Thursday, July 24, 2014         

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'Duke' Aiona plans another run for governor

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 04:53 p.m. HST, Jan 17, 2014

Former Lt. Gov. James "Duke" Aiona is telling allies that he intends to run for governor.

The Republican, who lost to Gov. Neil Abercrombie in 2010, indicated his plans on The Fish, a Christian radio station, this morning.

"He has declared," said David Chang, the state GOP chairman.

Chang said Aiona is planning a "soft launch" and will hold a formal campaign event later.

Aiona served as lieutenant governor for two-terms under former Gov. Linda Lingle.

Aiona has consistently said that his only political aspiration is Washington Place.

Abercrombie is facing state Sen. David Ige in the Democratic primary.

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poidog101 wrote:
Thank You!
on January 17,2014 | 11:28AM
agile wrote:
'Thank you' for what, poidog101? This is the guy who pushed his "Christian-anti-gay" agenda, and with the law now passed, is looking pretty damn silly. Wonder how he'll handle that??
on January 17,2014 | 11:38AM
OldDiver wrote:
He'll do what he best at. Browbeat some poor fellow then threaten to kick his butt.
on January 17,2014 | 03:45PM
DowntownGreen wrote:
Yes, thank you Mr. Aiona. You just gave the Democrats a MUCH better chance of holding on to the Governor's office.
on January 17,2014 | 01:37PM
kainalu wrote:
Yep. He's going to get smoked again. I mean, it wasn't even close the last go-around. Neil beat Duke by some 17%. That's HUGE in elections.
on January 17,2014 | 05:43PM
sabliko wrote:
I agree, thank you Duke!
on January 17,2014 | 05:02PM
Maipono wrote:
Here is finally the right choice for Governor, not the terrible Ubercrummy that we have now. Now we have responsibility in a candidate like Aiona, not a spoiled kid who wants every thing in the candy store like Ubercrummy and we have to pay for it. All the haters will come out, and spew their venom all over the place, but the truth will eventually emerge about how bad the Democratic choice was and how it can be so much better for all the people of Hawaii, and not just the friends of Ubercrummy.
on January 17,2014 | 06:09PM
JimLoomis wrote:
Name calling? That's it? Making fun of our governor's name? Anonymously?? That's the best you got, man?
on January 17,2014 | 07:05PM
kiragirl wrote:
on January 17,2014 | 11:34AM
kapoleitalkstory wrote:
You know he wants to pass a law that requires ALL residents of Hawaii to worship his right wing, anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-poor person, anti-environment god.
on January 17,2014 | 12:10PM
false wrote:
If hie does this or even hints of anything like this …… his election is dead meat from the beginning.
on January 17,2014 | 12:21PM
agile wrote:
Yes, thank you kapoleitalkstory. When Duke ran few yrs ago, the civil unions law hadn't yet passed. Now that it has, he's looking pretty bad for remaining anti-gay. Wonder how he'll cross that road now, since he's finished if he doesn't pretend to like gays.
on January 17,2014 | 12:44PM
HatchKelso wrote:
A position against same sex marriage does not make a person "anti-gay."
on January 17,2014 | 03:15PM
Nala007 wrote:
Then what does it make them? If you oppose marriage for same sex couple you are opposing the right of same sex couples to live happily, with dignity, and to receive equal treatment under state and federal. Your support not allowing gay couples to make what is a very fundamental life choice...to marry. That is anti-gay. Delude yourself all you want.
on January 17,2014 | 04:31PM
It makes them ANTI_MARRIAGE. If we could only add 2 2. The question was actually quite simple, and like all the others, you want to call foul on a transition of words and thier interpretations.
on January 17,2014 | 06:06PM
scooters wrote:
1-800-555-Wa Wa WA
on January 17,2014 | 06:55PM
EMS wrote:
It makes him pro- traditional marriage. When has he said he hates gays? Just because he disagrees doesn't make him a hater. Delude YOURSELF all you want.
on January 17,2014 | 08:26PM
scooters wrote:
Being anti-gay is not a wrong. He'll follow the law as it's written now. Wither he likes it or not.
on January 17,2014 | 06:54PM
CEI wrote:
kapoleitalkstory, Why all the anger? You don't seem very accepting of right wing people, almost hostile. I thought you folks on the left side were supposed to be "open minded" to all points of view? I guess not. I think Duke would make a great governor. And if we can get Sarah Palin to run for president that would be good also.
on January 17,2014 | 12:46PM
kiragirl wrote:
It is because tolerance is a one-way street.
on January 17,2014 | 01:04PM
OldDiver wrote:
Funny because Duke is the one with a bad temper.
on January 17,2014 | 03:47PM
sluggah wrote:
The left has learned from the Brownshirts
on January 17,2014 | 04:32PM
DowntownGreen wrote:
