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Norm Chow cancels interviews because of columnist's presence

By Stephen Tsai

LAST UPDATED: 11:37 p.m. HST, Apr 01, 2014

University of Hawaii football coach Norm Chow abruptly canceled interview sessions this morning in response to Honolulu Star-Advertiser columnist Dave Reardon's presence at the first practice of spring training at UH's grass practice field.

In a statement released by UH this afternoon, Chow apologized for his outburst, saying: "I'm extremely sorry that my actions this morning deflected attention away from a very good beginning to spring practice. Going forward, the focus will continue to be on our football team and the hard work they are putting in to prepare for the 2014 season."

Television reporters were interviewing quarterback Taylor Graham when Chow yelled that Reardon was not welcomed at the practice. This morning's practice, unlike practices during the regular season, was open to the public.

Reardon said he was prepared to leave the grass practice field when Chow began yelling and then ordered a halt to the media's interviews with players and assistant coaches. Graham, who was about to answer a question from television reporters, apologized and then joined teammates in sprinting off the field.

Later, Chow told the Star-Advertiser he was angry over a January column questioning Kevin Clune's hiring as defensive coordinator. Chow said the column was "disrepectful" to Clune and jeopardized his relationship with players.

Reardon, whose duties for the newspaper are to provide opinion pieces, had attended Clune's introductory news conference a week after the column was published without any incident. This morning was the first face-to-face encounter between Chow and Reardon this year.

Out of respect for media cohorts, Reardon said he was willing to leave the field when the outburst occurred.

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ymanalohyn wrote:
on April 1,2014 | 04:37PM
nj24 wrote:
What happen to the love for "CHOW TIME". This is his make or break year.
on April 1,2014 | 04:47PM
kainalu wrote:
ymanalohyn was yelling this a long time ago - when McMackin was coach. :)
on April 1,2014 | 06:35PM
niimi wrote:
Or do we perhaps need a change at the Honolulu Star Advertiser?
on April 1,2014 | 05:02PM
Archie wrote:
on April 1,2014 | 05:13PM
Venus1 wrote:
There you go!! The Advertiser is a 'One man Dictator'!! Send them home. They think they own Hawaii!!
on April 1,2014 | 05:34PM
Papakolea808 wrote:
Honolulu Star Advertiser staff have become thugs recently...not like the old days of respected fair journalism. In an effort to sell papers, reporters and editors have become biased, opinionated and one-sided. Its sad to see.
on April 1,2014 | 06:06PM
jtamura69 wrote:
Wow I wish I had that kind of power.
on April 1,2014 | 07:24PM
oxtail01 wrote:
Did you actually read Dave's article on the hiring? Tell me what's in there's that can construed as offensive to Chow or Clune?
on April 1,2014 | 09:01PM
lee1957 wrote:
You don't have to read Dave's columns, I don't.
on April 1,2014 | 06:11PM
BigOpu wrote:
Are you serious? I think now, more then ever, would be the time to read his columns. He'll be brutally honest with a vengeance.
on April 1,2014 | 07:28PM
jomama wrote:
Culd Chow have a thinner skin?
on April 1,2014 | 07:47PM
kong2985 wrote:
Chow Fun didn't hear the old saying..."sticks and stone will break my bones..BUT Words will NEVER hurt ME." Senior citizen Chow needs to retire.. Good thing Chow Fun doesn't read this column, otherwise, there will be a ban for the public to attend football practice and games...
on April 1,2014 | 06:10PM
wayneki wrote:
If you cannot be good, be loud and angry.. If you don't have a good offense or defense, blow smoke.
on April 2,2014 | 12:59AM
ellinaskyrt wrote:
This is the second time Chow has lashed out at the media (read Tsai's piece today for details about Chow's silent treatment to Hawaii News Now). This is utter childishness. A coach who acts with such base immaturity and rashness over what's reported or opined in the news cuts his own effectiveness in bringing out the best in his players. That fact is demonstrable in this case: one need only look at Chow's record.
on April 2,2014 | 07:32AM
BigErn wrote:
norman will be gone in December
on April 1,2014 | 04:37PM
niimi wrote:
Stormin' Norman.
on April 1,2014 | 05:03PM
NieleHK wrote:
Wow lau lau coach Chow......chill out already..............take Dave Reardon with a grain of salt (we all do)!
