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State to change ID card, driver's license process

By Star-Advertiser Staff

LAST UPDATED: 07:23 a.m. HST, Apr 16, 2014

The cost of obtaining a state identification card and the documents required to get a driver's license in Hawaii will change beginning May 1, state Department of Transportation officials said Tuesday.

State IDs will cost $32 in Kauai County and $40 in Honolulu, Maui and Hawaii counties.

The cost currently for a state ID is $20 for people 64 and younger and $15 for people 65 and older in all counties.

"Basically each county sets its own price. It's up to the county," Caroline Sluyter, spokeswoman for the state DOT said.

The state ID is good for eight years. A duplicate card will cost $7 in Kauai County and $6 in Honolulu, Maui and Hawaii counties, according to the state DOT.

The cost of an eight-year driver's license remains $40 in Honolulu, Maui, and Hawaii counties and $32 in Kauai county.

"We're just bringing the two programs in line with each other," Sluyter said. 

Currently, driver's license applicants need two documents to prove that they are a legal U.S. citizen. In May, applicants seeking Hawaii driver's licenses must prove they are legal Hawaii residents.

Any two of the following documents (original or copy) will be acceptable:

>> A current valid Hawaii driver's license; 

>> Vehicle registration or title; 

>> A current voter registration card or other mail addressed to the applicant from a government or medical entity that is not more than two months old; 

>> Utility bill that is not more than two months old with applicant's name and address; 

>> Checking or savings account statement not more than two months old; 

>> Payroll check or check stub issued by an employer within two months of the application date; 

>> Current mortgage account or proof of home ownership; 

>> Residential rental or time share contract for six months or more; 

>> United States income tax return, W-2 form or 1099 SSA benefits form from the previous year; 

>> Hawaii income tax return from the previous year or W-2 form; 

>> Receipt for personal property taxes paid to a county within the State of Hawaii within the last year; 

>> Medical card issued by a health insurance agency with principal residence address printed on it; 

>> Documentation dated not more than ninety days prior to making application that the individual is receiving State of Hawaii public assistance; 

>> Current property tax assessment bill or statement; 

>> A stamped department of taxation form A-6, application for tax clearance that is not more than six months old; 

>> Homeless applicants may use the address of their current shelter agency, or if not staying in a shelter, may use the general delivery of the post office nearest where they spend most of their time; 

>>Applicants documenting enrollment in a State or Federal address confidentiality program which allows an applicant to obtain and use alternative addresses may use an alternative address on the card but must provide the applicant's permanent address for file purposes; 

>> P.O. Box numbers are not acceptable to indicate principal residence address unless a number and street name have not been assigned for U.S. mail delivery. An address convention used by the U.S. Postal Service is acceptable; 

>> Affidavit indicating that the applicant currently resides with the affiant, provided the affiant's address can be verified and the affidavit is notarized within two months of the application date; or 

>> Other documents the examiner of drivers accepts as proof of principal residence in the State of Hawaii. 

For a list of acceptable documents required for the state ID, visit http://hidot.hawaii.gov/hawaiistateid/.

