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Police arrest fugitive after crash, gunshot in Kahala

By Gregg K. Kakesako

LAST UPDATED: 11:32 a.m. HST, Jan 24, 2014

Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL

A 32-year-old career criminal is in police custody after he flipped his car in Kahala last night and fired at police officers who were trying to arrest him for outstanding warrants.

The suspect was arrested on Kealaolu Avenue fronting the Waialae Country Club golf course at 7:15 p.m.

The suspect, who has a record of 22 convictions beginning in 2001, was arrested on suspicion of three counts of first-degree attempted murder, six firearms violations, resisting arrest and failure to render aid.

Police reports indicate the suspect was being sought on several outstanding warrants and was eluding police when he hit a parked car at the intersection of Moha and Makaiwa streets and fired at pursuing police officers. He was arrested after a struggle with officers.

Police said he was taken to the hospital for his injuries.

There were no reports of any police officers being injured. Police would not say if the pursing officers fired their weapons.

The suspect's conviction record includes 13 felony convictions, including a recent car theft, identity theft and credit card fraud three years ago. Other felony convictions included burglary, robbery and kidnapping. The suspect also had seven misdemeanor convictions on his adult record, which started in 2001. 

Police temporarily closed Makaiwa Street from Kilauea Avenue to Moho Street and Kealaolu Avenue from Waialae Avenue to Farmers Road while they conducted an investigation. All roads in the area were later reopened before 12:30 a.m.

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hikine wrote:
Shoot him dead and get it over with. Next time he's out he'll bound to kill someone innocent.
on January 24,2014 | 01:38AM
twitter6 wrote:
Why does the system let these repeat offenders back on the street. Keep them locked up. They have no value to the community. The judicial system needs to use some common sense. A five year old can figure this out.
on January 24,2014 | 08:17AM
bullturd wrote:
Get rid of our liberal paroling authority. the judge says 10 years, and if the crime was really! not that violent, and the prison is over crowded, then the paroling authority sets the minimum. So the bottom line is, let the paroling authority do the sentencing and the Judge just be a figure head in the courts. LET THE JUDGE'S SET THE SENTENCE WITH THE FINAL WORD. IT'S DOGMA TIME.
on January 24,2014 | 11:19AM
pj737 wrote:
Don't worry. Just 7 more arrests and he'll get hit with Hawaii's thirty-strikes law and once that happens they'll lock him up for a solid 6 months before being put back on parole.
on January 24,2014 | 02:01PM
joseph007 wrote:
All you folks agree that our "justice system" is a farce. Getting the judges and prosecutor to do anything about it is useless unless we get them out. Keith Kaneshiro is the main problem and the judges are second.
on January 25,2014 | 07:15AM
f206 wrote:
But he was a good boy!!
on January 24,2014 | 05:03AM
Big C wrote:
WIth his record, he would be better in a better place (for the general public) if HPD had the opportunity to "shoot him dead", as Hikine stated in his comment.
on January 24,2014 | 07:54AM
lokela wrote:
Yup. Always was a nice guy.
on January 24,2014 | 05:27AM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Then the 98% of us who are not career criminals are bad guys.
on January 24,2014 | 12:54PM
Pocho wrote:
why don't you print the fugitives name? He's a wanted man, not an alledged criminal
on January 24,2014 | 05:48AM
cojef wrote:
With outstanding warrants.
on January 24,2014 | 07:28AM
jess wrote:
They reported his name on the news last night, I think his last name was Nakano but they said a different age. Maybe the don't have the correct ID yet.
on January 24,2014 | 08:54AM
sak wrote:
And not a Minor either!
on January 24,2014 | 01:30PM
McCully wrote:
Another case of Neil's plan to parole criminals due to overcrowding. See the end result.
on January 24,2014 | 05:57AM
ponowai wrote:
Must be a pretty big fish to have all those agencies tailing him. The big fish is gonna be deep fried now.
on January 24,2014 | 06:58AM
primo1 wrote:
He can resume his career as a prisoner now.
on January 24,2014 | 07:14AM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Attemped murder carries a long prison term.
on January 24,2014 | 12:55PM
scooters wrote:
So why can't you publish this dudes name? Once suspects are "booked", their names become "Public Knowledge" and CAN BE published. Selective reporting?
on January 24,2014 | 07:19AM
cojef wrote:
Gregg Kaseko is a shy reporter and this news beat is alien to him. He was formerly the military beat reporter.
on January 24,2014 | 07:31AM
Poipounder808 wrote:
Gregg KAKESAKO has been a reporter for sometime and has done some good work in the past.
on January 24,2014 | 11:37AM
bullturd wrote:
@poipounder: I like your analogy. "Has done some! good work"
on January 24,2014 | 12:38PM
mayihavesumor wrote:
Shooting at the police is usually suicide. People have been shot recently for less.
on January 24,2014 | 07:19AM
Wpsinc wrote:
22 prior conviction? Really? He's not a habitual offender, he is a ludicrous offender!
on January 24,2014 | 07:30AM
HAJAA1 wrote:
Dangerous town side!
on January 24,2014 | 07:42AM
RetiredWorking wrote:
HAJAA1 troll
on January 24,2014 | 08:37AM
samidunn wrote:
22 previous convictions, shooting at police. Lock him up and throw away the key.
on January 24,2014 | 07:44AM
Tahitigirl55 wrote:
I agree shoot him and then his family can let the public know how good of a son he was and also brother , uncle and everything else.
on January 24,2014 | 07:47AM
Fred01 wrote:
Yep. Just like Elderts.
on January 24,2014 | 11:11AM
312guy wrote:
and don't forget the law suit with Mr. green representing for wrongful death
on January 24,2014 | 08:11PM
BigOpu wrote:
Surprised the cops didn't shoot him down. Maybe they worked him over good, hence the visit to the hospital. Excellent job by the good guys btw.
on January 24,2014 | 07:47AM
GoldenRule wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on January 24,2014 | 07:49AM
babyb_19 wrote:
I would not talk about he Philippines police until u see this clip... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRt1aNsNM0c
on January 24,2014 | 01:16PM
saveparadise wrote:
Career criminal?? When wil the court system receive the wake up call? How many times must junior commit crimes before he gets real jail time? This person is a menace to society and he could have easily killed someone....if he already hasn't. Imagine how many crimes he has gotten away with. The legal system is broken to protect the guilty and not the innocent along with the victims. Insanity continues.
on January 24,2014 | 07:55AM
akio wrote:
Yea, police should have shot this loser dead. One less loser on the street
on January 24,2014 | 08:12AM
kahuku01 wrote:
If this guy had shot at the police in Vegas, they would have shot to kill, no leniency, especially when he took a shot at the police. One less criminal for taxpayers to pay for food, housing, court sessions and the comforts of life in prison. No respect for the law and the cops in Vegas show no respect for the criminal and that's the way it should be.
on January 24,2014 | 09:08AM
fairgame947 wrote:
What the heck is he doing out on the street? Can't we pass a three strikes law? He would have been locked up with the key thrown away 19 convictions ago.
on January 24,2014 | 08:21AM
primo1 wrote:
In Hawaii you get 22 strikes.
on January 24,2014 | 08:34AM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
That's almost two perfect games in bowling. He got at least two more strikes, so he's got two perfect games, and now with attempted murder, he got what he wanted: a near lifetime sentence. I think the sentence will be life without parole for attempted murder, especially of a police officer.
on January 24,2014 | 01:01PM
AhiPoke wrote:
Wow, I was leaving the mall when I saw the commotion. I guess I can consider myself lucky that this guy ran the other way. Anyway, one has to wonder how a person with sooooo many convictions hasn't already been sentenced to life in prison w/o parole.
on January 24,2014 | 08:24AM
RetiredWorking wrote:
Ahi, so many convictions cannot be lumped into a life sentence w/o parole. This occurs only in states with "3 strikes and you're out" sentencing.
on January 24,2014 | 08:36AM
Kalaheo1 wrote:
"A 32-year-old career criminal is in police custody after he flipped his car in Kahala last night and fired at police officers"

