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Girl killed in scooter accident is identified

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 08:22 a.m. HST, Mar 21, 2014

The Medical Examiner Office identified a 16-year-old girl killed in a scooter accident.

Nicolette Vares, of Kapolei, died Thursday at Queen's Medical Center, where she was taken after she lost control of the green Vespa scooter she was driving and crashed into a guardrail on the Likelike Highway onramp to the H-3 Freeway.

Speed and inexperience may have been factors, said Traffic Division Lt. Robert Towne.

The onramp has a 25 mph speed limit and a sharp bend that "catches you off guard," he said.

Towne said the girl's father was following her on his motorcycle and witnessed the crash.

It is the third motorcycle fatality in the last 18 months.

An autopsy will be conducted Friday to determine the exact cause of death.

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ryan02 wrote:
This is very sad because at 16, some kids are too young to know better. But what parent in their right mind lets a kid ride that kind of scooter on the H-3 freeway? The speed limit goes up to 60 mph, which means cars are flying by at closer to 70. I know it's not my kid so I don't have any say in how she lived her life, but I can't imagine a parent letting a kid do this. Just give them bus fare. Hopefully something good can come out of it if even one person decides against doing this type of thing in the future. But people have short memories, so probably not.
on March 21,2014 | 08:55AM
Aquarius1 wrote:
I thought mopeds are not allowed on the freeway. I'm under the impression, after reading the article that she was going onto H3. Right? Very sad, especially for the dad to witness the accident.
on March 21,2014 | 09:06AM
KahinuG wrote:
A Vespa is a scooter, not a moped. It's classified same as a motorcycle... it can reach the speeds necessary to travel the H3 (Vespa top speed: 80 mph) and is not illegal. Still a very sad incident and ill-advised for someone that young with only a permit (her father accompanied her so it was legal), but apparently not the experience to handle the vehicle safely.
on March 21,2014 | 09:33AM
ryan02 wrote:
I don't know of any Vespa with a top speed of 80mph (maybe you're getting metric mixed up?). But anyway, this model looks like one that has a top speed of 39 mph. And even if it COULD go faster, in what world is that a good idea?
on March 21,2014 | 09:55AM
inverse wrote:
Depends which model, did a quick online check and the crash scooter looks like kid was riding was the LX 150V which is a 150cc single, 4 stroke with a max speed of about 59mph. Check YouTube and some kid on a similar Vespa with an aftermarket exhaust system and a small fairing to improve aerodynamics maxed out at 80mph. At that speed the scooter's engine vibrations must be horrific and difficult to see or think clearly and very unstable vehicle due to poor aerodynamics. Add the fact the girl is only 16 years old, no protective gear, no drivers license and inexperienced in driving on a Oahu's roads and freeways, not having a license to ride a motorcycle or scooter AND trying to drive on the H3 freeway shows very questionable judgement with the father taking her out for a joyride on the H3.
on March 21,2014 | 10:29AM
ryan02 wrote:
It looks just like the LX 50 too, which has a top speed of 39 mph. Actually, the models all look alike to me (I guess that makes me a Vespa racist). But none have a speed of 80 mph. Of course, people have also been known to "supe up" their motors so who knows how fast something can *actually* go.
on March 21,2014 | 10:52AM
inverse wrote:
If you go to the Vespa website, they offer a 50cc, 150cc and even a 300cc 4 stroke single available in basically the same chassis. The 300 cc cost about $6,500 and has a listed top speed of up to 80mph. There is no way anyone can safely drive these scooters at that speed on Oahu's roads and highways, given the number of potholes, cracks, uneven road seams that could hang up those puny little scooter tires. Never mind the front or rear suspension that would easily bottom out at freeway speeds, the puny front disc and caliper cannot reliably stop the scooter in a panic stop and the engine attached to the rear swingarm will not allow the rear suspension to track reliably on Oahu's crra zpy roads and highways at freeway speeds. H3 might have one of the smoothest surfaces of any freeway on Oahu but the wind buffeting a person and engine buzz get going 50 mph on an unfaired Vespa, the kid probably could not even see think about seeing far enough ahead on the freeway onramp of the upcoming bend and by that time when she saw it, most inexperienced riders will target fixate right into the obstacle they are supposed to avoid
