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Kauai man gets probation for making son, 8, walk 1 mile home

Father explains he wanted to make son accountable for actions

By Associated Press

LAST UPDATED: 10:08 p.m. HST, May 29, 2014

A 36-year-old Kauai man, who was sentenced to probation for having his son walk a mile after being punished at an afterschool program, said he just wanted his 8-year-old son to be accountable for his actions.

"I had no intent to harm my son," said Robert De Mond, a Kilauea landscaper, who also makes and sells jewelry with his wife and family.

"I wasn't angry at all," he said. "The way I raise my kids is I want them to be accountable for their actions. ...This got blown out of proportion."

When De Mond arrived with his 3-year-old son at Kilauea Elementary School to pick up his two older boys, ages 6 and 8, from an A-Plus Program one day in late August or early September, he noticed his eldest had been placed in time-out.

"I asked him, 'Why were you in time-out at A-Plus?'" De Mond said. "He told me, 'I don't know.' I asked him again and he said, 'I don't know.'"

He told his son: "I don't know is not an answer. You need to take responsibility for your actions. There has to be a reason that you were placed in time-out."

A mile from their house, he dropped his son off and asked him to "please walk home. When you walk home, you will have  an answer better than 'I don't know.' And when you do come home you'll have an answer," he said.

De Mond said the stretch of the two-lane roadway -- Kuhio Highway -- is in a safe, rural area with acre-size agricultural lots, and a wide shoulder, 10 to 25 feet wide, where it's not uncommon to see people walking or riding their bikes.

When De Mond got home, he said he turned around and within five minutes was back at the location where he dropped him off.

"I was hollering his name, and he's nowhere to be found," he said.

De Mond called his wife at work.

"I went back and forth three times along the road," he said. "At this point, I'm pretty frantic."

He called police dispatch, and learned police had his son at the school.

De Mond and his wife arrived at the school, not knowing how or why his son got there.

"I wanted to see my son to see if everything's OK and talk to my son," he said.

Instead, his wife signaled to him that he was going to be arrested.

He learned that his neighbor found the boy, but rather than bring him home, took him to school and called police.

"It's been pretty hard on the kids," De Mond said. "I just wanted to get it over with, so I pleaded no contest" to second-degree child endangerment.

He was sentenced to probation, a $200 fine and parenting classes.

De Mond said his final court hearing on the matter was Wednesday, but he is continuing to take parenting classes.

He said it has also been difficult for his wife and him, especially since he coaches kids' soccer and football sports.

"I'm a pretty big figure in the community for multiple sports," he said. "For me getting through this and past it was my concern. I'ts made me a stronger person, and made me think about being a parent a lot more.

"It also puts me in a spot," De Mond said. "I'm happy to be accountable for my actions if I'm going to preach and tell that to my kids."

