Wednesday, July 30, 2014         

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Obama leaves Oahu after golfing, hiking, dining at Buzz's

Michelle Obama is staying in Hawaii longer as a birthday present

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 01:09 a.m. HST, Jan 05, 2014

President Barack Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha left Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam around 9 p.m. Saturday night following a 17-day vacation in Honolulu.

First Lady Michelle Obama, who reportedly has elected to stay in Hawaii to celebrate her 50th birthday on Jan. 17 with friends, was not at the airfield. 

The 20-vehicle presidential motorcade arrived at the airfield around 8:40 p.m.

Obama's daughters boarded Air Force One while the president met briefly with military families who came to witness the departure.

Obama boarded the plane around 8:50 p.m.

The president spent the final day of his vacation hiking with his family at the Na Pohaku o Hauwahine trail off Kapaa Quarry Road and golfing at the Kaneohe Klipper golf course.

Instead of his usual morning workout, the president went for a short 15-minute hike with Michelle Obama at the Na Pohaku O Hauwahine trail off Kapaa Quarry Road, which overlooks Kawainui Marsh. 

Na Pohaku O Hauwahine (the rocks of Hauwahine) is a basaltic rock promontory named after the Hawaiian lizard goddess, or akua mo'o. It offers a view not only of the marsh but Coconut Grove, Olomana and Maunawili.

The motorcade passed some protesters in the morning, holding signs for various causes.

At about 12:37 p.m., the president's motorcade returned to Marine Corps Base Hawaii and the president teed off at the Kaneohe Klipper course with aide Marvin Nicholson and White House chef Sam Kass.

The president golfed the Klipper course on his first day of vacation.

Before heading to Air Force One, parked at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, the Obamas grabbed some dinner at Buzz's Original Steakhouse in Kailua, arriving at 6:23 p.m., just after sunset.

They left the restaurant at 8:08 p.m.

On Friday night the president and his wife dined with friends at Morimoto in Waikiki. It was the president's second visit to the restaurant, created by Masaharu Morimoto of "Iron Chef" fame, on this vacation.

Spanning Christmas and New Year's, the 17-day vacation was Obama's longest stay in the islands so far in his presidency.

Obama, who was born in Honolulu, has spent much of his vacation playing golf and staying in a rented home in the suburb of Kailua.

He has taken his daughters to the zoo and for shave ice and watched Oregon State, coached by brother-in-law Craig Robinson, play in the first round of a basketball tournament.

Obama also has done some official business, signing a defense bill and a budget deal easing spending cuts.

