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Woman, 67, killed crossing N. King St. in Kalihi

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 02:36 p.m. HST, Feb 04, 2014

A 67-year-old woman was killed this morning while in a marked crosswalk in Kalihi.

Honolulu Police Lt. Robert Towne said a negligent homicide investigation has been started following the 6 a.m. accident on North King St. near Gulick Ave.

Alcohol and speed do not appear to be factors in the accident, Towne said.

The victim was in a marked crosswalk on North King Street when she was struck by a Chevy pickup truck driven by a man in his 40s, Towne said.

Paramedics took the woman in critical condition to Queen's Medical Center, where she died.

Police closed North King Street between Gulick and Mokauea streets until just before 8 a.m. as Traffic Division officers investigated the accident scene.

This was Oahu's 10th traffic death, compared to 11 at the same time last year.

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Upperkula wrote:
Be carefull out there, my condolence to her Ohana.
on February 4,2014 | 07:12AM
kiragirl wrote:
Sad. Another pedestrian fatality. The city needs to re-evaluate the location of sidewalks and the removal of those near an intersection. The mid-block crosswalk are the dangerous crosswalks.
on February 4,2014 | 07:13AM
RetiredWorking wrote:
kiragirl, you're not making sense. If mid-block crosswalks are dangerous, why do you propose to remove those near intersections? What's to re-evaluate about sidewalks near intersections?
on February 4,2014 | 07:56AM
kiragirl wrote:
For instance. There is a crosswalk on King and Sheriton. That crosswalk is only 100 feet away from King and Keaumoku. A pedestrian was killed in a crosswalk in front of 1st Hawaiian Bank at Molilili Field. There is lighted crosswalk at Isenberg and King. The city installed flashing lights on the crosswalk in front to Times by Zippy's. There is already a lighted crosswalk 100 yards prior to that crosswalk so was a waste of our money. Then there is another crosswalk 100 yards after that crosswalk by Times. If people are too lazy to walk to a lighted intersection crosswalk, then they must jaywalk and risk their lives doing so.
on February 4,2014 | 08:42AM
lookup wrote:
It is not a matter or too lazy...67 is not a spring chicken and walking a 100 yards, the length of a football field is not easy for our elderly citizens. It is very dangerous in the rain and everyone needs to pay more attention both pedestrians and drivers, especially the drivers since the can do the most damage. The City and the State are not able to handle the situations at hand right now...we can not depend on government...we have to take care of our own! Pay attention, be helpful to others especially the elderly, assist them when you see them trying to cross the street and if you have family who are not so capable of taking good care of themselves then do whatever it takes to keep them out of danger...you take them where they need to go, shopping, doctor etc.
on February 4,2014 | 10:40AM
kiragirl wrote:
Okay. Good points.
on February 4,2014 | 11:18AM
wn wrote:
My sentiments exactly. If the situation presents itself, regardless of age, if someone needs an assist walking across the street, take the time to offer assistance. I had a couple of boys who wanted to cross in a mid-block crosswalk on their way to school. There was the typical morning traffic and these boys were a bit nervous about crossing so I walked them across. As I went back across the street to make my way back home I remember them calling out, "Thanks Uncle!" Everybody lend a helping hand.
on February 4,2014 | 11:27AM
kiragirl wrote:
Good for you.
on February 4,2014 | 12:13PM
aomohoa wrote:
Everyone should be so kind. It would be a better world. That is the Aloha spirit.
on February 4,2014 | 05:27PM
aomohoa wrote:
HEY, 67 is the new 47 if you take care of yourself. I'm not far off and I hike and do all kinds of sports.
on February 4,2014 | 05:24PM
GooglyMoogly wrote:
Removal of sidewalks? That makes no sense. You aren't going to prevent people from walking on one side of the street just by removing the sidewalks. If anything, you've just made it more dangerous for them....they're going to walk there anyway.
on February 4,2014 | 08:28AM
kiragirl wrote:
The city must evaluate where these pedestrians are from. For instance, the crosswalk fronting Moilili Field on King Street. Pedestrians cannot magically appear from Moilili Field so why put a crosswalk there? The other is their destination. Where would they be heading to? Bus stops are a few so bus stops should be in the equation also. For instance, awhile ago, I reported to the city but nothing was done about a bus stop fronting Straub Clinic but no crosswalk. Instead, a crosswalk was by KITV. Doesn't make sense.
