Tuesday, July 29, 2014         

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Obama goes out to dinner in Waikiki on last night of vacation

By Associated Press

LAST UPDATED: 01:07 a.m. HST, Jan 04, 2014

President Barack Obama went out to dinner with his wife and friends at Morimoto's in Waikiki on his last night of vacation.

White House officials say that the first family is expected to depart Hawaii tonight.

On Friday night the president and his wife dined with friends at Morimoto in Waikiki, his second visit to the restaurant, created by Masaharu Morimoto of "Iron Chef" fame, on this vacation. The first couple arrived at the restaurant at The Modern Honolulu hotel at 7:42 p.m.

The president's vacation, spanning Christmas and New Year's, is his longest to the islands during his presidency. He was born in Honolulu.

Obama has spent most of his vacation playing golf and staying in a rented home in the sleepy suburb of Kailua on Oahu's eastern coast.

He has taken his daughters to the zoo and for shave ice and watched Oregon State play in the first round of a basketball tournament.

Obama also has done some official business, signing a defense bill and a budget deal easing spending cuts.

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MalamaKaAina wrote:
I beg you King with Pinocchio nose to spare the "Little Sisters for the Poor."
on January 3,2014 | 03:17PM
serious wrote:
Have you seen the dinner prices?? Wasn't Morimoto charged with taking the servers tips?
on January 4,2014 | 06:22AM
false wrote:
Comments indicate that all the "NUTS" of the rock are here. Get over yourselves. Obama is Hawaii, put us on the map as never done since Capt. Cook. He's made this his home since birth and will live out his life here, just so he can have some privacy. So you Nut Jobs, be quiet, your IQ is showing.
on January 4,2014 | 07:16AM
kekelaward wrote:
You are sadly mistaken. He is not Hawaii. He is not Pono, as can be seen from his childhood here, when he was ripping off Baskin and Robbins by stealing their product and giving it to his friends, all the way til today and his lies about keeping your doctor.
on January 4,2014 | 08:21AM
inverse wrote:
Obama split Hawaii right after high school to attend college on the mainland and then live in Illinois to become a senator there. Your analogy of Obama and Capt Cook is quite revealing. After Captain Cook arrived in Hawaii, he and the Europeans that followed brought contagious diseases to Hawaiians such as cholera, measles and gonorrhea and decimated the Hawaiian population. From internet research, the Hawaiian population was estimated at between 250,000 to 1 million when Captain Cook sailed into Kealakakua in 1779. By 1848 Hawaiians there were only about 88,000 Hawaiian left.
on January 4,2014 | 08:38AM
DAGR81 wrote:
false, you ignorance is unsurpassed.
on January 4,2014 | 09:38AM
2NDC wrote:
I'm looking forward to his departure!
on January 3,2014 | 03:19PM
hanalei395 wrote:
A nobody who moved here, "looking forward" to a President who was born here.
on January 3,2014 | 05:23PM
2NDC wrote:
I was born and raised here. He's nowhere near "local". Of the numerous "local" hot spots many of us experienced while growing up, obama is familiar with very few of them. Was he "born here"? Dunno. The one person who "authenticated" his birth certificate has mysteriously died in a plane crash. She's been buried and yet we still have no definitive cause of death. I say again, I look forward to obama's departure! This is coming from a kama'aina who's lived here in Hawaii for over 30 years.
on January 3,2014 | 05:58PM
Skyler wrote:
"Was he "born here"? Dunno. The one person who "authenticated" his birth certificate has mysteriously died in a plane crash."