on April 1,2014 | 04:37PM
USCdad wrote:
C'mon Chow...you have to be able to rise higher than a reporter giving his opinion.
on April 1,2014 | 04:41PM
bigislandkurt wrote:
CHOW HAS TO GO. For real already. All you Chow apologist need to truly stop. This man is NOT cut out to be a head coach. The folks who hired him F***ed up BIG TIME.
on April 1,2014 | 04:45PM
uhsportsfan wrote:
on April 1,2014 | 05:47PM
TheFarm wrote:
Itʻs only a game, sheesh!
on April 1,2014 | 04:46PM
niimi wrote:
It's the only game in town.
on April 1,2014 | 05:03PM
den wrote:
if Chow can't take honest opinions he should find another career besides coaching football.
on April 1,2014 | 04:46PM
kealina wrote:
I think Norm Chow has every right to throw out Dave Reardon, while it maybe his job to give his opinion I very rarely agree with anything that he writes and have stopped reading I his column almost from the start. Mr Reardon has many opinions that don't help the situation just exacerbate it and that is not good for the university or the team he has selected to torch.
on April 1,2014 | 04:48PM
dontbelieveinmyths wrote:
If a team and its players are going to let opinions of the media influence their performance or relationships, then it's time for them to find another occupation. It is a columnist's job to give personal opinions on topics. It is not their job to kiss anyone's behind.
on April 1,2014 | 04:55PM
hunebasami wrote:
Not mormon. Do you hear any of them thinking about sports. Look at BYU Hawaii. Giving up on sports. Same as Norm Chow and Ben 30,000 seat Jay. They weren't here when we sold out at almost 50,000. That was when Norm Chow and Ben Jay was somewhere else. Those were the good times. Now 4-20 is a mormon good time.
on April 1,2014 | 06:22PM
808liz wrote:
Freedom of the press? And Reardon was leaving. No reason to throw a 3 year old temper tantrum. Get over your self Mr Chow...really ...this is Hawaii... chill, majorly
on April 1,2014 | 05:07PM
hunebasami wrote:
BYU thinking Chow.
on April 1,2014 | 06:24PM
hon2255 wrote:
Kealina , Reardon isnt here ,on the job at the SA to kiss any coaches be hind , he is there to give his honest opinions , he is not a reporter like Tsai, he is a columnist ,allowed to opinionate. Hellooo
on April 1,2014 | 05:27PM
steveoctober wrote:
So Reardon does his job and Chow gets mad ? No wonder.. think about this for a second.
on April 1,2014 | 05:35PM
hunebasami wrote:
If Chow did his job he wouldn't get mad. He is always worried about how someone else does his job. Chow 4-20 is not doing your job. Don't worry just do yours.
on April 1,2014 | 06:27PM
oxtail01 wrote:
It's because Chow can't do his job.
on April 1,2014 | 09:13PM
hunebasami wrote:
When people are not satisfied with a 1-11 season they should be thrown out. You who think that 1-11 is good then follow Norm Chasing Championship Chow. I hope your kids are 1-11 and you think that is alright.
on April 1,2014 | 06:16PM
oxtail01 wrote:
So we can conclude you didn't read what Reardon wrote. If that's the case, how can you assume Chow had the right to do what he did? Actually, no matter what Reardon wrote, Chow had no right to do what he did. The funny thing is, he thinks he has the right to blow smoke up the public's(you know where) but when he thinks someone is calling him out he wants to shut that up. Clueless coach!
on April 1,2014 | 09:12PM
Oahuan wrote:
Unacceptable behavior by Chow. Where does he think he is? China? This loser of a HC must go. I will never support a UH athletic program until the cowards in the Athletic program (Ben Jay) and upper campus (Tom Apple) find their balls tucked between their legs and fire this joker.
on April 1,2014 | 04:48PM
jimmyhouse67 wrote:
You'll be missed.....NOT!!!
on April 1,2014 | 06:24PM
oxtail01 wrote:
Thanks for agreeing with us about Chow.
on April 1,2014 | 09:06PM
hunebasami wrote:
Chow represent what higher management is. The men are a image of the leadership.