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jmarie wrote:
This is why our country is failing! Wake up America. Far left liberals make me sick!
on May 29,2014 | 11:02AM
dontbelieveinmyths wrote:
So Judge Watanabe, what is the limit? Half a mile? Three quarters? Two hundred yards? So removed from reality is this judge. She's worried about predators? Why don't you put them in jail, so we don't have to worry about them?
on May 29,2014 | 05:11PM
tigerwarrior wrote:
LOL--gotta draw the line somewhere. All kidding aside, if this involved cruel and unusual punishment on the part of the dad, let's say it involved a 3-year-old kid forced to walk all alone through a crime/drug infested neighborhood at 3 a.m.--the judge may have a point. Highly unlikely scenario though.
on May 29,2014 | 06:25PM
lwandcah wrote:
I still cannot believe this actually happened. This is the direction this country is going, and it is going fast. I absolutely cannot believe that the cops arrested the guy in the first place, the prosecutors office even entertained the idea that they would prosecute, and that the final check in this whole fiasco, the Judge would rule the way she did; amazing! Watanabe (I will not refer to her as Judge because she does not deserve that distinction) and Joe Moore need to get off their high horse and take a ride to the west side, Waimanalo or Hauula and see how many 8 year olds (and younger walking along home from school, to the park, or wherever they need to go. From the time I was 5 years old I walked a mile and a half to and from school. If I needed or wanted to go anywhere, it was walk, bike or bus. To make a father who is trying to raise his kid into a criminal is sad, sad statement and a reflection of where we are today.
on May 30,2014 | 06:21AM
BuhByeAloha wrote:
Leaving a kid "all by his lonesome" without an iPad would really be a crime! God forbid. The "judge" would really have to lock up the dad.
on May 30,2014 | 06:45AM
ryan02 wrote:
Judge Watanabe only has sympathy for real criminals. But parents trying to teach their kid a lesson? Throw the book at them! Seriously, if this guy was strung out on drugs and arrested for robbery, this judge would have let him off with only a warning.
on May 30,2014 | 08:39AM
joseph007 wrote:
Except jmarie, the judge is a far right conservative! People who misinterpret the facts make me sick!
on May 30,2014 | 08:55AM
ryan02 wrote:
That's a joke, right? Ask any cop on Kauai - this judge is known to coddle criminals. But apparently, they have to be REAL criminals to get any sympathy from her. Misguided parents, on the other hand, deserve punishment for even attempting to discipline their kids.
on May 30,2014 | 09:58AM
Workingrl wrote:
What??? Walking a mile home from school?? if that's so crimnal, my parents would have had life sentences. We all walked to and from school when we were kids on the mainland and no big deal. What's wrong with Kauai????
on May 30,2014 | 11:05AM
LehuaRosa wrote:
This is so lame! I hope he appeals. He didn't beat the child and walking is great exercise. Has Kauai become so dangerous that children should not be allowed outside unattended? And what is wrong with "old school"? It produced children with more respect for their elders and less entitlement issues. I wish I'd been a little more old school when raising my children.
on May 29,2014 | 11:03AM
BuhByeAloha wrote:
Exactly. Get this "judge" out of here.
on May 29,2014 | 11:12AM
cojef wrote:
Grew up in Kapaa and walked one mile to school each morning to attend "English" school and then walked back the same distance, had bite to eat and was sent in the opposite direction another mile by my "muddah" to attend "buddhah" head school for an hour and then again walked the same distance home from 1926 till 1935. What is the matter with this judge? That is not corporal punishment, it's good for morale and discipline. Show respect to elders. Ooh what the heck, that is what is wrong with how we raise our kids nowadays.
on May 29,2014 | 11:58AM
BuhByeAloha wrote:
What is going on with this world? "Judge" Watanabe has a say in how this guy should parent? The kid probably felt entitled in this lame new society. Lucky to be given a ride to school in the first place. His parents should stop with the rides from now on. I never got a ride to school as a kid. Oh noooooooo, a whole mile home? Get this judge outta here.