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OlNavy wrote:
The President spent his last day in Hawaii on the golf course again. I wonder if he realizes the havoc he creates when he makes these excursions. Today all routes and activities on the Kaneohe Marine Base on the streets and areas adjacent to the Klipper Golf Course were closed from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM were shut down so he could lay the course. Why does he need such elaborate security? What threat could e possibly be in fear of especially on a military base? Do the Marines and their dependents pose such a great threat. Today a troop of scouts were enjoying the efforts of their candy and popcorn sales campaign at the Putt-Putt Golf Course and Mini Water Park when their 4 hour outing (for which they aid) was cut 1 1/2 hour short without warning so the President could pay golf. These young boys must have really posed a threat warranting their being told to leave the area.
on January 4,2014 | 02:32PM
hanalei395 wrote:
Per OlNavy: Why does he need such elaborate security?". .... It's because the Secret Service don't trust EXTREME OBAMA-HATERS ... like you.
on January 4,2014 | 02:48PM
iwanaknow wrote:
OlNavy, Gear up your mind, Obama will come Dec 2014....count on it
on January 4,2014 | 02:58PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
And repeat his same vacation, unless events in D.C. are more important and he stays in Washington. Had a great AFC wild card game as Indianapolis rallied from down 38-10, to defeat Kansas City 45-44. Apparently golf was more important to the President.
on January 4,2014 | 03:32PM
frontman wrote:
Lets hope he is impeached by then.........................
on January 4,2014 | 09:55PM
hanalei395 wrote:
"Impeached" by the Republicans best weapon against Obama ..... Obama's "fake birth certificate".
on January 4,2014 | 10:01PM
ehrhornp wrote:
You idiots will never learn. GW was never impeached, I doubt any president will be. But try, he needs his approval ratings to rise. lol
on January 5,2014 | 04:17AM
serious wrote:
Oh, it's not over yet. Michelle is staying here with, I presume her 20 assistants--so the traffic jams aren't over yet, nor is another $180,000 per hour flight back to DC.
on January 5,2014 | 04:14AM
scooters wrote:
Hussein is a disgrace.
on January 4,2014 | 07:57PM
hanalei395 wrote:
"Hussein" is ripping scooters apart. (Thank you very much).
on January 4,2014 | 08:32PM
scooters wrote:
Hanalei is like the rest of the "rats" lead by Hussein the "Pied Piper".
on January 5,2014 | 05:12AM
hanalei395 wrote:
"Hussein", "rats" ...... scooters has definitely gone bonkers. (Thanks to "Hussein").
on January 5,2014 | 06:33AM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
Nah ... the SS just doesn't care about the local people or how many people they inconvenience for no good reason.
on January 4,2014 | 10:44PM
sayer wrote:
Well maybe his trips to Hawaii has had some beneficial effect on our tourism industry. I think that aspect is definitely positive.
on January 5,2014 | 01:49AM
bigwalton15 wrote:
They had to clear it out so that hack of a golfer wouldn't hurt anyone.
on January 4,2014 | 04:48PM
hanalei395 wrote:
That was a good move. Karma would have it that the golf balls would be hitting nobody but Obama-haters.
on January 4,2014 | 07:42PM
bigwalton15 wrote:
I wish he'd hit it off a tree and hit himself. But seeing his golf swing, he wouldn't even leave a bruise.
on January 5,2014 | 05:55AM
Smiling wrote:
.......and wouldn't George Bush or Ronald Reagan need the same security??? Why complain when the present president , Barack Obama, needs the same? Oh, I forgot, he is a BLACK man in the WHITE house !! That's why the haters are so adamant.
on January 4,2014 | 08:51PM
Skyler wrote:
Oohhh boy, here comes someone carrying the RACE card. You forget most people in Hawaii aren't 'white' - so get off your race-bating trip.
on January 4,2014 | 09:49PM
frontman wrote:
Can you still call it the white house. I think he mandated it to a generic name by now.
on January 4,2014 | 09:58PM
frontman wrote:
Thank GOD
on January 4,2014 | 09:55PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
Anyone who thinks they are soooo important that they warrant the shutting down of the Pali highway for their own personal use should not be welcome in Hawaii. They inconvenience thousands of people without any thought whatsoever for the people being affected. This level of security and inconvenience to the locals is unjustified, particularly in Hawaii. I say "go home" to him and his Secret service BS.
on January 4,2014 | 10:41PM
kahuku01 wrote:
IRT: saywhatouthink: Anyone and that includes you, if elected as the president of the United States, would receive that type of security service from the Secret Service. The president has no control of how, when where security will be enforced whenever he travels or wherever he travels. These security measures are preplanned by the Secret Services, not by the president, because that is the purpose of their job and function, 24/7 365 days a year. If you can't understand why, how or when security will be provided for the president, then you need to really learn more about the office of the president of the United States and the functions of the Secret Services. I'm sure most of the citizens of this country truly understands why much emphasis is put on security and protecting the president, especially at any public gathering or function. Let me emphasize, if you were the president, you would receive the same security measures but people with your mentality will never understand why, when and how, Secret Service must inconvenience the general public during every president's travel. Like any citizen, the president has every right to spend his vacation in Hawaii if he chooses to and majority of the people that are inconvenience during his stay, are willing to be patient because they understand.
