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Council committee scraps $10 garbage fee bill

By Star-Advertiser Staff

LAST UPDATED: 02:48 p.m. HST, Feb 26, 2014

A plan by Mayor Kirk Caldwell to start charging Oahu property owners $10 a month for trash pickup was shot down by the Honolulu City Council Budget Committee Wednesday.

The administration said the plan would have brought in $20 million annually, only a portion of the $100 million the city needs to provide the service.

But Council members said the administration had not provided enough justification for instituting the fee and had not convinced them service would actually be improved.

Council Chairman Ernie Martin, an early opponent of the idea, urged the committee members to reject the plan now to block Caldwell from being able to program the $20 million in project revenues into the budget.

If the committee were to move the bill ahead now and reject it later, the Council would be stuck with needing to make up a $20 million hole in the budget, he said.

Instead, the Caldwell administration will now need to scramble to make up the anticipated revenue by Friday, when it is slated to submit its budget for next year to the Council.

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pj737 wrote:
Whew, common sense prevailed!!!
on February 26,2014 | 11:58AM
what wrote:
Common sense indeed. We are all already paying for trash pick up. It's called a property tax. If you rent, your landlord is paying it.
on February 26,2014 | 12:13PM
Rite80 wrote:
Common sense? I want my refuse picked up in a timely manner and am willing to pay for it. Refuse is paid through the property taxes but the property taxes are not covering the entire cost of trash pickup, a point lost on most people.
on February 26,2014 | 12:59PM
kekelaward wrote:
No one is stopping you from paying for it. Just don't drag the rest of us along for the ride.
on February 26,2014 | 03:41PM
localguy wrote:
Rite80 - If you want to throw more money at our wasteful government, go ahead. Our bureaucrats can't do the job they were elected for, too busy kow towing to their union bosses and special interest groups. We all know there is massive waste in government, sad to say no bureaucrat has the c a j o n e s to fix the problem.
on February 26,2014 | 04:22PM
soundofreason wrote:
It wouldn't have changed a single thing on current service levels. And THANK you Ernie.
on February 26,2014 | 05:49PM
csdhawaii wrote:
Property taxes in Hawaii are too low, especially considering how scarce land is.
on February 26,2014 | 05:03PM
ghstar wrote:
Speaking on KGMB, Lori Kahikina, director of the city's environmental services department said: "People have grown accustomed to it and they feel they are entitled to it for free. But our cost of services are going up, everything goes up, the parts to replace on our vehicles, the fuel costs." Can she really be that uninformed about how we citizens pay for garbage and bulky item pickup?? Most households pay over $1000 a year in property taxes, part of which pays for trash pickup, just like it does for fire, police, libraries, parks, and all the other necessary things it takes to run the city. Nothing is free, we are paying for city services every day. What's next -- a $10 fee if you call 911 for police service?
on February 26,2014 | 07:47PM
DAGR81 wrote:
They will still get us,,,one way or the other.
on February 26,2014 | 05:26PM
Ronin006 wrote:
Yes, now lets eliminate the $2 or $3 extra pay police officers receive for behaving while off duty as all citizens are suppose to do..
on February 26,2014 | 08:49PM
gth wrote:
Would have voted against my councilmember if he voted for it. Maybe with all this opposition, the councilmembers voted against it.
on February 26,2014 | 11:59AM
gsc wrote:
Me too ....
on February 26,2014 | 12:27PM
islandsun wrote:
Finally the council made a good move. This was just another tax that Caldwell would have used & abused, regardless of what he promised the union for future raises. Remember Caldwell the clown was never good with money, goes back to his managing director stint under Mufi.
on February 26,2014 | 01:48PM
kekelaward wrote:
You mean OUR money. He did pretty good for himself and his historic house.
on February 26,2014 | 03:43PM
soundofreason wrote:
Did they all though? We'll never know. The SA covered the story.
on February 26,2014 | 05:50PM
mcc wrote:
Kirk tried to trick us and call the additional property tax a fee.
on February 26,2014 | 12:09PM
false wrote:
Running out of dough KirK? We'll always have money for the rail. LOL
on February 26,2014 | 12:45PM
catwoman wrote:
Make people pay for picking up garbage when places are dirty already....will only make more people find other places to dump and make everything ugly....
on February 26,2014 | 12:10PM
false wrote:
Is this what leadership and fiscal responsibility is about? Either bad reporting, or bad governing, but it sounds like the city is going to run out of money and the council is setting the mayor up to take the blame...but my bet is on bad reporting, or politicians dodging the issue, like they did on the city council's flip-flop on sale of rental property.
on February 26,2014 | 12:27PM
Skyler wrote:
If the City runs out of money, it only has the pro-rail idjits to blame - ALL of them.
on February 26,2014 | 12:55PM
fiveo wrote:
The mayor is scrambling in a desperate bid to find any means to raise revenue because he knows that the rail project will suck huge amounts of money from the City. It is very unlikely that charging a refuse pick up fee would have been used to pay for the refuse pickup or to improve services. Already large amounts of tax revenue collected to pay for bus service, and other city services are and will be funneled to the rail project. Wake up guys. Watch what the Mayor and his administration are doing and be sure to keep the fire to the feet of the City Council.
on February 26,2014 | 12:45PM
Skyler wrote:
Right now, I wouldn't vote for one single incumbent in the City admin - including the Mayor. They're mismanaging Honolulu right into the ground.
on February 26,2014 | 12:57PM
richierich wrote:
The City is squandering our tax dollars on non-essential services. How is it ok for the City to redirect out tax dollars to private non-profits in the same year that they tell us that they don't have enough money to fund refuse pick-up?