on May 29,2014 | 11:09AM
jose2011746 wrote:
Mr. Demond did not physically or verbally abuse his son but disciplined him for not answering him. This is part of a greater problem in America today where government interferes. In this case the raising of a child.
on May 29,2014 | 11:13AM
cojef wrote:
Yeah, the liberal social engineers that are in control of the government, where the Attorney General allowed over 36,000 undocumented(illegals) criminals freedom and also will not be deported. With this liberal act, Our Southern border is being inundated with illegals from not only Mexico, but from Central and South America. The Homeland Security agents cannot protect this mass infiltration. Another potential problem is that will not preclude the terrorist to use this route to invade us. Within the next 50 years, you will not recognize our way of life. We will be reduced to 3rd world status.
on May 30,2014 | 10:38AM
dontbelieveinmyths wrote:
How did this even end up in court? Someone must've reported it to the police. Makes me wonder how old the kid was/is.
on May 29,2014 | 11:15AM
sak wrote:
If the child was 3-4 years old, yes maybe it would be a bad idea? It would be interesting to find out how old the kid really is?
on May 29,2014 | 02:13PM
oldertimer808 wrote:
Learn how to read. The article said the child was 8 years old. This arrest was so unnecessary. I walked to school when I was a kid. No one took us to school in a car back then. It was a good mile to the elementary school. We walked everywhere back then or caught the bus. We have too much government intrusion.
on May 29,2014 | 10:25PM
dontbelieveinmyths wrote:
Original article did not have the age of the boy.
on May 30,2014 | 05:01AM
silvangold wrote:
This judge got kids or what????????????? I was raised with discipline. Never abuse,,,,,,,but I grew up knowing what was right and what was wrong, and what was expected of me. I NEVER disappointed my parents. I, too, wish I raised my kid with a little more old school style. This judge is unreal. Talk about extreme.....she needs a vacation............a long, long vacation; her decision was not a good decision.
on May 29,2014 | 11:15AM
lwandcah wrote:
If this is an indication of the type of discernment Watanabe has as a judge, she needs to be removed immediately!
on May 30,2014 | 06:24AM
akio wrote:
She has no kids
on May 30,2014 | 12:35PM
LehuaRosa wrote:
I can tell. The "perfect" parent always has a bunch of great ideas... but no actual children of their own.
on May 30,2014 | 03:16PM
Carang_da_buggahz wrote:
How can the age of Mr. Demond's son be "unclear"? To me, that is central to this case. Very, very poor reporting, S-A.
on May 29,2014 | 11:18AM
EducatedLocalBoy wrote:
Carang, the SA wasn't allowed in the courtroom because this was a family court case. The reporter probably asked the prosecutor and the defense attorney the age of the child and probably wasn't told the child's age. Now that the headline says the distance was only 1 mile, it doesn't matter what the age of the child was. 1 mile is so short that any child can walk that distance on Kauai safely -- we're not talking about Harlem in NYC.
on May 29,2014 | 11:51AM
Kuokoa wrote:
WHAT! Old school? Why is the court interfering with parental desicipline? It is NOT punishment! I can see if the father beat the child and abused the child but making walk a mile? Come on! As a second grader I walked home from school which was more than a mile. Today, everybody is too soft and THAT is why we have all the problems we have in this country.
on May 29,2014 | 11:19AM
EducatedLocalBoy wrote:
Kauai residents you need to vote the Kauai Prosecutor out of office. Such a case was obviously brought as a child abuse case. When I went to public elementary school, the Dept of Ed rule was that a student was placed at a school from which he or she could walk to school and back --- which was no more than 3 miles. Walking 3 miles to reflect on misbehaving (not telling your father your side of the story about an accusation of wrongdoing is misbehavior) is totally reasonable. Judge Watanabe should be put on "time out" to reflect on her misbehavior in finding a parent guilty of child abuse for making the child have physical exercise and at the same time think about what the child did wrong. If this the law, it will be child abuse to "ground" your child on the weekends and make him or her study to catch up in a class if the teacher says the child is goofing off and needs to make up the classwork he or she missed.
