand is if his motive was to clean up the streets by removing abandoned shopping carts, then why do you need to smash the cart? Isn't it easier to move a whole shopping cart (with wheels) than it is to smash it and then move the individual pieces of the cart to the recycling center?
on November 20,2013 | 11:44AM
Giligan wrote:
Good job Brower! I don't see anyone else taking action.
on November 20,2013 | 04:40AM
8082062424 wrote:
He made his point he nothing more then a bully with a sledgehammer.
on November 19,2013 | 02:53PM
serious wrote:
He at least brought the subject to the attention of the public and the press. I understand those shopping carts are worth $150 and up. If a HPD sees one, with the store name on it--it's stolen property PERIOD!!! Arrest the person and take the cart to the store. Case closed!!
on November 19,2013 | 03:35PM
bullturd wrote:
Thanks serious, I agree with you. One of the problems is, slow news day, arrest a homeless with shopping cart, news media picks that up, paraphrasing "don't the police have more important things to do than pick on the homeless?" and the next thing we know is, paraphrasing again"Woe is me, the cops stay picking on us homeless, again" gimme a break. and yes I've been homeless many-many years ago when we had a swinging door made for me because I got thrown out of the house so many times by my mother. (swinging door was a joke made by my friends) In those days homeless were called bums or wine-o's.
on November 19,2013 | 04:22PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
So, indeed, it was shameless self-promotion. Having terrified some helpless mentally challenged folks by violent actions, he now retreats. Spit.
on November 19,2013 | 03:00PM
iwanaknow wrote:
He declared victory and retired the hammer...........................look for the next chapter to unfold?
on November 19,2013 | 03:03PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Next chapter is collect campaign contributions from the hotels and tourism industry which has been his biggest source of cash in past elections too. Showboating, then ask for the money.
on November 19,2013 | 07:23PM
mlrhawaii wrote:
I applaud Rep. Brower in his efforts to draw attention to the homeless problem, including the theft of shopping carts and sanitation. Yes, the carts were stolen by the homeless and anyone in possession of one should have been arrested. Sometimes, people have to get over the head with a sledgehammer before they take a problem seriously; in the case, I am referring to our politicians who have tiptoed around the homeless problem for years, living in fear of the ACLU. When the homeless and criminals kill the tourism goose that lays the golden eggs, all of us will suffer in a tanked economy. But, hey, this is Hawaii. We'll just keep on electing the same old same old over and over again. We are product loyal people. Think Spam.
on November 19,2013 | 03:08PM
DMChasmail wrote:
Maybe the hammer would've been better used against people who just don't get it...that they're ignoring the fact that how many of the homeless are mentally/emotionally disabled...a group that includes veterans. Yep, let's just commit violent actions against them...and then conduct a review of what it accomplished, if anything. The only thing this jerk accomplished was proving that he's a bully, no better than a schoolyard bully who terrorizes. (And then there are those who will applaud him for having done that. Wow.)
on November 19,2013 | 03:14PM
Fred01 wrote:
Anyone who destroys a shopping cart should also be arrested.
on November 19,2013 | 03:18PM
tigerwarrior wrote:
So does this imply that patrons who take shopping carts off of a store's premises should also be arrested? If patrons did not do this the supply of shopping carts available to the homeless to use would be greatly curtailed. Case in point: I've never ever seen a homeless individual steal a shopping cart from a store. Compare this to the countless number of times I've witnessed store patrons wheeling these carts out of a store's parking lot.
on November 19,2013 | 03:54PM
bullturd wrote:
and yes, they should be arrested, it's a theft.
on November 19,2013 | 04:25PM
8082062424 wrote:
It is not theft some stores allow customers to take the shopping carts of there lots. because not all of there customers drive . they just ask they be left out iin the open so they can be picked up
on November 19,2013 | 05:26PM
sooregonian wrote:
bullard -- What is the $ threshold for grand theft in Hawaii?
on November 19,2013 | 06:03PM
skinut wrote:
If you mean felony theft, over $300 is a class C felony.
on November 19,2013 | 08:05PM
3962 wrote:
Brower is lucky someone didn't make a criminal case against him for damaging their property.