on January 5,2014 | 05:53AM
hilopango wrote:
It's about time...aloha, sayonara, adios!
on January 4,2014 | 03:30PM
hanalei395 wrote:
From hilopango, a nobody who moved here, to a President who was born here.
on January 4,2014 | 03:42PM
DAGR81 wrote:
Blind allegiance is an indication of utter ignorance.
on January 4,2014 | 04:13PM
hanalei395 wrote:
Blind HATRED from Obama-haters who weren't even born here, to a President who was, to a President the haters think "shouldn't be here", is utter pompous arrogance and stupidity.
on January 4,2014 | 05:06PM
hilopango wrote:
Excuse me, please pull your dress down, your own stupidity is showing.
on January 4,2014 | 08:40PM
hanalei395 wrote:
STUPID response ... by an idi0t.
on January 4,2014 | 08:54PM
hilopango wrote:
Look in the mirror, thank you.
on January 4,2014 | 10:19PM
hanalei395 wrote:
ANOTHER STUPID response .... by that same idi0t.
on January 4,2014 | 10:39PM
Smiling wrote:
Totally agree...it is NOT a problem when he comes...only to the Obama haters....unfortunately, many people listen to them..keep an open mind, folks.....it is not a problem at all.....Secret Service is extremely considerate and over courteous to all of the residents in the neighborhood. The motorcade to and from the Marine Corps Base takes maybe...maybe.....3 minutes.
on January 4,2014 | 08:45PM
false wrote:
Mahalo for your confirmations. Hawai`i is the puuhonua, place of refuge for one who has such dire responsibilities. How wonderful for him to find that serenity here. Too bad some people just don't get it. They should leave.
on January 4,2014 | 09:15PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
I saw some people on the news saying they were stuck on the road in the same place for over an hour? Literally hundreds of people were inconvenienced due to the secret service BS treatment. If you didn't like Obama before, you certainly won't like him after experiencing that type of inconvenience for no good reason. This is Hawaii, not the mainland.
on January 4,2014 | 10:57PM
hilopango wrote:
You think you know so much, well guess what? You're WRONG! Born and raised here, lolo. No private school for this local, public school all the way, and proud of it! Being stuck in the traffic several times because of the POTUS is a good enough reason to want to bid aloha to his backside, which includes the jam caused by his departure tonight.
on January 4,2014 | 08:34PM
hanalei395 wrote:
A liar who says he was "born and raised here" and having the SAME HATRED for Obama with birthers, who also say that they were "born and raised here".
on January 4,2014 | 09:05PM
false wrote:
E hilopango maybe the traffic jam was a landslide or a traffic accident. How do you know all the tie ups were POTUS?
on January 4,2014 | 09:16PM
hilopango wrote:
Oh believe me, the paper reports his moves, and with all the blue flashing lights and stuff that I've seen, it's him, all right. No landslides in Waikiki and around Punahou.
on January 4,2014 | 10:21PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
It was on the news ... were they lying?
on January 4,2014 | 11:05PM
hilopango wrote:
Hatred. I'm sorry you live with so much of it.
on January 4,2014 | 10:25PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
Being born and raised here does not guarantee support for a president that closes highways without warning so he can go where he wants without risk or delay of any sort. I call it Inconsiderate of the "thousands" of people affected by the BS service he receives. I would expect him to give some thought to inconvenience he is causing to the local people every time he goes somewhere. That fact that his schedule is unannounced should be enough to protect him from threats if any really existed. This is Hawaii, not Chicago.
on January 4,2014 | 11:04PM
9ronboz wrote:
Not only traffic. Business takes a hit.
on January 5,2014 | 06:52AM
kahuku01 wrote:
It doesn't matter if you're White, Black, Red, Brown or Yellow, but if you claim to be an American, start acting like an AMERICAN and show some respect for the office of the president of the United States of America.
on January 5,2014 | 06:12AM
frontman wrote:
Obama was not born in Hawaii and isn't it funny that the only person who verified it, out of 12 people died????
on January 4,2014 | 10:00PM
hanalei395 wrote:
frontman speaks for all Republicans, .... and also, speaks for all Obama-haters who post here.
on January 4,2014 | 10:26PM
hanalei395 wrote:
P.S. ...... frontman speaks especially for hilopango.
on January 4,2014 | 10:44PM
hilopango wrote:
I pity you, living with so much hate. For you to have so much hate in your words and attitude. None of us have true "hate" in our hearts for Mr. Obama, we just don't care for some stuff that happens when he's around, and some of his actions in office. Doesn't mean we hate the man. No human being deserves the kind of hate that is emanating from your posts. My heart is truly sad for you. I hope that one day, you will seek and find peace instead. Aloha!
on January 5,2014 | 01:29PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
Stop with your conspiracy theories already. You just making yourself look like a fool. Accept the truth and move on.
on January 4,2014 | 11:07PM
hanalei395 wrote:
saywhatyouthink .....frontman is saying what he thinks, that Obama wasn't born here. Besides Republicans and all the Obama-haters who post here, frontman is speaking for you. So, be nice to him.
on January 4,2014 | 11:24PM
cwo4usn wrote:
Hanalei..Born here? Prove it! Did you actually review the birth certificate? 2 entries on it prove it's bogus. But, facts have never stopped the left wing from spouting their false beliefs. OBTW, keep the race card in the deck. It's getting old...the only thing you people have to fall back on now.