on May 29,2014 | 11:25AM
lwandcah wrote:
Amen brother!
on May 30,2014 | 06:25AM
kukui_nut wrote:
So parents whose kids walk home everyday must be eligible for the death sentence.
on May 29,2014 | 11:27AM
LehuaRosa wrote:
LOL! I must be on death row multiple times over.
on May 29,2014 | 11:54AM
lwandcah wrote:
Then I better start sweet talking my neighbors so they don't turn me in to the proper authorities.
on May 30,2014 | 06:26AM
KaneoheSJ wrote:
For added insurance, bring in a pie. Wait, that might be construed as that that "other" meaning for pie. Then bring a cake. Wait, a cake is associated with that saying, "Let them eat cake." Just bribe him then. Just in bring cash. That always works.
on May 30,2014 | 12:45PM
loquaciousone wrote:
Spare the rod...spoil the brat.
on May 29,2014 | 11:33AM
tho808 wrote:
what if the dad walked home with his son? would the court still be involved?
on May 29,2014 | 11:41AM
ehowzit wrote:
on May 29,2014 | 11:50AM
makaha72 wrote:
I don't know everything about this case. I think the father would know if his son could walk home by himself. I think the judge over stepped in this matter. Hope dad will appeal. Hope the son learned his lesson too. Lucky his dad wasn't really old school and decided to give him some pa'i!
on May 29,2014 | 11:59AM
LehuaRosa wrote:
We wouldn't be having this discussion if dad had given him some pa'i. Based on what HPD told me, spanking is legal. Who would've guessed making your kid walk a mile isn't?
on May 29,2014 | 12:35PM
Jimguy wrote:
I like the fact that the father is trying to discipline his child . A lot of parents today are just to busy or uncaring to even bother.
on May 29,2014 | 12:00PM
inverse wrote:
Can some top notch attorney, offer his/her services for this father, free of charge to appeal the ruling? Done right this story should easily make national news and would be showcased on Hannity or the O'Reilly factor and then see what happens to the Kauai prosecuting office and judicial office. Just like HPD and the law that allowed them to have penetration with pros ti tutes that made national news; it quickly went away when Hawaii and HPD became laughing stock to the nation and the world.
on May 29,2014 | 12:02PM
LKK56 wrote:
Inverse, can you start a fund to pay for the attorney fees? Attorney's need to eat too. So attorney's should offer free services to all petty arguments that make it to court - give me a break.
on May 30,2014 | 10:10AM
lowtone123 wrote:
Kilauea must be urban American with lurkers and predators on every corner.
on May 29,2014 | 12:04PM
LehuaRosa wrote:
Yeah, well, from what I remember, it was aunties and uncles on every corner and whatever you do in Kilauea will get home to your parents before you do. Or has Kauai changed that much in the last five years?
on May 29,2014 | 12:37PM
akio wrote:
Yea, can't even trust your neighbors nowadays
on May 30,2014 | 12:38PM
environmental_lady wrote:
When I was a small child, my mom walked me to school. At the age of 8 I was brave enough to walk alone and at the age of 9 I biked to school. I never wanted to be driven to school. I liked walking or riding my bike. I guess the fifties were safer than now. I can understand the judge's concern but her ruling was ridiculous unless the child was very small and timid and the route was dangerous. When I was six I was way too scared to walk alone because I was scared of big barking dogs. Anyway, we don't know enough details here, the age of the child and how dangerous the route is to school for a small child.
on May 29,2014 | 12:04PM
entrkn wrote:
Is the boy under 5 years old?
on May 29,2014 | 12:34PM
rayhawaii wrote:
Must be 6. Then maybe a problem there.
on May 29,2014 | 04:48PM
jimbone wrote:
Judge is a (I d I o t )
on May 29,2014 | 12:44PM
st1d wrote:
great lessons for the kid: he doesn't have to listen to his father, and the state will pander to his every wish.