on November 19,2013 | 03:09PM
Surfer_Dude wrote:
The shopping cart was stolen property. The contents in the cart was never damaged.
on November 19,2013 | 03:16PM
Christiaan_Mitchell wrote:
Even if the carts were already stolen, destroying it is a crime. Think about it, if someone stole your surfboard and then someone else came along and destroyed it because they knew it was stolen, but couldn't figure out who it belonged to, don't you think you would get angry at the person who destroyed it? Regardless of who had it when he destroyed it, it still belonged to the store it was stolen from. Rep. Brower was destroying property that belonged to someone else. That's called criminal property damage.
on November 19,2013 | 03:33PM
jomama wrote:
Hope he gets charged.
on November 19,2013 | 06:36PM
RetiredWorking wrote:
"I'm not trying to attack the homeless". "I'm attacking the issue of cleanliness". I disagree.
on November 19,2013 | 03:11PM
Christiaan_Mitchell wrote:
What I want to know is why Rep. Brower has not been cited by the police for admitting to theft, criminal property damage, and terroristic threatening? The answer: we are not a society of laws, we are a society that protects people with property. Homelessness is a major problem in this community. Rep. Brower is one of a few people in the state with the power to see that money is allocated for shelters, for mental health and substance abuse treatment, and for streets-to-jobs programs. Instead, he chose to break the law and to terrorize the helpless. This is nothing more than someone with power and authority bullying people incapable of defending themselves to make himself look strong and powerful. It is pathetic, it is childish, and it is disgusting.
on November 19,2013 | 03:20PM
mlrhawaii wrote:
Many homeless don't want to go to shelters which have extra space every night! They don't like the rules Wow! Wish I didn't have to follow any rules. If Foodland, Longs, Safeway, and other merchants had called the cops about a guy with a sledgehammer destroying their shopping carts, maybe we could expect an arrest. Destroying stolen carts which, in most cases, the merchants don't want back? I don't think so. In this case, Rep. Brower has no power as a legislator. He can't force the homeless to seek treatment for mental issues or substance abuse. No one else can either. The ACLU, lawyers, and the homeless have the power. Pay attention to how the real world works, whether or not it should.
on November 19,2013 | 03:44PM
tigerwarrior wrote:
Rep. Brower could make a powerful statement to the homeless community by staying overnight in a homeless shelter just to prove that the living conditions in such shelters is bearable. There are several reasons why many homeless individuals refuse to stay in a shelter day-after-day and week-after-week. For example, homeless shelters are not co-ed--so married couples are forced to sleep apart from each other for days on end. Homeless shelters do not allow pets--so homeless individuals who do not own pets choose to sleep on the street in order to keep their pets. Homeless shelters do not allow the storage of large items--so some choose to avoid shelters in order to keep their personal belongings. Homeless individuals who enter a shelter are subject to drug testing--so those who feel it is a violation of privacy refuse to stay at a shelter. Homeless shelters, as you can imagine, are often full of homeless individuals with mental health issues--very difficult for a homeless individual who is struggling with psychological issues of his/her own--especially anxiety disorders. So homeless shelters are ideal if one is not married--if one does not own a pet--if one does not own anything--if one is not concerned about an invasion of privacy--or if one is mentally stable. Just imagine--how boring would life be if you had to sacrifice many comforts of life to be qualified to stay in a shelter? These are just a few reasons I thought up off the top of my head. I'm sure there's many more reasons why many refuse to stay the night in a shelter.
on November 19,2013 | 04:10PM
kamau wrote:
isnt that called life? we all go threw similar situations, places where pets arent allowed, what do we do? live on the street? storing large items, get rid of it or rent out a storage unit. cant sleep with your significant other, if you love your sig other so much go get a job so you can please them off the streets. im not for what brower did but atleast it got all us talking about a problem thats been accepted as a norm...