on April 1,2014 | 06:28PM
inverse wrote:
As a matter of fact Chow WAS in China on a religious mission when Shutter was arrested for driving under the influence. Chow must have studied the teachings of Mao and figure maybe he apply some of Mao's iron fist tactics on handling all who disagree with him. Unlike Mao, Chow cannot make Reardon 'disappear' but has every right to kick Reardon off the UH Manoa lower campus as emperor Chow is in control of that region. Maybe only after a public flogging of Reardon and a reeducation camp held by BJ where Reardon is required to drink the UH koolaid and recite the UH mantra 10,000 times that Chow can NEVER do anything wrong will Reardon be allowed to ever talk or ask a question to a UH football player
on April 1,2014 | 07:29PM
alohachef wrote:
Really? Spring ball and already controversy? Chow must be feeling the heat and the pressure. Cannot wait for the season to start because the teams on the schedule are way better than the past two years. I say by game 4 the handwriting will be on the wall and AD Jay will need to make a decision. However if they let Chow go it's going to cost them big money. Plus there is no one on the staff who would be ready to take over the team if that happens. So maybe he might have to coach until the end of the season before they decide what to do. It will be interesting. Reardon, keep doing what you do. That's what reporters must do, question and report the facts. Not sugar-coat everything.
on April 1,2014 | 04:50PM
hunebasami wrote:
Ask Rick Miano . He's not a mormon. He will hire people best for UH.
on April 1,2014 | 06:32PM
false wrote:
Rich Miano, will do anything to get the best including recruiting players out of district, in fact, including outer islands! hunebasami you are like the majority of the commenters who have no sports experience to be commenting on this matter. All of you are no different than Dave Reardon!
on April 1,2014 | 07:46PM
oxtail01 wrote:
Recruiting out of district is what successful university football coaches must do. Now, who doesn't have any experience?
on April 1,2014 | 09:16PM
808comp wrote:
Not the way you want to start the season off.
on April 1,2014 | 04:51PM
oxtail01 wrote:
Maybe he'll count this as a win.
on April 1,2014 | 09:17PM
Oahuan wrote:
Chow is a grumpy old man who needs to retire already. Or get fired. Either way he has to go.
on April 1,2014 | 04:55PM
ejkorvette wrote:
AUWE Uncle Chow! On the other hand, some reporters tend to bring out the Worst in players and coaches. So, 50-50. Norm was spot on in calling out the reporter for "low blow" comments, The reporter was spot on in leaving the field with grace. Moving forward, new season, Let's GO!!!!!! We are going to a BOWL this year. GarranS!!
on April 1,2014 | 05:00PM
hunebasami wrote:
Do they have a bowl for losers?
on April 1,2014 | 06:34PM
kailua000 wrote:
The Lysol Toilet Bowl
on April 1,2014 | 07:26PM
brucepati1 wrote:
"Chow fun" obviously has no class as well as clues on how to win at UH. What does he expect - to keep losing and for everybody here to support him? The criticism he gets comes with the job - whether you win or lose. Reardon is only doing what reporters are supposed to do. This outburst from him only shows the pent-up frustrations that he has with not being able to win here....
on April 1,2014 | 05:00PM
false wrote:
This practice was open to the public. The pressure is getting to Norm Chow and he isn't handling it well. I say it's time for him to leave before the whole team becomes demoralized.
on April 1,2014 | 05:00PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
Too late .... by about 2 years
on April 1,2014 | 06:44PM
brucepati1 wrote:
"Chow fun" obviously has no class as well as clues on how to win at UH. What does he expect - to keep losing and for everybody here to support him? The criticism he gets comes with the job - whether you win or lose. Reardon is only doing what reporters are supposed to do. This outburst from him only shows the pent-up frustrations that he has with not being able to win here....
on April 1,2014 | 05:02PM
brucepati1 wrote:
No class. not how you would expect a division I head coach to act. only another episode in the downward spiral called UH football
on April 1,2014 | 05:05PM
brucepati1 wrote:
"Chow fun" obviously has no class as well as clues on how to win at UH. What does he expect - to keep losing and for everybody here to support him? The criticism he gets comes with the job - whether you win or lose. Reardon is only doing what reporters are supposed to do. This outburst from him only shows the pent-up frustrations that he has with not being able to win here....
on April 1,2014 | 05:06PM
bluhawaii74 wrote:
Unacceptable. Take the opportunity to fire a Chow and get of his contract.
on April 1,2014 | 05:06PM
CriticalReader wrote:
Hey, that's a really, really good idea. Remember when UH blew the opportunity with McMackin and the Notre Dame comments?
