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Hawaiian Airlines flight lands after 32-hour delay

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 04:49 a.m. HST, Mar 26, 2014

Mechanical issues on two of Hawaiian Airlines' aircraft left 180 passengers stranded overnight Monday in Los Angeles and delayed their scheduled arrival in Honolulu for more than 32 hours.

Passengers on a nonstop flight originally scheduled to fly from Las Vegas to Honolulu and land at 12:15 p.m. Monday arrived Tuesday around 8:35 p.m. from Los Angeles.

The lengthy delay stemmed from mechanical issues on both the original Airbus A333-200 aircraft coming out of Las Vegas and the replacement A330 that was supposed to transport passengers from Los Angeles after the aircraft was diverted there and passengers were forced to spend the night.

"(Monday's) aircraft needed a new part for the air conditioning system. We moved the flight to the new aircraft (Tuesday) morning. Unfortunately, that incurred a separate maintenance issue (a faulty sensor light) with the prime computer. They are separate issues, and uncommon parts, which is why they need to be flown in," said Hawaiian spokeswoman Alison Croyle in an email Tuesday morning.

Ann Botticelli, another Hawaiian spokeswoman, said 104 passengers that were connecting in Honolulu to neighbor islands were placed on other airlines on Monday. The remaining 180 passengers went out on a 6 p.m. flight Tuesday that was a regularly scheduled flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu. Those passengers were joined by 132 passengers who were originally scheduled to depart on that flight.

The remaining 151 passengers unable to board as scheduled at 6 p.m. were given $100 travel vouchers and were due to leave at 11:30 p.m. Los Angeles time on Tuesday and arrive at 2:25 a.m. Wednesday. Another 15 passengers scheduled for that flight were reaccommodated to Maui on an American Airlines flight. Botticelli said the passengers who were originally booked to board that 6 p.m. flight were selected on a first-come, first-served basis.

Botticelli said Monday the aircraft was 20 minutes off the West Coast when the pilot noticed that an indicator light showed a possible problem with the aircraft's air conditioning system. The pilot decided to divert to Los Angeles where it landed at 10:30 a.m.

The airplane was initially scheduled to leave L.A. at 1 p.m. Monday, but Botticelli said an airline part needed replacement and the part needed to be brought in from Minneapolis.

Passengers were fed, put up in hotel rooms and given a $300 travel credit, she said.

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taboo wrote:
It's 1:20 pm at LAX and I'm still rotting at the terminal... The suck part of waiting is not getting regular updates from Hawaiian Air... The brief article states a 1 pm departure, but nobody told us that.... So we wait and hope the plane's telemetry is fixed promptly... Better than a water landing....
on March 24,2014 | 10:24AM
Morimoto wrote:
At least you're looking at the bright side. Yeah , a water landing would really be bad. Suddenly wasting a few hours of your time doesn't seem so bad after all.
on March 24,2014 | 10:56AM
juscasting wrote:
Go get a beer and chill out!
on March 24,2014 | 11:27AM
localguy wrote:
Hawaiian Airlines would rather keep passengers in the dark versus trying to be honest with them about the plane's repair status. Truth is HA didn't have a clue when it would be fixed, much less what the problem was. Better to be silent then open your mouth to show everyone you are a fool.
on March 24,2014 | 01:47PM
So thats the Truth!? Funny how you seem to know everything and everything about anything.
on March 24,2014 | 05:54PM
localguy wrote:
It is hard to be humble when you are Omnipotent. hahahaha
on March 25,2014 | 01:58PM
droid wrote:
@localguy — exactly right! Hawaiian Airlines has a long and shameful history of flight delays with slim to no information communicated to the affected passengers. I paid for a CHARTER FLIGHT to the U.S. mainland and the plane took off more than five hours late.