on March 21,2014 | 11:23AM
Upperkula wrote:
Souns as if INVERSE is a bike rider. I agree with allot of what Inverse is saying only bike or I should say motorcucle riders have that kind of experience in riding and what it feels like when are actually on the bike doinf 60 plus MPH, Good comment. Pandadaddy go back to panda land and eat bamboo shoots.
on March 22,2014 | 11:39AM
pandadaddy wrote:
Somebody has a lot of time on their hands. Any chance you're a state worker?
on March 21,2014 | 04:41PM
Larry01 wrote:
Wow, where the heck did that come from?
on March 21,2014 | 05:08PM
glenn57377 wrote:
Their comments are relevant and informed. Did the comment have too many big words for you? Take you too long to read it because you are slow? Any chance you should be in the Nickelodeon forum?
on March 22,2014 | 12:30AM
ryan02 wrote:
I don't think it's a "moped" which is defined in Hawaii as 2 hp or less.
on March 21,2014 | 09:57AM
Larry01 wrote:
Agreed that this is definitely a tragedy, but I am also wondering what they were doing on mopeds on the on-ramp to H-3.
on March 21,2014 | 09:33AM
Mei mei wrote:
there should be the same Licenses and Insurance requirements for these moped drivers.... as with a Motor cyclist. my condolences to the family.
on March 21,2014 | 12:05PM
MoiliiliBoy wrote:
Moped riders don't need insurance, just a driver's license. Scooters, or in this case the Vespa, needs a MOTORCYCLE LICENSE and insurance, which I doubt the rider had a MOTORCYCLE driver's license, period, much less a driver's license. Pray for the family but let this be a lesson to others, don't do something that is illegal, because it's illegal for good reasons (it's dangerous). Jaywalking, riding a bike against traffic flow, skateboarding in the roadway, etc.
on March 22,2014 | 09:39AM
juscasting wrote:
Anything with 2 wheels is dangerous! Anything with 4 wheels is dangerous! Anything with 2 legs is dangerous! Anything with 4 legs is dangerous! We get it folks... : (
on March 21,2014 | 01:08PM
Smiling wrote:
So very tragic. What was that father thinking.....allowing his 16 year old daughter on H3 on that type of vehicle....if they live in Kapolei, they were probably heading towards H1 as well. Terrible.
on March 21,2014 | 02:00PM
RetiredWorking wrote:
Smiling, sadly, I agree with what you and others posted here. RIP, young lady.
on March 21,2014 | 07:20PM
hikine wrote:
I was thinking of the same thing. Why would a father and his daughter possessed the idea of going on the H3? She was only 16 and only had a permit! She needed to practice driving first and a safety course is highly recommended.
on March 22,2014 | 12:00AM
RetiredWorking wrote:
When our 16yo daughter drove her friend home without our permission, she only had a driver's permit. She was just about to apply for her driver's license. Her penalty? My daughter was forbidden to apply for her license for one year. However, she WAS allowed to drive the family wherever we went, day or night, rain or shine, all over the island. Twelve months later, she earned her license, driving a 5-speed Nissan sedan.
on March 22,2014 | 06:21AM
SOLID3 wrote:
Local People ! I think the biggest problem was the bend in the on ramp. How many of us long time drivers who have driven on that on ramp think to themselves that's a hairy turn, The idiot who designed that turn should be shot. That turn has and will take more lives, count on it. even the best drivers got to be on it. I say to the family. "so sorry for your loss". See how many mishaps have happened on this on ramp and you may find that a lawsuit might be something to consider. NO WAY THAT TURN SHOULD BE THAT SHARP ENTERING A FREEWAY.ALOHA.
on March 21,2014 | 06:02PM
MoiliiliBoy wrote:
Yes, the on-ramp is sharp, but so it the University east bound exit, but no one has gone over that edge, and they are already at freeway speeds and need to slow down. The Likelike on-ramp is uphill. The article on-line is slightly different from the actual article in the paper and most, if not all accidents reported dealt with SPEED as a factor, a factor that is controllable and two of them since 2009 involved motorcycles. The ramp "catches you off guard" only if its your first time on it, which may be the case with the young girl. The articles deal with the legality of the scooter on a freeway and that she was wearing a helmet (which all articles point out involving a scooter, motorcycles, bicyclist, moped-ist or skateboarder) but doesn't address whether she was licensed or held a permit. One poster mentioned she had a permit only, is this a fact?
on March 22,2014 | 09:48AM
Upperkula wrote:
I any case God bless her,rest in peace sweat heart.
on March 22,2014 | 11:41AM
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