on November 19,2013 | 08:37PM
DMChasmail wrote:
The hammer would've been better used against the people who don't get it, people who are forgetting something, an important factor involved within this problem...that how many of the homeless are mentally-emotionally disabled, a group that also includes veterans as well as some who have hit "rock bottom." The only thing this guy has accomplished is proving himself to be nothing more than a bully...a bully who terrorizes others, including those who are disabled, and then makes an excuse for his behavior. (My God, and then there are people who actually voted for him...and who actually applaud him for his sociopathic behavior? What is this world coming to? It's pretty sad.) Here's a portion of how a Christian group here on the mainland described what is happening after relaying the story about this guy in Hawaii: "Something is badly out of joint in America. We are mired in a crisis that is not merely financial or cultural; it is a crisis of the soul, of the very essence of our basic humanity, and we are sinking fast."
on November 19,2013 | 03:28PM
seaborn wrote:
Don't quote Christian groups, they're the same folks that don't believe in the equality of human rights.
on November 19,2013 | 04:01PM
Mythman wrote:
"Demolish"? Really, Allison - trying to get noticed by the WsPo?
on November 19,2013 | 03:30PM
false wrote:
I like a politician that does rather than talks, makes us think rather than puts us to sleep. And I think the problem is bad enough, and the solution is so difficult to come by, that I support what he did, even if it wasn't the last word on the subject. Even if it - so say many experts and passive people - it was a mistake, his was a pretty good first step. Replace sledgehammer with screw driver, and this might be an answer. Doing nothing, passing the buck, throwing money away, condoning homelessness is no answer
on November 19,2013 | 03:34PM
Oahuan wrote:
So now we're back to status quo. Nothing will be done. Shopping carts will continue to be stolen by the homeless and the cost will be passed on to the consumers. All to justify these homeless advocates of their worth.
on November 19,2013 | 03:36PM
HawaiiCheeseBall wrote:
Yes but i would venture to say that a lot of shopping carts as taken off property by people who don't wan't to carry their groceries to their condos/apartments. You always see these abandoned shopping cars all over Makiki.
on November 19,2013 | 03:43PM
mlrhawaii wrote:
You are correct.
on November 19,2013 | 03:45PM
haikusteve wrote:
This guy ought to be put in jail. Who gave him the power to break the law, be a bully, damage property not belonging to him etc.
on November 19,2013 | 03:37PM
HawaiiCheeseBall wrote:
Well lets see, the homeless population has a lot of persons with severe and persistent mental illness, we have a show off state rep running around with a sledgehammer. Question: who is more crazy?
on November 19,2013 | 03:41PM
residenttaxpayer wrote:
This entire event is a publicity stunt to attract attention not to the issue of homelessness, but to place himself in the limelight....
on November 19,2013 | 03:46PM
ghstar wrote:
Good he brought attention to the problem, but it already had plenty or attention. Good that commenters here note that HPD ignores stolen shopping carts and the people who are pushing them down the sidewalks. Good that he has given up his vigilante action before someone got hurt. Not good that he did create an impression that its OK to bully mentally ill derelicts.
on November 19,2013 | 03:51PM
tigerwarrior wrote:
Like Foodland's spokeswoman mentioned in the interview in yesterdays article--these stores "allow" patrons to use their carts to wheel their grocery items home. I'm pretty sure if grocery stores filed a police report every time a patron took a cart of the premises--shoplifting arrests by HPD would follow.
on November 19,2013 | 04:24PM
ghstar wrote:
Oh, come on. HPD sees a homeless person going down the street with a shopping cart, blue tarp, and a world of junk hanging from the sides, and says Oh, maybe this is a customer that Foodland is letting use a cart to get their purchases home? I hope HPD can tell the difference between a homeless person with all their stuff In a cart and grandma using the cart to take 3 bags of groceries home. Give HPD a little credit . . .
on November 19,2013 | 07:40PM
jotobuddy123 wrote:
He's the mighty Thor!!!!!!!
on November 19,2013 | 04:08PM
localguy wrote:
Naahhh, not even close. Just a little boy playing with a croquet mallet. Besides, Thor is one hot guy. Tommy, well, .........
on November 19,2013 | 04:21PM
Hawaii001 wrote:
"I'm not trying to attack the homeless."

Mr. Representative, I call BS. The moment you decided to pick up the sledgehammer -- that of in itself is a direct threat against the homeless and whatever livelihood / dignity they had left.

