Tuesday, July 29, 2014         

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Abercrombie apologizes for questioning Inouye's wish

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 08:59 p.m. HST, Apr 14, 2014

Gov. Neil Abercrombie apologized on Monday for casting doubt on a letter from U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye that urged the governor to name U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa as his successor.

Abercrombie told the Los Angeles Times in an interview last week that whether the letter "could be construed as Sen. Inouye's dying wish  -- let me put it this way  -- is problematic."

The governor did not dispute that the letter, hand-delivered by retired banker Walter Dods and retired attorney Jeffrey Watanabe in the hour before Inouye died in December 2012, reflected the senator's preference for Hanabusa. The governor also did not provide any evidence that the letter was not authentic.

But Abercrombie's comments resurrected speculation, spread by some of the governor's political allies, that the letter was contrived to pressure the governor to choose Hanabusa. Abercrombie instead appointed Brian Schatz -- his lieutenant governor at the time -- to replace Inouye.

Schatz and Hanabusa are locked in a close Democratic primary to fill out the remainder of Inouye's six-year term.

Irene Hirano Inouye, Inouye's widow, said Monday that Abercrombie's comments were "hurtful" and "disrespectful."

"I apologize to the late Sen. Inouye, his wife Irene, his family, friends, and former staff for the comments I made concerning the letter," Abercrombie said in a statement. "I regret that my comments were interpreted as hurtful and disrespectful to them. That was certainly not my intent. Sen. Inouye was, without a doubt, one of the finest leaders in Hawaii's history, and a mentor to me.

"Selection of Sen. Inouye's successor was one of the most difficult decisions of my political career. I had three worthy nominees from the Democratic Party to select from. In my discussions with Sen. Inouye, it was clear that he preferred Colleen Hanabusa. In the end, however, he told me, as governor, you have to make the decision you think is best for the people of Hawaii."

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kainalu wrote:
Yo! Irene Hirano Inouye! Are you running? More so I don't vote for Hanabusa.
on April 14,2014 | 05:22PM
8082062424 wrote:
what a matter can not face the fact that our umpa lumpa is a liar?
on April 14,2014 | 05:32PM
honokai wrote:
the homeless guy on the beach has more say than a dead Senator ... That is our system.
on April 14,2014 | 07:31PM
jomama wrote:
that would appear to be factually correct
on April 14,2014 | 07:45PM
HealthyandHappy wrote:
They are all loser looters. I said so much when the boy dan was alive.
on April 14,2014 | 07:49PM
usahwn wrote:
And the guys at Halawa and detention center.
on April 14,2014 | 08:20PM
DowntownGreen wrote:
She's never been elected to anything, so why should this matter? I care even less about her opinion on who should be Senator than I did about what her late husband thought.
on April 14,2014 | 05:35PM
Nala007 wrote:
Agreed! This is so offensive. I wish Neil didn't apologize. Neither the Dan Inouye nor his wife get to anoint Dan's replacement. Enough already. Colleen, you don't get to be Senator because Uncle Dan wanted you. This ongoing conflict reinforces my decision to vote for Brian Schatz. This entire drama is an insult to us voters.
on April 14,2014 | 09:36PM
pandadaddy wrote:
A "dying wish" has no place in politics.
on April 14,2014 | 06:02PM
chariie1 wrote:
Why should he have a say on his death bed? The presumption that this late senator may have stated is most undemocratic.
on April 14,2014 | 05:23PM
MoTown808 wrote:
"What he said is that he would do the right thing." The right thing is vague. The right thing to who? The right thing for who?

Separate from individual politics, Schatz's age means something for Hawaii. Schatz could be a Senator for 40 years and still be under the age of 85.

Does Hanabusa even have 40 years left? She'll be 102-103 years old.