on February 4,2014 | 08:48AM
steven_mark wrote:
People play games at Moiilili Field. Festivals are held on a regular basis there. That's where the pedestrians come from. You would always want to have crosswalks near a play area. The accident happened at 6 a.m., when it's still dark. It was probably raining, so visibility was further hindered, with lots of reflection, water on the windshield and so forth. There is a traffic signal at that intersection, but who knows, the pedestrian may have been crossing against the light, or the driver may have been making a turn and not seen the intersection clearly. This is a sad situation all the way around, but there are a lot of circumstances unrelated to crosswalk placement that probably contributed to this tragedy.
on February 4,2014 | 09:38AM
kiragirl wrote:
Agree there are social events held at Moilili Field. So participants destinations are where? The exit from Moilili Field is at the King/Isenberg intersection so if participants need to get to the other side of the street, they should use that crosswalk. No need for the other one.
on February 4,2014 | 10:40AM
GooglyMoogly wrote:
But people don't only come from Moiliili field, and they don't only head for bus stops. On surface streets, areas of high vehicle traffic also tend to be high foot traffic. Not only that, but crosswalks are critical in those areas BECAUSE of the volume of cars and trucks that are passing through. You don't want to have pedestrians trying to jaywalk five lanes of King Street, which they would do if there were no crosswalk there.
on February 4,2014 | 10:26AM
kiragirl wrote:
For instance, there ISN'T a crosswalk on King Street between Pensacola and Piikoi and there is no reason to put one there. Hence, that block contains no mid-block crosswalk. The city can do the same for other blocks by removing those dangerous mid-block crosswalks. If the block is very long, then a mid-block crosswalk is needed and then the city can install a pedestrian walk light.
on February 4,2014 | 11:27AM
RetiredWorking wrote:
kiragirl, you're mixing up the words "crosswalks" and "sidewalks".
on February 4,2014 | 11:38AM
kiragirl wrote:
Yeah. I noticed that myself. Mahalo for telling me.
on February 4,2014 | 12:15PM
WF808 wrote:
Kgirl is right about mid-block crosswalks, but not in this particular case. While not clear from the printed SA story, Ramsey Wharton's superior coverage makes clear that the accident occurred at a crosswalk at the intersection of North King and Kopke Streets. While it is easy to blame the driver, Kgirl and other posters are also right about pedestrians also needing to exercise more self-protection in these types of circumstances.
on February 4,2014 | 11:50AM
aomohoa wrote:
The cross walks are there. It's not the cities responsibility. Drivers need to pay attention and pedestrians need to make sure someone is going to stop before they cross. I see people walk out assuming they have the right away and a driver will stop. They don't even really look.Everyone needs to be careful.
on February 4,2014 | 05:22PM
paniolo wrote:
My ALOHA to her ohana. Slow down drivers, it's raining out there. Pedestrians, make sure the roadway is clear before attempting to cross. Both sides have to do their part in preventing any accidents.
on February 4,2014 | 07:31AM
aomohoa wrote:
So true. Also stay off your cell phones people.
on February 4,2014 | 05:28PM
wave1 wrote:
Need to install those flashing led lights in the street at ALL oahu cross walks. The kind the pedistrian press a button and the lights blink along the entier cross walk. Also, have all lights go red at intersection for peds to cross- no right turn on green when walk sing is lit "walk". We can spend 5 B on rail, so we can do this- or have a ped die every day.
on February 4,2014 | 07:45AM
BigOpu wrote:
Agree. At least for the crosswalks in very heavy traffic areas. The King Street crosswalks for sure.
on February 4,2014 | 07:55AM
wave1 wrote:
And all along the Waianae coast...........
on February 4,2014 | 10:03AM
RetiredWorking wrote:
A ped die every day? That'd be 365 deaths annually, which we don't have.
on February 4,2014 | 07:57AM
wave1 wrote:
Just wait. I think we had one yesterday and again today. In a few years we will be up to 365 a year.
on February 4,2014 | 10:01AM
pakeheat wrote:
Don't think so in a few years, you are exaggerating, LOL.
on February 4,2014 | 11:22AM
RetiredWorking wrote:
wave, in the future, when population increases, but not this year.
on February 4,2014 | 11:39AM
GooglyMoogly wrote:
You can already be cited for turning through a crosswalk while a pedestrian is in it, even if they're on the opposite end of it. Not sure what else you can do to enforce that law, but your idea about lining the crosswalk with flashing lights is a good one.

