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Flight to Hawaii returns with chanting passenger

By Associated Press

LAST UPDATED: 12:15 p.m. HST, Jul 03, 2014

SEATTLE >> Officials say a man who was loudly chanting on an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Hawaii made the other passengers uncomfortable and prompted the crew to return and drop him off with law enforcement at Sea-Tac Airport.

Airlines spokeswoman Nancy Trott says the captain made the right decision for safety Wednesday night.

Trott says the man was removed without incident about 9:30 p.m. Flight 877 resumed with 178 passengers and landed at 1:16 a.m. local time Thursday at Kona.

Trott didn't know what the man was chanting or why. She says the crew tried to reason with him without success.

Sea-Tac spokesman Perry Cooper says the man was not arrested. He was taken back to the terminal with the suggestion he rebook his travels on another carrier.

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Mike174 wrote:
That's good. We don't need any more crazies living on the streets and in the parks here.
on July 3,2014 | 06:45AM
HawaiiCheeseBall wrote:
For all you know the dude lives in a condo in Makiki or a home in Mililani.
on July 3,2014 | 12:51PM
Or a box in Aala Park.
on July 3,2014 | 05:35PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
He was scheduled to land in Kona.
on July 3,2014 | 05:45PM
Sunny wrote:
This might be a new terrorist tactic!
on July 3,2014 | 06:48AM
2disgusted2 wrote:
Rubbish! Might have been good for the passengers!
on July 3,2014 | 07:02PM
fbiguy wrote:
Article says that the plane turned around because the chanting made the passengers feel uncomfortable. If passenger comfort was the main criteria, then all planes would turn around.
on July 3,2014 | 06:53AM
usahwn wrote:
Uncomfortable passengers should not be on the plane
on July 3,2014 | 07:14AM
Slow wrote:
En-chanting observation. I am 6'2" and flying is a drag.
on July 3,2014 | 07:32AM
cojef wrote:
There ought to be a law requiring officers of all airlines and their family members to fly coach on their business and recreational trips. Only them may passenger comforts will improve.
on July 3,2014 | 07:43AM
sailfish1 wrote:
You get what you pay for. If you really want comfort, get a first class ticket. Simple, if you think about it.
on July 3,2014 | 05:49PM
bekwell wrote:
absurd statement if you think about it.
on July 4,2014 | 05:20AM
serious wrote:
Try the wheel well--more leg room!
on July 3,2014 | 09:09AM
hawaii_laulau wrote:
yes comfort... plane... haha funny
on July 3,2014 | 07:47AM
localguy wrote:
fbiguy - Uncomfortable as in they feared for their safety. Not sure what this babooze was doing, what he would do, could do. Are you really that obtuse?
on July 3,2014 | 09:21AM
goodday wrote:
seattle contributing to our homeless problem. good thing they failed this time
on July 3,2014 | 07:37AM
HawaiiCheeseBall wrote:
For all you know this was a Hawaii guy coming home.
on July 3,2014 | 09:42AM
SueH wrote:
So now he can paddle home from Seattle to his native 'aina in his personal wa'a, chanting and singing Hawaii Aloha all the way.
on July 3,2014 | 10:33AM
A_Reader wrote:
Nope.....was another crazy homeless with a one-way ticket doing the happy chant.
on July 3,2014 | 11:12AM
2NDC wrote:
Wow. All of these assumptions on the man being "homeless". That was my uncle Leo and he was simply practicing the Gregorian chant portion of the song "Sadness Part 1" by Enigma. So much for tolerance. :-(
on July 3,2014 | 08:26AM
DiverDave wrote:
So much for the tolerance of the "chanter" for the peace and tranquility of all others on the flight, 2NDC.
on July 3,2014 | 08:35AM
busterb wrote:
Gotta moosh, gotta moosh, got to do the fandango, thunderbolt and lightning very very exciting...
on July 3,2014 | 11:28AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Man did you ever butcher those lyrics.
on July 3,2014 | 01:20PM
busterb wrote:
Make ya feel uncomfortable? lol
on July 3,2014 | 02:17PM
2disgusted2 wrote:
You guys/gals are the funniest! I would never have survived my travail s without you al as my therapy group! Maybe his chanting would/could clear the energy in Hi!
on July 3,2014 | 07:06PM
Skyler wrote:
So much for courtesy.... tolerance works both ways, ya know.
on July 3,2014 | 11:57AM
808warriorfan wrote:
Too bad it's not a Federal requirement to take a test before being allow to board a commercial airliner. The test would evaluate your levels of: A) Mental Stability B) Level of Intelligence or Lack of Intelligence C) Common Sense. Failure in any one of these areas and "YOU'RE OUTTA HERE"
on July 3,2014 | 08:39AM
2NDC wrote:
That would substantially reduce the number of people boarding commercial aircraft!
on July 3,2014 | 09:09AM
false wrote:
That's the point