on April 1,2014 | 06:43PM
Iuki wrote:
Oh, brother! Grow up, Coach Chow! Who do you think you are, anyway?
on April 1,2014 | 05:13PM
gmejk wrote:
Please Norm, get a grip. If you can't stand the heat resign already. Very unprofessional and even immature. I expect journalists to ask tough questions and criticize, if necessary, anyone on the payroll of the state. That includes public officials, elected leaders and highly paid football coaches.
on April 1,2014 | 05:19PM
false wrote:
Anyone on the payroll of the state? What about Ben Gay, who should be monitoring Coach Chow's performance, Tom Apple who is suppose to be monitoring Ben Gay's performance, the UH president who is suppose to be monitoring Tom Apple's performance and last but not least, the Board of Regents who is suppose to the monitoring the performance of the University's upper management. If Norm has to go, all of these clowns should join the circus parade!
on April 1,2014 | 08:11PM
swagger wrote:
What a grumpy, arrogant old man!!
on April 1,2014 | 05:21PM
macnut50 wrote:
Let's see what Ben Jay and upper management has to say about this idiot! He's not even a winner and he acts like a fool! UH program needs all the positive attention it can get so why is he being so difficult?
on April 1,2014 | 05:21PM
hon2255 wrote:
Mr Chow needs to be sent to the woodshed by Mr Jay, freedom of press ,freedom of speech, this is the United States not North Korea. Pay attention and coach your team , head Coach and let the media do their job.
on April 1,2014 | 05:24PM
awahana wrote:

Coach Chow has as much fan respect here as Juan Pablo!
on April 1,2014 | 05:28PM
Wage Earner wrote:
His lack of experience with the media is showing. That's what happens when you're a lifelong assistant - no experience with the media. Very unfortunate.
on April 1,2014 | 05:29PM
samgalante wrote:
We need a new coach Chow needs to go now
on April 1,2014 | 05:41PM
hunebasami wrote:
on April 1,2014 | 06:36PM
huponews wrote:
Nice job coach....some people just don't get it....disrespect anyone...your gone! Zero tolerance......yeah!
on April 1,2014 | 05:42PM
mynah wrote:
geesh. not a good thing for the university if its top coach behaves this way.
on April 1,2014 | 05:43PM
usahwn wrote:
Atta boy Coach. Show the SA who is the Boss
on April 1,2014 | 05:46PM
Archie wrote:
Chow organized and lobbied for the appointment of Rockne Freitas as AD. Did he not realize that, first, it's not his job to recommend who should be his supervisor and, two, did he not think that by advocating for one candidate he was jeopardizing his (Chow's) relationship with the eventual AD. He hired an offensive coordinator without, apparently, any due diligence and fired that hire at a cost in excess of $100K. Chow doesn't like Reardon's comments so he reacts in a manner that embarrasses the athletic department and displays his immaturity and arrogance to his players. Who damaged the program more---Reardon or Chow? It's no wonder the football program is in such a mess.
on April 1,2014 | 05:46PM
hunebasami wrote:
Good coaches use negative comments to motivate people, bad coaches act badly.
on April 1,2014 | 06:42PM
kailua000 wrote:
very true.
on April 1,2014 | 07:27PM
geniusboy wrote:
Sad day. Sad outburst by coach. Chow should frame Reardon's article and hang it in Clune's office. Use it to show your detractors, on the field of play, that they are ill informed and wrong. That is how I think winners react. Not like this outburst. I wish Chow great success in the coming season. But to blame your past failures on others, a sports reporter, no less, is very disturbing. Please, coach, apologize to Reardon publicly. Tell Reardon he is welcome in the program. Tell Reardon that you will show him he is ill informed in the coming season. If you ever expect to turn things around, you need to start acting and thinking like a winner. Only losers do what you did this morning.
on April 1,2014 | 05:47PM
Anonymous wrote:
You have hit the nail on the head. Good post.
on April 1,2014 | 09:25PM
uhsportsfan wrote:
You know what, Dave? Go after him this year with everything you've got. I thought you were more than fair after Chow's second abysmal failure. If he's going to treat you like he did today, then you might as well deserve it. For Coach Chow: You big cry baby! Grow up already. What you did today was childish and immature. Your behavior PROVES that you do not deserve to be a head coach.