You can't be serious...
on January 3,2014 | 06:07PM
hanalei395 wrote:
"Was he born here?". A stupid "question". A sure sign that you're a LIAR. And YOU were NOT "born and raised here". A local person would NOT asked a really dumb question like you did. An outsider like you should look to your own departure from here.
on January 3,2014 | 06:32PM
Mana07 wrote:
Easy now..not all locals are as foolish as you. You are the type of "local" that would be a Charles Manson fan if he were from here. You libs go straight to the name calling don't you? With the LIAR...funny
on January 3,2014 | 11:34PM
hanalei395 wrote:
Non-locals like you ARE funny ... LIARS ... when they say they were "born and raised here", when OBVIOUSLY, they were not. As NanakuliBoss said ......you and that other liar ...."local" birthers.
on January 4,2014 | 01:19AM
kekelaward wrote:
You really need to get professional help. Not all local people are mentally misguided as you are. I don't know how you know who is local and who isn't.
on January 4,2014 | 08:23AM
hanalei395 wrote:
You don't know because you weren't born here and you don't get it.
on January 4,2014 | 08:40AM
kekelaward wrote:
I was born here, and YOU don't get it.
on January 4,2014 | 10:03AM
hanalei395 wrote:
No Liar. You're saying that because you still don't get it. Outsiders who move here CAN'T HIDE IT. You, liar, were not born here.
on January 4,2014 | 10:25AM
syhud wrote:
Its like Jesus. No stories of his early childhood years. Then he suddenly appears at Punahou.
on January 4,2014 | 03:31AM
hanalei395 wrote:
That's a new one. And it's from an Obama-hater who moved here, who wasn't born here, and hating the fact that Obama, who WAS born here, "suddenly appears" in Honolulu at least once a year.
on January 4,2014 | 06:05AM
kekelaward wrote:
Actually, maybe YOU should look into leaving. You give locals a bad name.
on January 4,2014 | 08:24AM
hanalei395 wrote:
A non-local, telling a local to leave Hawai`i. ...... You know what you can do to youself.
on January 4,2014 | 08:46AM
kekelaward wrote:
I'm probably more local than you, but like your messiah, you won't be showing any evidence that you were born here. If you are local, you'll know the name of the club your namesake did shows at in the 60s.
on January 4,2014 | 10:05AM
hanalei395 wrote:
I was born in Hanalei, and before I was born, YOU did shows on Hotel St. using that name. Why are you now "kekelaward", Prince?
on January 4,2014 | 10:50AM
kekelaward wrote:
So, not only racist, but homophobic too? Your tolerant nature really makes locals look bad. You should do us all a favor and stop calling yourself local. Your hatefulness really makes any comments you make about Aloha extremely doubtful.
on January 4,2014 | 11:21AM
hanalei395 wrote:
"Racist"? "Homophobic"? That's you. You brought it up, hypocrite. And you, being a non-local, no matter how long you lived here, don't know what you're talking about.
on January 4,2014 | 11:38AM
syhud wrote:
Sorry hanalei395. Born and raised locally in a plantation town. And I'm not a k.a. Obama loyalist like you.
on January 4,2014 | 11:14AM
hanalei395 wrote:
Plantation town down in South Georgia.
on January 4,2014 | 11:24AM
kekelaward wrote:
And PS, Miss Tolerance, Prince Hanalei was actually a pretty nice person in life, so what you thought was a hurtful comment, wasn't really.
on January 4,2014 | 11:28AM
hanalei395 wrote:
If you were his "partner", then you should know.
on January 4,2014 | 11:58AM
Wazdat wrote:
what a dumb comment
on January 3,2014 | 07:39PM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
Lol. A " local" birther?
on January 3,2014 | 08:27PM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
Wow,a kamer ainer for over thirty years.
on January 3,2014 | 08:33PM
kimchee wrote:
2NDC…come on…we know it's you Donald Trump! Fess up, no need to pretend you're "local" and post your BS. To cast a good woman, who died tragically into any conspiracy theory is just - weak. And by some chance, you're not Trump… Well if you were really local you would have a little more "aloha" in your spirit. Please go back to your lame reality show…or life…you're fired.
on January 3,2014 | 09:22PM
Bothrops wrote:
Thank you
on January 3,2014 | 10:03PM
2NDC wrote:
Your buddy obama had something to do with the demise of that "good woman" you speak of. The man is from Chicago. That's how the dirty folks from Chicago operate. Was that plane crash really an "accident"?
on January 3,2014 | 11:52PM
kimchee wrote:
Good Morning 2NDC-Donald-Trump! I'm flattered you think the President and I are buddies. But darn it, guess not, since he didn't invite me for golf or shave ice. But…I digress… You still don't apologize for dragging a good woman, the late Miss Fuddy into your conspiracy theory dribble. I mean, you could have at least said, "And I'm sorry for dragging a nice person's name and memory into my rant." Yet you couldn't even do that. Tsk, tsk. If you're going to comeback with a comeback, how about some facts or at the very least…semi-plausible examples or theories of this "Chicago-Way Conspiracy" and how it all happened.
