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Obama moves forward on Hawaiian recognition

By Rob Perez

LAST UPDATED: 01:17 p.m. HST, Jun 18, 2014

The Obama administration is taking the first formal steps in a long process that could result in an official relationship between the federal government and a future Native Hawaiian governing entity.

The administration is scheduling public meetings in Hawaii starting next week to gather feedback on several fundamental questions, including whether a government-to-government relationship should be re-established and, if so, how to go about doing that, the Interior Department's Rhea Suh, assistant secretary for policy, management and budget, said Wednesday in a teleconference from Washington with reporters.

If pursued, the administration could accomplish what backers of the so-called Akaka Bill in Congress failed to do over more than a decade.

Suh said the administration is starting this process in response to requests from the Native Hawaiian community, Hawaii's congressional delegation and state leaders.

Among the other questions the administration seeks to answer is whether Interior should assist the Hawaiian community in reorganizing its government and whether conditions should be established to pave the way for federal recognition of a new governing entity formed by Hawaiians.

"We want to hear from the community on how to proceed," said Sam Hirsch, a Justice Department attorney who participated in the teleconference.

Hawaii's congressional delegation issued a joint statement lauding Wednesday's development.

"We applaud the administration's commitment to an open dialogue, starting with listening sessions in Hawaii to provide ample opportunity for Native Hawaiians and the general public to contribute their comments and concerns," the statement said. "This notice represents an historic opportunity to address years of injustice and marks a positive step forward in the push for Native Hawaiian self-determination."

Gov. Neil Abercrombie, in a press release, also applauded the latest move. "I commend the Obama Administration for recognizing and supporting Native Hawaiians as it works to reconcile its relationship with Native Hawaiians at the federal level," he said.

But any attempt by the administration to move toward the re-establishment of a government-to-government relationship is expected to be resisted by those who believe Obama is overstepping his authority as a way to bypass Congress, where many of his top domestic priorities have been blocked.

It also likely would be opposed by those who insist that the federal government has no role in Hawaiians' right to political self-determination.

The issue would be complicated by the controversy over how and what form a Native Hawaiian government would take.

The Akaka Bill -- named after it's primary sponsor, former U.S. Sen. Daniel Akaka, and first introduced in 1999 -- would have granted Native Hawaiians federal recognition similar to that of American Indians and Alaska natives. But the bill, which passed the House, never made it to the Senate floor for a vote. Akaka retired last year.

Once a 60-day comment period ends, the Obama administration must decide whether to pursue the re-establishment of a government-to-government relationship administratively and how that would be accomplished, then propose rules to achieve that.

Throughout the process, Suh stressed, the administration will be seeking comments from Hawaii residents. The department will also be holding public meetings on the issue in Native American communities on the mainland.