There's no foolproof way to keep pedestrians safe...driver awareness is and always will be the best tool.

on February 4,2014 | 08:30AM
wave1 wrote:
I understand being cited, but say on a rainy night or early morning, ped dressed in dark close, can be nearly impossible to see- especially if the ped is just stepping off the side walk on your right side, as you make a right. If there is a pole between you and ped, you cannot see them. Problem with all of this, even a careful driver could hit someone and then be charged with negligent homocide- that would suck for both the ped and driver. With all the traffic on oahu's roads, and all the peds, it is a real problem for everybody.
on February 4,2014 | 10:00AM
pakeheat wrote:
You are suppose to look right, look left, and look right again before turning, isn't?
on February 4,2014 | 11:23AM
hanabadadayz wrote:
Drivers need to slow down. I was waiting for a pedestrian in a crosswalk one day, she was at the opposit end and by law you shouldn't try to beat the pedestrian by speeding through the crosswalk. Well this jack*** started yelling at me calling me every "F" word in the book trying to tell me that I can go because she's on the other side. It's these type of people that need to take the time to breath or CATCH THE BUS if the stress of driving is getting to you. My condolence to her Ohana.
on February 4,2014 | 10:31AM
kiragirl wrote:
Sorry but that driver was correct. You must stop if the pedestrian is "near" your half of street.
on February 4,2014 | 11:30AM
RetiredWorking wrote:
kiragirl, drivers must stop as soon as the pedestrian steps into the crosswalk, no matter if he's near you or on the other side of the street.
on February 4,2014 | 01:32PM
hanabadadayz wrote:
Kiragirl, You must be related to the guy who was behind of me! I'm not sure where you got your information but RetiredWorking is correct. You're one who SHOULD
on February 4,2014 | 01:50PM
WF808 wrote:
Retired and HB, I am not a Kgirl fan, but she is right. §291C-72 Pedestrians' right-of-way in crosswalks. (a) The driver of a vehicle shall stop for a pedestrian who is crossing the roadway within a crosswalk when the pedestrian is either: (1) Upon the half of the roadway upon which the vehicle is traveling; or (2) Approaching the vehicle so closely from the opposite half of the roadway as to be in danger... It is precisely this type of misimpression that causes pedestrians to be ignorant of their surroundings and leads to these types of accidents.
on February 4,2014 | 03:49PM
kiragirl wrote:
Mahalo! We have motorists who should keep their mouths shut if they are not sure of our traffic laws. RetiredWorking and Hanabadadayz, do I get an apology???
on February 4,2014 | 07:26PM
hanabadadayz wrote:
kira girl. you SHOULD catch the BUS
on February 4,2014 | 01:51PM
Ronin006 wrote:
The story does not say if the crosswalk was at a traffic light or mid-intersection. North King Street, like many others, has many mid-intersection crosswalks, some of them being short distances from crosswalks at intersections. Some are difficult to see because the paint has worn off. They are almost impossible to see at night, especially when it rains. I would say they are accidents waiting to happen, but they already have. What’s needed on North King Street is the elimination of mid-intersection crosswalks and the installation of a high chain link fence down the center of the road between intersections to prevent J-walking, like the state did on Kam Highway between the stadium and Sam’s Club. Ugly as all get up, but it was done to protect pedestrians.
on February 4,2014 | 08:26AM
dontbelieveinmyths wrote:
It also doesn't say if the pedestrian entered the crosswalk legally or if not at a traffic light, darted out of nowhere. Too many times I witness older pedestrians darting in the crosswalk when the hand is blinking or solid already. That makes it difficult for cars turning left or right into the crosswalk. And why do I see these older people do this? Most times its to get to the bus stop because they are rushing. Sad in any circumstance.
on February 4,2014 | 08:45AM
kiragirl wrote:
I posted the same thing and a couple disagreed with me. I truly believe the city MUST evaluate the locations of sidewalks, remove some and enhance those that are needed. Too bad the city see things differently.
on February 4,2014 | 08:55AM
PTF wrote:
