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Idea to replace Blaisdell Center advances

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 10:51 a.m. HST, Feb 26, 2014

Mayor Kirk Caldwell is advancing an idea to redevelop Honolulu's aging Neal S. Blaisdell Center through a panel of consultants slated to share preliminary findings and recommendations at a presentation on March 7.

The panel was arranged by the Daniel Rose Center for Public Leadership, which is part of the Urban Land Institute.

Rose Center selected the Blaisdell project as an initiative under Caldwell's leadership, and has come up with a preliminary strategy and ideas for a redevelopment plan.

The Land Institute announced that Rose Center will continue working with the city to help refine and enact a plan through a final report expected to be issued by the end of the year.

The city intends to commission a consulting team to help craft a vision for "a cultural and entertainment venue" on the site that is financially self sustaining, and then seek out potential development partners, ULI said.

Work by the Rose Center panel comes about nine months after the Hawaii Community Development Authority, a state agency governing development in the Kakaako area that includes the Blaisdell, suggested potential redevelopment of the 22-acre city site as part of a draft plan for transit-oriented development near two planned city rail stations in Kakaako.

The agency suggested the city could partner with a private developer to replace Blaisdell facilities, most of which were built in 1964, with uses that might include a new performing arts complex, a 700-foot residential tower, a business hotel, multiplex cinema, parking and a large park.

Since then, Caldwell has touted the potential to enhance the site as the core of a revitalized culture and arts district in Honolulu.

The Rose Center panel includes private and public sector consultants representing planning, development, art, transportation and finance fields from several mainland cities and Honolulu.

The panel's presentation will be at the city's Mission Memorial Auditorium at 9 a.m. The presentation is free and open to the public.