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drrddrd1993 wrote:
Hahaha..."seeking comment from Hawaii residents", thats the same as 85% testifying against same sex marriage and our fearless leaders already having their own plans and coming up with that formality session. US is illegally occupying the Kingdom if Hawaii. Their own laws are being used against them, let the back pedaling begin.
on June 18,2014 | 11:03AM
what wrote:
There is nothing illegal about the USA in Hawaii. The Kingdom was overthrown by a coup of its own citizens, and the Republic of Hawaii, a sovereign and representative government of the people of Hawaii, invited the USA to annex them.
on June 18,2014 | 02:02PM
hanalei395 wrote:
"It's own citizens" ...... A white supremacist militia, comprised of mostly American immigrants and settlers, the Honolulu Rifles. And backed-up, supported by foreign enemy invaders, the U.S. Marines.
on June 18,2014 | 02:17PM
what wrote:
After the coup of the Kingdom, the people of Hawaii had every opportunity to restore the Kingdom. They did not. They chose to back the new Republic of Hawaii and its democratic (republic) government.
on June 18,2014 | 02:53PM
WatsIt2u wrote:
Hawaiian Nationals did not "back" the Republic of Hawaii. Thatʻs a lie. Ever heard of the Kuʻe Petitions? Hawaiian Nationals were against annexation. Get your facts straight and stop living in denial and stop with the lies after all the truth shall set you free.
on June 18,2014 | 03:04PM
what wrote:
Get your facts straight. The Kingdom fell to an internal coup of multi-national businessman.
on June 18,2014 | 03:52PM
Terii_Kelii wrote:
NO. YOU need to get your facts straight. 1st you say "The Kingdom was overthrown by a coup of its own citizens, ...." Then you say "coup of multi-national businessman." You cannot even keep your own story straight. smh. what is a good name for you because every question a teacher ever asked you, that obviously was your only answer.
on June 18,2014 | 08:01PM
what wrote:
The businessman were citizens or subjects of the Kingdom of Hawaii. I got my story straight. Why you having difficulties with that?
on June 18,2014 | 08:44PM
hanalei395 wrote:
Hawaiians tried. But they were outgunned by the new "National Guard" army of the Republic. All of the "National Guard" members, former members of the Honolulu Rifes.
on June 18,2014 | 03:15PM
what wrote:
Internal Hawaii politics that the USA is not responsible for.
on June 18,2014 | 03:56PM
false wrote:
USA is a colonizer like every other nation. We're just a colony.
on June 18,2014 | 05:26PM
what wrote:
King Kamehameha colonized Maui, Oahu, and Kauai.
on June 18,2014 | 08:44PM
lee1957 wrote:
Boo hoo, boo hoo.
on June 18,2014 | 06:28PM
Anonymous wrote:
Hear, hear!
on June 18,2014 | 09:00PM
WatsIt2u wrote:
Correct, they were racist, greedy, white supremacist who were Hawaiian Nationals and should be charged for treason.
on June 18,2014 | 02:54PM
false wrote:
My tutu didn't didn't support it. They did all right. They lived until they died at 4815 Kahala Ave. It was grand even in those days. For awhile the only Hawaiians on the strip but then tutu kane translated all of the Hawaiian deeds. We made do but it doesn't mean we supported it. We were required to be educated and successful in English. Cha.
on June 18,2014 | 03:57PM
what wrote:
Not the USA's problem.
on June 18,2014 | 04:02PM
Terii_Kelii wrote:
The Federal Government has disagreed with that view point for nearly 100 years, when they started DHHL. Just as you cannot buy a company and say you am only acquiring the assets but not the liabilities, The US cannot disavow themselves of the disputes left over. You're wrong.
on June 18,2014 | 07:34PM
what wrote:
I'm right.
on June 18,2014 | 08:45PM
Anonymous wrote:
No. You're wrong. Move to the "USA".
on June 18,2014 | 09:02PM
what wrote:
Hawaiians today have every right to pursue and advance their own culture, seek self determination to a democratic representative government. Nothing is holding them back. A Hawaiian nation will give them nothing they don't have today. Except more free stuff. I live in Hawaii. I live in the USA.
on June 18,2014 | 09:09PM
niimi wrote:
I don't even know who is really in control of the Hawaiian movement, quote unquote, these days. It seems more political grandstanding at best. Too many factions, too much infighting within this supposed Hawaiian movement. It will take another King Kamehameha the Great to unite the islands. I just don't see anyone even Good, much less, Great in the Hawaiian movement or even about to emerge to lead the Hawaiian people. Any blood relatives still traceable to Ali'i? Or to the Royal family? Who? Is there anyone with pure Hawaiian blood able to lead the movement?
on June 18,2014 | 04:11PM
holokanaka wrote:
Niimi, try educate yourself about the true legal history of these Islands and how the people felt about the "overthrow" of the Kingdom. Google:hawaiiankingdom.blog.
on June 18,2014 | 04:51PM
false wrote:
Ku`e Petition is a statement. Weren't too many more survivors after all the disease and influenza, those nasty stds.
on June 18,2014 | 05:28PM
lee1957 wrote:
Perhaps we could anoint Clayton Hee as king.
on June 18,2014 | 06:30PM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
Nice, finally Hawaii moves ahead with equality.
on June 18,2014 | 07:29PM
kuroiwaj wrote:
A government to government relationship, or the United States with "what" Native Hawaiian government relationship? There is no existing Native Hawaiian government. We do have the State of Hawaii as one of the 50 States of the United States of America.
on June 18,2014 | 11:04AM
hanalei395 wrote:
Don't worry about it. It will be a future Hawaiian government-to-government relationship. Got it?
on June 18,2014 | 11:29AM
Fred01 wrote:
That's just stupid. More government is the last thing Hawaiians or anyone needs.
on June 18,2014 | 12:06PM
boolakanaka wrote:
Self-determination, is vastly different than just mere government.
on June 18,2014 | 02:53PM
MoTown808 wrote:
This is a great opportunity for the State of Hawaii.
on June 18,2014 | 11:42AM
Mythman wrote:
Well, a couple of things: Sam Hirsch has long been Dan Inouye's guy in the DoJ, which makes one wonder if this is on the up and up since Dan's job was to stall normalization least his constituents might be at risk for losing out on controlling Hawaii totally. Second, a govt to govt relationship is only one possibility but not the only possibility. This is a political move designed to leverage the President and Executive Power over pre-existing statutory power. Interesting how frightened the insiders who broke the relationship in the first place, in 1959, are now over the potential dividing up of the land and money taken after 1959 by those so governed. Politics rules over law. Nothing new here, yet.
on June 18,2014 | 12:04PM
MakaniKai wrote:
on June 18,2014 | 11:09AM
entrkn wrote:
This will ultimately be decided and specified by the Supreme Court. The timing for this will never be better because John Roberts, the Chief Justice, is a Hawaii history and law scholar. Whatever the court decides will not please everyone because there is a lot of hoping and wishing and dreaming going on presently instead of reasonable goals researched from the Hawaii constitution...
on June 18,2014 | 11:26AM
thepartyfirst wrote:
entrkn- So will Justice Roberts say it was legal or illegal on the issue of occupation or was their a Treaty thus an Annexation?
on June 18,2014 | 11:36AM
Mythman wrote:
you had us going, mr en, until you go to the part about the hawaii constitution. it has no role legally to play whatsoever, except that it is the cause of the problems, not in any way part of the solution. that comes from the federal constitutional and federal law. hawaii's constitution is racial as are its laws that deal with this matter.
on June 18,2014 | 12:06PM
HOSSANA wrote:
Who is to believe this political nonsense by Obama where he is popular in probably only one state out of the 50 states?? Guess what state and idiots in the state are supporting him on his proposal!!!
on June 18,2014 | 11:28AM
Slow wrote:
The people of Mississippi?
on June 18,2014 | 04:22PM
Slow wrote:
I guess Mississippi!
on June 18,2014 | 04:23PM
8082062424 wrote:
I'm all for Hawaiians self-determination. But not this way. Nothing Obama does is good for the people he claims it will help
on June 18,2014 | 11:32AM
salsacoquibx wrote:
if all the factions can get along and create one group..then its a good thing..but if each group want to be the one group for self determination..then its a lost cause. The Hawaiian people has to come together for any self determination to work.