both the prosecutor and the judge in this incident were wrong.

on May 29,2014 | 01:34PM
Anonymous wrote:
Assuming the child is older than 10, I think the father should be praised, not condemned. And certainly not charged in court. Discipline is good for children. And on top of that, the thought of government saying what is and what is not appropriate discipline is very disturbing. Nothing wrong with "old school" discipline. And who's to say what's old school anyway? This judge needs to go.
on May 29,2014 | 02:08PM
BigBird001 wrote:
Even made the international news! Shame on the judge!
on May 29,2014 | 03:05PM
Slow wrote:
There has to be more to this story. Is the child a first grader? Is the child handicapped? If not, the judge appears to have acted foolishly. Probably does not have much to do with the end of the world as we know it, Obamacare, or the famous Liberal Agenda.
on May 29,2014 | 03:11PM
konag43 wrote:
they don't say how old the boy was. i walked to and from school 1 mile or more from the age of 8 so whats the problem. too many cry babies and busy bodies and lazy kids. i think this judge is over stepping her boudaries. old school produces good kids not like the usless kids we have today
on May 29,2014 | 03:23PM
Ewa808 wrote:
Thank you Judge Watanabe for perpetuating the current problem with raising kids nowadays. Too lax, too lenient...everyone else in this thread said it right. What is wrong with walking a mile anyways? how is that endangering and inappropriate punishment? SMH.
on May 29,2014 | 03:32PM
iwanaknow wrote:
maybe the walk was all uphill?
on May 29,2014 | 04:10PM
gtracer66 wrote:
I had to walk to school 4 miles each day, barefoot, in the snow, uphill both ways. LOL
on May 30,2014 | 02:22AM
lwandcah wrote:
I wonder if his smart phone or ipod was confiscated. Nowadays that would be considered cruel and unusual punishment.
on May 30,2014 | 06:29AM
pridon wrote:
He should have been commended for having his kid walk home. I occasionally walked 4 miles home, if I missed the school bus. No wonder kids are fat. How did the court even get involved?
on May 29,2014 | 04:21PM
rayhawaii wrote:
Times a changing? Same cars and predators when I had to walk a mile when I was 6-8 years old. Used to. climb a hill and thru woods to cut the walk in half. No bus and mom didn't drive. Rain and snow some days.
on May 29,2014 | 04:47PM
ThinkFirst wrote:
When our kids were little, we were told by the pediatrician that they shouldn't be crossing the street by themselves until about the age of 10. Before that age, kids can't safely judge the speed of cars and probably shouldn't be walking by themselves with cars around.
on May 29,2014 | 04:56PM
oldertimer808 wrote:
I suppose you go thru life believing what all the so called professionals say to justify your own fears. We were taught early on how to have common sense. You'd be surprised what kids know at an early age and teaching kids the negative word "can't" is more harmful but instead teach them what a child "can" do and trust and believe in what you teach that is good so that the child can grow and flourish.
on May 29,2014 | 10:39PM
Ezdeewilly wrote:
The roads are so small there. Give me a break.
on May 30,2014 | 07:36AM
makaha72 wrote:
Okay dad, mahalo for the extra info. I suppose you know a lot of us out here in newspaper land were with you all the way on how you teach your kids. As I said before, I am sure you would know if your son could handle what you dished out. I like that you are showing how you are accountable too. As a mom my words were not "because I said so", they were " because I'm the mom". God bless you, your wife, and your children.
on May 29,2014 | 10:22PM
oldertimer808 wrote:
When De Mond arrived with his 3-year-old son at Kilauea Elementary School to pick up his two older boys, ages 6 and 8, from an A-Plus Program one day in late August or early September, he noticed his eldest had been placed in time-out. Ok for those of who seem to skim the article, this explains the age of the child which is 8 years old....the older son was placed in time-out.
on May 29,2014 | 10:31PM
roxeee wrote:
the original article was much shorter, and did not give much info.
on May 30,2014 | 04:16AM
HAJAA1 wrote:
Nobody - not even an obviously out-of-touch judge like this one - will tell me how to raise my own children.
on May 29,2014 | 11:36PM
Jerry_D wrote:
The father pleaded no contest, which means it didn't go to trial so therefore it's not the judge's fault. Rather, it's the fault of the prosecutor who decided to pursue the charges. Should have just been dropped during arraignment, instead of the defendant even having to plead not guilty, guilty, or no contest. So, blame it on the lame PROSECUTOR.