on November 19,2013 | 04:11PM
plahne wrote:
My question is why doesn't HPD just confiscate the shopping carts as stolen property? I'm sure all the stores that put their logos on shopping carts would testify that they don't sell them to anybody.
on November 19,2013 | 04:12PM
808BigE wrote:
Not worth the stores time or money to bother with hunting down carts and going to court.
on November 19,2013 | 04:19PM
localguy wrote:
Really? HPD has far more important things to do then track shopping carts.
on November 19,2013 | 04:22PM
808BigE wrote:
If nobody currently cares about the stolen carts, including the merchants, why punish the guy for destroying, or returning something that was never the theifs property anyway?
on November 19,2013 | 04:30PM
tigerwarrior wrote:
Because ultimately--as is most always the case--the taxpayer--or in this case--the consumer foots the bill. The big difference is the carts which the homeless used can be reused at a store upon return--while the carts that were destroyed--are--well--you get the picture.
on November 19,2013 | 04:43PM
tigerwarrior wrote:
For the umpteenth time, some stores "allow" their patrons to wheel their carts of off the store's premises as a courtesy for customers who would otherwise have no way of bringing their grocery items home. If it was such a big deal--these stores would beef up their security and crack down hard on anyone who does this--which would include filing a police report for every single cart that was taken. So for a homeless individual who happens to come across a Safeway shopping cart abandoned in the middle of nowhere--how can you fault this one for using--what is in his/her mind--already taken?
on November 19,2013 | 04:32PM
Waterman2 wrote:
Can you imagine the storage space needed if they took all of them? Not to mention the crystal of police brutality. Plenty posts here, but is still don't see one with a viable solution. Gotta admit, I'm getting pretty fed up with them, but also know : "There but for the grace of God go I."
on November 19,2013 | 04:34PM
localguy wrote:
Whoa. Someone finally came to his senses and realized what he was doing could have serious consequences. About time the babooze woke up. Maybe now he will start doing what voters are actually paying him for. Declaring victory? Naahhh, not even close. Just another dysfunctional bureaucrat at work.
on November 19,2013 | 04:20PM
Venus1 wrote:
on November 19,2013 | 04:21PM
Waterman2 wrote:
I think a blow torch might be my next tool.
on November 19,2013 | 04:23PM
Skyler wrote:
on November 19,2013 | 04:29PM
syhud wrote:
Does the C&C have a better idea? At least he's doing something about it!
on November 19,2013 | 04:23PM
808BigE wrote:
IMO, I love the no nonsense approach he's taken. The cost of maintaining a homeless community, the vast majority of which contributes little to nothing towards society has cost the state ten, if not hundred-fold of the property damage cause by Brower. I don't understand how people get so defensive about him smashing shopping carts that the merchants themselves have given up on getting back. Somebody steals my stuff and another person destroys it years later, I'm no worse off. I've already conceded to it being gone for good. The person who stole it should really be punished...not the guy who destroyed it. It was never the thiefs rightful property to begin with.
on November 19,2013 | 04:28PM
tigerwarrior wrote:
"The person who stole it should really be punished..." While reading this--I couldn't help but imagine a slew on senior citizen ladies gracing the cover of Midweek's Hawaii's Most Wanted for compiling rap sheets for stolen grocery carts (e.g., 10 priors for wheeling grocery cart out of store parking lot to take groceries home). So much for saving tax payers money as our already overcrowded prisons would be chock full with non-violent offenders LOL!
on November 19,2013 | 04:54PM
808BigE wrote:
IMO, I love the no nonsense approach he's taken. The cost of maintaining a homeless community, the vast majority of which contributes little to nothing towards society has cost the state ten, if not hundred-fold of the property damage cause by Brower. I don't understand how people get so defensive about him smashing shopping carts that the merchants themselves have given up on getting back. Somebody steals my stuff and another person destroys it years later, I'm no worse off. I've already conceded to it being gone for good. The person who stole it should really be punished...not the guy who destroyed it. It was never the thiefs rightful property to begin with.
on November 19,2013 | 04:29PM
awahana wrote:
Its never good to use violence, no matter the cause.