Maybe Schatz wasn't the "right" thing to do for Inouye, but for Hawaii - arguably it could be the right choice.
on April 14,2014 | 05:29PM
8082062424 wrote:
Schatz is nothing more then Obama puppet
on April 14,2014 | 05:39PM
usahwn wrote:
Lesser of the evils
on April 14,2014 | 08:22PM
tploomis wrote:
And that's a good thing!
on April 14,2014 | 08:31PM
droid wrote:
Better Obama than Harry Reid. Not much of a choice but like usahwn said — the lesser of two evils.
on April 14,2014 | 11:14PM
kukui_nut wrote:
Except Schatz ain't "right" for much.
on April 14,2014 | 05:49PM
copperwire9 wrote:
Gov. Abercrombie's logic regarding Senator Schatz is that he's a better choice that Rep. Hanabusa, in part because she's older than Schatz. By that logic, of course, the Governor may just want to step aside and let the younger Senator Ige have top billing in the Democratic primary in August. Anyone think he'll do that???
on April 14,2014 | 07:58PM
Skyler wrote:
First everyone screams "vote out all incumbents!" "term limits NOW!" - then they go on about 'age' when it comes to being Senator - the younger mo' better so can stay in office for 40 years. LOL make up your minds already.
on April 14,2014 | 08:42PM
Knowlege wrote:
on April 14,2014 | 05:34PM
Knowlege wrote:
Put the money where it's needed, that's who I will vote for.
on April 14,2014 | 05:35PM
8082062424 wrote:
Abercrombie is going to regret bring this up after it had been laid to rest. but he felt the need to go give a interview with the Los Angeles Times to bring it back up. this is going to come back and bite him and Brian Schatz so bad it going to be funny
on April 14,2014 | 05:35PM
Tony91 wrote:
Actually, it is backfiring on Hanabusa. Dan Inouye was a great man, but he was not royalty. He does not get to pick his successor and either do his minions. The way this whole thing went down smells so bad, that any daylight shed on it reflects poorly on those it was supposed to benefit (Hanabusa/Sabas/etc...) Does Hanabusa really think the Hawaii electorate is this stupid?
on April 14,2014 | 06:11PM
bumbai wrote:
Backfiring? You're dreaming. This is a major screw up by Neil et al. You can't spin this one away.
on April 14,2014 | 06:55PM
Nala007 wrote:
Agreed. This whole fiasco offends me as a voter and reinforces my decision to vote for Schatz.
on April 14,2014 | 09:38PM
hawaiison wrote:
So you're going to vote for Schatz out of spite? Just because Inouye endorsed Hanabusa doesn't make her the wrong choice or the right choice. Use your own judgement.
on April 14,2014 | 09:52PM
hikine wrote:
Hanabusa wants entitlement which makes no sense. Dan Inouye and his consortium has no business who the Governor appoints in office. Inouye's camp should be ashamed of themselves!
on April 14,2014 | 11:43PM
inverse wrote:
Yes, the guvs comment was very Mufiesque; attacking Inouye after his death when he cannot defend himself and Inouye's wife has to defend her late husband does not sit well with many people, including many AJA's and other asians. Inouye was no king but he was a medal of honor awardee, heroic on the battlefield in Europe so that others can exercise their freedom back home to protest and stage sit ins, fought injustice and prejudice in his own country, brought respect and honor to all AJA and others generations that followed his generation, brought in extra hundreds of millions of dollars to the State of Hawaii, on and on. Can't just let that one go?