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awahana wrote:
They just re-roofed the arena a few years ago, at tremendous cost.
Way to go government planning and spending!
on February 26,2014 | 08:58AM
South76 wrote:
Part of the blame for wasteful spending by the government is the electorate of this state; many electorate are so un-informed about the candidates during elections, they only go by what they are told by their union leaders or a friend who is told by their union who to vote for--no one bothers to read what the candidates stand for. So we are locked into this destructive cycle of legal corruption. Elected politicians are only interested in lining up their pockets when they are not making laws for their friends--the government unions and other unions willing to slip an envelope into their pockets during non-election time. Just watch the unions, they will publicly endorse a candidate during elections and if that candidate get elected and does not DO what the unions asked for, they will campaign for the other guy.
on February 26,2014 | 09:15AM
HanabataDays wrote:
/s/ A Frustrated Republican
on February 26,2014 | 09:19AM
ehrhornp wrote:
So much better to follow the rantings of the far right? lol
on February 27,2014 | 11:00AM
lwandcah wrote:
Where have you been? This is exactly how the gov't works. Schedule street resurfacing in a neighborhood and follow it up in less than a year to do water and gas upgrades leaving behind patches with high and low spots to deal with for the next 20 years. Sad, but nothing they do make sense.
on February 26,2014 | 11:00AM
Pocho wrote:
Seems like Caldwell's got a lot of or hoping to get money for a project like this. Man, start a trash collection fee to pay for this being my guess. The C&C trash collection was always a part of the C&C Property Tax Collection, I mean, who or what entity paid for it? Why not just add that $120/year for trash collection into the C&C property tax? Did they leave half their brains tied behind their backs asking for a seperate trash collection fee of $10/month?
on February 26,2014 | 09:04AM
Pocho wrote:
Well, in another article today in the SA, Caldwell's $10 trash fee bill got shot down. Now, he's scrambling to come up with his budget.
on February 26,2014 | 01:04PM
islandsun wrote:
Always trying to smash the homeowner, clowns like you. If Caldwell had any brains he would get one of his developer friends to shoulder the upgrade.
on February 26,2014 | 01:52PM
hawaiiwalter wrote:
How about a lottery or a casino or two?
on February 26,2014 | 03:00PM
islandsun wrote:
Tat would solve a lot of money problems and if done under Hawaiian rule will bring the MOST return to beneficiaries and harm the aina LESS. But the leaders we have now are shortsighted and rather nickel and dime us with overdevelopment.
on February 26,2014 | 03:17PM
bumba wrote:
A lottery done under Hawaiian Rule? You must be kidding. It would be just like Bishop Estate and OHA, a few Hawaiians getting rich and the rest getting ala's.
on February 27,2014 | 04:07AM
islandsun wrote:
That's up to the Hawaiians to organize and force the BE and OHA's and their greedy administrators to come clean with the loot. The feds will be more involved too.
on February 27,2014 | 05:27AM
ehrhornp wrote:
Be better to just legalize pot. End the war on drugs and you probably can reduce the police force by half.
on February 27,2014 | 11:01AM
busterb wrote:
How about fixing the roads so we can get to Blaisdell first?
on February 26,2014 | 09:04AM
It is unbelievable how many studies, consultant teams, and development plans are needed for any of our government projects. Dont we have any competent locals that can do this without spending millions of gazoos to the mainland. Are we really less qualified to do the work, or just to stupid to realize we have the same capabilities and ideas that the mainland has.
on February 26,2014 | 09:15AM
inHilo wrote:
Agreed, but what difference does it make if the studies, consultants and development plans come from here rather than the mainland? Nice that local people get the money, but still too much money goes down the planning hole. The UH is another one that spends a lot on planning for projects that never get off the ground.
on February 27,2014 | 04:48AM
HanabataDays wrote:
Eh I remember when it was the HIC and painted like a fried egg, which is what everyone called it. If they're gonna tear it down and replace it, the new design should be updated to look like, for example, a ramen burger.
on February 26,2014 | 09:18AM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Maybe a Nose would be better, considering!!
on February 26,2014 | 10:36AM
aomohoa wrote:
Wonder how much Kirk is getting out of this???
on February 26,2014 | 09:22AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
I think the plan is to do a public/private deal where the private guys get the right for some bodacious mixed condo/hotel - 650 footer - and in return the pay to build the new center to replace Blaisdell arena. Surrounding the are would be a mix of retail, service and food establishments. The paradigm (I think) is the LA Live development in downtown Los Angeles.
on February 26,2014 | 09:23AM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Remember the last big monstrosity that was completed and yet is not utilized to its max? Yes, The Hawaii Convention Center. The next one will be The Train, with the third being TheNewBlaisdell, if this idea gets rooted. The only one that has worked relatively snafu free including financials, is The Stan Sheriff Center. I think with these new governmental initiatives, we need to have a landslide majority to be able to say: LET'S DO IT !!! Like HSA readers' monumental support of having Hanohano investigated. AND, do the right polling this time: Do we need to replace the Blaisdell Center? A pure Yes or No question. Do this poll or better yet get the public involved with an Election ballot choice.
on February 26,2014 | 10:20AM
pridon wrote:
WhoTF wants to stay at a luxury hotel in the middel of Kaka'ako. More overpriced " workforce" housing. Notcied they no longer refer to it as affordable housing, because it isn't if you work in Hawaii at the mediian houshold income. The rich Chiesedon't want a condo next to nothing.
on February 26,2014 | 01:09PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Don't worry they're going to build two roach motels, one Makai and one Mauka of the rail in the Ewa Plains.
