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Schatz asks United Airlines to keep jobs

By Associated Press

LAST UPDATED: 04:36 p.m. HST, Apr 22, 2014

U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz is asking officials at United Airlines not to outsource about 220 jobs in Hawaii.

Schatz announced Tuesday that he sent a letter to the CEO of United saying he would do everything in his power to protect those jobs.

United Airlines notified employees in March that the company is considering the possibility of outsourcing jobs at Lihue, Kahului, and Kailua-Kona airports.

United spokeswoman Christen David says the airline hasn't made any decisions. She says the airline is in discussions with the union and is looking for ways to run a more efficient business.

But Schatz says United promised in congressional hearings that it would not cut jobs as a result of its 2010 merger with Continental Airlines. He says the airline's recent decision contradicts those promises.

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Bully wrote:
Get real Schatz, you're not going to pay for any of those jobs. Why should they listen to you. Its cost savings move that they have to make to survive.
on April 22,2014 | 02:22PM
Hawaii_Libertarian wrote:
The work will still be done, and there will still be jobs, it will be just done at a lower cost. Competition and awarding work to the lowest bidder is the American way, except in Hawaii. Schatz getting involved and interfering in this business decision is pandering of the worst kind to unions and clearly indicates he doesn't deserve to get elected to any public office.
on April 22,2014 | 02:27PM
Kai37 wrote:
Agree with you, it's just shifting the work from one group of employees to another.
on April 22,2014 | 02:38PM
eoe wrote:
Please tell me what you do for a living, and your boss' name. I am 100% sure I can find someone to do your job for 1/2 the cost, especially since you seem to have so much time to post during working hours.
on April 22,2014 | 05:38PM
inverse wrote:
This poster already sounds like a model of efficiency; probably only took less than 20 seconds to submit the post, much less time for you to take a smoke or bathroom break.
on April 23,2014 | 05:42AM
KaneoheSJ wrote:
Government has no business running businesses. Look where our state is at right now with the economy. We can barely pay our public servants and they are constantly demanding raises.
on April 23,2014 | 01:30PM
loquaciousone wrote:
And I'll huff and I'll puff and blow your plane down.
on April 22,2014 | 02:43PM
Hotel wrote:
I retired one month after United fired all sky caps at HNL. 40 years with our company and jobless. We had just become "employee owned" with an ESOP. Decades later, I have not worked since. Best move of my life.
on April 22,2014 | 02:50PM
SteveToo wrote:
After 40 years working I would hope you could "retire".....
on April 22,2014 | 05:59PM
localguy wrote:
You would be surprised how many people at 50 & 60 years working still can't retire. Way too much debt, bling, living way above their means. I retired at 38 years working and never looked back. Saved and invested all those years, lived way beneath my means. It can be done.
on April 22,2014 | 06:10PM
cojef wrote:
Retired just this side of being 65 and will be 89 come 6/24. Thought I was still capable to work, but my attitude about lengthy vacations scared all my prospective employers. Just before retirement started cruising and have had 20 cruises and visited places from Aukland to the Black Sea and St. Petersburg, plus all the Scandinavian Capitols and Europeans to booth. Can be done with discipline, instead of "instant gratification". Planning never hurt anyone.
on April 23,2014 | 08:02AM
W_Williams wrote:
Gee whiz, Brian, thank you for urging United not to cut costs. For sure we'll never travel.
on April 22,2014 | 03:01PM
handsomeguy wrote:
Brian is looking out for the little guy and that's one of the reasons why he is going to get my vote. The unions will back off a little and everybody will end up happy once the dust settles.
on April 22,2014 | 04:38PM
false wrote:
The only one "chopsticks Brian" is looking out for is himself. Do you think he'd be so concerned if he wasn't running? As others have commented, outsourcing will probably be done by other Hawaii technicians. Pandering is Schatz's specialty since he has no other talent. You must be the previous "handsome chinaperson" to be so gullible.
on April 22,2014 | 06:07PM
livinginhawaii wrote:
As a former resident of his voting district, while he was in the legislature, I could not agree with you more. Handsomeguy either does not know Brian or has been brainwashed into believing Brian's talking points. Its really a shame that voters do not take the time to really research the individual...
on April 23,2014 | 07:15AM
inlanikai wrote:
Uh, it's "the little guy" that is willing to take those jobs and work for less than union wages. What about them?
on April 22,2014 | 06:29PM
Wazdat wrote:
its a business hard to tell them what to do.
on April 22,2014 | 06:01PM
aionokea43 wrote:
Hey Bully - you're right. Just because he is a Senator he thinks he can muscle his weight on private business. Too much government interference. If he is like this, he should not be re-elected to the Senate. Its a private enterprise and its the bottom line. Sorry for the employees, but its life. No guarantees.
on April 22,2014 | 06:08PM
environmental_lady wrote:
United, we don't fly.
on April 22,2014 | 07:54PM
JimLoomis wrote:
Wow! So many comments missing the point: United came to the government asking the Justice Department not to oppose their merger with Continental and, in return, promising they wouldn't cut jobs … meaning lay off employees. Now they're threatening to do just that and some of you folks are knocking Schatz for calling them on it?
on April 22,2014 | 08:33PM
OldDiver wrote:
Reading comprehension is not everyone's strong suit.
on April 22,2014 | 08:39PM
inverse wrote:
OHA was given beachfront property that was clearly identified by law that it cannot be developed into high priced condos or other commercial property. Now they saw they want an exception to the law because they say they need to make big money for the benefit of all native Hawaiians. What is you point?
on April 23,2014 | 05:49AM
jmarie wrote:
That was the old United that promised that. This is the new United.
on April 23,2014 | 08:09AM
WooWoo wrote:
I'm skeptical that they made such a promise. Google it and you will find that there have been thousands of job cuts over the last few years at United/Continental in the news. If they had made such an explicity promise, I suspect the senators in those districts would have jumped all over them. If you can find a transcript of testimony that supports Schatz's statement, I will stand duly corrected. Also, these jobs are not being outsourced because of the merger... it is not because there are a bunch of Continental mechanics in Lihue and Kahului that will keep their jobs. It's not reasonable to believe that United made a blanket commitment to never, ever lay anyone off.
on April 23,2014 | 08:06AM
Ronin006 wrote:
No such promises were made. The complete transcript of the hearing can be found at http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/CHRG-111hhrg57059/html/CHRG-111hhrg57059.htm
on April 23,2014 | 09:53AM
808HRW wrote:
JimLoomis, let's get real here. Merger was in 2010 with a promise to not cut jobs which if you read the fine print, was probably for 12 month. Here we are almost 4 years later and they want to cut jobs. I think the "promise" has been fulfilled and now it's an operational issue. You can't expect this private for-profit business to NEVER EVER cut jobs not matter how many years has past.
on April 23,2014 | 08:55AM
Ronin006 wrote:
As noted in a previous post, there will not be a reduction in the number of people employed. Outsourcing means the jobs will be performed by contractor employees instead of by UAL direct hires. I do not see this as a breach of UAL’s promise to not cut jobs.
on April 23,2014 | 09:26AM
Dolphin743 wrote:
JimLoomis, the discussion about job cutting was four years ago. At some point, the fact that there was a merger becomes ancient history. I think we're at that point. Besides, there will still be jobs, just managed by another company. I think the relatively low number of United flights on neighbor islands makes it pretty apparent why it might make sense for a smaller contractor to manage these positions vice big United.
on April 23,2014 | 10:28AM
usahwn wrote:
Free political advertising .?????
on April 22,2014 | 10:07PM
livinginhawaii wrote:
Brian really needs to explain to the public the connection between this change and Continental Airlines. I was under the impression that Continental no longer had a presence in Hawaii and ended up with an agreement with Hawaiian Air? Does Brian not know about this happening in his own back yard?
on April 23,2014 | 07:20AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Showboating. The buggah never do nothing until the campaign starts and now he's all mouth.