on January 6,2014 | 04:39AM
nitpikker wrote:
there was a post from someone complaining that obama only goes to kaneohe marine base and hickam and why doesn't he visit ALL the military bases? well i for one am glad he doesn't visit ALL the bases because they gotta close the roads of wherever he visits. i remember him golfing at koolina and they shut down the freeway.
on January 4,2014 | 06:36PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
That's just unreasonable, particularly when they do it without warning which is always the case. Better he stays in the mainland if he thinks he's so important as to deserve that type of service that inconveniences thousands just for him.
on January 4,2014 | 11:09PM
usahwn wrote:
Respect the President .
on January 4,2014 | 08:18PM
2NDC wrote:
Respect is EARNED.
on January 4,2014 | 08:32PM
hanalei395 wrote:
An admitted birther, who says Obama's birth certificate is a "fake", 2NDC does NOT get respect.
on January 4,2014 | 09:36PM
hilopango wrote:
I respect the office, not the man. The man lost my respect a long time ago when he went back on his promises.
on January 4,2014 | 08:37PM
grantos wrote:
which promises?
on January 4,2014 | 11:59PM
kekelaward wrote:
You can keep your doctor.
on January 5,2014 | 06:29AM
hanalei395 wrote:
At Kaiser, you keep your doctor..... For kekelaward's health care, .. keeping his doctor in the ER .... not guaranteed.
on January 5,2014 | 07:46AM
kekelaward wrote:
Another strawman. He said that you wouldn't lose your doctor, even after he knew that was a lie. And wait til the employer mandate kicks in this year. Millions more without insurance I am now standing by for your hate filled rebuttal that consists of name calling and mocking "outsiders".
on January 5,2014 | 09:22AM
entrkn wrote:
Glad they all got to spend some quality down time here this time.
on January 4,2014 | 08:38PM
false wrote:
Interesting the point he made to take his family to places he grew up with and archaeological and geologic sites relevant to studying here. He treated his daughters to the significance of this special place. If you don't know the meanings of wahi pana, you can't say you "know" this place. He understands what is to be from Hawai`i as evidenced by what shares with family and friends. He was home.
on January 4,2014 | 09:20PM
Smiling wrote:
Oh, for goodness sake, I live in the exact same neighborhood where he stays and the neighborhood where the motorcade must travel through to get to the Marine Corps Base......it is NOT a problem at all! They drive so fast and so quickly, it is over in a blink of the eye......STOP listening to all of these Obama haters...and that is exactly what they are...believe me, it is NOT a problem, and I've lived here throughout all of his visits over the past number of years.......no problem......unless, of course, you're a hater who did not vote for him...how foolish...let the guy have a vacation !! Wonder if George Bush or Mitt Romney had done the same thing....would these haters have been posting the same stuff.....I think not !!! Believe me.....Kailua Bay...NOT a problem when the Secret Service, HPD and Obama travel....
on January 4,2014 | 08:41PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
Shutting down a public highway like the Pali to all traffic is a problem. The last time was Clinton shutting down the H-1 at peak traffic hour a few years back. it just blows me away that these people think they're so important that it's ok to inconvenience "thousands" so they can get where they're going without any risk or delay. I say "go home" and stay home if that's what you are gonna do.
on January 4,2014 | 10:50PM
kekelaward wrote:
Oooo. A one percenter! Shouldn't you be giving your money to the less fortunate, and opening your residence to the homeless? Nah. That's only for other people, not rich liberals.
on January 5,2014 | 06:31AM
false wrote:
Good riddance to the bozo!
on January 4,2014 | 08:49PM
false wrote:
Okay, clown, lead the parade and take your friends with you.
on January 4,2014 | 09:17PM
First-Responder wrote:
Bye Barry. Vacation somewhere else next time.
on January 4,2014 | 09:25PM
frontman wrote:
Chicago is his home town and Libya is his home country, he should try one of them next year.
on January 4,2014 | 10:02PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
Libya? first time I heard that one. Kenya I heard before.
on January 4,2014 | 10:53PM
hanalei395 wrote:
Hey, saywhat, ... if frontman says Libya is Obama's home country, so be it. What's wrong with that?
on January 5,2014 | 06:53AM
wn wrote:
Aloha means good bye...good bye!
on January 4,2014 | 09:48PM
hanalei395 wrote:
For next year, Aloha, meaning ... welcome.
on January 5,2014 | 07:00AM
frontman wrote:
Thank GOD
on January 4,2014 | 09:54PM
HULAGIRL620 wrote:
He could care less about the havoc he causes,, he is a selfish arrogant individual who cares nothing about anyone but himself,, his so called "tradition" of spending Christmas in Hawaii only started when the taxpayers started paying for it,, he doesn't act like an American president,, he acts like a little dictator never thinking about the needs of others,, He ruins the holidays for the people living around the vacation rental and people who must sit on the freeways because he always seems to have a NEED to travel the freeway disrupting morning rush hour traffic or at pau hana time when people want to get home after a long day of work,,, This island is not big enough to accomodate his massive ego,, It would behoove him to go to his hometown of Chicago for the holidays,, at least they have enough land to accomodate his motorcades,,, I just don't understand this insane pride that so many people have regarding his man,,, I don't see where he's done anything to make things better for the people of this country,, he's just raising our taxes and punishing people who work for a living so he can give to all the freeloaders who walk around with gold up to their shoulders and big SUVs parked outside their low income housing units,, and the boy scouts?? just shows his contempt for the honest hard working among us,, it didn't faze him one bit that he infringed on them when the at least paid for their outing,, not like him getting it for free,, such a disgrace,, just don't understand this adoration for someone who has accomplished nothing but cause more hardship for the people