Some crosswalks were eliminated. For instance on S.King St. between the graveyard and Straub Clinic was eliminated. After a student was hit in front of McKinley High in a mid-intersection crosswalk, they put a stoplight there. Another stoplight that was installed was on Ft.Weaver road in front of the Child & Family Services after a child was hit crossing the mid-intersection crosswalk..
on February 4,2014 | 09:53AM
kiragirl wrote:
That is the one I was referring to. Today there isn't a bus stop nor a crosswalk. Straub employees and condo residents will need to use the Ward/Beretania crosswalk and the bus stop fronting Blaisdelll Hall. The other crosswalk is by Cooke Street, next to a bus stop. So if they can eliminate that crosswalk you mentioned, others can be removed too including bus stops. The city needs to coordinate bus stop locations and sidewalks. I dunno what is so hard to understand about this concept.
on February 4,2014 | 10:24AM
GooglyMoogly wrote:
But to what end, kiragirl? The woman was in a marked crosswalk, and whether it was poor visibility, driver inattentiveness, or whatever, she still got hit. Removing crosswalks is not the answer...while some people are going to abide by the new placement, you will have others who are used to the crossing where they always cross, and will continue to do so, crosswalk or not. Make them easier to see, or add dedicated traffic lights like they did in front of McKinley High School on King Street, but you can't take them away.
on February 4,2014 | 11:14AM
kiragirl wrote:
PTF: I was referring to the City not being able to understand.
on February 4,2014 | 10:34AM
paniolo wrote:
The crosswalk is not at a traffic light/intersection. It is about a block from Gulick Ave. which is a traffic light/intersection.
on February 4,2014 | 09:41AM
kiragirl wrote:
One block from Gulick? So if that crosswalk was not there, she would have used the traffic light intersection to cross.
on February 4,2014 | 10:28AM
RetiredWorking wrote:
kiragirl, the pedestrian would've jaywalked right there. Gulick Avenue below King Street is a narrow street.
on February 4,2014 | 01:33PM
GooglyMoogly wrote:
The difference between what was done on Kam Highway and what you're proposing for N. King is that the highway had a median where the fence could be installed. N. King has no such facility, and being a street (and not a highway), drivers are free to make left turns into driveways without a dedicated left turn signal/lane. Your fence wouldn't allow for that.
on February 4,2014 | 11:08AM
Ronin006 wrote:
You are correct about drivers being free to make left turns off of North King Street into drive ways and side streets not at intersections. That is another problem unrelated to cross walks. What it does is impede traffic flow on North King Street when drivers wanting to make left turns are prevented from doing so by on-coming traffic. It is extremely irritating any time, but more so during rush hours.
on February 4,2014 | 04:30PM
GoldenRule wrote:
Better buy whose mini halogen flashlights at Costco. They can be set to LO, HI, and flashing.
on February 4,2014 | 08:36AM
HawaiiCheeseBall wrote:
I've been reading some of the comments here about perhaps removing crosswalks and such. I would think that the only crosswalks at issue are the mid block cross walks. But a lot of them have already been removed (like the one on King Street in front of McKinley High School, and a lot of the ones that remain have been signalized. In place like Kalihi you have a lot of un-signalized intersections, largely because the blocks can be short so if you signalized all of them, traffic through Kalihi would be a mess. So what is the solution? Well brothers and sisters, maybe there is none except for common sense and vigilance by drivers and pedestrians alike. Yes this means pedestrians will continue to get hit on our streets, but you know what, maybe we have to realize that there is only so much the City can do and it is up to us to drive with aloha and be akamai when we cross the street. Stay safe brothers and sisters; especially on rainy days and nights.
on February 4,2014 | 09:12AM
PTF wrote:
The mid block crosswalk in front of McKinley was not eliminated. A stoplight was added to the crosswalk.
on February 5,2014 | 09:54AM