on May 30,2014 | 12:36AM
Alewa2Mililani wrote:
On the flip side: this father failed and in a sense, got lucky because he did not know where his son ended up after dropping him off on the side of a highway. In 5 short minutes, he lost his son. Imagine if the child was harmed or even killed, NOT ONE PERSON HERE would be backing the father's decision to discipline his son in that manner. The question would be " why would a father drop off his 8 year old son off on a busy highway???" Next time, make him walk the mile, but walk with him if that's how you want to discipline your kid. Ensure that you know where he or she is at all times. And be glad you have caring neighbor who watched out for the well-being of your child.
on May 30,2014 | 12:39AM
carol25 wrote:
crazy !!!!
on May 30,2014 | 12:42AM
Skyler wrote:
What's up with the nosy neighbor taking the kid back to school & calling the cops, anyway? So stupid.
on May 30,2014 | 01:37AM
LehuaRosa wrote:
Snatching someone else's kid off the street... wouldn't that be kidnapping?
on May 30,2014 | 07:18AM
gtracer66 wrote:
When in kindergarten, I would often hop the city bus for a ride home. Of course this drove my mom nuts. But I wanted to show I was a "big boy". When I was in the first through third grade, my mom either drove me to school or we had a cab service to pick up kids to & from school. By third grade, I was riding my bicycle across town each day (unless it rained). This was several miles through rush hour city traffic. Somehow I survived. I looked forward to the independence. This is not a case of bad parenting. That neighbor should have minded his/her own business. I'm betting that neighbor doesn't contribute to the expense of raising that child. Just wants to meddle. If we coddle our kids too much, we will have kids that feel they can get away with anything. Next thing you know, they will be breaking the law and getting into "real" trouble and not knowing right from wrong because they have been protected from any efforts by parents to raise them as good citizens. You might remember the case recently of the 16 yr old who got drunk and killed someone because he was too affluent and had been sheltered and didn't know it would be wrong. Sadly that kid suffered little or now consequences of his actions. Is this the direction the courts want for our kids? If the government wants to raise our kids, then the government needs to pay ALL the expenses of raising the kids. Government needs to stay out of parenting. Better to protect kids from real abuse not time honored parenting methods.
on May 30,2014 | 02:15AM
hanabatadayz wrote:
that's not old school..getting beat with the belt is old school..we need to bring that back to instill fear and make the keiki to learn to respect others and their property..that's why our kids are all "ainokea" today
on May 30,2014 | 05:24AM
lwandcah wrote:
Only the belt? You had it easy. The stick and rod was much worse.
on May 30,2014 | 06:31AM
hanabatadayz wrote:
gotta blame the dad also on his parenting skills..you don't leave your 8 year old child all alone..maybe back then it was ok..but not today with all the crazies in this world..he should've at least let the boy out and tell him to walk home but follow him
on May 30,2014 | 05:31AM
BuhByeAloha wrote:
Seems that you're the only one on this thread that feels it was a wrong decision by the dad. Maybe the only person in the state. "you don't leave your 8 year old child all alone". What? All alone near your house, in the neighborhood? At what point is it acceptable to leave your chubby ungrateful kid all alone? 18?
on May 30,2014 | 06:43AM
LehuaRosa wrote:
We're talking about Kauai, not Oahu. Big difference.
on May 30,2014 | 07:19AM
oldertimer808 wrote:
You speak from two sides of your mouth. On one hand you say bring back the belt like in the old days to instill fear and on the other hand you blame the dad on his parenting skills. My grand kids walk to school and back from the elementary school. You cannot live your life in fear because if it is your time to go than it is by the grace of God. I walked to school as a child. My mother didn't drive, my father left for work at 5 am and we had only one car. We walked everywhere. During the summer I walked to the Kalihi YMCA from where Kuhio Park terrace is now located. We had common sense in road awareness. We even took the short cut home by crossing Kalihi stream over the rocks. If the stream was flowing or the mountain was covered in clouds, we walked around from Gulick to North School st. Walking taught me awareness, responsibility and a sense of empowerment.