on April 1,2014 | 05:49PM
hunebasami wrote:
on April 1,2014 | 06:43PM
inverse wrote:
No, two Wongs don't make a right. Reardon should NOT stoop to Chow's level, just report as he sees it and take the personal stuff with Chow out of the equation. Soon enough Chow will be gone and the larger picture is getting UH football back on track.
on April 1,2014 | 08:01PM
oxtail01 wrote:
Nah, Dave...just report the dismal facts of another disastrous upcoming season and everything else will take care of itself. Start preparing a nice farewell article for Chow before the season is over.
on April 1,2014 | 09:22PM
lokela wrote:
The pressure in the pot finally boiled over. It's going to be an interesting year.
on April 1,2014 | 05:50PM
lopati15 wrote:
Go For Broke.
on April 1,2014 | 05:52PM
localguy wrote:
Since when does "King Chow" have the authority to tell anyone to leave? He does not. The man is truly upset about his inability to coach a winning team, lashing out at everyone, spinning his failure as "someone else's fault." UH would do well to consider a replacement. Can't do any worse than the past two seasons. Well, actually yes. A third losing season.
on April 1,2014 | 06:00PM
jmarie wrote:
Chow who do you think you are, Emperor Hussein? You both are very similar as you both are suck in the leadership department. Who's John GALT?
on April 1,2014 | 06:03PM
jpo wrote:
Please explain why this bum why hired? Can't even handle the verocious Honolulu media - time to leave before it gets worse. How many coaches are still on staff from the first year?
on April 1,2014 | 06:03PM
bumba wrote:
When Chow first got selected as the UH coach everyone here welcomed him with open arms. People were printing Chow Time t-shirts, drive-ins were giving discounts to anyone named Chow, it was a Chow frenzy. THEN his attorney son told everyone to stop, because they were so afraid people were gonna make a few measly bucks using Chow's name. Heaven forbid someone makes a few bucks using the Chow name. All the while coach is making a LOT of money at the UH. Well, bachi, Chow. You lived on the mainland too long. Whatever aloha you had was lost up there. You're lucky you're still working.
on April 1,2014 | 06:04PM
Makai4757 wrote:
Long overdue to bid this old man aloha!
on April 1,2014 | 06:11PM
Pali_Hwy wrote:
Wait, wait, April Fools right?
on April 1,2014 | 06:19PM
W_Williams wrote:
I wish. May haps he's just an April fool?
on April 1,2014 | 09:52PM
CriticalReader wrote:
Is this ANOTHER reason other head coaching positions eluded coach Chow? If Dave wasn't welcomed just for writing what he did, then, man, I guess there are very, very few people left in this state who are welcomed at UH football events.
on April 1,2014 | 06:20PM
CriticalReader wrote:
The thing coach Chow needs to understand is that ALL of his hires are suspect, because they've been hired by him. This approach is not helping any of them at all. Now Clune looks like he needs bullying proitection rather than being able to stand on his own two feet. What a shame.
on April 1,2014 | 06:36PM
CriticalReader wrote:
Chow is making Reardon look absotutely correct about Clune.
on April 1,2014 | 06:39PM
buds4life wrote:
Very sad day for the program and it's coach. Coach Chow is an angry old man who may need a medical card to chill.
on April 1,2014 | 06:29PM
kainalu wrote:
Wow, Chow! ... hehehe.
on April 1,2014 | 06:34PM
Kapaho wrote:
Very unprofessional for a head coach. Being a coach, you got to take the criticism. You may not like it but got to get thick skin and not let that bother you. This is the make or break year for Chow. Another losing season and he will be history.
on April 1,2014 | 06:34PM
Anonymous wrote:
Rob. A real professional, Reardon, I mean. Shooting the messenger is great for Chow's EGO, but won't win a single game. Is this another example of poor decision making to add to his Head Coach resume?
on April 1,2014 | 06:37PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
You don't get to pick and choose who can attend a UH event that is open to the public, even if you are the head football coach. The nerve of Chow to think he can exclude people because he doesn't like their opinion. It's bad enough that his job performance has been so poor since his hire, now he's retaliating against reporters for doing their job? Time to retire with what little dignity he has left, take your ill gotten Million and run ... please.
on April 1,2014 | 06:42PM
false wrote:
The truth hurts and it only gets worst. Hopefully,and maybe I am bit naieve,by saying hopefully for the state,we have a respecful season.GO RAINBOW WARRIORS!!!