on April 14,2014 | 10:43PM
lokela wrote:
I respect Dan but this is not about a letter or death bed wish. The public should decide on who gets in. Neil did something right for a change. Irene should just move on. Besides I am not a fan of Hanabusa and never will be.
on April 14,2014 | 05:39PM
Mythman wrote:
come on everybody, this is about what is Neil going to give to the widow, family and ex staff out of the list of stuff they want from the state now, not about Cong Hanabusa. Politics. Sickening.
on April 14,2014 | 05:46PM
waokele wrote:
I do not understand why Mrs. Inouye is so involved in this. The Governor did what he could legally do and that should be it. Makes me wonder what the Inouye bunch are up too.
on April 14,2014 | 05:45PM
8082062424 wrote:
The letter issue was laid to rest. but our governor brought it up and stirred the whole thing up again. he even try to say it was not really Inouyes wish. . so of course she going to come forward. why let the governor try and lie about it. why did the guvnor bring it up again?
on April 14,2014 | 05:52PM
Skyler wrote:
I don't understand why you think Mrs. Inouye is at fault here. Abs brought it up - opened his fur-ringed mouth & stuck his little foot in it. Kinda hard to back-peddle with one foot in the mouth, eh?
on April 14,2014 | 08:44PM
inverse wrote:
Because Inouye is not alive to defend himself and required Inouye's wife to defend her late husband's honor.
on April 14,2014 | 10:49PM
danix41 wrote:
Irene is just a plain gold digger. She should shut up and enjoy her late husband's pension.
on April 14,2014 | 05:50PM
bumbai wrote:
Spoken like a true Abercrombie supporter.
on April 15,2014 | 12:06AM
roadsterred wrote:
Abercrombie can't have it both ways. He should have kept his mouth shut instead of agreeing to an interview by the Los Angeles Times. What did he expect to gain, additional support for Schatz?
on April 14,2014 | 05:50PM
8082062424 wrote:
that just what it was about. trying to sway the AJA vote and local vote
on April 14,2014 | 05:57PM
Venus1 wrote:
The Governor's staff is constantly' tearing their hair out' over his comments... I hear he is not allowed e mail!! He did not have to 'question' anything!!
on April 14,2014 | 05:58PM
AhiPoke wrote:
The truth often hurts.
on April 14,2014 | 05:53PM
Hilofrank wrote:
Have to admire the Schatz and Abercrombie campaign. The comments show they have a substantial on line presence. Just to make it appear that there is some kind of support favoring Schatz and/or Abercrombie. If Abercrombie doesn't have the simply courtesy of being able to tell Mrs. Inouye that he's going to appoint someone else, over the late Senator's wishes, then it tells you something about his character. Same goes for Schatz. If he couldn't find the courtesy of talking to Mrs. Inouye first, that tells you something about him. That alone should cause people to think twice about voting for either of them. I'm not saying vote Hanabusa, or that Inouye's wishes had to be obeyed, I'm just saying there is such a thing a common courtesy and they owed it to Mrs. Inouye simply to talk to her, apologize and then do what they wanted.
on April 14,2014 | 05:55PM
Kalaheo1 wrote:
Hilofrank wrote: "Have to admire the Schatz and Abercrombie campaign. The comments show they have a substantial on line presence. Just to make it appear that there is some kind of support favoring Schatz and/or Abercrombie. "

