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9-year-old girl arrested for allegedly stealing items from woman

By Star-Advertiser Staff


Police arrested a 9-year-old girl Saturday for allegedly stealing items from a woman back in January. 

According to police records, the girl took a 37-year-old woman's property, valued at more than $300, without permission between 3:45 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. on Jan. 10 at a Honolulu educational facility. 

The girl was later identified and arrested around 1:30 p.m. Saturday on suspicion of second-degree theft, police said. She was released pending investigation. 

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nitpikker wrote:
parents teaching her from a young age.
on March 30,2014 | 01:15PM
paniolo wrote:
Sad, they starting so young.
on March 30,2014 | 02:07PM
sak wrote:
Let me guess where she's from, "Kalihi or Waianae"?
on March 30,2014 | 02:39PM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
Of course sak. To be poor is to be judged. If it was a kid from Kahala, oh no problem. But if it's a brown kid, throw the book at em. Notice they didn't say where the educational institution was. Maybe was Punahou or Iolani. Do you really think private schools would call the cops?
on March 30,2014 | 09:11PM
kekelaward wrote:
Well, Punahou did allow an idi0t to graduate, so I guess it is possible
on March 31,2014 | 11:02AM
GoldenRule wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on March 31,2014 | 07:11AM
cojef wrote:
sak's comment is asinine and racist! There is nowhere in the news account that it indicated the locale. Poor families have enough problems getting along, let alone be judged by the others not in their shoes.
on March 31,2014 | 07:52AM
kekelaward wrote:
Why racist? All kinds of nationalities live in Kalihi and Waianae. It wasn't until NB threw the race card did it become racial.
on March 31,2014 | 10:42AM
KaneoheSJ wrote:
You don't get it do you?
on March 31,2014 | 11:31AM
kekelaward wrote:
Yeah, I get the fact that the term has been thrown out so much that people are using it incorrectly. Thee is nothing in the initial post that talks about race. Like Pavlov's dog, you infer something and immediately start salivating about racism. Why didn't you infer an economic cause?
on March 31,2014 | 02:06PM
silvangold wrote:
on March 31,2014 | 10:07AM
joseph007 wrote:
Being poor is not a crime. Most people from Kalihi and Waianae are good, honest, hard working people, some working from 5 am to catch a bus to Waikiki, cleaning up tourists mess at low wages. Stop with the discrimination. It shows how disgusting you are.
on March 31,2014 | 08:32AM
KaneoheSJ wrote:
joseph007, some people are just simply arrogant and do not have any empathy whatsoever. These people may one day know what it feels like to be judged that way.
on March 31,2014 | 11:33AM
handsomeguy wrote:
Does this kid have parents? They should be put in jail. By the time she's 21, she'll have quite a record if she starts off at this age.
on March 30,2014 | 03:25PM
soundofreason wrote:
Exactly. Parents are to be held responsible for the actions of their kids.......LITERALLY. THEY should be the ones in jail. THAT'S when they'll start to care and get involved as they should have been. Just let your sixteen yr old smash the car into another and see WHO gets sued - whose assets get attached. The parents'. That's the way it works in the civil world. Why not the criminal world too?
on March 31,2014 | 07:27AM
lookup wrote:
Are you judge and jury? You dont even know the circumstances. Now that it has been determined that there is a problem the parent or guardians will be able to correct it. Where you a perfect kid? Was she following the example of an older kid? Lets get her help and find out where the problem(s) may acctually stem from!
on March 31,2014 | 09:27AM
kekelaward wrote:
Possibly from people with your line of thinking...no personal responsibility. Chances are good that she has stolen before. This time she got caught and it was publicized. Someone has known there was a problem, but nothing was done. Someone in her family has found things that weren't there before, but nothing was done (like asking her where she got the item from). I wasn't the perfect kid (who is?), but I didn't break the law...my parents taught me that.
on March 31,2014 | 10:55AM
KaneoheSJ wrote:
Did they teach you humility? Given your hateful attitude towards a certain president, they obviously didn't.
on March 31,2014 | 11:35AM
kekelaward wrote:
They sure did. And they taught me to use my brain and think, not just blindly follow. Speaking of humility, that's one reason I don't like him...he has none. He is a 1%er hypocrite, who has enriched himself while making life harder for low and middle income people. He has weakened our military, made our country a laughingstock to the rest of the world and worsened our economy for the past five years.
on March 31,2014 | 02:24PM
lookup wrote:
Well, since you are not thinking along the same lines as I am and are the type of person who is proud to be known as being a kekela ward type of person i am sure you are not understanding that this child is 9 yo. you have no idea what the "chances are " regarding this child and what kind of guidance she has had. The point here is that she needs help to understand the differance between right and wrong and how to make the proper choices in her life. you are assuming too much, such as ...Someone in her family has found things that weren't there before... where does it state that in the article? This may have been the first time and that the temptation just overwhelmed her , but whatever the situation it is not for any of us to judge, especially people from kekela ward. It actually is a blessing that she was caught and therefore will learn a valuable lesson from it, will receive counselling, guidance and disipline so that she will be able to make proper honest choices in her future! Be Blessed Young Lady and I pray that you will receive God's mercy and grace throughout her life!
on March 31,2014 | 11:37AM
kekelaward wrote:
Give me a break. She should know right from wrong by 9 years old. You accuse me of inferring things, then you do the same. She is following a pattern that many others have followed, and has been extensively studied. You think her very first attempt at theft was a theft of over $300 value? Please. She did it before, with smaller items, was emboldened because there was no penalty, then did it again. I see you are religious and believe in the goodness of mankind. That is good and I hope you are right. I, on the other hand, have seen the dark side of people (including kids) and tend to take things with a grain of salt.
on March 31,2014 | 02:40PM
rayhawaii wrote:
She must of stole the items to buy books and other educational material.
on March 30,2014 | 06:03PM
HAJAA1 wrote:
Pilau town folks cannot handle their kids??
on March 30,2014 | 11:00PM
RetiredWorking wrote:
HAJAA1, YOU pilau.
on March 31,2014 | 10:20AM
hikine wrote:
I guess her parents failed on teaching moral values.
on March 31,2014 | 12:21AM
lookup wrote:
She is only 9 yo....no body has failed...still many mistakes to be made in her life and many lessons to be learned....this is only a stepping stone in her journey through life. Let us pray that she finds the right path!
on March 31,2014 | 11:41AM
kailua000 wrote:
Probably learned directly from her parents. Doest matter what color she is or where she is from. I've seen kids from Hawaii Kai beat up kids because they were from the west side. Comes from having junk parents and a junk upbrining
on March 31,2014 | 06:08AM
Poipounder808 wrote:
Slow news day I guess...
on March 31,2014 | 07:28AM
HanabataDays wrote:
Here's a good one, when my daughter was that age, the school was right next door. One day her classmate who lived in the same complex stole her keys at recess, then at lunchtime came and stole a big bucket of change we had in our bedroom. I sure wonder how she turned out when she grew up.
on March 31,2014 | 07:49AM
silvangold wrote:
maybe this is 'her'???
on March 31,2014 | 10:11AM
RetiredWorking wrote:
A neighbor girl broke the screen and took a waterjug partially filled with pennies. The day before, I had just removed all the other coins. She must be 40-something now. Wonder how she turned out.
on March 31,2014 | 10:24AM
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