on June 18,2014 | 12:19PM
hanalei395 wrote:
808 ....... This is for the safety of Hawaiian benefits. Benefits that some non-Hawaiians want abolished. And Obama knows that.
on June 18,2014 | 01:43PM
Winston wrote:
Right. I'm beginning to think that the word "Obama" is Swahili for "unintended consequences, mostly bad".
on June 18,2014 | 02:08PM
noheawilli wrote:
How creative, lets treat one group different than another group of people because of their ethnicity. How come we haven't thought of this before?
on June 18,2014 | 11:40AM
hanalei395 wrote:
A well-known Hawaii businessman, Walter Dillingham, and whose family was in politics, said this about a group of people being different from another group of people, because of their color: "God had made the white race to rule, and the colored to be ruled".
on June 18,2014 | 11:55AM
Fred01 wrote:
Is that what you want?
on June 18,2014 | 12:07PM
Slow wrote:
Irrelevant now. My grandparents were racists but over a couple of generations the chain has been broken. Every kid is hapa nowadays. But I digress. Your point about Walter is?
on June 18,2014 | 04:28PM
hanalei395 wrote:
That was his rallying cry when he was a young member of the white supremacist militia, the Honolulu Rifles.
on June 18,2014 | 04:46PM
Anonymous wrote:
The point is, the descendants of those racists try to pretend everything is cool now, because this happened a generation or two ago. No. Certain people live with the consequences of the overthrow to this day, every day. Acknowledge the truth and try to make things right, or play lip service and do nothing- plain to see the path amerika continues to take.
on June 18,2014 | 09:09PM
MoTown808 wrote:
This group is being treated differently because of their unique status as indigenous people with a political relationship with the government. This is not the same thing as race. Mere "racial" groups do not have political relationships.
on June 18,2014 | 02:19PM
Anonymous wrote:
Umm, yeah, when one ethnicity has misused their power to subjugate another ethnicity, they deserve to be treated differently. Maybe you just haven't thought of it before.
on June 18,2014 | 09:04PM
Fred01 wrote:
This is the sort of crap that could convince me to vote Republican.
on June 18,2014 | 12:05PM
Anonymous wrote:
Check your brain at the door.
on June 18,2014 | 09:09PM
Fred01 wrote:
This is the sort of nonsense that could convince me to vote Republican.
on June 18,2014 | 12:05PM
kainalu wrote:
Paging KKKonklin. Your revisionist ideology is wanted on the SA message board.
on June 18,2014 | 12:38PM
8082062424 wrote:
im shocked they not here having a fit
on June 18,2014 | 01:41PM
holokanaka wrote:
WHERE ARE THEY!!!!!!!! yours truly holothestalker
on June 18,2014 | 02:38PM
smooshpappy wrote:
He's probably self medicating with 10 ham sandwiches.
on June 18,2014 | 11:09PM
Terii_Kelii wrote:
Unfortunately, they are indisposed at the moment. He and his alternate personality, LíàrDave, are having a círcle jérk party while rereading his webpage about Kehaulani Watson.
on June 18,2014 | 07:43PM
AhiPoke wrote:
This president is setting dangerous precedents. Our country was established with three arms of government: executive, legislative and judicial, in order to create checks and balances. This president believes he can do anything without the approval of the other two branches. You may believe in this issue but what happens when the next president takes over and pushes issues you don't support.
on June 18,2014 | 01:09PM
boolakanaka wrote:
Please- there are literally hundreds of rulemaking every month, through both R and D administrations. Further, the development of rulemaking for establishing a government to government relationship has been in effect for the last 20 years; one in which over 60 Indian nations have been federally recognized--a little homework please.
on June 18,2014 | 01:56PM
MoTown808 wrote:
AhiPoke, between you and boolakanaka boola is clearly more knowledgeable on this issue. Rule-making is not new, and a cursory review of federal Indian law and policy shows that recognition has been accomplished through the judiciary (less so nowadays) and the executive branches (more so now than the judiciary).