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Sandybeach wrote:
What is this about? We are American citizens. Haven't we had enough intrusion into our lives. Now I have got to prove to some clerk that I'm a human being. When does this stop?
on April 15,2014 | 01:17PM
control wrote:
mandated by congress after 9/11 because the terrorists used false credentials to get a driver license. go complain to your representatives.
on April 15,2014 | 01:43PM
aomohoa wrote:
I don't even think you should be able to use a credit card without your fingerprints being checked. There would be less fraud going on.
on April 15,2014 | 02:22PM
1local wrote:
why is the cost of a state id less on kauai? This is a stste ID not a county id - price should be the same.
on April 15,2014 | 02:46PM
IAmSane wrote:
Yeah, man, I should be able to go in and get an ID card made without showing any form of proof of identity or residence. Seems like a good idea to me. The last time I checked, we are AmeriCANs, not American'ts.
on April 15,2014 | 01:50PM
opihi123 wrote:
proof of citizenship makes you an ameriCAN.... No proof, you are an ameriCANT
on April 15,2014 | 06:27PM
GooglyMoogly wrote:
Are they just supposed to take your word for it?
on April 15,2014 | 02:42PM
kailua000 wrote:
Well our democratic government officials say we don't need an ID to vote, so why shouldn't they not take our word. Its discrimination, racist I tell you. I cant provide ID to get an ID that I dont need to show when I vote but have to show when I want to buy beer.
on April 15,2014 | 07:22PM
Alohapatty wrote:
If you want an ID based on being an American citizen, it's called a US passport. For a Hawaii driver's license, it makes sense to say the applicant should be a Hawaii resident. It also seems like common sense that we would want proof of that and not just take the applicant at their word. The DMV has provided quite a few options for proving residency.
on April 15,2014 | 02:52PM
stingray65 wrote:
Sandy, You know that they wanted us to submit every thing like Socialist!! That is Obams way of doing business.
on April 15,2014 | 03:05PM
Slow wrote:
"Mommy. mommy, Barack's a Commie!" I think we have heard this song more times than "Who Let the Dogs Out?"
on April 16,2014 | 07:33AM
sailfish1 wrote:
How do they know you are an American citizen? If you don't like to cooperate with government requirements, go live in a cave somewhere and stop being a whiner.
on April 15,2014 | 06:16PM
LRC wrote:
Good - so many "fake" Kamaaina's. Just to get good deals at hotels, etc.
on April 15,2014 | 01:37PM
shayarai wrote:
Is this in addition to the birth certificate, marriage, divorce, passport, etc. to prove you are?
on April 15,2014 | 01:38PM
cojef wrote:
No proof of residence over a specified time which is indicative of a bonafied resident is what they are wanting. The list provided indicate the requirement, otherwise people like me who have visited Hawaii frequently, and a permanent resident in another State would be able to obtain ID's to obtain special privileges reserved for only kamainas.
on April 15,2014 | 02:39PM
cojef wrote:
Not necessarily so. It's to prevent a permanent resident of another state to claim residence in Hawaii without establishing permanency locally. The list establishes this requirement as required by the Feds to insure the identity/residency of the traveler. The documents you mentioned does not establish permanent residency.
on April 15,2014 | 02:56PM
Jerry_D wrote:
Wait....what?!? We're being TAXED five bucks a year just to have an ID card? So, in other words, we're paying a total of $80 dollars ($40 initial plus $5/year for eight years) for an ID card that used to cost $40. What a sneaky way for the State to DOUBLE our fees. I guess our DEMOCRATIC politicians think we're ALL stupid little sheep.
on April 15,2014 | 01:51PM
IAmSane wrote:
Did I read it wrong? I think it's saying that it's $40, good for eight years, and when broken down by yearly, it amounts to a $5 fee per year.
on April 15,2014 | 02:06PM
paniolo wrote:
I hope I'm reading it like you @IAmSane. They shouldn't have broken it down by year. Only causes confusion. I already had my State ID for several years and I don't THINK they're going to charge me a $5 fee/year from now on. At least I hope not. Hopefully someone from DOT will read our comments and clarify this.
on April 15,2014 | 03:01PM
Jerry_D wrote:
Yes, I'm pretty sure you read it wrong (either that, or the writer of this article just does not know how to write!). The article says that now it will be $40 "with a fee of $5 per year" (emphasis "with"). I just got my State ID (for the first time) just a week ago, and I paid $40 cash, one time. What I'm wondering is, how are they going to collect that $5/year fee?
on April 15,2014 | 03:37PM
IAmSane wrote:
Yeah, the article appears to have just been poorly written. Looks like they corrected it now.
on April 15,2014 | 04:21PM
bekwell wrote:
I can only afford half a year.
on April 16,2014 | 09:51AM
PMINZ wrote:
To collect a yearly fee they will Hire more workers to send out Bills, at more cost to us the Taxpayers!
on April 16,2014 | 10:23AM
GeoDiva wrote:
I hope so, because it looks like there is an annual fee on top of the one-time fee when you get it. Otherwise, I have no idea how they would collect that annual fee.
on April 15,2014 | 03:43PM
handsomeguy wrote:
We just goot screwed out of an extra $40
on April 15,2014 | 03:38PM
loquaciousone wrote:
And a partridge in a pear tree.....
on April 15,2014 | 01:52PM
rainbowfan wrote:
So this proof of principal residence in Hawaii is in addition to proof of Identity, social security number and legal presence ?
on April 15,2014 | 02:04PM
shayarai wrote:
Thanks for asking this question because I'm also wondering about this. DMV puts you through the wringer for birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, etc. for license renewals. Do we still have to do that *plus* now provide proof of residency? This is very confusing.
on April 15,2014 | 03:39PM
SueH wrote:
Don't forget to bring your 5 th. grade class picture and your Checkers and Pogo Fan Club card, too!!
on April 15,2014 | 02:40PM
Ken_Conklin wrote:
Poorly written article describes only how to prove residence in Hawaii but does NOT describe requirements for proving name and citizenship. There will be numerous followup articles required, and people already confused will get even more confused.