You mean the right-wing fascist brown shirts?
on January 18,2014 | 06:48AM
hawaiikone wrote:
No viciousness there either. Just like you said. How's the ride down that slippery slope going?
on January 18,2014 | 08:34AM
kaleo_1 wrote:
on January 17,2014 | 07:42PM
peum wrote:
Just giving you right-wingers a taste of your own medicine.
on January 17,2014 | 01:05PM
ISCREAM wrote:
You don't see "right wingers" talking stink like the left...
on January 17,2014 | 03:44PM
DowntownGreen wrote:
Oh Bull.
on January 17,2014 | 04:37PM
hawaiikone wrote:
They do. Just not nearly as much as the lefties do, and with with much less viciousness.
on January 17,2014 | 04:53PM
Makapuu4 wrote:
Faux News Rush Limpballs = right wing stink talk.
on January 17,2014 | 05:10PM
Squiggs wrote:
Of course not, they are tolerant human beings guided by love
on January 17,2014 | 05:28PM
kapoleitalkstory wrote:
That is not anger - that is a accurate description of Duke and his anti-people thinking ways. Just so you know that challenging Duke on his out dated thinking is not anger and it is not even hostile it is called holding him accountable since he is running for elected office.
on January 17,2014 | 01:29PM
waikiicapt wrote:
Do you mean like holding Neil accountable (and his party) for Hawaii having one of the highest debt loads in the country? Driving our state down the road to financial ruin? Read this paper today, other section.
on January 17,2014 | 02:34PM
Makapuu4 wrote:
CEI - So you expect kapoleitalkstory to be tolerant of "right wing, anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-poor person, anti-environment" right-wingers? Why would he? Why should he? Why should anyone?
on January 17,2014 | 02:24PM
CEI wrote:
Sir, or madam Makapuu4 as the case may be. Didn't you learn in government run pre-school that it's impolite to lable and stereotype others. Just because Mr. Aiona speaks up for traditional marriage, personal responsibility and the right to life you resort to infantile name calling. This is usually what children do on the playground when they have lost the argument.
on January 17,2014 | 02:52PM
sabliko wrote:
Exactly, their "tolerant" only if you agree with them.
on January 17,2014 | 05:05PM
Squiggs wrote:
You want Sarah Palin to run for president? Wow!
on January 17,2014 | 06:42PM
waikiicapt wrote:
Typical reaction from another liberal left-wing nut from the big tent open party of tolerance and diversity, eh? Right on!
on January 17,2014 | 02:32PM
DowntownGreen wrote:
No viciousness there... nope, none... not at all.
on January 17,2014 | 06:52PM
hawaiikone wrote:
Comparatively speaking, the left is in the lead. You know that as well as I. Still scared to come at me directly?
on January 18,2014 | 06:41AM
rigormortis wrote:
exaggerated and not credible reading.
on January 17,2014 | 04:30PM
localguy wrote:
kapoleitalkstory - Not sure who is talking more shibai, Mini Me or you. You know there is no way to pass a law requiring a specified religion. Oh. Wait. You went through the Nei's failing educational system. You are forgiven. You didn't know about our constitution and freedom of religion. Sad.
on January 17,2014 | 04:36PM
sabliko wrote:
You are being very ridiculous!
on January 17,2014 | 05:00PM
scooters wrote:
What a fool you are. Pitty
on January 17,2014 | 06:53PM
Makapuu4 wrote:
Looking to be a two time loser. If he runs with McDermutt, this will guarantee it. Go for it.
on January 17,2014 | 11:34AM
Mediocrates wrote:
I bet that is exactly what happens.
on January 17,2014 | 11:51AM
gsc wrote:
Makapuu4, You must be a loser.... Ai Kae...
on January 17,2014 | 12:07PM
Makapuu4 wrote:
on January 17,2014 | 02:11PM
Makapuu4 wrote:
gsc - I get it. You mean eat GSC.
on January 17,2014 | 04:26PM
false wrote:
MaDermutt is a big liability
on January 17,2014 | 12:22PM
PokeStop wrote:
Braddah Duke....you got my vote! Enough with the current Troll at Washington Place. We need a "New Gov" as new day has materialized into a "Gay Day!"
on January 17,2014 | 11:39AM
kapoleitalkstory wrote:
Really when is the election?
on January 17,2014 | 01:29PM
mokebla wrote:
Duke your the man for Hawai'i, but because Hawai'i voters are party voters they'll put a du##y in office. Like I said before you can't change or teach Stu*id.
on January 17,2014 | 11:43AM
oxtail01 wrote:
Yup, and Duke heads the dunce class.
on January 17,2014 | 01:55PM
Kaimiloa wrote:
Whew! Thank God you didn't spell out "du##y"!
on January 17,2014 | 07:17PM
johndoe wrote:
Djou LG?
on January 17,2014 | 11:47AM
false wrote:
Please, No whining .
on January 17,2014 | 12:23PM
mitt_grund wrote:
Is he the man who went for a 6 month stint to come back in time to campaign for the primary election as a "hero"? And left his councilmember duties to his staff to run for Congress? Who paid attention only to his fellow Hawaii Kai residents and not all of East Honolulu? Is that the person you are referring to? Maybe it was someone else.