Many other indigenous groups have sought recognition through the executive branch of government. If you read Title 25 of the Code of Federal Regulations, part 83, you'll see the current process.
on June 18,2014 | 02:27PM
Mythman wrote:
WRT the OFA, Part 83 - err, we were never terminated by congress. Actually, it was the state that terminated us in 1959 after congress acknowledged us in 1921 in a statutory construct that did two things: it acknowledged the nearest kinship group as a tribe and it set aside, or, reserved tribal lands for the exclusive occupation of this tribe, all in exact accord with CFR 25. Everything else since then is either a construct of the ali'i trusts, the state's AA majority population via the legislature or royalists disdainful of federal American "Indian" law. Prof Boo is correct in pointing out it is a process. To his credit, the final act of Dan Inouye in this regard was to ask the DOI to add us to the list through a little sentence in the DOI's budget. Adding us to the list is all it takes and the next list comes on, maybe, in January.
on June 18,2014 | 05:27PM
MoTown808 wrote:
and your point is? who said we were terminated?
on June 20,2014 | 11:02PM
AhiPoke wrote:
If this were sooo easy to do, with rulemaking, why wasn't it done earlier? I understand rulemaking as I work in an industry that's full of rules, some that contradict each other. That doesn't mean it's good. Rules have the power of law and don't need any legilative process. Just because it's been happening doesn't mean it's good. What you've pointed out is what I think is a prpoblem.
on June 18,2014 | 02:38PM
boolakanaka wrote:
The major impetus for this rulemaking is to address that when 25 CFR 83 was promulgated (this is the administrative legal authority for DOI to make federal recognition) it set out very narrow boundaries, that both R and D congressional members have said, prevented many worthy state recognized tribes from not obtaining federal recognition. Lest you think, this is some "administrative softball" to kanaka maoli, DOI is also currently doing a similar rulemaking for many smaller tribes that did not fit into the tight historical narrative of the previous CFR.
on June 18,2014 | 03:00PM
Mythman wrote:
Specifically, Prof Boo, after Price v US DoJ, Chief Maui Loa and the Hou took the settlement with the US to the 9th, in one of the Price cases, and in the ruling in the 9th district's appeal, if my memory serves me right as this was in the 80s, the 9th got it wrong when it said the native Hawaiian was not eligible to use the OFA even though the only tribes then using it were those congress had terminated. The court never said the native Hawaiian was terminated. Another red herring thrown out was that tribes could only exist on the continent. In short, vague rules means vast misinterpretation and that is why things got to be a mess and what a mess. Fixing it is a blessing, at long last. Thanks to those who early on supported Senator Obama.
on June 18,2014 | 05:42PM
bobstr wrote:
Obama is going to turn Waianae into a reservation, keep everyone broke, dumb, and drunk just like the american Indians??? A little history note for all you guys. Andrew Jackson, the father of the democratic party, established the first indian reservation and forced marched all the indians in southeastern US to Arkansas & Oklahoma. During the forced march, thousands died and the indians refer to it as the trail of tears. Learn from history what the democratic party has done to the peoples of this land and don't let them do it to you.
on June 18,2014 | 01:13PM
MoTown808 wrote:
bobstr, President Andrew Jackson was horrible to Indigenous peoples. Thankfully, federal policy towards Indigenous peoples have changed a lot since Jackson. Show us a recognized tribe that wants to give up its recognition.