on April 1,2014 | 06:49PM
Pacificsports wrote:
Sophomoric behavior. Further evidence why he should not be head coach and why no one else offered him a head coaching position. UH serves the community, and the people, through the media, deserve access. Why isn't Apple and Jay at least reprimanding Chow?
on April 1,2014 | 06:50PM
Squiggs wrote:
I think I will pass on my season tickets for this coming year. I have seen and heard enough
on April 1,2014 | 06:56PM
Loki wrote:
Wow! Grow some thick skin Coach or find a new profession.
on April 1,2014 | 07:06PM
HawaiiMongoose wrote:
A leader distinguishes between what is important and what is unimportant. A teacher sets a good example. In this instance Chow has failed in both respects.
on April 1,2014 | 07:09PM
tploomis wrote:
If Norm Chow is so thin-skinned that he can't take a little criticism from the press, especially with the season he had last year, he's not up to the challenges of being a head coach. He turns a public practice, which Reardon had every right to attend, into a platform for running Reardon off the field. His focus should be on his players and the upcoming season. What kind of judgment and self control is he demonstrating? Come on Chow. Your challenge is to get this team on track. If you do that you will take care of an antagonistic press. Let yourself get distracted by petty vendettas, as you seem to be doing, and we will have a season like last year, or worse.
on April 1,2014 | 07:09PM
Senior_Researcher wrote:
Grow up or go home, Norm. Really, get a grip, it's not about you or the press, as you apparently now realize. But, this morning, you made it all about you and the press. It's not "Chow Time," it's "Not Ready For Prime Time." Further proof of UH football's delusions of grandeur, a mid-level FCS program masquerading as a FBS one.
on April 1,2014 | 07:13PM
alohachef wrote:
Just the first day of practice and already there's drama. What Reardon said in his column was that UH was not attracting top tier candidates. He mentioned the reality that whoever the coach picked, that person could be looking for another job within a year because of the record that UH and Chow has. Therefore, what coach would want to take that challenge. Maybe this coach Clune was looking for a new challenge or could be there was other reasons he left Utah State. But whatever it was, Chow doesn't have to lay the blame on Reardon's opinion. UH's problem is that the staff has very limited coaching experience at the D1 level. Maybe Chow wants this because he can have coaches who would buy in to his system. But it seems he wants total control. Did anyone find out why Price left? That will never be answered because one of the stipulations for him to get paid was to keep it confidential. Anyway, Hawaii will be in for a long season. I believe they can beat Northern Iowa. It'll be a toss up against Wyoming, Nevada, and UNLV. 3 wins could be attainable but how they play and are coached will be scrutinized.
on April 1,2014 | 07:17PM
kailua000 wrote:
Grow up Norm Chow! If you were in a big city like LA, Dallas or other place at a powerful program and you did this, you would have been laughed off the field. You want everything written about you to smell like plumeria and orchids? Then win a few games and Big Bad Dave Reardon wont upset you so much. Good grief.
on April 1,2014 | 07:23PM
Eagle156 wrote:
At least Reardon is better than the clown Bob Jones in Midweek
on April 1,2014 | 07:43PM
BigOpu wrote:
I have no problem with what Norm did! It's his house. If someone who I didn't care for showed up at my house party, I'd throw em out also. Really, you guys find his actions unacceptable? What would you guys do if someone talked $h#t about your family members? Would you let them in your house with no consequence? Of course not, so lighten up. This doesn't mean I disagree with what Dave wrote. I just think Norms actions are justified. No apologies needed NC.
on April 1,2014 | 07:52PM
Archie wrote:
The UH practice facilities is not Chow's house. He doesn't get to exclude designated people. Also, if he was so upset that someone had "talked $h#t" about his family members, why would Chow fire family members Kaumeyer, Tuioti and Rauscher?
on April 1,2014 | 08:14PM
BigOpu wrote:
Figure of speech Arch. He can exclude whomever he wants. Maybe the family members that you mentioned wanted out of his house too. Maybe as the father figure, he felt sending them away to another school would be better. Maybe those family members were just visiting and they felt it was time to go. Need more explanations?