It sounds like he'll have a new career now. Career prisoner.

on January 24,2014 | 08:27AM
Winston wrote:
Scary thing is that there are too many of these twenty conviction career criminals out there.
on January 24,2014 | 08:30AM
ehrhornp wrote:
Impressive that he wasn't killed. Shows that we have a relatively good police department. Thanks for not killing him. Hopefully he will be locked up and made to provide restitution to those he has harmed.
on January 24,2014 | 08:49AM
bluhawaii74 wrote:
Thanks to liberal politicians(Democrats) and Judges, young men can not only aspire to but can actually make a "career" of being a criminal. Aloha State-Land of Opportunity
on January 24,2014 | 08:59AM
nodaddynotthebelt wrote:
There should be a cap where a felon has to be placed behind bars for a longer period of time. Some might say a three strikes law which resulted in a lot of problems. But 13 felony convictions? Why was this guy not behind bars? Why? Because we fill up our prisons with people whose only crime is an addiction to a plant.
on January 24,2014 | 09:38AM
Fred01 wrote:
Why is this newspaper too chicken to publish the fugitive's name?
on January 24,2014 | 11:09AM
moiman wrote:
on January 24,2014 | 11:16AM
1truehawaiian wrote:
Restitution?? If he could afford that he probably wouldn't of been a criminal...
on January 24,2014 | 11:44AM
livinginhawaii wrote:
Who was/were the over paid civil servant(s) that released this danger to the public? Seems like the civil servants(s) need to be sent back to school to attend a public safety class along a class that teaches them how to actually serve the civilians...
on January 24,2014 | 01:53PM
GooglyMoogly wrote:
I thought we had a Twelve Strikes Law? How'd he get to 13 felony convictions?
on January 24,2014 | 02:25PM
hon2255 wrote:
mulitple felonies,robbing houses now, take him to makua valley and commence live firing practice , he can run, but he cant hide. Practice dummy for the snipers.
on January 24,2014 | 03:28PM
hon2255 wrote:
let him run into Makua Valley, we wiil then commence live firing practice.
on January 24,2014 | 03:29PM
Carang_da_buggahz wrote:
I think it's fair to say that this career criminal has NEVER contributed anything of worth to society. Rather, he has always been, and always will be, a burden to society and especially the taxpayers. 22 convictions and this clown's still on the streets? Sadly, this is a "resume'" that we see over and over and over again. So much for so-called "justice" in this state. Just exactly what do you have to do in this state to merit a lockup that doesn't make a mockery of our judicial system?
on January 24,2014 | 05:42PM
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