on February 26,2014 | 12:56PM
Spikette wrote:
Our feelings exactly about funding those non-profit groups with our tax dollars. Those millions should be directed to fixing our roads, parks, and infrastructures that are in very bad conditions.
on February 27,2014 | 04:13AM
boshio wrote:
Oh hell, I would be glad to pay the extra $10 per month, only if Caldwell promise to repave my street which was never paved since I moved in 1974. Noisiest street in the neighborhood.
on February 26,2014 | 01:04PM
roadsterred wrote:
If this bill had passed, Caldwell would have become a one-term mayor like former mayor Eileen Anderson.
on February 26,2014 | 01:21PM
hanoz808 wrote:
who's Eileen Anderson?
on February 26,2014 | 02:31PM
Kalaheo1 wrote:
on February 26,2014 | 03:30PM
iwanaknow wrote:
Don't worry, if the shoe was on the other foot and Erine was Mayor, he would propose $20/month......go figure..................let's put a tax on consumption and sunset it in a year as an experiment?
on February 26,2014 | 01:24PM
GoldenRule wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on February 26,2014 | 02:41PM
kekelaward wrote:
Not if you have a spine and actually care about the constituents and their well being, rather than gaining money and power for yourself.
on February 26,2014 | 03:47PM
seaborn wrote:
From the beginning, I couldn't believe they'd try adding a fee on top of a service I'm already paying taxes for. Though now that they have changed their minds, I'm sure the tax will go up. If they are only receiving $20 million for a $100 million service, then they have to get money from somewhere, and I'm hoping it won't hurt too much when they decide how they'll collect.
on February 26,2014 | 02:53PM
bikemom wrote:
". . . would be stuck with needing to make up a $20 million hole in the budget, . . . " Since the bill was set to go into effect 1/1/15, the actual amount that would impact the budget is $10 million, not $20 million.
on February 26,2014 | 02:59PM
jotobuddy123 wrote:
The Mayor should have used the angle of having the fee go to pay for rail. Most people on Oahu - especially us union guys - are pro rail. Only a tiny minority is against it I think it would have been an easy sell.
on February 26,2014 | 03:03PM
islandsun wrote:
on February 26,2014 | 03:11PM
jotobuddy123 wrote:
on February 26,2014 | 03:26PM
islandsun wrote:
Good post!
on February 26,2014 | 05:25PM
Iiotoko wrote:
And there it is in a nutshell - how the unions rule Hawaii through their political lackeys who would never hold office without the union backing. Listen up, Mayor - they're telling you just how to pull off another shibai. Thought you'd know all these tricks by now...
on February 26,2014 | 03:26PM
kekelaward wrote:
Then let's have a straight up vote on it, with a clear, plain English, yes or no question on the ballot. Not one of those liberal " If you want it, vote no" type questions.
on February 26,2014 | 03:52PM
jotobuddy123 wrote:
You guys will never learn. Join a union in Hawaii and your life will be much more peaceful and happier. As a union member I work hard (relatively) for my money. But rail makes it so much easier. GO RAIL GO!!!!
on February 26,2014 | 04:04PM
kekelaward wrote:
I was in a union and the only thing they did to me was give raises to senior people and new hires. I had about 10 years in and at the end of their "bargaining", I was making about 2 bucks more than the brand new guy they expected me to train and mentor. All of us in the middle got the big shaft. They did raise my dues though.
on February 26,2014 | 08:19PM
loquaciousone wrote:
It was all a bunch of rubbish anyway.
on February 26,2014 | 04:11PM
localguy wrote:
Kirky Boy just can't do anything right. He keeps making very bad decisions, then fails to accept responsibility for his failure, trying to spin it away from himself. The man either needs to learn how to do his job or admit he can't make the grade and resign. Better to quit now then more years of failures.
on February 26,2014 | 04:20PM
glenn57377 wrote:
Caldwell will shop for something to TAX until he finds something that sticks. Taxpayers are the losers. Nobody wants to volunteer to pay more money to a State government that cannot manage the massive taxes and fees they already get. We all know one of the biggest problems is corruption. I know I don't want them to have any more of my money to squander. Everything and everybody, including visitors are taxed endlessly. Still, our State is on the bottom or near the bottom on everything from education to road conditions. It is a shame the citizens of this State has the worst government possible. We deserve better government, more say about what is going on.......and the ability to keep more of our money. You know what? Give me some options. I would gladly haul my garbage to the reception facility not to save $10, but to defeat the principle of the government wanting to suck more money out of my wallet. Think about it. You earn $100 and the Feds, Medicare, Social Security and State get a cut. What is left you take home. Then, you are taxed again by the state on every purchase. Lets say you were able to retain $75 of that $100.....probably less. Then you buy some gas for your car and enjoy a cola. Subtract all of the tax on gas and the 5% for tax on the cola, then 6 cents for deposit fee. The Federal and State government are TAKING most of our money in taxes......and they cannot discipline themselves to the point where our Federal deficit is multi-trillions of dollars. We are stuck with our situation. Is there any wonder the standard of living in Hawaii is low? How many are homeless because they cannot afford to be in the system?
on February 26,2014 | 06:21PM
Bully wrote:
Good, it was a bad idea.
on February 26,2014 | 06:56PM
Wazdat wrote:
God Job elected leaders. Finally doing the right thing
on February 26,2014 | 08:51PM
username_required wrote:
If I live in a condo near Waimanalo Gulch, why am I subsidizing, through property taxes, the garbage service of folks in Hawaii Kai? I guess it's for the same reason why people in Hawaii Kai pay for the rail through GET.
on February 27,2014 | 07:36AM
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