Hey, I'm nobody's stooge.

And if you read the comments, very few people are saying "Mr Abercrombie and Mr Schatz are awesome!" People like me are pointing out that, even if the letter wasn't cheap, manufactured, distasteful political theater, it's still wrong for Mr Inouye to try to appoint a successor for an elected position. Here, I'll write it again:

Even if the letter wasn't cheap, manufactured, distasteful political theater, it's still wrong for Mr Inouye to try to appoint a successor for an elected position.

I wish Mrs Inouye the best, but, like me and you, she has one vote, and she should use it on the candidate she thinks will do the best job for this state and this country. Mr Inouye had decades to make this "last wish" known. That we are expected to believe that Mr Inouye waited until moments before he died to dictated an eloquent letter is pure rubbish.

I think a half century in Washington DC and wielding all that power tends to make people forget how the system is supposed to work.

on April 14,2014 | 06:08PM
KKawa wrote:
Kalaheo1 rightly says Ms. Inouye has just 1 vote. But does she? I don't know. When the two married she was a California resident. Today, in what Hawaii neighborhood does she live? She's obviously being asked by Hanabusa's campaign (the former Inouye staff/cabal) to do this. I assume she is not thrilled with what THEY did to Dan's legacy: 1) attributing to him the writing of such a heavy-handed letter - which the cabal described in the letter as "my final wish"; and 2) the fact that this expressed "final wish" was DISREGARDED. Would you want your husband so remembered? All of this set into motion, mind you, by his very own, closest friends.
on April 14,2014 | 06:43PM
Frances wrote:
I don't understand - what protocol, what courtesy? Since when do we have to have our leaders dialogue with the widows or spouses of deceased elected officials? I can see sympathies extended at the funeral, but to draw it out into the appointment process, I have never heard of such a protocol. Let's not make things up to satisfy someone's political sensitivities.
on April 14,2014 | 06:08PM
mohgth wrote:
That's two face Abercrombie for you. I will never vote for him no matter who is running against him. Even Bulalia would be better than him!
on April 14,2014 | 05:56PM
false wrote:
Wow, shocking the widow would jump into this this way. Not very senatorial. Ugly. Not doing her late husband's memory any good. My grandmother is turning in her grave
on April 14,2014 | 05:58PM
KKawa wrote:
false - see my remarks above. Kkawa
on April 14,2014 | 06:44PM
copperwire9 wrote:
Hello? Wasn't it "shocking" for Gov. A. to bring this all back up again? Whose legacy is benefitting from that?
on April 14,2014 | 08:03PM
rich22 wrote:
Just another sad commentary by our mediocre politicians. I always vote lesser of the two evils, but it's getting harder each year to even vote in this environment.
on April 14,2014 | 06:01PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Many forget there are many, many older Japanese-American citizens who are the most reliable voters in all Hawaii. Go ahead, Neil, keep it up.
on April 14,2014 | 06:26PM
false wrote:
Right on Maneki. As I previously noted, the local mom and pops always play a very major part in deciding all Hawaii elections.
on April 14,2014 | 09:04PM
kuewa wrote:
Either the letter is authentic and Sen Inouye unethically and possibly illegally attempted to influence the selection of his successor OR the letter is a fake and his wife and possibly others committed forgery and tried to influence this process, again unethically and possibly illegally. Either way, I find myself grateful that the Gov ignored the letter even though I do not particularly support either Schatz or Hanabusa.
on April 14,2014 | 06:05PM
SY808 wrote:
I wish this was facebook so I could "like" your comment!
on April 14,2014 | 06:28PM
false wrote:
This is a smelly story: there's no by-line, just 'staff' and there's no citation of how she 'said' this - over the phone, in person, through another person. Come on here, breaking news, get your ready for primetime...
on April 14,2014 | 06:08PM
Frances wrote:
I also hear that Mrs. Inouye is part of the Hanabusa campaign. Remember when they first announced the candidacy, they insisted they were gonna win by "word of mouth" campaigning. Does that mean gossip and innuendo? Let's compare the two candidates based on their positions on issues and what they can give to our islands.
on April 14,2014 | 06:10PM
mitt_grund wrote:
Consider that her husband endorsed Hanabusa. What pray tell would a loyal wife do? She is keeping her word. So far, all I see is her trying to set the record straight. It is Abercrombie who is casting doubt. And that is hurtful. He has literally called her and Dan's family liars.

He is not my friend, although I thought that he was better and less arrogant than Hannemann or Aiona, and cast my vote as well as several hundred dollars his way. Could have used that money to pay for the increased taxes I now pay the State of Hawaii since he took office. I will vote for Ige. I will not heed his so-called advisory to vote for Schatz. I will disregard the HGEA's endorsements, where the candidates have proven to be both arrogant and glib. And I will not support any candidate who misuses our kupuna and wants to sock it to retired persons who are on fixed limited incomes, unlike our governor, who has a state/county retirement, a federal retirement, and an annual household allowance that exceeds the salaryof most middle income citizens of this state. I see only his head and girth getting bigger - his head swollen with his self-conceit, and his girth by indulging on the goodies that his household allowance permits him to fatten himself on.