on January 4,2014 | 06:58AM
NITRO08 wrote:
I think you were the accident. Your parents should have used birth control!
on January 4,2014 | 08:09AM
innocentBystander wrote:
As one whose family has resided in these islands (Maui, Kauai, Oahu and the Big Island) for over 100 years, I suggest you, 2NDC, have a way to go before you can call yourself "local" in the sense that "locals" understand it. Please pick up a Hawaiian history book, something with facts in it. Educate yourself. Maybe mingle a little more with the real locals. Get invited to a first birthday luau. Go shopping with rubbah slippahs. Eat some poi. Maybe then you will begin to be accepted as a true "local", and you will experience what the Aloha Spirit is all about.
on January 4,2014 | 06:33AM
kekelaward wrote:
The "Aloha Spirit" (a marketing concept developed by advertisers and marketing people from the mainland to help tourism grow here) has nothing to do with blindly following someone just because he or she is "local".
on January 4,2014 | 08:33AM
Wazdat wrote:
YUP plenty donkeys from the mainland think the President of the USA who was BORN and RAISED here does not belong here. Really get a life
on January 3,2014 | 07:39PM
Maipono wrote:
Hateful comments hanalei395, now you doubting local born people who disagree with your point of view? Too bad the Great Leader has brainwashed you, very sad.
on January 4,2014 | 04:38AM
hanalei395 wrote:
"Your point of view" is that you agree with a birther, a birther who wasn't born here, and asking .... "Was he born here?". The "Great Leader", Donald Trump, has brainwashed you. You, another birther who moved here.
on January 4,2014 | 05:45AM
Maipono wrote:
Born and raised, Keiki o ka aina, how about you brada Hanalei?
on January 4,2014 | 07:48AM
hanalei395 wrote:
You say you were "born and raised' here and yet, you defend an Obama-hating birther who wasn't. Which makes you an obvious liar. And I'm (not you) a Keiki O Ka `Aina, a descendant of the people who discovered these islands.
on January 4,2014 | 08:08AM
Maipono wrote:
I have a birth certificate like the Dear Leader proving it, but that's not enough for you right?
on January 4,2014 | 08:19AM
hanalei395 wrote:
Wow, a "local birther", which sounds funny enough besides being illogical.
on January 4,2014 | 08:37AM
kekelaward wrote:
Maipono never said that. Nice straw man. You have learned well from the democrat oppressors. You should think about moving to New York City. you'd like it there. Their new mayor thinks it's a plantation.
on January 4,2014 | 08:39AM
Wpsinc wrote:
Yeah! Wheels-up party,
on January 3,2014 | 04:37PM
ISCREAM wrote:
Cost taxpayers, what 15 $ million....
on January 3,2014 | 05:44PM
kimchee wrote:
He's going to vacation some where…and where ever that is…there's going to be tab. I'd rather it be here, help promote Hawaii around the world as a vacation spot. Help the economy perhaps. Please make sure to pay your taxes on time though…thank you from Presidential Vacation Tours.
on January 3,2014 | 09:25PM
2NDC wrote:
He should vacation in Chicago. His HOME is there and many of the people of Chicago miss him!
on January 3,2014 | 11:50PM
kimchee wrote:
Awwww is 2NDC-Donald-Trump still grouchy? What about all those other people who live in Chicago and own HOMES there? Should they not come to Hawaii for a vacation? Should they not spend money here to support the local economy? Geez, for somebody who said they were "local" you sure don't sound like a person with much Aloha. But wait…you're Donald Trump! That's right…you have a building in New York with your name on it… Go to your HOME, many, ok maybe one or two people, miss you.
on January 4,2014 | 07:01AM
kekelaward wrote:
Why should the taxpayer be burdened with his tab?
on January 4,2014 | 08:40AM
soundofreason wrote:
Good riddance. Now do some work. Close Gitmo yet? Nope. Day 1 promise if I remember correctly.
on January 3,2014 | 05:55PM
HIE wrote:
Except he can't close Gitmo on his own...and he kinda had a near-Great Depression Part Deux to deal with from Day 1.
on January 3,2014 | 09:28PM
kekelaward wrote:
Yeah, nice work. Now we are still in a near depression, only worse than before. And more people without health insurance, than before he took office.
on January 4,2014 | 08:41AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Be nice. Say "aloha" to these tourists and tell them to come back and visit again next year.
on January 3,2014 | 06:48PM
jmarie wrote:
Bye bye Hussein! good riddance!
on January 3,2014 | 07:53PM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
Jmarie and sound, go back to 48.
