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Assaggio restaurateur sentenced in gambling case

By Nelson Daranciang

LAST UPDATED: 11:37 a.m. HST, May 07, 2014

A federal judge sentenced Assaggio restaurants owner Thomas Ky to six months in jail Wednesday for laundering more than $1.3 million in illegal gambling proceeds through his restaurants.

U.S. District Judge Derrick K. Watson also fined Ky $50,000 and finalized an order requiring him to forfeit to the government the amount of money he laundered. 

Defense lawyer Stephen Pingree told Watson that Ky has already paid the $1,336,500 in full.

Ky, 47, pleaded guilty last November to laundering money for operators and agents of an internet gambling operation.

The operators, Felix Tom and Allen Yamada, are scheduled for sentencing next week.

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salsacoquibx wrote:
6 months..lucky man..its probably in a camp..easy time
on May 7,2014 | 11:51AM
onevoice82 wrote:
He learned everything he knows from "Cas" Castagnola who he used to work for in the Manoa Marketplace Italian restaurant. Interesting......
on May 8,2014 | 01:41PM
false wrote:
No camp. Probably will do some of his time at the Federal Detention facility out at the airport. Pretty much hard time. Cells are tiny and no fresh food. Food there is cooked, placed in individual trays and frozen for later reheating. Once you go into one of the modules, you stay there, period.
on May 7,2014 | 12:20PM
A_Reader wrote:
False....wow my heart bleeds for him...1.3 million dollar scam and 6 months with no fresh food..... Someone who steals a $100 under the wrong conditions gets 10 years. Who said crime doesn't pay?
on May 7,2014 | 12:33PM
onoahu wrote:
Stop spreading BS like that. I don't think anyone is getting 10 years for a $100 ring unless the $100 ring was their 25th arrest. I doubt that would happen even then.
on May 7,2014 | 03:30PM
rigormortis wrote:
steal USPS mail
on May 7,2014 | 04:40PM
onoahu wrote:
Nope. In that case, stealing mail is the crime (a Federal offense). Please provide an example of a 10 year sentence where the charge itself is stealing $100.
on May 8,2014 | 05:52AM
onoahu wrote:
Please provide a single example of someone who stole $100 and got 10 years.
on May 7,2014 | 03:35PM
inverse wrote:
Over about a decade or two ago there was a guy who managed exotic dancers called Fanta-see escorts where two of his women danced at some party for payment. I think the manager was found guilty of prost itution and got 10 years in prison. Eventually it was reduced but extreme sentence given it was consensual and there was no physical pene tration, unlike HPD who are legally allowed to penetrate while they work. In Ky's case crime pays and next time when he launders money he will try to do a better job from not getting caught
on May 7,2014 | 08:11PM
A_Reader wrote:
Example...."I got a gun, hands in the air, or your head is gone...."I only have $50, take it". 10 years braddah
on May 8,2014 | 12:17AM
onoahu wrote:
That's not an example. The crime in that case is not stealing $50. The charge is armed robbery.
on May 8,2014 | 05:50AM
onoahu wrote:
And btw, if there was only one cell left in prison, I'd rather the guy threatening to blow someone's head off be put there. Hit the white collar criminal where it hurts him. Take away ALL his money.
on May 8,2014 | 05:54AM
pgkemp wrote:
what a joke.............
on May 7,2014 | 12:28PM
ryan02 wrote:
I'm sure it won't hurt the business. If the public continued to support Mitsu-Ken owner who was arrested for sexual assault of a child, I'm sure the public will continue to support Ky too. After all, it's not like he raped a child, he just cheated the government and taxpayers.
on May 7,2014 | 12:34PM
kekelaward wrote:
There was just a March of Dimes fundraiser to help kids that featured plates from Mitsu Ken. I was surprised no one else thought it odd.
on May 7,2014 | 06:29PM
inverse wrote:
Children are Mitsu K's bread and butter, that is why they got involved in M of D's fundraiser. Cecilio probably wanted to do a little singing at the fundraiser as well, but M of D's drew the line on that guy.
on May 7,2014 | 08:15PM
dlum003 wrote:
How perfectly foolish for him to think he could ever get away with it. Probably in debt or on the payroll. Shoulda been 5 years.
on May 7,2014 | 12:52PM
Donna2415 wrote:
Hmm... I wonder where he got the 1.3 million to pay his restitution right away.
on May 7,2014 | 02:05PM
gobows wrote:
Probably from the other $3 mil that they didnt know he already laundered.
on May 7,2014 | 02:16PM
inverse wrote:
good point.
on May 7,2014 | 02:24PM
gobows wrote:
Who's in charge here??...Slap Ky's wrist....but those Sweepstake Machine owners are going to get raked over the coals....Where's the justice?
on May 7,2014 | 02:15PM
OnlyChrist wrote:
People with lots of money always want more; they are never satisfied.!!
on May 7,2014 | 02:22PM
Bully wrote:
I amazed that the government caught the guy. Usually greed prevails.
on May 7,2014 | 03:03PM
handsomeguy wrote:
This guy stinks and so goes his restaurant in Mililani. I've eaten there a few times and the food is overpriced and not good. In addition, every time the surly waiter finally showed up with our dinner, it was cold. And...if you steal $10 from the Bank of Hawaii, I wonder if you will get a slap on the wrist and spend just six months in jail. This guy must know the right people.
on May 7,2014 | 03:40PM
Waipahunokaoi wrote:
Totally agree with you about the terrible food and service at the Mililani restaurant. Only took me twice burned to figure that out. Swear to god, I was served leftovers from other dinner plates, or so it seemed. Horrible in every way!!! And the service, they had to be trained to be that bad.
on May 7,2014 | 03:47PM
false wrote:
Glad I don't frequent that cuisine. Sounds worthless experience.
on May 7,2014 | 05:08PM
HAJAA1 wrote:
What do you guys expect? It's Mililani. Duh.
on May 7,2014 | 11:42PM
inverse wrote:
Better watch out, if you complain and the next time the waiter sees you he might make sure you get a little extra something in your meal. Think there was a couple of episodes of Seinfeld on that one. Either the 'poppy is a bit sloppy' or the one where George got in a beef with a guy who worked in a restaurant and tried to get revenge when George had a lunch interview at that restaurant
on May 7,2014 | 08:28PM
Slow wrote:
6 months in a federal facility will not be enjoyable. Assaggio's. Who woulda thunk? Clean-cut guy, upper middle-class restaurant, always treated my aged mother courteously. A 50's monster movie was titled "The Creature Walks Amongst Us."
on May 7,2014 | 03:44PM
iwanaknow wrote:
Sad, sad,sad.
on May 7,2014 | 04:01PM
twitter6 wrote:
He will be out within 3 months
on May 7,2014 | 04:46PM
lokela wrote:
Another sad story. Lot of um lately.
on May 7,2014 | 04:58PM
HAJAA1 wrote:
It's not sad. It's greed. It's crime. It's money made on the hardship and (maybe) blood of others. Like the clown can't be satisfied with owning a small chain of successful restaurants? The things people would give to be in his position. Yet he wanted more. Now he's gonna face the big italian sausage in prison.
on May 7,2014 | 11:45PM
Skyler wrote:
Good he got caught. In other news, wonder why no comments allowed on Caroll Cox assault article?
on May 7,2014 | 06:49PM
inverse wrote:
Cox should be allowed a concealed carry permit. He is going to need it. If not done so already 12 gauge at home, vicious big dog, alarm, video cameras and punji sticks...oh wait, never mind the last one.
on May 7,2014 | 08:02PM
Skyler wrote:
Add: goPro, dashboard camera, body armor, etc....
on May 7,2014 | 08:27PM
gmejk wrote:
Yeah, I saw that coming a mile away. I was just thinking it was not a matter if if, but a matter of when.
on May 7,2014 | 09:34PM
HD36 wrote:
The wisdom and benevolence of the government protecting us from the evils of gambling somehow goes hyprocritical when state lottery machines and Indian casinos are involved.
on May 7,2014 | 06:52PM
twk123 wrote:
Agree 6 months is minor time. On a personal note, my kind son met this man in his restaurant while working hard to find a job. He said he would never enter there again due to how the owner treated him with such disdain and "like he was a bug on the wall". Not smart ways to keep a good business going all the way around.
on May 10,2014 | 09:01AM
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