on April 14,2014 | 09:06PM
Carang_da_buggahz wrote:
Gee, Mitt, tell us how you really feel (LOL!). Anyway, enjoyed your commentary and couldn't agree more.
on April 14,2014 | 10:32PM
SY808 wrote:
Dan Inouye was not that stupid or crass. He knew if he tried to force Abercrombie's hand it would backfire. Everyone knows Sabas penned the letter, stamped it "private" then leaked it to the media.
on April 14,2014 | 06:24PM
copperwire9 wrote:
No everyone does NOT "know" that.
on April 14,2014 | 08:05PM
foliefolie wrote:
The fact that it was leaked to the media when the letter was stamped "private" just shows it was a calculated move by the Inouye camp to pressure Abercrombie.
on April 14,2014 | 11:39PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Neil insults a widow. Classy, short man, real classy.
on April 14,2014 | 06:24PM
Dcbriscoejr wrote:
The late Senator Inouye and his widow are probably due all the respect Hawaii can give, but Abercrombie had every right -- legally, morally, and politically -- to make his own decision on whom he would appoint to the U.S. Senate, whether it agrees with the "dying wish" of the senator or the political pronouncements of his widow.
on April 14,2014 | 06:25PM
solo3808 wrote:
You will lose votes because of that statement little midget abercrombie. Pick and choose you battles. This one may bite you. Leave the dead legacy alone.
on April 14,2014 | 06:27PM
2NDC wrote:
Both Schatz and Hanabusa are poor choices. Neither should be elected in November. Hanabusa was already in Washington, DC, so pulling her out of her elected position and placing her in another would have been a disservice to the people of Hawaii. Inouye was long overdue for a departure. It's unfortunate that it ended the way it did. Would have been nice to see him "retire" and become another Daniel Akaka and "endorse" various candidates while senile. Hawaii needs new blood to represent. All of the "seasoned" politicians from Hawaii are corrupt.
on April 14,2014 | 06:41PM
Iuki wrote:
Mrs. Hirano Inouye didn't respect the Senator enough to drop her first husband's last name. She also doesn't respect the governor of Hawaii, obviously. But then, she's not from Hawaii, so there are things about here she just doesn't "get."
on April 14,2014 | 06:52PM
Mythman wrote:
Wasn't the widow "elected" to the board of the Ford Foundation by the late senator? Didn't she run an AJA museum in L.A.? Is this a racial thing? Sounds like it. Oops, we are not supposed to notice what race anyone in Hawaii belongs to even though racial bloc voting is what happens.
on April 14,2014 | 07:06PM
honokai wrote:
WIth all due respect, this is not about you. It is about all of us.
on April 14,2014 | 07:23PM
gmejk wrote:
Schatz and Hanabusa are career politicians who stand for nothing but party politics. Sickening.
on April 14,2014 | 07:32PM
usahwn wrote:
And Abercrumbles . ..
on April 14,2014 | 08:14PM
atilter wrote:
this is a clear case of "he said - she said"! it news-worthy only in the eyes of the beholder! unsubstantiation abounds. now people can/will come forward to say they witnessed the "action" in order to corroborate this "dying wish". too bad people are besmirching the name of an individual no longer with us.
on April 14,2014 | 07:38PM
honokai wrote:
If it is being used in a campaign, then it is fair game to belittle it. It is disrespectful to all of us to say someone else's selection is more important than our own. That is a disgrace to our system of government. We not sheep. We are individuals.
on April 14,2014 | 07:42PM
Anonymous wrote:
So what.
on April 14,2014 | 07:53PM
kanakanova wrote:
Once again...POLITICS...so what's new?
on April 14,2014 | 08:06PM
pohaku2 wrote:
Orson Swindle the Marine Corps veteran and POW in the infamous Hanoi Hilton for seven years ran against Abercombrie in the election of 1995 or thereabouts. He was ahead in the pols and threatened Abercombrie tenure as congressman. Many WWII AJA veterans were backing Swindle. Abercombrie was in deep trouble. Dan Inouye stepped in and sent a tape recorded message on the phone to about twenty thousand registered voters. That turned the tide for Abercrombie. He has short memory. Very short indeed.
on April 14,2014 | 08:19PM
Roosevelt wrote:
I must have slept through the Civics class that explained how politicians get to select their successors.
on April 14,2014 | 08:23PM
tploomis wrote:
Good for Abercrombie for resisting pressure from Inouye and his minions to appoint Hanabusa. What presumption to use your death to pressure somebody politically and how callous for others to play this "dying wish" card to get their candidate appointed. If Inouye did this on his death bed, shame on him. If others concocted the whole thing, shame on them. Get your candidate to stand up, express her point of view and stand or fall on the basis of her positions and character. Trying to get your candidate elected on the basis of "a dying wish" is patronizing and undemocratic.
on April 14,2014 | 08:24PM
CriticalReader wrote:
What this means, in the end, is that as powerful as the late Senator Inouye was, he could not pick his successor.
on April 14,2014 | 08:25PM
Iuki wrote:
Our governor is a class act.
on April 14,2014 | 08:25PM
tploomis wrote:
How deeply cynical and amorally political to use your husband's death to try to get your candidate elected.
on April 14,2014 | 08:38PM
roadsterred wrote:
With all of his years in politics, Governor Abercrombie has not learned to "place brain in gear before engaging mouth".
on April 14,2014 | 08:43PM
scooters wrote:
The trouble was that Abercrombie had too chose one from a list of 3 LOSERS...
on April 14,2014 | 08:46PM
st1d wrote:
the senate seat is not a throne to be willed to a designated heir or heiress.