He never got the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle lesson in school? Doesn't each one cost like $1k?
There are legitimate uses for a unmarked cart, like for seniors, farms, etc.
Very offensive and unprofessional.
on November 19,2013 | 04:34PM
Pocho wrote:
Point made. Job well done. Cease before you meet up with the wrong homeless person
on November 19,2013 | 04:36PM
TopNews wrote:
Typical Democrat - no compassion, self-righteous and violence-prone. Today Democrats use sledgehammers to destroy what little the homeless people have and tomorrow Democrats will just slaughter the homeless outright. If Tom Brower is not expelled from the Democratic Party, then Hawaii's Democrats are basically condoning Brower's fascist terror tactics and encouraging others to also resort to violence get their way.
on November 19,2013 | 04:37PM
leahi2 wrote:
I can understand the problem with stolen shopping carts. The homeless people shouldn't be stealing them. It costs the merchants lots of money. But as for Tom Brower and his sledgehammer, I just simply do not approve., There must be some other way to handle this. No I don't have the answer! But can you imagine Mr Have, removing a have not person's entire worth (whatever is) from an unmarked Cart? Mr. Have is in the legislature. Can't he think of something more merciful ? By the way he too is guilty of a crime. Also there is another side to this whole picture. May he stand before his maker in judgment!
on November 19,2013 | 04:37PM
Waterman2 wrote:
Seriously though, I'm all ears if someone has a real answer to this situation. I've heard all kinds of things, some pretty brutal, but no real answer.
on November 19,2013 | 04:38PM
wn wrote:
I am pleased that Rep. Brower has curtailed his actions of using a sledgehammer that in this case may be construed to be a weapon against the homeless. Rep. Brower may now want to seize the opportunity to rally his community and affected businesses to collaborate and developing a plan to address the shopping cart issue. A symptom of the homeless stituaion. Then moving forward Rep. Brower may want to address the homeless problem with his fellow lawmakers and tackle the obvious influx of homeless into our community and State. There seems to be either outside influence(s) or simply the thought of living in “paradise” that have been attracting the migration of homeless to our State. However, we need to address issue since it does affect our local community and places a huge demand on social services (i.e. medical and mental health issues). We need to reach out to other States and seek help on how they have effectively addressed their homeless situation. We cannot simply “wish” to have someone else address this problem…it’s happening on our watch.
on November 19,2013 | 04:39PM
sooregonian wrote:
wn -- There is also the insidious inside influence that is SB1; a Trojan horse of a law that will attract even more "migration." A bay parade of alternative types know a big warm aloha is just a cheap one-way fare away. No passports required in paradise.
on November 19,2013 | 06:00PM
Waterman2 wrote:
The other states are part of the problem. They buy their homeless tickets to nice sunny and warm Hawaii
on November 19,2013 | 07:01PM
RandolphW wrote:
Let the homeless rule.
on November 19,2013 | 04:46PM
sailfish1 wrote:
"the question is are we going to move forward and try to solve it or just let it become status quo." - Brower, you are the state legislator that we are paying to solve these problems. So, instead of playing superhero, come up with a solution.
on November 19,2013 | 05:41PM
XML808 wrote:
What a coward
on November 19,2013 | 06:01PM
mpching wrote:
Solve the problem-----------Waikiki is beginning to be a place I do not want to visit----shopping carts, people sleeping on the streets, the stench of urine. Gross! Where will you be when the tourists go elsewhere?
on November 19,2013 | 06:21PM
false wrote:
Agree with you,mpching! Tourism is our number one industry and the government should do all they can to make Waikiki a clean,sanitary and a beautiful place that tourist will enjoy. Hawaii,with an abysmal tourism industry,will suffer greatly economically.
on November 19,2013 | 06:37PM
soundofreason wrote:
Maybe HPD can teach him to simply ignore them....turn a blind eye....like they do..........so well.
on November 19,2013 | 06:38PM
Komatose wrote:
I'm thinking all those who think it is OK for them to have the stores shopping carts don't mind if they steal you car so they have better shelter from the rain , and the police don't pursue the theft. The stores can absorb the cost, as well as your auto insurance,
on November 19,2013 | 07:04PM
nippy68 wrote:
weak........i thought he was the " mighty THOR "....................