on May 30,2014 | 09:12AM
ColinKona wrote:
Gee, let's put parents in jail for letting their pre-teen kids go skateboarding and bikeriding by themselves, while we're at it. And especially if we tell them they have to walk home from the community ballfield ten blocks away, horror of horrors. Insanity reigns anyway, it seems.
on May 30,2014 | 06:18AM
lokela wrote:
Waste of time and money.
on May 30,2014 | 06:31AM
aionokea43 wrote:
Will this parent be arrested and prosecuted and put in jail by Judge Watanabe if he now decides to let his kid walk to school? No more rides kid, get to school. Will his action be deemed to be endangering his kid. How many parents in Hawaii have their kids walk to school because of bus limits, parent working two jobs, parent not having a car. Will all these parents now be arrested and prosecuted? It started with the school who called the police, the police who arrested and the prosecutor could have easily not brought any charges. Auwe to this Kauai system. Will this happen in Honolulu, God forbid, we don't have enough prisons to house parents who let their kid walk a mile to school.
on May 30,2014 | 06:33AM
Mike174 wrote:
Neighbor is a jerk. Judge shoulda thrown it out.
on May 30,2014 | 07:07AM
mcc wrote:
Another Judge with BAD judgement.
on May 30,2014 | 07:18AM
Ezdeewilly wrote:
Let us all call for the resignation of judge Watanabe. Who is this busybody neighbor?
on May 30,2014 | 07:21AM
LehuaRosa wrote:
Let's not forget the prosecutor.
on May 30,2014 | 11:55AM
DARMP wrote:
What kind of neighbor takes the child back to school and calls the police?
on May 30,2014 | 07:29AM
eastside808 wrote:
Now we have the courts telling us how to raise our children? Judges who cannot differentiate between the intent and letter of the law, but will use the concept interchangeably as it suits them? Children need to learn responsibility for their actions and Mr. De Mond certainly is a shining example of trying to teach his children that there are consequences to their actions. By the way Judge Watanabe, do you have any children? Auwe
on May 30,2014 | 07:43AM
Ezdeewilly wrote:
Let's all call for the resignation of Prosecuting Attorney Gary Nelson. You sir are a disgrace.
on May 30,2014 | 07:44AM
h20dragon wrote:
If this judge is saying 1 mile is too far for the child to walk from school, she should be challenging the DOE to change their bus conditions for riding (>1.5 miles they get to ride, <1.5 miles up to the parents and however....)
on May 30,2014 | 08:16AM
bluebowl wrote:
Why was the boy placed on time out? Should the A supervisor have a record of the child's behavior so could have informed parents in writing or when picking up child?
on May 30,2014 | 08:17AM
lwandcah wrote:
The afterschool worker that put him in time-out needs to be prosecuted for demeaning the child. He could suffer irreparable emotional scaring as a result of the public humiliation amongst his peer group.
on May 30,2014 | 08:44AM
Kuokoa wrote:
...so the child never REALLY walked home. What gives that neighbor the right to interfere!
on May 30,2014 | 08:24AM
tiwtsfm wrote:
There are a lot of wrongs here - but not on the dad's part. He was doing exactly what the parenting classes will, or should be teaching. Your child must be accountable for their actions. The child was wrong in that he was disrespectful to his dad. The neighbor who picked him up was wrong in taking him back to school. For goodness sakes, she was a neighbor an most likely knew where he lived. If she didn't she had no business picking him up. Maybe she should be charged with kidnaping. The school was wrong to call the police - they have more than one contact to call if they need to. The Judge was wrong to sentence him for anything. The only thing that I think the dad did wrong was to accept the judge's decision. He should be fighting this. He has been wronged as have many other parents in similar situations, and it needs to stop.
on May 30,2014 | 08:37AM
markat wrote:
I agree with tiwtsfm. The dad shouldn't have to take parenting classes, he should be teaching them.
on May 30,2014 | 10:10AM
coyote wrote:
After reading this yesterday and today finding out that the boy was 8 yrs. old, a big boy now, I think someone should consider terminating the judge.
on May 30,2014 | 09:13AM
entrkn wrote:
This judgement seems pretty draconian to me. Did the boy have to walk through a minefield or something? Walking a mile in Kauai is a devine blessing that few boys throughout the world will ever get to experience...