No explanation or apology was ever given, and when I wrote to HA, the response was that “no refund or credit would be provided.” Despite their “on-time” advertising claims, these guys are shady.
on March 25,2014 | 10:22AM
So Hawaiian airlines wins the on time performance year after year and ALSO has a SHAMEFUL HISTORY of flight delays? This is where 2 2 = 5 right?
on March 25,2014 | 10:47AM
GooglyMoogly wrote:
Was about to post the same thing. Delays are frustrating, but let's leave the hyperbole at the door.
on March 25,2014 | 11:33AM
MillionMonkeys wrote:
Plenty time to relax and watch a Liam Neeson movie...
on March 24,2014 | 04:18PM
serious wrote:
Now, you went to Las Vegas to gamble, right? Did you know that Hawaiian residents spent over a BILLION DOLLARS gambling in Vegas?? Look at the other states that have gambling---Florida (a Republican state) has a billion dollar SURPLUS and is cutting taxes. And our state legislators are following the Police Chief--against gambling--we don't need the revenue--TAX,TAX, TAX.
on March 25,2014 | 11:20AM
GooglyMoogly wrote:
No state should aspire to be Florida.
on March 25,2014 | 11:34AM
what wrote:
Haha, true, but for all of Florida's weirdness, one should take note of a government that lowers taxes.
on March 25,2014 | 12:56PM
markat wrote:
From FLIGHT DELAYS to GAMBLING to TAXES...........there's gotta be a connection to RAIL in there somewhere.
on March 25,2014 | 01:18PM
inverse wrote:
Why do you think there is so much lobbying and influence with State legislatures to reject any form of legalized gambling in Hawaii. It is a joke that only Hawaii and Utah do not have any form of legalized gambling yet Hawaii residents, like you said spent over a BILLION dollars giving money to the State of Nevada and their Casinos. Boyds, Hawaiian etc are the ones making out like bandits and it is a joke to say legalized gambling would create social problems in Hawaii because there already is so much ILLEGAL gambling in Hawaii besides the "legal" aspect of Hawaii residents paying big money to fly to Las Vegas to give away all of their money their, instead of keeping it in Hawaii if we had our own State lottery or ONE gambling casino deep in the Hawaii Convention center.
on March 25,2014 | 12:53PM
Mei mei wrote:
AGREED inverse~
on March 25,2014 | 03:28PM
samidunn wrote:
Keeping the passenger informed should be a priority. Maintenance problems are hard to get a time frame sometimes. It can be anywhere from 15 minutes to 15 hours depending on what they find and availability of mechanics and parts.
on March 24,2014 | 12:47PM
So the A/C isn't funtioning. I say its time to not worry about the A/C and just open a couple windows!
on March 24,2014 | 05:50PM
clum56 wrote:
It has been a ferquent sight to see Hawaiian Air 767 being parked here in Minneapolis at the Delta Maintenance hanger for repairs. We are just hoping that's all it's for without passengers beig delayed. It sure is nice to see the Color's of Hawaiian Air up here in the dead of winter!!!!!!
on March 25,2014 | 03:24AM
beachbum11 wrote:
There are there because the planes are OLD Delta planes. They could not afford to fix them so Delta leased them to Hawaiian. Hope it is reasonable. With the amount of repairs that 767 needs is a bad deal for Hawaiian.
on March 25,2014 | 02:06PM
lokela wrote:
Hawaiian still one of the best. Eventually planes like autos need repairs.
on March 25,2014 | 06:38AM
taboo wrote:
It is Tuesday 11:35 am at LAX.. Here is what happened today.... We boarded a different Air Bus and left the gate on time.. Sat on the tarmac for 40 minutes... Turned back to the gate with the pilot stating another computer glitch.... Personnel came in to fix the glitch and we left the gate 45 minutes later.... Twenty minutes later, we turned back to the gate AGAIN!!! The computer malfunctioned again !! We had to deplane and are waiting for updates..... I thought yesterday was bad.... Today is another nightmare.... Let the Staradvertiser know about our situation.... Would make a very interesting follow up to yesterday's brief article... Many of the passengers are scared to fly now... Our flight has two girls soccer teams from high schools... They look terrified !!
on March 25,2014 | 08:41AM
taboo wrote:
Let me clarify that I'm the one who posted yesterday about our flight #7 from Las Vegas to Honolulu, being diverted to LAX... The story continues...... The situation is getting worse... Even the flight attendants are getting rattled.
on March 25,2014 | 09:05AM
taboo wrote:
Hawaiian Airlines had an update at 12:30 PST... This is what their update said: There will be an update at 2:30 pm..... Here is my prediction for the 2:30 pm update: There will be another update at 4:30 pm
on March 25,2014 | 10:24AM
AhiPoke wrote:
Wow, at this time I'd suggest that you demand a seat on another carrier. I think you and the other passengers have put up with enough already. You may have a problem with your bags but at least avoid spending another day at the airport.
on March 25,2014 | 10:36AM
localguy wrote:
This validates my earlier post about HA not having a clue what the problem is and not wanting anyone to know they do not know. So they string you along with useless updates as they try to spin their way out of another self made fiasco. And to think their dysfunctional CEO is in line for a $50 million dollar bonus for the three failed international route expansions and the ongoing maintenance fiasco. Expect baggage fees to go up to cover his bonus.
on March 25,2014 | 02:04PM
false wrote:
Feel for you buddy. After some good times on the 9th and being it time to get on home you just want to get on your way. Hang in there and let those guys fix whatever needs to get fixed and come on home safety. Hope you had a good time on 9th and you're bringing home some dough.
on March 25,2014 | 10:29AM
localguy wrote:
HA also had to replace the scheduled inflight movie, Stephen King's "The Langoliers."
on March 25,2014 | 02:00PM
mille1dog wrote:
Should have stuck with Boeing!
on March 25,2014 | 11:28AM
inverse wrote:
Once Boeing gets all of the bugs worked out of their 787 Dreamliner, that would be the way to fly long distance.
on March 25,2014 | 12:54PM
tutulois wrote:
I wonder if this is because Hawaiian has expanded so fast in recent years, and hasn't paid due attention to their maintenance.
on March 25,2014 | 11:49AM
taboo wrote:
Here is the latest: According to the latest statement, we, #7 from Vegas (the stranded for two days) will be taking the scheduled LA to HNL plane at 6pm... That would leave those passengers going to Honolulu without a plane.... The soap opera continues..... Let's see what happens.....
on March 25,2014 | 12:08PM
beachbum11 wrote:
That's it! Take all the money and run.
on March 25,2014 | 02:08PM
gtk14 wrote:
If you drove you would have been in LV by now...
on March 25,2014 | 12:25PM
gtk14 wrote:
oops hard to drive back to honolulu
on March 25,2014 | 12:45PM
environmental_lady wrote:
I realize it's no fun being late. Yet, when once I was leaving on Hawaiian Airlines from Honolulu to Los Angeles and we were delayed due to mechanical problems, I told the lady at the check-in counter that I don't care how late we are as long as they fix the mechanical problem and we can fly safely. Really safety is my number one concern. After hearing what happened with the missing Malayan Air plane, I'd be glad just to get to my destination in one piece. Better late than never.
on March 25,2014 | 01:33PM
localguy wrote:
And it would be nice if for just once, HA told everyone the total truth at every update. Don't spin incompetence, just say the truth.
on March 25,2014 | 02:05PM
huponews wrote:
Dear Hawaiian, it's only thr beginning on these Airbus airplanes......brand new plane and the trouble is starting. Faulty warning indicator switches has been a huge problem with the Airbus planes....but remember faulty or not they have to report it. What a lemon airplane so they say...what are you going to do?
on March 25,2014 | 03:05PM
false wrote:
Buy Boeing.
on March 25,2014 | 03:34PM
huponews wrote:
Think they're getting the part from France, that's where the plane was built????
on March 25,2014 | 03:13PM
Wazdat wrote:
Sounds kinds rinky dink to me. Hawaiian is NOT a major player in the airline industry. WOW
on March 25,2014 | 03:14PM
lokela wrote:
Their rankings of on-time flights are now a thing of the past. Seems like they having a lot of issues lately. I had a similar problem about 4 weeks ago. Delayed and the replacement plane had issues as well. Oh well still better safe then sorry.
on March 25,2014 | 04:01PM
st1d wrote:
i've always dreaded coming home from vegas. either getting bumped or taking an unplanned layover somewhere. after the first incident, i've learned to keep a couple of changes of clothes, reserve cash, and extra meds in a carry on.