At least, Tulsi Gabbard resigned her state House seat and spent the full rotation of TWELVE months in Afghanistan in an in-the-field medical unit.

Contrast this with Djou who spent his SIX month tour in Afghanistan as "...part of a team responsible for interrogating suspected Taliban fighters and determining who should be detained or freed. ....", (Huffington Post, 03/05/12), returning conveniently in March 2012 in time to campaign in the primary. Lucky timing.

on January 17,2014 | 12:34PM
mitt_grund wrote:
G**, what a choice - between a swell-headed, tax-the-retired old f*** and a muscle-bound brained, ultra-conservative, over-the-edge, over-the-hill jock who ran up and down the Capitol stairwell to show his muscles, and who follows the behest of an Argentinian born-again soothsayer in their mutual, world-wide quest for world-domination of their particular, qyestionable brand/cult of Christianity.

Remember that when Aiona was in the LG's office, his staff was so stuck-up and snotty, if you were nobody. Asked for procedure to have him sign a required affidavit for my travel, and his receptionist rudely responded that the LG was much too busy and too high makamaka to do manini stuff like that. That even though his office was the only one designated to produce said affidavit. Judge a man by whom he hires and has working as his "barriers" to access. I have judged and Lord Aiona still s**ks.

on January 17,2014 | 11:49AM
kiragirl wrote:
He first needs to defeat Ige and then Aiona.
on January 17,2014 | 12:14PM
nitpikker wrote:
we don't need a rerun of the dingle years.
on January 17,2014 | 11:57AM
motokimo wrote:
The current Governor will be dangerous if elected to a lame duck role. You will see policies that the citizens will suffer. He will not care about anything except to build his own legacy. If you think it is bad now, wait till he gets re elected. The people of this state must make a critical choice and party politics must be set aside for the future of our children. Already the land owners are selling out to developers who continue to build condos for the rich mainlanders or asians. Our state will soon be for the very rich or the homeless with the middle class being forced to live elsewhere. VOTE AND PUT ALL INCUMBANTS OUT OF OFFICE... it cannot get WORSE!!!!
on January 17,2014 | 12:02PM
KekoaBradshaw wrote:
So vote for Ige in the primary!
on January 17,2014 | 01:30PM
bluespop wrote:
I thought there was no way I would ever vote for Abercrombie again. If it came down to Abercrombie or Aiona, I guess I'd have to vote for the little martinet. What awful choices for Hawai'i voters.
on January 17,2014 | 12:03PM
mitt_grund wrote:
Same quandary here. Aiona, I fear, may beworse. It will be the Inquisition again if he becomes Lord Governor along with his Argentine born-again guru and their intolerant form of Christianity. Didn't he go to Argentina on a paid-for trip to be strutted about as the great Christian hope for Hawaii.? Understand that Hannemann also tried to get that mantle, but should have realized the cult preaches that Mormons are not true Christians.