Talk about sticking his nose in other people's business. Picking on one airline when he never say nothing about the foreign call centers used by Hawaii businesses, the relocation of companies out of Hawaii because unfriendly business practices, the lowest ranking of our State as a place for business, the absolute failure of our education system to provide a savvy educated work force.

Noooooo....he picks on one company doing a normal practice that was dictated because the internal costs (due to union influences) got too expensive.

on April 23,2014 | 07:54AM
jmarie wrote:
Wait Mr. Schatz you said "United promised in congressional hearings that it would not cut jobs as a result of its 2010 merger with Continental Airlines" Um that was the old United that promised that. This is the New United, just ask GM.
on April 23,2014 | 08:07AM
Ronin006 wrote:
The CEO's of both United and Continental testified at the hearings. Neither said there would be no cuts in jobs. In fact, one of them testified that some jobs would be lost, especially with the merger of duplicate functions. Here is the source: http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/CHRG-111hhrg57059/html/CHRG-111hhrg57059.htm
on April 23,2014 | 09:58AM
sluggah wrote:
Or what? Is he going to stamp his little feet and lay down in the aisle and cry? Has that clown ever had a job in business? Can't stand United, worst airline out there now, but this is just another political leech making a grandstand play.
on April 23,2014 | 09:34AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
New election slogan: Brain Schatz---making Hawaii even more unfriendly to business."

Oh well, it's not like our tourism industry depends on airplane flights to Hawaii.

on April 23,2014 | 11:08AM
KaneoheSJ wrote:
And what does Schatz offer in exchange? Tea at the Banyan Room?
on April 23,2014 | 01:28PM
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