Despite what you think you know, American Indians are not "broke, dumb, and drunk."
on June 18,2014 | 02:30PM
lowtone123 wrote:
At least they can build a casino.
on June 18,2014 | 02:49PM
boolakanaka wrote:
You need some facts, many tribes are not just productive, but the leading economic engines in their state. For instance, in OKL and MINN, the collective tribes are the forth leading employer in their states, or that in Oregon, the largest philanthropic force in the last 20 years, in not Nike, but rather the Grande Ronde tribe. While many tribes do struggle, there are many that prosper and provide exponential economic benefit.
on June 18,2014 | 03:03PM
Bothrops wrote:
yes, because of gambling revenue
on June 18,2014 | 03:08PM
boolakanaka wrote:
Yes, gaming, and timber, and fishing, and minerals, golf courses, and manufacturing, and owning a home depot, and operating an outlet mall, and a host of other things....
on June 18,2014 | 03:27PM
false wrote:
Geev `em!
on June 18,2014 | 05:35PM
Mythman wrote:
I believe the Seminole run over sixty thousand head of fine cattle and can't keep up with the demand.
on June 18,2014 | 05:45PM
boolakanaka wrote:
Mos def, Sir Mythman.
on June 18,2014 | 06:00PM
MoTown808 wrote:
Not only that, the Seminole own Hard Rock. http://money.cnn.com/2006/12/07/news/companies/hardrock_seminole/
on June 20,2014 | 11:08PM
Mythman wrote:
Let's not forget the Seminole. But then, hey, we in Hawaii, we don't know about or care about the Americans way over there. We just know about our own little merry go round.
on June 18,2014 | 05:44PM
Anonymous wrote:
they're Americans, not "Americans".
on June 18,2014 | 09:13PM
Anonymous wrote:
Haha. Yeah. Because the repubs care so much about indigenous people. Foamer.
on June 18,2014 | 09:11PM
Keolu wrote:
Give them their recognition and then their own government can give them welfare, medical and food stamps. No freebies from the US.
on June 18,2014 | 01:20PM
MoTown808 wrote:
Freebies from the U.S.? Did the U.S. government pay Native Hawaiians for the use and confiscation of their lands?
on June 18,2014 | 02:31PM
HawaiiMongoose wrote:
Anyone who thinks sovereignty for Native Hawaiians is a good idea needs to go spend some time on a few Indian reservations. See what a "benefit" it is to have a government-to-government relationship with the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs. Learn first hand what it means to be treated as an officially-recognized "domestic dependent nation" and how that dependency destroys the social, educational, economic, physical and spiritual health of a people. You can't imagine it if you haven't witnessed it first hand.
on June 18,2014 | 01:24PM
hanalei395 wrote:
"See what a benefit it is to have ..........etc." ............. The benefits that are involved here, already here, are the Hawaiian benefits, OHA, DHHL, Kamehameha Schools, etc. Benefits that some non-Hawaiians want abolished.
on June 18,2014 | 02:09PM
Kalaheo1 wrote:
Well. OHA is great money of you're a DC lobbyist or lawyer. Kamehameha Schools are excellent if you come from a connected family or your kid hits it out of the ballpark on tests, and DHHL is a wonderful program if you happen to be in the state legislature.