the senate seat belongs to the people of hawaii and whoever is elected to the position has the privilege and duty to serve as hawaii's senator, it's not the other way around, hawaii serving the senator's will, never should be.

on April 14,2014 | 09:09PM
false wrote:
Too late Neil. You just sealed your demise as governor. At 75 years of age, you should take your own advice.
on April 14,2014 | 09:13PM
Dlellis58 wrote:
While the governor's delivery may not have been the best, I understand his questioning the apparent anointing of Congresswoman Hanabusa. I can't imagine that of all the things to be concerned about during his final hours, Senator Inouye was most concerned wi who was going to succeed him. Why a letter? Why not call the Governor? I'm sure Governor Ambercrombie would have taken the call.
on April 14,2014 | 09:26PM
Honu89 wrote:
Schatz, Hanabusa, and Hirono are Democratic Party puppets who blindly support Obama's agenda to the detriment of the country. The only one that is worth a damn is Gabbard.
on April 14,2014 | 09:29PM
volcanohereicome wrote:
Term limits. Period. For everyone. Period. No one should be allowed to stay in office for a lifetime.
on April 14,2014 | 09:50PM
kuasol1 wrote:
Every political figure or organization has loyalties and political parameters which influence their decisions. Congresswoman Hanabusa was a prominent supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 2008 Presidential primary while Neil Abercrombie was a prominent supporter of Barack Obama. In making his decision among the choices presented to him by the Democratic Party leadership, Governor Abercrombie had to weigh numerous factors. Brian Schatz is an Obama loyalist. It is certain that our Governor was influenced by our President. Irene Hirano served as President and founding Chief Executive Officer of the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles for 20 years beginning in 1988. In 1985 the Republican Governor of California did a 180-degree turn from his earlier decision to reject state funding to help establish this Museum. A number of Democrats of his ethnic group were able to convince him to allocate these funds for the Museum if a bill to establish a joint program to teach the Japanese Internment and Armenian Genocide was introduced and supported by Democrats in the California legislature. After the Governor funded the Museum,, key AJA organizations retracted their support for the bill under outside political pressure. Governor Abercrombie made a decision based on his view of what was best for the State of Hawaii, but also within the political parameters he faced, just as AJA organizations had their arms twisted back in 1985.
on April 14,2014 | 10:11PM
Hawaiiobserver wrote:
Abercrombie just ax'd his own foot! HE'S OUT for sure!
on April 14,2014 | 10:33PM
Hawaiiobserver wrote:
What's worse is that A. knew who Senator Inouye preffered, and openly went against his last wishes. Then, to call the letter "problematic". Shooting his own foot!
on April 14,2014 | 10:35PM
foliefolie wrote:
You just don't get it. Like on his dying bed, he wrote this letter. Get real! It was all planned by the other Inouye staffers. Like someone else said, why didn't he just call Abercrombie. Why mark a letter "private" and then the Inouye people leak it to the media? Who said the gov had to go with Inouye's last wishes? It was a wish ...............not a mandate. Whether you like Abercrombie or not, it was his right to appoint whoever he felt was better.
on April 14,2014 | 11:47PM
ponowai wrote:
What an a55! If he wasn't BSing, he wouldn't have to apologize.
on April 14,2014 | 11:04PM
GANANSA wrote:
I really don't object to the decisions made by the Governor. Now the voters will decide who will be in office.
on April 14,2014 | 11:38PM
