Tuesday, July 29, 2014         

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Former TV anchor to join 'Iolani School

By Erika Engle

LAST UPDATED: 02:30 p.m. HST, May 12, 2014

Former TV news anchor Kim Gennaula will join 'Iolani School as executive director of advancement in the fall.

Gennaula is credited with leading a turnaround and renewed success as president and CEO of Aloha United Way, which raised $11 million for Hawaii nonprofits last year.

At 'Iolani, Gennaula will provide strategic direction for fundraising, alumni and parent relations, and campaign and community stewardship, and will serve as principal advisor to Head of School Timothy Cottrell, according to a statement.

"Kim's extensive background in creating a culture of philanthropy will be a tremendous asset to 'Iolani School as we build upon our efforts to educate students from diverse backgrounds and attract faculty and staff with  a wealth of knowledge and experience from around the world," he said.

Gennaula's transition from television news began in 2008, when she left Hawaii News Now for a position as director of philanthropy for Kapiolani Health Foundation. 

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Mediocrates wrote:
Ugh, no thank you.
on May 12,2014 | 02:29PM
1local wrote:
kids probably will end up at iolani.
on May 12,2014 | 03:07PM
inverse wrote:
Nice move. Her position will probably allow her to forgo a salary in exchange for making sure both her kids have a place in Iolani. For two kids that is fast approaching $40,000 per year AND more importantly bypass any potential screening barriers the admission office might have had with the kids and garans a place in Iolani.
on May 12,2014 | 03:15PM
Wazdat wrote:
Her kids already go there, you no watch guy hagi and his weather reports.
on May 12,2014 | 03:24PM
inverse wrote:
You caught me. I cannot stand to watch him and I will turn the station to another channel we he is on so I am clueless of the current status of their children. I still think there is some validity that working for Io lani will be for consideration in providing some discount in 2 kids attending that school which is fast approaching $40K per year. Also is it just coincidence that her time as a BOE member and BOE chair Horner who is some kind of trustee or whatever for Iolani and he sent both his two kids to Iolani as well would have some influence in Horner, Gennaula, her kids attendance to Iolani and her employement there. Also in a previous news story Hagi and Gennaula had purchased a new home together and would not be surprised that the mortgage was from First Hawn Bnk which Horner was former CEO.
on May 12,2014 | 03:59PM
DowntownGreen wrote:
Iolani offers ONE tuition waiver only for anyone who works there, so unless Guy gets a job there, they will still be paying for one of their children.
on May 12,2014 | 04:05PM
inverse wrote:
As I pointed out, like the Matrix movie, rules define the world but there "special" people like Neo or Agent Smith who can bend or break the rules. Horner still has some serious pull in Hawaii, figure Gennaula feels she is becoming a power player as well so pretty sure those in charge can offer some cost "adjustments" for Kim and Guy. Either that or her job salary at Iolan is inflated high but she agrees to forgo a part of that salary as payment for her both her kids tuition. Who you kidding, this is Hawaii and like the matrix rules that are supposedly rigid are broken all the time.
on May 12,2014 | 04:26PM
DowntownGreen wrote:
And who are you kidding by just making stuff up that you have no idea about? If you're going to slam the woman, at least do it with facts.
on May 12,2014 | 06:14PM
HanamauluBoy wrote:
Cannot stand the "guy" also. I flip the station once he comes on.
on May 12,2014 | 06:19PM
HOSSANA wrote:
One person I cannot stand is that female on KGMB TV morning news...her laugh is just obnoxious and nauseating........
on May 12,2014 | 11:01PM
samidunn wrote:
Needed to get that tuition break for her kids.
on May 12,2014 | 02:29PM
ellinaskyrt wrote:

With her resume, easier to get a job at Iolani and get a discount on tuition versus help improve the public school system.


I just hope her kids don't get into Iolani just cause Famous Mommy works at the school. That's two seats for kids who would normally have to earn their spot through academic excellence (and possibly two spots that could have gone to kids whose parents wouldn't be able to afford the tuition at Iolani, save for financial aid/scholarships).