on February 26,2014 | 01:46PM
Solara wrote:
How about we fix our roads and take care of the homeless situation first before pouring money into yet another project that's really not a priority?
on February 26,2014 | 09:30AM
HAJAA1 wrote:
Don't forget more prison beds, too.
on February 26,2014 | 09:59AM
GooglyMoogly wrote:
By getting private venture involved in the building, management and security of any new complex, the City will have effectively kicked the proverbial can down the road.
on February 26,2014 | 10:01AM
seaborn wrote:
The sound at Blaisdell concerts is horrible, glad to see it demolished. Hopefully, they'll hire a company with concert facility sound experience during the design process through building completions. We'll see.
on February 26,2014 | 09:31AM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Don't need to make another change unless Captain Kirk is looking for brownie points to get into Wasbington Place. My brother and I went to The HHSAA Division I Boy's Basketball Championship between Iolani and Farrington (Go Govs). The ambiance there at Blaisdell is exactly a 1970s feeling and unless the roof is caving in, Don't fix it, unless it's broken.
on February 26,2014 | 09:54AM
rytsuru wrote:
So while Honolulu continues to suffer from an overwhelmed infrastructure, homeless camps all over the place, humans using the streets and private property as their own toilet facilities, graffiti marring buildings to the point where we need to hire artists to do murals that look like graffiti, we need a consulting firm to come in and tell us: we need more expensive high rises...
on February 26,2014 | 10:02AM
lsm5000 wrote:
A few years ago the City rebuilt the Ward-side entrance of the NBC Exhibition Hall. It consists of a 2 story-tall structure with an elevator and lots of glass. When we NBC-monthly-parkers asked what it's for, we were told "its the NBC rail station". SO what happened to THAT plan??
on February 26,2014 | 10:17AM
HOSSANA wrote:
So i can imagine the panel's recommendation: another damm 100 story condo....just what we need.....geezus, christ!!!
on February 26,2014 | 10:29AM
CriticalReader wrote:
NO REDEVOPMENT INVOLVING DESTRUCTION OR LONG TERM DISABLING OF CURRENT FACILITIES. DON'T DO ANYTHING AFFECTING CURRENT USES OF THE SITE!! DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!! Once curtailed use redevelopment starts, we'll be without a community site for big events for DECADES. These guys are going to mess it up. Forget it. Put money into renovation only. Make sure that any single renovation project has no more than a one month fuse on it. and make jail the penalty for failure to finish on time - on month for every day overdue (no paroling authority changes to terms, and no time off for good behavior.
on February 26,2014 | 10:40AM
inHilo wrote:
I second that!
on February 27,2014 | 04:52AM
control wrote:
You have to understand that Kirk is only trying to benefit from the Kakaako development sweepstakes. Up to now, Abercrombie was the only one benefiting from the developers but now the developers can throw money Kirk's way so they can be the ones who redevelop the blaisdell location. Think of the millions that the developers can make off this development?
on February 26,2014 | 11:12AM
myviewofthings wrote:
waaaaa waaaaa waaaaa waaaaaa............ same people crying all the time.
on February 26,2014 | 12:27PM
inHilo wrote:
Are you crying about that?
on February 27,2014 | 04:51AM
KekoaBradshaw wrote:
"A 700 foot residential tower" as part of the "redevelopment". The elevation of the overlook of Punchbowl is 498 feet. The megamillionaries who be buying the luxury condos in this tower will be looking DOWN into Punchbowl Crater, less than a quarter mile mauka on Ward Avenue. We know Abercrombie, Caldwell, Pacific Resource Partnership, the Hawaiia Community Development Authority, and HART all it's great to turn this part of urban Honolulu into a another Hong Kong, crowded with massive high rises. Is that what we the people really want?
on February 26,2014 | 12:46PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Once one 700 foot tower is built, the floodgates will open. Can the rail keep up with all of this? Has The Board of Water Supply been consulted yet? Amazing how people can get the money to build, then to own these types of property, considering the chronic homeless.
on February 26,2014 | 01:35PM
iwanaknow wrote:
If this passes, the Unions will be rubbing their hands together with glee. They gotta get their people off the bench, there is money to be made!......................the challenge will be to do this before the next bubble breaks and everything is put on hold.
on February 26,2014 | 12:56PM
kaiakea wrote:
So who's going to pay for this? Along with the rail?
on February 26,2014 | 03:41PM
kekelaward wrote:
Clowns. You just got done telling us there is no money to pick up the trash, and now you want us to pick up the tab for this over development? Yet another high rise apartment building in that area? Why movie theatres there when the Ward 16 is less than a mile away? See? The rail was never, ever about improving traffic.
on February 26,2014 | 04:02PM
kekelaward wrote:
And just exactly who or what is this Rose Center and Land Institute?Are we paying them for this? How did they get chosen to study this project? Do they stand to make a profit if this goes thru?
on February 26,2014 | 04:10PM
Bully wrote:
Sounds like a good idea to me maybe ten years down the road.
on February 26,2014 | 06:52PM
huponews wrote:
Why, redo the Blaisdell center....the state never has enough monies, to up keep anything they build. Just level it and make a parking structure for the working people. Make full use of the Stan Sheriff arena for all concerts and shows. University can schedule all shows year round and make some monies for the athletic dept. First, the state needs for fix the leaky roof at the S.S. arena.....something that should be taken care of today. Jus a thought??????
on February 26,2014 | 08:50PM
Mike174 wrote:
700 Feet? Like drugs: Just say No!!
on February 27,2014 | 06:11AM
gsr wrote:
ULI, the Urban Land Institute, is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit research and education organization supported by its members. http://uli.org/about-uli/ Members appear to be developers and banks. Looks like Blaisdell is for sale.
on February 27,2014 | 06:16AM
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