on January 4,2014 | 10:38PM
kekelaward wrote:
Thanks for pointing out the truth regarding the "annual" trip to Hawaii that he never made until the taxpayers picked up the tab.
on January 5,2014 | 06:34AM
9ronboz wrote:
Did he spend Christmas here before he was president?
on January 5,2014 | 06:57AM
false wrote:
His tutu was here so what do you think? He must have come home to be with his family and friends. Don't we all?
on January 5,2014 | 08:20AM
kekelaward wrote:
No, he didn't.
on January 5,2014 | 09:24AM
40black wrote:
on January 4,2014 | 11:55PM
golfcrackerjack wrote:
It's sad that so many who support Obama can't see this collectivist for what he is. That said, it's also sad that many can't accept that others don't love Obama and blame this lack of love on race. Such sentiments are racist themselves. It is interesting to see how security has increased for him over the years. Indeed this year and last AF #1 remains parked behind a temporary visual screening system to limit the ability of military personnel and others with base access to get a clear and close-up view of doings on the ramp. I don't know if it's all really necessary, but it may be. But for those who believe Presidential security is over-the-top on Oahu, it's even more intense and disruptive on the mainland. And once Obama is finally a former president high levels of security will continue, albeit not as intense. The distaste many feel for the security measures now seen on our little island may be a good reason for Obama to retire to Chicago. Indeed, the shooting gallery/murder capital of the U.S. that is So. Chicago, near where Obama's home is and where he, Jesse, Jesse Jr. Rod "Blago," Resko and many others have raped their so-called "community" as "community organizers," might benefit from having additional security of any stripe in the neighborhood. And it's only fitting that Obama live in or near yet another hellhole that he and other Leftist-progressive policies have created and nurtured.
on January 5,2014 | 02:44AM
Venus1 wrote:
Soooo proud to call Obama, President Obama! He represents the America I honor ! Great family! Happy Michelle is staying for her birthday! Deserved!
on January 5,2014 | 04:31AM
dancingcat wrote:
Michelle is the BIG SPENDER. Hopes she buy and eats at a lot of local restaurants - she can boost the econony all by herself. Wonder is she'll have the same level of security as BHO. When is her birthday anyway?
on January 5,2014 | 06:26AM
9ronboz wrote:
She spending her own money?
on January 5,2014 | 07:00AM
false wrote:
She has enough income to do what she wants. Really?! Better look at Congress and see how they spend our dime.
on January 5,2014 | 08:21AM
BigBoyChan wrote:
Buzz's? You're kidding, right? The leader of the free world has a whole island with some of the best food in world at his disposal, and he chooses Buzz's? I guess I shouldn't be surprised, based on the large number of other boneheaded decisions he's made.
on January 5,2014 | 05:00AM
false wrote:
Give us a break. Buzz's just shows how down to earth he can be. What you think he should have gone to Rainbows? Well, in time he will. He probably has a house close by but that might telling a secret.
on January 5,2014 | 06:11AM
kahuku01 wrote:
BigBoyChan: Just because Obama choices or decisions are not to your liking doesn't mean that it should surprise you. I'm sure that some of your choices or decisions are not always to everyone's liking. I'm sure that he has made many critical decisions that you or I would have never wanted to make, like getting Bin Laden. It might be boneheaded decisions to you because you're so perfect that you've never made any boneheaded decisions. But really, who cares where he had dinner or what he did. People just don't have anything else to do and have too much time on their hand which gives them time of making something out of nothing.
on January 5,2014 | 06:36AM
9ronboz wrote:
Bin Laden was available while Clinton was in office
on January 5,2014 | 07:03AM
kekelaward wrote:
What? Taking out Bin Laden was a no brainer. It's unsurprising that you wouldn't have wanted to make the decision. Your hero also had a hard time making the decision. Even Hillary was for it.
on January 5,2014 | 09:29AM
kahuku01 wrote:
You have no knowledge of what the whole mission of getting Bin Laden involved. That's the reason you would never be able to handle or be in the position of the CINC. Your no brainer mentality revolves around not taking into consideration, all that could have gone wrong especially with one of the helicopters crashing and the Navy SEALS lives in harms way. The Navy SEALS lives were the most important aspect of the mission, hoping that they would all come back alive before he actually made that decision whether to abort or not. It's easy to sit back and say taking out Bin Laden was a no brainer when you, yourself, is a no brainer when you really don't know what you're talking about.
on January 5,2014 | 05:49PM
BigBoyChan wrote:
Just remember, if you like your steak you can keep your steak!
on January 5,2014 | 09:42AM
Imagen wrote:
Buzz's rib eye is t he BOMB!
on January 6,2014 | 10:36AM
awahana wrote:
However way you want to gripe, POTUS is out there working hard all year, changing the world, and has the power to do so.