on July 3,2014 | 11:37AM
honopic wrote:
Also the number of CEO's running commercial aviation these days!
on July 3,2014 | 10:15PM
saveparadise wrote:
Zero tolerance. Ready the ejection tube please.
on July 3,2014 | 09:10AM
AhiPoke wrote:
Good job captain. It would have freaked me out to have to spend 5 hours on a flight with this crazy person on board.
on July 3,2014 | 09:50AM
Bully wrote:
So many crazies out there and they are coming from the mainland so by all means turn the aircraft around and dont bring them to Hawaii. We have enough of our own.
on July 3,2014 | 09:56AM
Don't blame the "whole" mainland-they come from Ohio!
on July 3,2014 | 05:38PM
2disgusted2 wrote:
on July 3,2014 | 07:07PM
2disgusted2 wrote:
Nyah! They are coming from the PRC!
on July 3,2014 | 07:07PM
BadBingo wrote:
@fbiguy--good one! LOL.
on July 3,2014 | 10:24AM
iwanaknow wrote:
We are waiting for someone's cell phone recording to surface to hear what the chanting was about?
on July 3,2014 | 10:57AM
JPC wrote:
Would the sky Marshall get involved ? He may have been preoccupied with other matters. Just handcuff and duct tape his mouth, he was was a native hawaiian trying to get to the aina to give his comments to the DOI.
on July 3,2014 | 11:03AM
kuniagirl wrote:
As a Native Hawaiian, I know I should be offended, but that was pretty funny.
on July 3,2014 | 11:09AM
Giligan wrote:
Duct tape should be in the airlines toolbox.
on July 4,2014 | 06:46AM
SueH wrote:
There may have been no sky Marshal aboard that flight. They aren't on every flight.
on July 3,2014 | 11:25AM
NS808 wrote:
The title should read "Flight to Hawaii arrives without chanting passenger"...
on July 3,2014 | 12:12PM
Kealii wrote:
Aww that was my cousin's uncle's girlfriend's brother. He's never been in a plane before and was scared as h3ll. All he was doing was chanting to the powers that be that we wouldn't soil his drawers doing the flight. And this is what happens. Auwe!
on July 3,2014 | 12:53PM
environmental_lady wrote:
This was a stupid waste of fuel since planes that have to return shortly after flying have to dump all their fuel into the ocean. Moreover, since the man wasn't arrested, evidently he didn't pose a terroristic threat. He was merely annoying. Sitting to a constantly crying baby is also annoying but they don't turn planes around for that. Since people listen to entertainment on earphones, wouldn't the noise be overcome? If the man was that bothersome, he could have been muzzled like a constantly barking dog and roped to his seat.
on July 3,2014 | 02:55PM
steveoctober wrote:
Fuel does NOT need to be dumped. And the analogy to a baby isn't the same thing as a baby doesn't have the mental development to know what they're doing.
on July 3,2014 | 04:51PM
Mental development has nothing to do with people ability to withstand the uncomfortable factor.
on July 3,2014 | 05:41PM
lokela wrote:
He getting ready for UH Football.
on July 3,2014 | 03:50PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Maybe would have been better if he was allowed to land in Kona. He was going to be Chow Fun's recruiting coordinator for our Big Island !!!
on July 3,2014 | 05:47PM
Kaneahi wrote:
I thought duct tape was created for things like this. "Sir, you must stop your chanting now, or my assistants and I are going to duct tape your arms to the arm rests and duct tape your mouth shut." Do you understand?" We've just become too damn afraid of our own shadows that we're frozen on solving problems. Just inconvenience everyone, wasting 10s of thousands of dollars, for what? And to think, no charges, just let him book another flight. Ridiculous!
on July 3,2014 | 04:14PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Without reading the other comments, these are my thoughts: great, one less homeless person to deal with in Hawaii.
on July 3,2014 | 05:45PM
sailfish1 wrote:
They should have charged the man with some kind of crime, like, maybe, interfering with the flight crew, being obnoxious, or being a crazy. Turning back to Seattle cost a lot of fuel and created a lot of inconvenience to the other passengers. At the minimum, that person should put on a no-fly list.
on July 3,2014 | 05:56PM
2disgusted2 wrote:
on July 3,2014 | 07:11PM
sailfish1 wrote:
What's "Rubbish!" about it? What is really "Rubbish" is people who don't even make a comment but just make NOISE! like YOU!
on July 3,2014 | 07:35PM
honopic wrote:
Charge him with the "crime" of "being a crazy?" You would have fit right in with the powers in Germany from 1933 to 1945!
on July 3,2014 | 10:22PM
hikine wrote:
Ran out of Kona gold.
on July 3,2014 | 07:10PM
HanabataDays wrote:
For all we know, he was only practicing so he could croak right back at the coqui.
on July 4,2014 | 04:01AM
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