on November 19,2013 | 07:11PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Well, his principal campaign contributors are the American Resort Association, the Waikiki hotel industry and the associated unions. Playing to his fans, not a surprise as 2014 is an election year. He lost my vote though and I think a lot of other votes from people who care about human beings first, hotel profits second.
on November 19,2013 | 07:19PM
false wrote:
Sorry but my vote will negate yours. Don't worry though. Things will get back to normal soon with another avalanche of new homeless to join the ones now there. Sad. All you sympathizers of the homeless, what is your solution? Hmm. Silence.
on November 19,2013 | 07:38PM
XML808 wrote:
No he is a coward. Without his sledgehammer he is nothing.,
on November 19,2013 | 07:45PM
Komatose wrote:
PS. I've seen an enterprising person on the street pushing shopping carts back to the store. I used to do it as a bag boy. I don't know if the store pays a bounty for their return. Parking lot attendant would have to see it coming back on property to have the reward issued. (problem solved/jobs created/ police are here only for what we can't solve ourselves) So what the problem again?
on November 19,2013 | 07:13PM
NDN wrote:
Good run, Rep. Brower. I like what you did. At least you did something and brought attention to the issue. Kudos!!
on November 19,2013 | 07:35PM
XML808 wrote:
Sure, would you say the same thing if your kids came home and told you a guy with a big hammer scared them?
on November 19,2013 | 07:47PM
calentura wrote:
And this is analogous, how..?
on November 19,2013 | 08:15PM
NDN wrote:
I hear a lot of criticism, but no viable alternative solutions.
on November 19,2013 | 07:39PM
geeknews wrote:
Next thing the city will be issuing shopping carts to the homeless.
on November 19,2013 | 08:00PM
wigtours wrote:
Tom Brower is not a bully! He has tried for years to bring the homeless issue up to the right departments and get the homeless into a program that will help them. He has mentioned so many times about getting a camp set up so the homeless can bring their carts and their animals and whatever they want to bring and get the medical help they need. Tom has gotten everyones attention and we are all talking about the situation we have in Waikiki on Kalakaua Avenue. I haven't seen the mayor walking down Kalakaua and talking to the homeless and finding out what their problems are and how he can personally be of assistance.. We who live in Waikiki and see the homeless working the system and they know when to call the ambulance when they want a ride to Queens, and most of them are smoking cigarettes and asking for money for beer. They have been here for years and they aren't getting skinny because of the handouts of caring people. They need help but they refuse it so get the mayor to walk Kalakaua and all the people who sit behind a desk crying about the way Tom was smashing their carts! Why don't you all who are yelling about Tom's method and pick up one of the homeless on Kalakaua Avenue and bring them to your home and take care of them instead of crying about the way Tom Brower has scared the homeless. Let one ACLU person come down and spend the night with the homeless and hold their hand and then take them home for a shower and meal. Let the Mayor bring a homeless person back to his house and let him or her sleep infront of his home for four years. Everyone screams and hollers about what Tom Brower did but no one goes down to Kalakaua and gives a hand to the homeless. Either shut out or help out!!!
on November 19,2013 | 08:01PM
Papio001 wrote:
It's never a problem until it's in your community. I'm sure many of the comments would change if there was a homeless problem in your neighborhood. Only time will tell what will happen...
on November 19,2013 | 09:00PM
BigOpu wrote:
Why don't the stores take back their carts?
on November 19,2013 | 09:03PM
Komatose wrote:
It got solved years ago Frank Fasi used a backhoe to help clean up Waikiki . Much more efficient than by sledge hammer. A solution was proposed /shared in the comments back@ 7:13 pm on this post, but the name calling and rants is really most of the input is about. Everyone want to be heard . Don't argue with fools lest you become one.
on November 19,2013 | 09:16PM
agumakiki wrote:
Da man of "ACTION" did he shake up the homeless advocates ? ? ? ? ?
on November 19,2013 | 10:43PM
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