But if you're not, thank goodness for section 8 housing and EBT cards.

on June 18,2014 | 02:24PM
hanalei395 wrote:
Yeah, OK. ... Don't worry about it.
on June 18,2014 | 02:44PM
boolakanaka wrote:
I grew up in public housing (halawa) and no connections, and ended up at an Ivy. It's all matter of your own personal vision and what you are willing to do to make that a destiny--its great that it advances some of our population, but if its not there, it certainly should not be an excuse.
on June 18,2014 | 03:08PM
false wrote:
That makes 4 more of us successes from Halawa and Papakolea. We are under cover agents. Just making the difference where we can. More should speak up. We should start our Web site.
on June 18,2014 | 05:37PM
MoTown808 wrote:
HawaiiMongoose how about you show us a tribe that wants to give up its recognized status?
on June 18,2014 | 02:32PM
boolakanaka wrote:
I have. I have been on over 250 reservations and Alaska village corporations. While some stuggle, some have a renewed sense of both cultural and economic sustainability, that provides an awakening for all members. Like many cities and states that struggle, the same is true for tribes.
on June 18,2014 | 03:06PM
Dawg wrote:
Just make sure CRABBE and OSORIO don't start talking about their vision f restoring the Kingdom. What a joke those two clowns are becoming. Hahahah...
on June 18,2014 | 01:25PM
AndrewWalden wrote:
OHA’s “New Body Politic” Will Exclude 77% of Native Hawaiians http://www.hawaiifreepress.com/ArticlesMain/tabid/56/ID/12291/OHArsquos-ldquoNew-Body-Politicrdquo-Will-Exclude-77-of-Native-Hawaiians.aspx
on June 18,2014 | 01:32PM
MoTown808 wrote:
Gotta love AndrewWalden's shameless self-promotion.
on June 18,2014 | 02:33PM
waikane75 wrote:
on June 18,2014 | 01:36PM
Sandybeach wrote:
Definition of Hawaiian will be a big hurdle. Limited inclusion may be a small group of people with an insufficient tax base to support a full fledged country.
on June 18,2014 | 02:13PM
hanalei395 wrote:
Not a "big hurdle". The OFFICIAL definition of Hawaiian is in the Hawai'i State Constitution.
on June 18,2014 | 02:22PM
Ewaduffer wrote:
Where in the constitution? I still can't find it.
on June 18,2014 | 04:37PM
false wrote:
I paid taxes all year and then $9k more. Is that substantive enough?
on June 18,2014 | 05:39PM
Anonymous wrote:
Fred01, Republicans are known to support Indigenous self-government. Republican President Richard Nixon moved the U.S. towards the policy of favoring Indigenous rights to self-governance.
on June 18,2014 | 02:21PM
Anonymous wrote:
White supremacists who want to find an excuse to back out of what little support we give the natives.
on June 18,2014 | 09:16PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Obama needs to concentrate on the most pressing issues: Terrorists, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, etc. in other words, you guys never have the leadership to deal with real issues, u guys want to look better.
on June 18,2014 | 02:28PM
sailfish1 wrote:
If there is government recognition then what? Are Hawaiians going to have their own country somewhere (?), are they going to become resident aliens?, are non-Hawaiians going to have to leave Hawaii?, what? How about these Hawaiians telling us what they want to get from all this?
on June 18,2014 | 02:37PM
false wrote:
What Hawaiians want is $200,000 per teacher in our schools, 60% Hawaiian students with 1/32 blood quantum..
on June 18,2014 | 05:40PM
Anonymous wrote:
on June 18,2014 | 09:16PM
sailfish1 wrote:
Huh? They want to give $200,000 per school teacher because 60% of students are Hawaiian? Maybe you need to go back to school because you don't express yourself well at all.
on June 18,2014 | 09:45PM
redsetter wrote:
I look forward to the grand opening of the Pele Casino in Hawaii. Native Hawaiians should have the same right to run gaming establishments on tribal grounds as other Indigenous people.
on June 18,2014 | 02:58PM
false wrote:
You thought he wasn't a Hawaii boy?
on June 18,2014 | 03:54PM
Ronin006 wrote:
Dear Censorship Editor, this comment was sent for approval twice. What did I say to deserve censorship?: It the federal government is to recognize a Native Hawaiian community, it should be a community of real Hawaiians and not a bunch of Hawaiian wannabes who want in because they believe they will get a lot of free stuff from the federal government. Thus, the first order of business should be to define a Native Hawaii as someone with at least 50% Hawaiian blood. The second order of business should be to set aside federal-owned lands to create reservations to which all Native Hawaiians will be relocated and where they can live on the federal dole and in poverty forever like many of their Native American cousins on the mainland. The smart ones are those who leave the reservations, assimilate into society as un-hyphenated Americans, and tend to do quite well on their own.
on June 18,2014 | 04:33PM
boolakanaka wrote:
If one were to do an academic survey on policies regarding blood quantum, one would find that there were a product of western invention. In short, it vastly reduces a native nation to grow, that said, an intrinsic quality of self-determination, is setting up their up criteria for enrollment.
on June 18,2014 | 04:59PM
false wrote:
E Ronin006, the whole point of blood quantum was to eliminate any obligation to Native People, i.e. Hawaiians. The solution bring in as many outsiders to dilute the blood and set the quantum minimum at 50%. According to our family history Prince Kuhio Kalanianaole set it at 1/32. So that's where it needs to be.
on June 18,2014 | 05:43PM
Ronin006 wrote:
The criteria needs to be reasonable and should not be set to increase the numbers with a bunch of phony Hawaiians. Why should someone with 1/32 of Hawaiian blood and 31/32 of English blood be considered a Native Hawaiian? It seems to me that 31/32 trumps 1/32.
on June 18,2014 | 06:40PM
Terii_Kelii wrote:
The reason for the approval may have been the word wànnabe. It could be tagged as a word against the terms of service from a previous complaint. As for blood quantum, 1/128 Hawaiian is still part Hawaiian. Being Hawaiian is more than just genetics and what you look like on the outside. So quantum is invalid. You just cannot point a finger and say someone is not Hawaiian enough. As KKKonklín jokes, it just takes one drop of the magic blood. Yes, that is the only thing he has gotten right.
on June 18,2014 | 08:18PM
Kaimukirat wrote:
Two things. First, the Kingdom of Hawaii was multi-ethnic, not exclusively Hawaiian. From the beginning, Kamehameha encouraged foreigners to immigrate and even married John Young to a Hawaiian princess. Under Kauikeaouli, foreigners were allowed to become citizens and participate in the government. Many became high officials. Also, laborers and other workers were imported with the promise that they could become citizens and their children were considered citizens just like children of Mexican immigrants to the US today. Once that promise was made, it has to be kept. So if the government was restored why would citizenship be limited to native Hawaiians? Second, does anyone, including native Hawaiians, really think that we'd have better government if the electorate were restricted only to people who are descended from those who lived here before 1778 and all others were denied the right to vote and participate in their own governance? In the US in the past, only white, male landowners could vote, but over the years the franchise has been expanded to the point where some states are considering extending it to undocumented immigrants. Why should Hawaii head the other direction and disenfranchise half of the people who live here? If we ever "restore" the Hawaiian Government, I can't see the good in making it ethnically or racially exclusive.
on June 18,2014 | 04:49PM
false wrote:
Isn't land titile in Tahiti limited that way to natives?
on June 18,2014 | 05:44PM
oahuresident wrote:
Hawaiians had the right to voe under the Republic. They had no vote under the Kingdom. That is why Hawaiians overwhelmingly supported the Republic.
on June 18,2014 | 05:38PM
holokanaka wrote:
oahuresident, you are embarrassing yourself with such a stupid, ignorant, uneducated comment, especially in these Islands!!!
on June 18,2014 | 09:51PM
DAGR81 wrote:
This is a waste of time and money.
on June 18,2014 | 05:38PM
MakaniKai wrote:
What ever happened to ALLIE?
on June 18,2014 | 05:55PM
Skyler wrote:
I do believe allie is still with us in another incarnation or two.
on June 18,2014 | 10:37PM
Terii_Kelii wrote:
comment 100!!
on June 18,2014 | 08:10PM
2disgusted2 wrote:
Ha ha!Comment sent for approval again! SA exercises UH enforced censorship!
on June 18,2014 | 08:56PM
holokanaka wrote:
ok SA I'll clean it up a little... oahuresident, you are an i.d.i.o.t. with your statement "Hawaiians had the right to voe (vote?) under the republic. They had no vote under the Kingdom". you need to educate yourself and maybe read the 1864 Constitution of the Hawaiian Kingdom!!!!
on June 18,2014 | 09:11PM
taradean wrote:
I see a handful of future self appointed "leaders" making a lot of money, many will end up in jail, all the way claiming they're being targeted for leading the Hawaiian Nation. Huge mess in the making. If OHA and Obama wanted to do right for the people of Hawaiian decent they would encourage and promote better education and integration into the best State within the best Country.
on June 18,2014 | 09:32PM
Hawaii_Libertarian wrote:
This is political pandering of the worst kind. Since almost every other policy Obama has tried to implement has been a failure, and his nationwide popularity is back to an all-time low, plus the prospects of Republican control of both the U.S. House and Senate are getting better everyday, it's highly unlikely anything will ever actually get implemented. Even if consensus is ever reached for a "Hawaiian Government Entity" (which is doubtful), it will take more than a Presidential executive order to successfully cede U.S. lands to a foreign entity. It's all about a new ali`i (under the auspices of OHA) trying to reestablish itself and con naive "Hawaiians" into supporting them while the ali`i get rich at the expense of everyone else. Hawaii is now a U.S. state (which was voted for democratically by the way) and anyone who is working to cede lands to a non-U.S. entity should be tried for treason.
on June 18,2014 | 09:32PM
blame1 wrote:
ILLEGALLY OCCUPIED SINCE 1893. If you don't agree or don't want to help then GTFO the way!!! #FREEHAWAII
on June 18,2014 | 11:52PM
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