on January 3,2014 | 08:28PM
kekelaward wrote:
Why? This is America. They can live wherever they want.
on January 4,2014 | 08:42AM
on January 4,2014 | 05:45AM
pursuit2000 wrote:
Reagan, Bush I and Bush II spend every Christmas in the White House so the Secret Service agents could spend it with their families... That's a fact....
on January 4,2014 | 12:51AM
kimchee wrote:
What about their trips to Camp David for holidays? Guess that fact doesn't work for your little packaged story. Or their ranches in Texas… That's fact too...
on January 4,2014 | 07:03AM
kekelaward wrote:
He said Christmas. Nice try though.
on January 4,2014 | 08:43AM
CEI wrote:
The health care delivery system in the US is quickly going down in flames due to Barry Care and the power mad democrats who forced it down our throats. His highness acts as if nothing is wrong or even that he has knowledge of the problems. The SA dutifully reports on all of his vacation activities while Rome burns. The obedient low information people in the old Soviet Union used to ask themselves after witnessing the horrors of collectivism "if only Comrade Stalin knew" . Obviously Uncle Joe knew what was going on as he was the architect of the the suffering. "My question is "does Comrade Barry know"
on January 4,2014 | 01:44AM
clydek wrote:
Hope you enjoyed celebrating the holidays and your R&R with family and friends here at home. Have a good trip back to the NCR...Aloha 'Oe.
on January 4,2014 | 01:51AM
nontaister1 wrote:
Wake up,go to Punahou across the street,after school,part time job at ice cream shop 1block away from apartment,weekends go to Pucks Alley to score some..... repeat routine for 6 years...
on January 4,2014 | 03:37AM
loio wrote:
good riddance
on January 4,2014 | 04:29AM
Locals Only
on January 4,2014 | 05:19AM
scooters wrote:
The only good news here is that Hussein is leaving. Good bye.
on January 4,2014 | 05:55AM
Oahuan2 wrote:
Sway does Star Advertiser almost always state that Obama was born in Honolulu whenever they cover POTUS in Honolulu? Sounds like they are either trying to convince us or maybe themselves. Why the need to do that? Curious.
on January 4,2014 | 06:13AM
hanalei395 wrote:
It is to bring out birthers, who, of course, were not born here, and not "convinced",......like you.
on January 4,2014 | 06:39AM
kimchee wrote:
Well said hanalei395. It's sad but the birthers-conspiracy theorists do provide chuckles. Albeit because they're so wrapped up in their delusions. It's ok to not like any elected official. But really do you need to hang on to a whacky theory to feel validated?
on January 4,2014 | 07:07AM
Royabell wrote:
Glad he is leaving. He was not born here, you could say like everyone else does "He has ties here" LOL . Did you also know that the person that broke the story of his fake BC died in a car crash?????
on January 4,2014 | 06:47AM
kimchee wrote:
Did you know the world is not flat?????
on January 4,2014 | 07:05AM
kekelaward wrote:
Did you know that the dems started the KKK?
on January 4,2014 | 08:46AM
NITRO08 wrote:
Wake up!
on January 4,2014 | 08:14AM
kekelaward wrote:
Did you know the first person to bring the entire birther matter up was Hillary Clinton? They same person Hanalei, kimchee, Nanakuli Boss et al will be voting for in 2016. you can't argue with a sick mind.
on January 4,2014 | 08:46AM
Anonymous wrote:
Keiki o ka Aina, Hawaii born and raised, how about you Hanalei?
on January 4,2014 | 07:49AM
Anonymous wrote:
Keiki o ka aina, Hawaii born and raised, how about you brada hanalei395?
on January 4,2014 | 07:50AM
hanalei395 wrote:
I already told you, Maipono, and now being "Anonymous".
on January 4,2014 | 08:20AM
Maipono wrote:
Sorry about that hanalei395, a "computer glitch" at SA, like the Obamadon'tcare site did it.
on January 4,2014 | 08:53AM
hanalei395 wrote:
You're still lying. And you being an illogical "local birther", you should also blame that on a "computer glitch".
on January 4,2014 | 09:33AM
inverse wrote:
After B O spent so much time with B Titcomb, including golfing and B O attending a party at BT's house. Does that make B T a local celebrity and now will get a permanent discount on all future services rendered?
on January 4,2014 | 08:47AM
DAGR81 wrote:
We hate to see you but what the heck ....
on January 4,2014 | 09:39AM
seaborn wrote:
People are continuing the birth certificate idiocy?! Looks like after providing all documentation and other information to qualify to run for President, there are some folks that will keep the conspiracy alive. I'm thinking they'll get the truth from the files stored in a cave by Bigfoot. Find Bigfoot, find birth certificate. Godspeed to you hyper-intelligent citizens.
on January 4,2014 | 10:23AM
kekelaward wrote:
Providing what documentation? How about the college records?
on January 4,2014 | 11:34AM
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