Meanwhile SA readers, as shown here, have no life, and so they sit in their skivvies, trying to figure out their web browser, probably with PRISM monitoring, with their beer or coffee, and see the world go by by peering into their tiny bright LCD window on the world...which they pay their ISP $120/month for the privilege.
Get some class. No aloha.
on January 5,2014 | 06:21AM
kekelaward wrote:
Looking in the mirror again huh?
on January 5,2014 | 06:39AM
Nesmith wrote:
Aloha Prez. I am glad the weather was in your favor and you and your family were able to relax and rejuvenate in Hawaiian waters under Hawaiian skies and breathing the fresh air. The first family needs thiis and must take care of themselves if they are to care of others. I was inconvenienced once on the road, but so what - this is a rare event in our lifetime. To the Obamas: I wish you much blessings. Hau'oli La Hanau Michelle!
on January 5,2014 | 07:00AM
false wrote:
E Nesmith, I'm with you. He got to leave the world behind every time he picked up a club and started down the fairway. How wonderful that he can find such peace here. Does any of us really appreciate how much we have to be grateful for? Just consider the temperatures and snow on the continent. Our President chose to come home to escape the realities of the job. Could we just be a little generous? Wow, some people here really need to get off the rock and go somewhere else to their liking.
on January 5,2014 | 08:25AM
NYUH wrote:
Always like to the see the President in Hawai'i. Would like to see him bring more bacon however.
on January 5,2014 | 07:29AM
Maddog357 wrote:
It's not Obama's Race, where he was born, his SS detail, his golf game, his desire to travel around Oahu, or his Hawaiian vacations: It's his politics!
on January 5,2014 | 10:17AM
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