sitting anywhere without cash or clothes is tough. eating airport food is barely one step above eating airline food.

on March 25,2014 | 06:34PM
jyorck wrote:
just a $100 voucher! nuts!
on March 25,2014 | 09:19PM
localguy wrote:
Understand the voucher expires on 1 April, 2014. So who is the fool?
on March 25,2014 | 10:12PM
st1d wrote:
i should go down to meet them and buy the vouchers for a dollar. that would make traveling on hawaiian worth it.
on March 25,2014 | 10:37PM
false wrote:
$100 travel vouchers for 32 hour delays are insulting.
on March 25,2014 | 09:19PM
localguy wrote:
As if you would use them on Hawaiian. Really?
on March 25,2014 | 10:12PM
localguy wrote:
Shades of Allegiant Airlines past maintenance fiasco in HI where several planes all broke down at once. Now it looks like Hawaii Airlines is also having the same type of maintenance problems. Sad to see HA stumble badly on customer service, leaving passengers stuck in LAX, stringing them on with useless "Updates." And to think their CEO still expects his $50 million dollar bonus this year after all his management failures. Sad.
on March 25,2014 | 10:11PM
taboo wrote:
Finally home.... It was a painful thing to go through.. Hawaiian Airlines has a lot of embarrassing questions to answer.... To make the experience a total "lose,' most of us (premier, platinum, gold) with "priority" baggage had to wait for all the bags to circulate before our red tag priority bags were visible.... All of the regular LAX-HNL passengers got their baggage first... They filled the rest of the plane that previous Vegas-HNL passengers had disappeared to other options to get home....
on March 25,2014 | 10:46PM
st1d wrote:
glad you are finally home. take a rest day to get over the stress.
on March 26,2014 | 07:10AM
whatcanisay wrote:
How many people were on the original flight out of Vegas? 104 took other airlines on Monday 180 left LA on Tuesday 6 PM 151 left LA on Tuesday 11:30 PM 15 went with AA to Maui "Passengers ......were selected first come first served basis". What does this mean?
on March 26,2014 | 11:44AM
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