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Police issue dozens of tickets in traffic enforcement efforts

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 06:39 a.m. HST, Jan 30, 2014

Police issued dozens of citations during traffic enforcement operations in East Honolulu, Windward Oahu, Kalihi and Central Honolulu this week.

Police focused on major thoroughfares Tuesday in Windward Oahu and Kalihi, issuing 14 citations between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. The citations included driving without a license, no insurance and using a mobile device while driving.

A Tuesday night operation in Central and East Oahu netted 11 citations for speeding and one for excessive speeding, police said.

On Monday, the Traffic Division's Night Enforcement team issued 25 citations on roads from from Liliha to Sandy Beach. One person was also arrested for driving under the influence. The citations included speeding, no insurance, driving without a license, excessive speeding and a seat belt violation.

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dancingcat wrote:
Yeah...that's the kind of news I like hearing...
on January 29,2014 | 12:29PM
RetiredWorking wrote:
LOL, once I was passing Kapolei Police Station, as SIX cops were giving citations within the space of two blocks. They must've got the word @ their morning briefing. Good, I like cops giving citations. If I get one, I'll pay willingly, altho the lat one I got was on Christmas 1969, when I was young and dumb.
on January 29,2014 | 12:56PM
Grimbold wrote:
We need a revolution in enforcement: Distribute sealed police video recorders to public volunteers to be mounted on dashboards. Authorities can later analyze them for recorded violations. No scofflaw could escape the scrutiny like they do now. Soon every scofflaw will follow the law , and police would be freed for more important work.
on January 30,2014 | 02:38AM
wlsc wrote:
great idea. count me in.
on January 30,2014 | 07:21AM
Grimbold wrote:
Not enough. There are thousands violations each day, and a few dozen caught makes a headline?
on January 30,2014 | 02:23AM
Giligan wrote:
Why, on the freeway in morning rush hour? Only more gawkers slowing down traffic.
on January 30,2014 | 04:49AM
paniolo wrote:
Keep on doing this. Get the speedsters and DUI drivers off the roads. Oh yeah, cellphone users, too.
on January 29,2014 | 01:21PM
beachbum11 wrote:
I agree. More enforcement needed in Pearl City. Not just the young but grandma and grandpa needs to learn to obey the traffic laws
on January 30,2014 | 08:04AM
Bdpapa wrote:
14 citations don't sound like much. But, maybe thats a good sign.
on January 29,2014 | 01:36PM
Smiley7 wrote:
More citations and impound fees for expired registration, license and unpaid traffic tickets. Notify the offender's employer of failure to follow the law which I'm sure the company is interested in. Issue more tickets for jaywalkers who think it is a big joke and better enforcement for the car pool lane violations which are done regularly from 3:30 pm heading West bound. Auwe!
on January 29,2014 | 02:56PM
HanabataDays wrote:
"Notify the offender's employer of failure to follow the law" -- suuuuuuure, put some poor sap out of his job for a traffic violation. Poo poo to the nanny nanny state.
on January 29,2014 | 03:46PM
beachbum11 wrote:
Why not. If there job requires driving the employee should know
on January 30,2014 | 08:05AM
wlsc wrote:
great!!!! keep on doing it!!!!! have laws; enforce them!!!!
on January 29,2014 | 03:49PM
DAGR81 wrote:
How about targeting the jay walkers and bicycle riders...they are the cause of a lot of unsafe situations. and would probably generate more revenue.
on January 29,2014 | 04:01PM
Publicbraddah wrote:
Agree totally. Pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers are equally to blame. We need remedials for all.
on January 30,2014 | 05:51AM
wlsc wrote:
agree also!!!!
on January 30,2014 | 07:23AM
thanks4reading wrote:
issue tickets to drivers who don't yield to pedestrians in marked cross walks and tailgaters.
on January 29,2014 | 04:21PM
In retrospect, look to issue citations to pedestrians jaywalking, and for people that are driving too slow that make tailgators tailgate. Sometimes the slow drivers are the cause of the problem too.
on January 29,2014 | 04:58PM
Surfer_Dude wrote:
Issue tickets to pedestrians who don't use a crosswalk and text when they do use one. They are in another world as they slowly cross the street unaware of traffic around them.
on January 29,2014 | 05:02PM
Grimbold wrote:
Yea, just yesterday a guy in the middle of the road outside a crosswalk made irate gestures trying to force his way across at mine and other cars driving by without stopping .
on January 30,2014 | 02:27AM
MakaniKai wrote:
I would like to see more presence / enforcement on the H-3, and impounding vehicles with expired registration. One sistah last weekend cruisin’ H-1 in the left lane like it was cool in her island car (fitting the whole consumer profile) garans no insurance and maybe a valid license – get these people off the road!
on January 29,2014 | 04:24PM
kainalu wrote:
Why would they need a special "operation" to do this? I can take a trip down to my local supermarket and issue 14 citations for just cellphone use alone.
on January 29,2014 | 04:27PM
LadyNinja wrote:
Okay, do it. Come by Hala Drive in the afternoons between 3:30-5:30 and catch the speeders going up and down Hala Drive.....Guarantee the city's budget will improve drastically.
on January 29,2014 | 04:35PM
Grimbold wrote:
If cops would use camouflage they would catch, but not being out and in plain sight to everyone.
on January 30,2014 | 02:29AM
MakaniKai wrote:
I would like to see more presence / enforcement on the H-3, and impounding vehicles with expired registration. One sistah last weekend cruisin’ H-1 in the left lane like it was cool in her island car (fitting the whole consumer profile) garans no insurance and maybe a valid license – get these people off the road!
on January 29,2014 | 04:40PM
BluesBreaker wrote:
Wow, 14 citations. Talk about a full-court press. 14!!
on January 29,2014 | 04:54PM
toad103410 wrote:
Impounding vehicles whose drivers/owners violate the law sounds fair and just, but there are so many out there where would you store all of them? Also, if you take away law breakers' cars they won't be able to get to work. Not crying for them but for the companies they work for. The companies and the economy will suffer. This seems like a no win situation. People who have no drivers license or insurance aggravate me the most. What can you do to them when (and if) they are caught? If you get into an accident with someone who has no insurance you probably won't be able to get any monetary damages from them for most of them will have no assets. Only time these people get punished is when they injure or kill someone.
on January 29,2014 | 05:35PM
Hapa_Haole_Boy wrote:
They can catch bus or take a taxi. Too bad if they can't follow the laws. Plus the employers would probably rather employees who are not lawbreakers.
on January 30,2014 | 11:13AM
Senior_Researcher wrote:
Really? 14 citations issued between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.on major thoroughfares in Windward Oahu and Kalihi is a "traffic enforcement operation"? I see that many violations on a 4 mile/15 minute commute in Urban Honolulu every day!
on January 29,2014 | 06:10PM
soundofreason wrote:
on January 29,2014 | 07:08PM
safari wrote:
Ticket these idiots who use the yellow light as a signal to speed up.
on January 29,2014 | 06:39PM
Cheyenne wrote:
hire more police and ticket everybody for everything!!
on January 29,2014 | 06:53PM
Big C wrote:
I am glad that HPD is issuing Citations, however definitely not enough. Everyday, I see many drivers, bicyclist and moped operators breaking the law. 1) How about enforcing the use of turn signal law; 2) only one rider/operator on a moped; 3) lights on bicycles, especially if riding around at night; 4) use of hand held cell phone, 5), 6) .....Basically, HPB should start issuing Citations for all violations, and maybe drivers / bicyclist / moped operators will be more careful.
on January 29,2014 | 07:17PM
Skyler wrote:
Nighttime bicyclists are practically invisible without good lights. Almost ran one over tonight - no lights, wearing black, no reflectors - and riding in the middle of the d#mn road!
on January 29,2014 | 08:20PM
scooters wrote:
Solo Bikes were all over the H-3 but never saw one patrol vehicle in the side streets of Kailua. Speeding here is out of control. Hamakua & Keolu Dr. are hot spots for speeders. People know that the patrolmen are not in these areas and so there for they just race on down the road.
on January 29,2014 | 07:53PM
st1d wrote:
cinco de mayo.