Eradication wrote:
You people are disgusting....
on April 14,2014 | 11:54PM
alba66 wrote:
The venerated senator had a "groping" incident reported in the Star-Advertiser. Sen. Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) In October 1992, Republican Senate nominee Rick Reed began running a campaign commercial that included a surreptitiously taped interview with Lenore Kwock, Inouye's hairdresser. Kwock said Inouye had sexually forced himself on her in 1975 and continued a pattern of sexual harassment, even as Kwock continued to cut his hair over the years. Inouye, seeking a sixth term, denied the charges. And Kwock said that by running the commercial, Reed had caused her more pain than Inouye had. Reed was forced to pull the ad, and while many voters took out their anger on the Republican, Inouye was held to 57 percent of the vote – the lowest total of his career. A week later, a female Democratic state legislator announced that she had heard from nine other women who claimed Inouye had sexually harassed them over the past decade. But the women didn't go public with their claims, the local press didn't pursue the story, and the Senate Ethics Committee decided to drop the investigation because the accusers wouldn't participate in an inquiry.
on April 15,2014 | 12:49AM
Wazdat wrote:
Pretty typical for this state and the plantation mentality.
on April 15,2014 | 12:59AM
HCSSC wrote:
Although no one should vote for Hanabusa, Abercrombie has shown over and over again that he is a political wanker. ABA: Anybody But Abercrombie!
on April 15,2014 | 01:29AM
cwo4usn wrote:
Hawaii politics? Same old, same old. Problem is all the current democratic politicians want to hob nob with the rich and famous DC crowd. We live in the state with the highet cost of living. What are some of the reasons? 1) Shipping costs, 2) Cost of homes (refer back to nr 1),. 3) Cost of food (refer back to nr 1), 4) Cost of gasoline (refer back to nr 1), 5) Cost of electricity (refer back to nr 1). How could our US Congressional representatives help lower the costs? Get the Jones Act repealed as it only affects Hawaii. Matson has a lock on shipping costs and lines the pockets of the politicians. Was Matson fined for the molasses spill?? How about gambling..oops no go there as the Sam Boyd Corporation (in Vegas) keeps the local politicians pockets lined. Read yesterday that the average income in Hawaii is $72,000. That means someone is making a lot of money to bring the average up to that number. So you see, I don't care what Dan wanted or what the short guy wants/wanted. I would like to know what the people of Hawaii really want other than a welfare state.
on April 15,2014 | 05:36AM
tranquilseas4ever wrote:
Agree with Hilofrank. Good manners & common courtesy was lacking. And - be honest - if somebody publicly (to the news media!) said negative things about YOUR beloved late spouse, or made comments that cast doubt on their character or questioning their sanity; I bet YOU'D speak up to the news media too - to express your shock & hurt, and to strongly defend your loved one!! And -- every one of us has the exact same Right as Senator Inouye's widow does - to vote for the political candidate of their choice and to openly show their support of that candidate. You Don't have to agree with her choice to openly, publicly support Colleen Hanabusa -- (& she's not asking you to !!) -- but you should respect Her Right to make that choice. Her freedom to make that choice. She shouldn't be harshly judged or mocked for her candidate choice(s). Just as She should respect Your right & freedom to publicly support the candidate of Your choosing. Mutual Respect. Common Courtesy. Simple Human Kindness.
on April 15,2014 | 10:01AM
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