Apparently, Aiona was linked because of his pilgrimage to Argentina as a part of an international convention of this religious cabal that desired to create a state theocracy that would be dedicated to his Argentinian guru's Christian "god". That cult was attempting to achieve theocracy on a worldwide basis. Uganda was one of the countries, that the cult touted as having an especially "god-fearing" leader. One who was given to genocide and the imprisonment of gays and lesbians.

on January 17,2014 | 12:59PM
boshio wrote:
no sense you vote, I just cancelled you out.
on January 17,2014 | 01:26PM
KekoaBradshaw wrote:
Fill us in...who is this "Argentine born again guru"?
on January 17,2014 | 01:31PM
DowntownGreen wrote:
Goodle International Transformation Network and you'll see. Also, check this out to assess Mr. Aiona's "walk" with the group : http://www.civilbeat.com/articles/2010/10/22/5812-duke-aiona-god-and-state/
on January 17,2014 | 01:49PM
DowntownGreen wrote:
Or "Google" it...
on January 17,2014 | 02:24PM
wn wrote:
A ray of hope...we now have a viable alternative. Mr. Aiona has always impressed me a decent, reasonable and ethical individual who will be capable in governing our State.
on January 17,2014 | 12:03PM
agile wrote:
Never realized 'decent, reasonable and ethical' meant anti-gay.
on January 17,2014 | 12:46PM
boshio wrote:
The only thing you got right so far.
on January 17,2014 | 01:25PM
Tahitigirl55 wrote:
I did vote for him in 2010 because I remember Abercrombie in the 70's at International Market Place with all of the Hippies. He was also active at all of the concerts at Diamond Head Crater. I didn't care for him and I do like the Duke. He will get my vote and I hope he does win he another FASI.
on January 17,2014 | 12:06PM
DowntownGreen wrote:
Wow, what an insult to Mayor Fasi.
on January 17,2014 | 01:32PM
kapoleitalkstory wrote:
Is this because Lingle would not let him be her Teacher's Assistant at Cal State University?
on January 17,2014 | 12:08PM
MakaniKai wrote:
Haaaaaaaaaaawaiian! This news made my day. Troll start packin' your bags and get up with your cousin the Travelocity Gnome and arrange for a one way ticket to Buffalo NY perhaps you can take some homeless with you. IMUA.
on January 17,2014 | 12:11PM
shaka09 wrote:
too funny, need a side by side picture
on January 17,2014 | 01:02PM
DowntownGreen wrote:
Going after physical aspects of a person? Nope, not stink talk. Nope, not at all.
on January 17,2014 | 06:54PM
false wrote:
Hey Duke, If you that a more moderate approach and keep some of the religious stuff out along with the conservative or tea party stuff out you just may have my vote along with many of my family and friends. Believe me that is the approach you WILL need to take if you want to have a fighting chance to win. YOU were raised here let's get back to the values of what is the aloha sprit. Take heed.
on January 17,2014 | 12:20PM
blackmurano wrote:
false, but Duke Aiona is not a liberal or a far-left liberal. We have to clean government of all liberals. After what the Democratic control legislature did to redefine marriage, Abercrombie and his liberals are dead on arrival - speaking of his reelection.
on January 17,2014 | 01:18PM
kiragirl wrote:
For once, your post shows maturity. This is how it should be all the time. Keep it up. I like it.
on January 17,2014 | 01:50PM
seaborn wrote:
If the residents worry about the development of high rise housing on the leeward side now, just wait until you elect a Republican governor and see what happens... the party that chants, "Less government, less regulations!" Leeward side will for sure be telling their ocean view, "Bye bye."
on January 17,2014 | 01:03PM
blackmurano wrote:
Duke Aiona is not like that little fuzzy liberal governor abercrombie who signed that "Perversion marriage" bill over the wishes of the majority of the citizens of this State. We are just glad Duke is running. Now if only the voters in this State elect him and vote all the Democrats out of the legislature.
on January 17,2014 | 01:12PM
hanabatadayz wrote:
don't waste your time duke..we don't need another double dipper to run our government..we need new blood with leadership skills
on January 17,2014 | 01:22PM
waikiicapt wrote:
Like Neil or Ige??????? Bbbwwaahahahahah
on January 17,2014 | 02:38PM
boshio wrote:
Great News. This gives the people another option. Anyone, actually except Abercrombie will do a good job.
on January 17,2014 | 01:23PM
Too_Much_Pilikia wrote:
Welcome back Duke!
on January 17,2014 | 01:29PM
false wrote:
Go away Duke, like Mufi, just go away. We've already learned our lesson.
on January 17,2014 | 01:29PM
KekoaBradshaw wrote:
Beware of all religious fanatics, Demorcratic or Republican, Catholic, Mormonm, "New Hope", etc. When Aiona campaigns and mentions that God told him to run for Governor, that'll be the clincher for me. I don't like Abercrombie and will vote for Ige in the Dem. primary. If Abercrombie wins, I'll vote for one of the minor party candidates for governor
on January 17,2014 | 01:37PM
DowntownGreen wrote:
Voting for one of the minor party candidates helps Mr. Aiona.
on January 17,2014 | 02:26PM
inverse wrote:
Please god no. Hawaii will NEVER elect a governor who will WASTE everyone's money, time and energy with the personal agenda of outlawing same sex marriage, abortion and immunizations in Hawaii. Hawaii Repub party is the party of LOSERS.
on January 17,2014 | 01:47PM
MakaniKai wrote:
Neil start packing your bags and get up with your cousin the Travelocity G nome and arrange for a one way ticket to Buffalo NY perhaps you can take some home less with you.
on January 17,2014 | 01:59PM
MakaniKai wrote:
on January 17,2014 | 01:59PM
Makapuu4 wrote:
Aiona was Haaaaaaaaaaaaawaiian! in 2010 and he lost big Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime.
on January 17,2014 | 02:27PM
Makapuu4 wrote:
Aiona is planning a "soft launch" - Hey, Come on now. I don't want to hear about Aiona's sex life.
on January 17,2014 | 02:09PM
Makapuu4 wrote:
Blackmumbojumbo - I expected you to find some nonsensical bible reference to why Duke "The D0uche" Aiona should be governor. I am very disappointed in you (again).
on January 17,2014 | 02:19PM
Kuokoa wrote:
Way to go, Duke! Congratulations for stepping in! Funny though how HNN posts Michelle Obama getting her AARP card on FB but not Duke running for governor.
on January 17,2014 | 02:32PM
false wrote:
I thought John Wayne passed away.
on January 17,2014 | 02:46PM
LanaUlulani wrote:
Mahalo. I will be donating to his campaign.
on January 17,2014 | 02:34PM
Makapuu4 wrote:
Way to waste your money. Why not just toss it out your window?
on January 17,2014 | 02:41PM
Makapuu4 wrote:
Duke Aiona’s Christian Hawaii - How crazy is this guy? Check - http://islandbreath.blogspot.com/2010/04/duke-aionas-christian-hawaii.html
on January 17,2014 | 02:40PM
serious wrote:
Duke: go for it!! Get a lottery, legalize marijuana, get rid of the Jones Act. People in Hawaii want changes not the same stuff. Get a helmet law, Get the minimum wage to $10. But you can't win. The people who sign their checks on the back will prevail. We are a welfare state and 50% want their "stuff" ala the Democrats!!!!
on January 17,2014 | 02:49PM
hanabatadayz wrote:
haha..all the things that duke is not gonna do
on January 17,2014 | 05:57PM
DowntownGreen wrote:
Exactly, right?
on January 17,2014 | 06:55PM
Makapuu4 wrote:
Duke's meager chances of winning passed away in 2010.