on May 30,2014 | 10:24AM
lowtone123 wrote:
Shouldn't have even come to this. Police could have handled it better. By getting all sides to the story they should have concluded that there was no criminal action involved, the son wasn't in any grave danger or hurt in any way and Mr.De Mond learned his lesson.
on May 30,2014 | 10:48AM
Jonas wrote:
Absolutely ridiculous.
on May 30,2014 | 10:57AM
BRainbow wrote:
This is not the Judge's fault. It's the prosecutor who decided to the press charges and when Mr. De Mond decided to plead no-contest, the judge has no option but to convict him. The Judge didn't send him to jail.
on May 30,2014 | 10:59AM
LehuaRosa wrote:
They are both at fault. This is absolutely ridiculous, not to mention an egregious waste of taxpayer money.
on May 30,2014 | 11:57AM
steve76 wrote:
"Spare the Paddle " and when the kid grows up and commit crimes ,he can face Judge Watanabe ( what goes around , comes around ! )
on May 30,2014 | 11:37AM
ryan02 wrote:
That's ok. Judge Watanabe likes real criminals and always goes easy on them. Ask any cop on Kauai. Once the boy grows up to be a violent criminal, he will be treated with kid gloves by this judge (unlike his parents). Apparently trying to discipline a child who lies to his parents is a worse crime than robbery.
on May 30,2014 | 12:49PM
konag43 wrote:
as i said earlier something is wrong with this judge and by the way who reported this incident . that person is an idiot. nothing wron for an 8 year old to walk a mile to and from school. i did it.
on May 30,2014 | 11:38AM
CaraKF wrote:
He doesn't need parenting classes, the nosey neighbor needs to get a clue. This should not have even gone to court. The officers should have just counseled the family, mostly the child and be done with it. What a waste of our tay payer money.
on May 30,2014 | 12:11PM
glenn57377 wrote:
I have no problem with how the father dished out punishment on the boy. When I was eight, it would not be uncommon for me to walk miles in any direction to explore or to visit friends. On one hand, people say the parents need to take more of a stand. On the other hand, they chastize the parents for taking that stand. This was not unreasonable. The consensus is overwhelmingly in support of the father........let that tell you something, judge.
on May 30,2014 | 12:48PM
MauiFriend wrote:
I wouldn't put a label like "liberals" to it, since I might be in the pile. I think it's cultural clash or city versus rural standard. I and a lot of my friends walked more than a mile to get to school. That's what you do when you live in a rural area. Kids also learned how to drive trucks, tractors. It's applying urban legal standards to rural lifestyle. A bit of common sense would help.
on May 30,2014 | 01:55PM
honopic wrote:
A mile? Any 8-year-old who is not morbidly obese can walk that in 15 minutes, 25 at most. During that time, he can reflect on what got him in trouble in the first place, realize his own mistakes, or just put one foot in front of the other until he gets home. If he felt he was being "punished" unfairly, he could have run it in under 10 minutes and then had a discussion with his dad when he got home.
on May 30,2014 | 02:46PM
greatgranny21 wrote:
This is unbelievable!! Does this judge know how many kids walk at least this far to and from school every day? Much better punishment than beating the kid. It gave him time to think, just what his Dad wanted plus walking is the best exercise ever.
on May 30,2014 | 03:34PM
saint80 wrote:
Where is the ACLU that professes to defend our individual rights?! I'd be taking the government to court as high as it goes if they tried to do this to me. If we keep letting liberal politicians and judges go their way our whole country is going down.
on May 30,2014 | 05:13PM
Ezdeewilly wrote:
Welcome to Obama's America
on May 30,2014 | 08:42PM
mauiday wrote:
Interesting how this updated version of the incident does not mention Judge Watanabe or her comments. Nor does it mention the prosecutors office that brought up the charges. What's up Star Advertiser? First you cover the story with a lack of details about the boy's age. Now you fail to mention the prosecutor and the judge that are responsible for this travesty of justice. Tried to look up the original article and could not bring it up on your search. To file a complaint against Judge Watanabe you can write to the Commission on Judicial Conduct. judconduct.c.comm@courts.hawaii.gov
on May 30,2014 | 09:52PM
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