on April 1,2014 | 10:05PM
inverse wrote:
This is just the tip of the iceberg of things to come when assessing the stability of Chow. Just imagine how he behaves away from the cameras and reporters when he has to deal with a whole bunch of young players and inexperienced new,coaches who are going to make tons of mistakes and errors which he blames all of UH failures with inferior players who cannot follow directions and execute This will not turn out well, and like the Titanic after it hit the iceberg the outcome is inevitable. I just hope when the time comes, Miano can pick up the pieces and put Humpty Dumpty back together again.
on April 1,2014 | 07:56PM
oxtail01 wrote:
No one is mentioning here that Tsai gets to stay on because he kisses up. Reardon, at least tries for some seriousness once in a while. I have been one of his harshest critics but he didn't deserve what clueless Chow did.
on April 1,2014 | 08:26PM
UHFAN1984 wrote:
I'm not a fan of Mr. Reardon by any measure Coach Chow's focus should be on improving his on last seasons 1-11 record not yelling at a reporter prove to me coach that I should renew my season tickets that out burst is not the way.
on April 1,2014 | 08:27PM
geralddeheer wrote:
on April 1,2014 | 08:47PM
2NDC wrote:
Chow = today's "Von Appen". :-(
on April 1,2014 | 09:22PM
Tipops wrote:
Wow, after reading the Tsai article and then reading and re-reading all these comments it seems that Coach Chow continues to entertain. The only difference is he seems to have fallen from grace. I guess going 4-20 over two seasons does that. I can't wait to hear what all the Chow die-hards are going to be saying after this next season. If we're lucky, and I mean LUCKY we'll be one win better this year than last year and the win will be in large part because it's a home game. Bottom line is our esteemed coach should have taken the high road, now it's too late. UH is so impotent that these public debacles are becoming more and more common. All I can say is that when Chow gets canned, which is inevitable, Jay and Apple should be on the same jet out of town. Maybe with a complete change of the guard, we can clean house and start a new era in UH sports.
on April 1,2014 | 09:23PM
mike96816 wrote:
Last I checked, U of H was a public institution funded by Hawaii taxpayers. Since when can a coach exclude any member of the media because he didn't like the content of a written article. Someone needs to explain to coach Chow that he is employed by an institution of higher learning that teaches among other things open mindedness, tolerance of opposing opinions, and freedom of speech. There's no other way to put it, this man is an embarrassment to the entire university.
on April 1,2014 | 09:26PM
BigDaveWH wrote:
He's a control freak and nothing more. Why do you think he doesn't have an offensive coordinator? He couldn't bear having someone else run the offense. When you are losing, you have to be able to take the heat and the criticism. He isn't coaching at Waialua High.
on April 1,2014 | 09:30PM
Honu89 wrote:
13 games on the 2014 schedule against decent teams, even Northern Iowa is coming off of a 7-5 2013 season. If UH plays like last year, it might be a 0-13 or at best a 1-12 year. Is 5-32 a good enough reason to finally let this guy go? Amazing how many negative comments are in this discussion before the season even starts but it's what 2 years of disappointment generates.
on April 1,2014 | 09:34PM
kolohepalu wrote:
The coach is supposed to be the grown-up- what an embarrassment and poor example to the players. Raises questions about his self-control and professionalism.
on April 1,2014 | 09:39PM
W_Williams wrote:
Cry baby Chow. I should we just say, "Ciao."
on April 1,2014 | 09:50PM
Bumby wrote:
The world must revolve around him so he thinks. Doing what he did was negative all around. People came to do their job, players came to practice, fans came to watch, etc etc. What a bummer way to start spring practice. Publicity in the wrong way. Poor poor me.
on April 1,2014 | 10:17PM
Bumby wrote:
Stephen writing this has infuriated the coach more since comments are more against what he did.
on April 1,2014 | 10:19PM
jussayin wrote:
The practice was open to the public ... except for a journalist who Chow didn't like. You would think after decades of being a coach he has experience in what the media communicates to the public. He shouldn't be a head coach. Sorry for stating the obvious.