I'm very glad my driver license remains good until 2019. By then there will be several more major changes, and lots more increases in fees.

on April 15,2014 | 02:43PM
Jmhata wrote:
Not enough staffing to go through all additional verification, increased staffing = higher payroll & computer glitches will Increase the amount you pay in the near future!-(
on April 15,2014 | 02:55PM
tiwtsfm wrote:
Bureaucracy - bureaucracy- bureaucracy
on April 15,2014 | 02:43PM
scooters wrote:
Can't say certain words on this site before the Obama crew sends it for approval. BS.. All of these requirement for a drivers license and the bleeding heart liberals are crying "foul" about having an ID card to vote. The Demo-rats just want any old body to vote for them..
on April 15,2014 | 02:49PM
awahana wrote:
This has got to be the most confusing article in the SA yet. Did a 16 year old write this? No offense to 16 year olds.
Why not provide a link to the State news release, for those who need more specifics.
A giant list of acceptable documents for Driver's license, but what about for State ID?!
So what is this $5 annual fee? Can we have a reference to if this is new, or how they will be billing us?
My entire life, I've never had any recurring fee for an ID. This must be a reporters mistake? How would they enforce it? How would they manage this?
Its like back in the day when you 'buy' a Yellow Pages ad in the phonebook, and have to pay monthly when the phonebook is already in the hands of consumers... W-T-F?
on April 15,2014 | 03:19PM
paniolo wrote:
Someone screwed up, that's why this report has new information after it was "UPDATED."
on April 15,2014 | 07:38PM
atilter wrote:
nah - no big deal!! EXCEPT FOR THE FEE INCREASE! i guess the rail monster gotta be fed somhow!
on April 15,2014 | 03:37PM
sailfish1 wrote:
"driver's license applicants need two documents to prove that they are a legal U.S. citizen" - If a person is a legal U.S. citizen, shouldn't that person be able to read English? If so why are they crying about having drivers license exams in all kinds of foreign languages?
on April 15,2014 | 06:24PM
kailua000 wrote:
all that to get a drivers license and our government doesnt want it mandatory that people show ID to vote.
on April 15,2014 | 07:21PM
kainalu wrote:
One more step closer to a Police State.
on April 15,2014 | 08:41PM
wes wrote:
An IDENTIFICATION CARD requires proof of who you are??! OMG. Worse a State of Hawaii ID requires proof you live in Hawaii?!? Wow...how unreasonable gov't is.
on April 15,2014 | 11:42PM
bekwell wrote:
Maybe we should tattoo a government serial number on our arm.
on April 16,2014 | 10:01AM
bekwell wrote:
Why does the card have to have a rainbow? Whats wrong with the image of Kamehameha?
on April 16,2014 | 09:58AM
PMINZ wrote:
I do not see in the article where they also want a $5 yearly fee, on a State ID Card, besides a $40 fee to get one. So it is again about a Money Grab! Yep Democrats are all about more and more Money GRAB. Nothing about cutting THEIR Costs, they only bring up cuts when they want to Hurt (or Punish us for mentioning cuts to Them) the Taxpayer. Then they Give themselves a RAISE!
on April 16,2014 | 10:19AM
2kolohe wrote:
Okay...if you haven't checked the C&C website, believe it or not people have been required to bring in one of these items. Google C&C of honolulu drivers license faq. I've questioned this because it has nothing to do with anything. A birth certificate, SS card, or passport should be sufficient enough for being legal. What these items had to do with anything proves absolutely nothing. To the dingbats who made such a rule, election year is coming, you ALL SHOULD BE KICKED OUT. But then again stupid is as stupid does. It's time we get people with COMMON SENSE into office, but who am I kidding.
on April 16,2014 | 05:18PM
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