may 05.


55 mph

or, speed limit in the left lane day.

on January 29,2014 | 09:54PM
1coconut wrote:
Gee, what an impressive amount of enforcement. I ride stationary bike in 24 hour fitness in pearl city every day for 45 minutes and I see more than that. Just looking out the window of people talking on the phone, texting, kids not strapped in the safety seats or no seat belts stopped at the stop light at Kam and Acacia I could give more tickets than the cops gave in the three days.
on January 30,2014 | 05:06AM
Hawaiiman wrote:
Dozens???? Whoop de do! Major headline - minor effort. This should be a daily routine rather than a big news item. Hire flag persons to control traffic and have police do police work.
on January 30,2014 | 05:43AM
beachbum11 wrote:
You are right on. Sitting or standing what's the reason ? Plus when doing special duty does the taxpayer get paid back for police using city property to perform special duty. I mean the use of blue lights and the uniform with gun! We the people pay for the equipment to be used when performing there regular duties. I can,t use my companies property to make side money. Just aaking
on January 30,2014 | 09:43AM
Publicbraddah wrote:
Only 14 citations between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. in Kalihi?? Really??
on January 30,2014 | 05:49AM
Anonymous wrote:
About a year ago while playing tennis at Mililani District Park, we witnessed a police officer cite about a dozen tickets to motorists making a wrong turn on Lanikuhana in a matter of an hour. This went on for a few Sundays. My point is if ONE officer can issue that many citations, why were only 14 issued over a 7 hour period in Kalihi. And, I'll bet those 14 were not issued by one cop.
on January 30,2014 | 06:02AM
Publicbraddah wrote:
A little PR for HPD to sooth the public's savage breast. Truth is, this should be going on 24 x 7. Chief Kealoha is the ultimate PR man.
on January 30,2014 | 05:54AM
Anonymous wrote:
Chief Kealoha doing his PR spin to sooth the public's concern when in reality shouldn't this be a 24 x 7 x 365 effort?
on January 30,2014 | 05:57AM
Anonymous wrote:
Chief Kealoha doing a little PR spin to sooth the public's concern when in reality, shouldn't this be a 24 x 7 x365 effort?
on January 30,2014 | 05:58AM
berrygood wrote:
Wow!...Seems after reading these comments, we should have the police watching everyones every move..The reality is there will be people that make dumb moves in their cars..Whether it's not putting on a turn signal or talking on a cell phone..It's going to happen..I'm not sure I like the idea of police doing mass tickets just to fill the quota of the day..How bout being more visible?..How bout just having cruisers going up and down the freeway (at speed limit) just to show a presence..To show up for a day of ticket issuing sounds more like they are making sure in their minds, they've done their thing..Okay, take a break..Whether true or not, this kinda article does nothing for their image...Lots of people on the road..LOTS..Like my Dad used to say, worry about yourself..Drive everyday like you have a patrol car right behind you..and don't stress about the other guy..There will always be knuckleheads out there..jmo
on January 30,2014 | 09:16AM
MightyMakiki wrote:
More, more, more. Should also go after "Red Light Runners" in town
on January 30,2014 | 11:03AM
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