on May 12,2014 | 03:15PM
Wage Earner wrote:
If you're an ‘Iolani parent, you're still paying for her salary and her kids' tuition. Like I need another reason to cheer for Punahou over ‘Iolani.
on May 12,2014 | 03:22PM
ellinaskyrt wrote:
Wat, you no tink da same ting happens at Punahou?
on May 12,2014 | 03:29PM
DowntownGreen wrote:
Punahou also offers only ONE tuition waiver to its employees regardless of what level the parent is.
on May 12,2014 | 04:07PM
niimi wrote:
If you have had to work with the DoE before, you would resign, too. And HHSC is probably still worse than that given their financial troubles in the papers the past couple of years.
on May 12,2014 | 03:56PM
csdhawaii wrote:
Better Iolani than AUW. I'll bet AUW folks are relieved.
on May 12,2014 | 02:46PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
That's $175,000/year off the payroll for now. Pay scales that are the reason I gave up on AUW and went to direct contributions to my faves.
on May 12,2014 | 03:03PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
For a while there was a risk they'd have to subsist on Guy Hagi's salary.
on May 12,2014 | 03:02PM
cojef wrote:
Donation, donations, donation!
on May 12,2014 | 03:20PM
GeoDiva wrote:
She sure jumps from job to job to job in 6 years.
on May 12,2014 | 03:25PM
ellinaskyrt wrote:
I was thinking the same thing.
on May 12,2014 | 03:30PM
niimi wrote:
Or recruited.
on May 12,2014 | 03:58PM
DAGR81 wrote:
too difficult to work for.
on May 12,2014 | 05:15PM
control wrote:
That's what I hear as well.
on May 12,2014 | 07:57PM
jomama wrote:
Wow, what a nasty bunch you all are!
on May 12,2014 | 08:10PM
goinrv wrote:
She's a smart Sicilian momma and she's doing what anyone would do to further her children's education. She is well qualified to do what she is doing especially momming. More power to her you jealous people.
on May 12,2014 | 03:46PM
DowntownGreen wrote:
You nailed it.
on May 12,2014 | 04:06PM
inverse wrote:
Never heard of that term. Does that make Donna K im who helped get her kid into UH law school a Sicilian momma too? Guess doesn't matter if a momma is Kor ean or Sic ilian, they all do what it takes to give their kids their best chance for success. Even the UH instructor who overstayed her time in the low cost UH faculty housing so she could send all her kids to private school and then to a mainland college. The recent exception is another attorney with a husband who is a prof at UH who decided to take their kids out of private school and put them in public school, stating that public schools in Hawaii are at the same level as the top private schools in Hawaii. Not sure who is buying that cover story, but parents like Gennaula fully understand the DIFFERENCE between a school like Puna ho or Io lani vs. a Hawaii public school and do or work where ever they have to take care of their children. Jealousy is NOT the issue, rather as ellinskyrt pointed out the hypocrisy of all that claim public schools in Hawaii are at the same level as top private schools but then when it comes to their children they make sure they send their kids to a private school.
on May 12,2014 | 04:14PM
csdhawaii wrote:
on May 12,2014 | 04:25PM
busterb wrote:
^^^Gotta like this kind of stuff.
on May 12,2014 | 05:42PM
zoomzoom65 wrote:
Find a job for your husband at Iolani, pleeze
on May 12,2014 | 03:49PM
commoner wrote:
on May 12,2014 | 04:01PM
gobows wrote:
Wooohooo!!! aloha means Goodbye!!
on May 12,2014 | 04:17PM
Wotboddahyou wrote:
I'm intrigued by the negativity. Most of you probably don't have a clue as to who Kim or Guy are, yet you feel perfectly willing to make all kinds of judgements about them. I don't know who they are, but I'm willing to bet they are pretty much like you and me. They work very hard to do what is best for their children and their careers. I bet they are very nice people who you would have no problem leaving your children with. If they were your neighbors you'd probably be glad they lived next to you. You may speculate as to what their motives are or what their situation is, but you don't know. Please give us a break and save all the vitriol for our politicians who deserve it.
on May 12,2014 | 06:33PM
csdhawaii wrote:
What makes you think it's speculation? I'm sure Kim and Guy have come across lots and lots of people in their lines of work. So don't be so quick to judge that these comments are made up.
on May 12,2014 | 07:38PM
csdhawaii wrote:
And, you should probably more intrigued not by the number of negative comments; but by the glaring lack of positive comments.
on May 12,2014 | 07:45PM
jomama wrote:
Donations increased at AUW for the first time in 10 years. I'd say that's positive. Good job, Kim.
on May 12,2014 | 08:12PM
csdhawaii wrote:
Hah? Where'd you get that from, Kim's mouth? That is 100% false. AUW was raising $13-$15 million ten years ago. The $11 million cited in this article is false. They didn't even raise $10 million. It's all smoke and mirrors.
on May 12,2014 | 09:42PM
BlueDolphin53 wrote:
If you've been around forum boards for any length of time, you know that no matter the subject matter, negative posts will always far out weigh positive ones. I would not place much weight on anything you read in the comments section of any article. IMO, it's just for entertainment purposes only!
on May 12,2014 | 09:12PM
csdhawaii wrote:
I will give it to you that forum comments by and large tend to be negative.
on May 12,2014 | 09:43PM
itsok wrote:
Congratulations Kim Gennaula!
on May 12,2014 | 06:37PM
BRock wrote:
I read many of these posts and see the "crab" syndrome at work. Get a life folks.
on May 12,2014 | 07:48PM
roughrider wrote:
Amen, BRock. Sadly, though, trolling is a way of life for some.
on May 12,2014 | 08:19PM
jyorck wrote:
her kids must be school aged and couldn't get into Punahou!
on May 12,2014 | 08:36PM
WalkoffBalk wrote:
Ho da nozy eh, with the personal comments.
on May 12,2014 | 09:29PM
bobjones wrote:
huh? why? Oh, kids' tuition!
on May 12,2014 | 09:47PM
Koose wrote:
Fund raising professionals in Hawaii all know that AUW did well IN SPITE of her (non) presence. She is kind of a joke in the industry.
on May 12,2014 | 10:27PM
mr808surfguy wrote:
Sounds like a bunch of losers talking about her kids getting a tuition break. who cares if they get one. Sounds like you all are jealous, should be ashamed of yourself. SMH
on May 13,2014 | 05:19AM
jbguzior wrote:
why is this news????
on May 13,2014 | 09:40AM
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