on January 17,2014 | 02:50PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Alternative headline: "'Duke" Aiona plans for another loss."
on January 17,2014 | 02:57PM
HatchKelso wrote:
Duke has my vote!
on January 17,2014 | 03:10PM
ISCREAM wrote:
He'sw got my vote!
on January 17,2014 | 03:41PM
HanamauluBoy wrote:
Duke may have my vote but it's still early in the game. Anyone but Abercrombie the Zombie.
on January 17,2014 | 03:55PM
DowntownGreen wrote:
Nope, name calling is not stink talk either. Nope, it's not.
on January 17,2014 | 06:56PM
Grimbold wrote:
Standing on the side of the street and making dumb handsigns to passing cars is so stu-pid!
on January 17,2014 | 04:18PM
pridon wrote:
How about a leader not a politician - such as Walter Dods.
on January 17,2014 | 05:00PM
Ezdeewilly wrote:
I'm with you Duke! Let's get Gov. Sunshine, Moon Beam, or whatever his hippie name is out!
on January 17,2014 | 04:25PM
Makapuu4 wrote:
sluggah - You are a nltwit. Brownshirts were fascists. Fascists = right wing.
on January 17,2014 | 05:09PM
Makapuu4 wrote:
Brown Shirt or brown·shirt (broun shûrt ). n. 1. A Nazi, especially a storm trooper. 2. A racist, especially a violent, right-wing one.
on January 17,2014 | 06:18PM
2_centz wrote:
All I can say is that it is about time that duke stop hidding behind Linda's skirt or pants.
on January 17,2014 | 05:20PM
CEI wrote:
Best of luck Duke. It's time to get an adult in the governor's office and put "Red Neil" out to pasture. The aging hippies and their destructive social and fiscal engineering didn't work as planned. The state could use a good dose of morals, ethics and fiscal sanity that Duke would provide.
on January 17,2014 | 05:31PM
Makapuu4 wrote:
Neil Abercrombie - 222,724 - 57.8% James "D0uche" Aiona - 157,311 - 40.8% Way to keep it close.
on January 17,2014 | 05:58PM
Squiggs wrote:
I suggest to all these Duke Akiona backers to donate plenty of their money to his reelection. The more money you donate, the better chance he has of winning. Please be generous to one of your own kind, give him plenty of your money. (Put your money where your mouth is).
on January 17,2014 | 06:00PM
Makapuu4 wrote:
Way to waste your money. Why not just toss it out your window?
on January 17,2014 | 06:16PM
hanabatadayz wrote:
if you want a recession again..vote for a republican..neil has done a good job in his first term after a disastrous republican governor
on January 17,2014 | 06:01PM
pueohonua wrote:
NO THANK YOU! Hawaii is far to progressive to let a left wing candidate into Washington Place.
on January 17,2014 | 06:26PM
Wazdat wrote:
He is a good guy but don't we have any other qualified people who want to run? I think we need a change as da canoe is sinking.
on January 17,2014 | 06:29PM
Kaimiloa wrote:
That's what I was thinking. There hasn't been an inspiring and capable candidate, from either party, for...... I can't remember one.
on January 17,2014 | 07:30PM
scooters wrote:
There is hope for a Republican take over. Go Duke!
on January 17,2014 | 06:56PM
DowntownGreen wrote:
No hope, not even with the backing of New Hope.
on January 17,2014 | 08:44PM
Makapuu4 wrote:
scooters - Try to be serious. There is no way that will happen.
on January 17,2014 | 09:16PM
kukui_nut wrote:
Abercrombie, Neil X Aiona, Duke
on January 17,2014 | 10:41PM
mynah wrote:
I don't think he'll get the nod from the Republican Party. Probably go independent. A waste of time. But may be entertaining and not a ho hum election.
on January 17,2014 | 10:51PM
dlum003 wrote:
I don think he understands or ever cares to understand the concept of separation of church and state. I like that he's ethnically Hawaiian, but that's about it.
on January 18,2014 | 07:56AM
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