I think too much blame is placed on the vehicles and the drivers and not enough is placed on the pedestrians. Too many times I see pedestrians not paying any attention whatsoever. I am responsible for my own life and not the driver. Please wake up walkers! It is your life you need to be alert of your surroundings. Too many times I see absolutely no awareness or an attitude of "they have to yield to me!" We all have to share the road-Lets not only drive with Aloha, lets walk with Aloha as well.
on February 4,2014 | 09:36AM
kiragirl wrote:
Last week, an elderly lady stopped us drivers and waved at the bus driver to wait for her while she walked across a RED light. Pedestrians are lazy and impatient. Drivers are always in a rush.
on February 4,2014 | 10:33AM
lookup wrote:
The elderly can be very irresponsble and unaware! I have an 85 year old Mother who thinks that the world should revolve around her I have to continually warn her and explain things to her. ( she still thinks she is right) That is why i say we need to do our best to look out for our family, neighbors and anyone else in our path including other peoples children we may see getting into mischief. The law can not be everywhere so people let us help each other out! Compassion and kindness goes a long way!
on February 4,2014 | 10:57AM
kiragirl wrote:
Well said. I too notice myself being a lot more courteous to other drivers and pedestrians when I am early and not late. We need to bring back the Aloha attitude instead of the Ainokea one that is a lot nowadays.
on February 4,2014 | 11:35AM
GoldenRule wrote:
Better go to Costco and buy those mini Halogen flashlights which can be set to HI, LO, FLASHING. Shine it at the driver's eyes. Or get a bicycle red flashing light. Mo beddah wait for an opening and RUN for it. Never take it for granted you have the right or they will stop. Drivers are distracted by radios, phone calls, anger, impatience, or stupidity. I ALWAYS look at the driver's eyes to see if they can see me.
on February 4,2014 | 10:53AM
wn wrote:
Condolences the Family...she was someone's wife, mother, grandmother or perhaps you even knew her. Overall people are in a rush to get to where their going. In reality, if you analyze the amount of time saved from getting from point A to B, the actual time lost by slowing it down is not that significant. Combine this with inattentive driving and aggressive driving behavior...not a good recipe for driver / pedestrian safety. Unfortunate incidents like this will continue to increase as long as those guilty of this type of driving behavior continue to push the envelope and see if they can get away with it. Starts with everyone driving responsibly.
on February 4,2014 | 11:42AM
RetiredWorking wrote:
wave, your estimate is so dumb it isn't even funny. In 2011, there were 26 pedestrian fatalities in Hawaii.
on February 4,2014 | 11:50AM
agile wrote:
There are so many pedestrian accidents here--why does media not report what happened to the driver? Are they arrested? If not, why not? What happens in court? If media followed up on the consequences of what may be careless drivers, those who hit or kill pedestrians in marked crosswalks, it could serve as an effective deterrent and warning to distracted drivers.
on February 4,2014 | 01:29PM
HNL96813 wrote:
Hawaii….STOP killing pedestrians. Hawaii police & Hawaii politico's Stop the killing of people that walk! DO something! We have the perfect place on earth to walk,Our health practioner's tell us to walk,and yet drivers in a hurry kill the pedestrians. FIX THIS SHAME.
on February 4,2014 | 01:58PM
wave1 wrote:
Actually HI is pretty hard on the drivers of ped fatalities. Many are charged with involuntary man slughter. Even if you are found not guilty, you got some serious lawyer fees to pay and lost wages due to court time.
on February 4,2014 | 02:33PM
Bully wrote:
This morning is was wet, dark and good chance of pedestrian getting hit by a car.
on February 4,2014 | 02:03PM
tutulois wrote:
There are ways to have a flashing light at these crosswalks, to alert drivers that someone is trying to cross the street. I walk every day, and it really feels like open season on pedestrians out there. Drivers just not paying attention. So sad --a human life lost, a family grieving...
on February 4,2014 | 02:28PM
false wrote:
How about those flashing lights in more cross walks? Oppss not money.
on February 4,2014 | 04:11PM
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