on April 1,2014 | 10:50PM
Eradication wrote:
I support Coach Chows reaction to Mr. Reardon's presence. The guy is a hack reporter and quotes anonymous sources way to often. His article was not honest. It was conjecture. He had no basis for writing some of the things he did concerning the new DC. .His writing is sophomoric and he delights in taking cheap shots to increase his readership. Coach Chow is trying to establish a sound football team from the ground up and none of you people see or appreciate the challenges that exists. I fully supported Coach Mac when you all were calling for his head and calling him names as well. I remember reading all your comments praising the firing of Coach Mac. Now you're doing the same with Coach Chow. I did not agree with the firing of Coach Mac but when it happened and later when Coach Chow was hired I supported Coach Chow then and I support him now. UH, from top to bottom, has problems. That's a fact. People are working very hard to change that including the AD and the head coach/staff. When a new coach is hired the most important factor is getting the players to trust him and buy into his philosophy of football. It doesn't help when the local hack reporter questions whether or not the local players can play for him. Writing this without giving a basis for that comment is just cheap journalism (I use that term very loosely). Most of you folks do not know Coach Chow yet feel compelled to comment like you do. Some of the comments made are smothered in bigotry and religious prejudice. I am sincerely hoping that this year will be a great year for UH football and I fully support the program, players and coaches 100%. As a UCLA basketball fan I'm glad folks like you were not around the first few years of Coach Wooden's coaching tenure there.
on April 1,2014 | 10:59PM
Pacificsports wrote:
Boy, talking about not being honest, you take the cake. Who are you, Chow's son? Wooden "had immediate success, fashioning the mark of the rarest of coaches, an "instant turnaround" for an undistinguished, faltering program. Prior to his arrival, UCLA had only had two conference championship seasons in the previous 18 years. In his first season, he took a UCLA team that had a 12–13 record the previous year and transformed it into a Pacific Coast Conference (PCC) Southern Division champion with a 22–7 record,[3] the most wins in a season for UCLA since it started playing basketball in 1919.[30] He surpassed that number the next season with 24–7 and a second division title and overall conference title in 1950, and would add two more in his first four years." We gave Chow a first season pass even though the national commentators said his offensive scheme was doomed to failure in Hawaii. A second season where he almost went winless deserves no respect. He is at least the second worst coach in Hawaii history, if not the worst. Reardon spoke up and did his research and people agree with him. All you do is tell lies and slander Reardon. Hawaii had no less than 6 wins per season under Mack, Chow has yet to achieve that many wins in 2 years here.
on April 1,2014 | 11:17PM
Kahiau01 wrote:
Been a season tix holder for over 20 years for football. Are any of you with the negative comments season tix holders or jump on the band wagon fans. I've been through the thick and thin. 0-12 season/Sugar Bowl(went there too). The media needs to support all of the UH athletics programs good articles that bring up the issues yet support the teams. Coach Chow has every right to be mad. The media only puts out what will gain readers or watchers. That is the whole problem with Hawaii fans and Hawaii Media. They do not know what true fans are. Learn from a lot of other programs and local media in their areas. They support and fill the house in good and bad times. Yes winning counts, but if you do not support it year in and year out. Then you are not a fan and have no right to criticize any coach or program. No matter what I am there along with 20 other friends and family every season. The only change needed here is all of you negative fans who do not support the programs at UH. Funny thing is that I never even graduated from UH but I bleed the green and Support UH athletics 100%. I AM A TRUE FAN AND YOU CAN BET ON THAT. I believe in the coach (CHOW) we have and believe in the players we got. They will succeed this year and prove all you haters wrong!!!! Let's Go Coach Chow, we will be there for the Warrior Walk no matter what!!!!!! Print that Reardon or is it too positive for you and all the fair weather fans!!!!!!!!!!!!
on April 1,2014 | 11:41PM
eabaya wrote:
Dave Reardon suggested on the morning talk show host at 1420 that if they want a new coach, they should start a petition him to oust him just after the season ended in winning the Army game. I just read the article he wrote on Clune and it's downright dirty. I'm not a fan of Coach Chow because I'm still mad about UH failing to keep Coach Jones. But Dave Reardon started ousting Coach Mac too when he failed to win the WAC for the second time. Dave has a sharp pen and he's no fan of Chow that's for sure. But for all you out there, if a person has one newspaper to read and you have one columnist who has your undivided attention, he can sway a lot of your thinking and be biased. Let me just say this, Mr. Dave Reardon, approach your friends who has deep pockets and buy out Coach Chow's contract. This way, you don't have to write why the University messed up again in buying out another coach.
on April 2,2014 | 12:21AM
HCSSC wrote:
Chow is weak-minded.
on April 2,2014 | 01:46AM
Tekken005 wrote:
We need a change at the Honolulu Star Advertiser! Dave Reardon is anti-UH Football!
on April 2,2014 | 06:06AM
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