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Judge orders Rep. Say to prove he lives in his district

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 02:59 p.m. HST, Jul 11, 2014

A Circuit Court judge has ordered state Rep. Calvin Say to prove that he lives in the Palolo state House district he has represented since he was first elected in 1976.

The former House speaker has insisted that a 10th Avenue home in Palolo is his residence even through he also spends time at a Pauoa Valley home for family reasons.

But six voters in Say's House district have challenged his residency, and Judge Karen Nakasone, after reviewing the complaint, has placed the burden on Say to answer in a court hearing on Aug. 8, one day before the Aug. 9 primary election.

The Intermediate Court of Appeals ruled in April that the Circuit Court has the jurisdiction to determine whether lawmakers are qualified voters of the districts they want to represent, a requirement of the state Constitution. Nakasone had initially determined that the city clerk, and not the court, had jurisdiction over the issue.

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64hoo wrote:
hea judge what about hanabusa she ran in a different district where she never lived.
on July 11,2014 | 02:47PM
loquaciousone wrote:
She lived in district 2 but ran for district 1 Congressional seat but if you live in district 2 you cannot vote in district 1 and if you live in district 1 you can vote for district 2 but if you run for office you can live in district 2 and run in district 1...got that?
on July 11,2014 | 03:15PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Please elucidate, I'm a slow learner. Besides we are talking about a State Representative, not a United States Representative. Also I'm a bad speller so it helps that I use Apple's Safari browser, which spell checks for me. However sometimes I type too fast and I neglect to proof read my writings and once my iPhone that I'm using gave me do do, instead of so so, knowing that the s is right next to the d. By the way, since 1976 this Calvin Say has been possibly pulling the wool over our eyes? Bad bad boy !!!!
on July 11,2014 | 03:54PM
2disgusted2 wrote:
Ditto w my typing and autocorrect!
on July 11,2014 | 05:47PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Although I just learned that on Settings in my iPhone 5S that I'm typing with right this second, which looks like I'm playing a Nintendo wii game, that one can turn off spell check, etc. Take that and that and that Neil, as I seen that u STILL wear a wrist watch. Use ur smartphone if u have one, to check on the "at the tone, the time will be 9:51pm."
on July 11,2014 | 09:51PM
HOSSANA wrote:
hey, loquaciousone: I lost you after the first 10 words...ha..ha...sounds like an Abbot 'n Costello routine...ha..ha..ha...but I'm starting to get the pix.....yes, I know, I'm a slow learner...no can help....public school education......gimme a break.....thanks.
on July 11,2014 | 05:26PM
CriticalReader wrote:
That headline says it all. And that' s a problem.
on July 11,2014 | 02:59PM
false wrote:
Will this be problematic?
on July 11,2014 | 03:02PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
It is already. Similar to Tam no can.
on July 11,2014 | 03:57PM
sailfish1 wrote:
Why is it that the courts don't know what their area of jurisdiction are? First the Circuit Court says that it is not in its jurisdiction then the Intermediate Court of Appeals says it is in the Circuit Court's jurisdiction. This is probably why our court system costs too much and things are always confused there. Regarding Calvin Say, doesn't he just have to show one utility bill with his name on it with the Palolo address? If he doesn't have that, he clearly has a problem.
on July 11,2014 | 03:13PM
kiragirl wrote:
Not sure but I don't think so. He could be paying the bills but not reside there. Big difference.
on July 11,2014 | 03:46PM
sailfish1 wrote:
"Utility bill that is not more than two months old" is one document to show "Proof of Principal Residence Address in Hawaii" per Driver's License requirement. I doubt that the State can say it is okay for one thing and not okay for something else - could be subject to legal interpretation.
on July 11,2014 | 07:38PM
droid wrote:
What about the bill’s envelope? If it has a little yellow sticker with a forwarding address... that's a problem.
on July 11,2014 | 11:04PM
kekelaward wrote:
Why would you think the State can't say it's okay for one thing, but not another? They always do that.
on July 12,2014 | 02:12AM
turbolink wrote:
Great! Now the Star Advertiser can have fun with "Say says" and Say said" comments and headlines.
on July 11,2014 | 03:22PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
I'm wondering how the heck Jay became a Chinese surname. I'm used to Ching, Chang, Chong and Chung.
on July 11,2014 | 03:58PM
markat wrote:
Are you talking about Ben Jay, former athletic director and newly appointed stadium procurement officer?
on July 11,2014 | 04:17PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Yes, however he still is the AD.
on July 11,2014 | 07:43PM
2disgusted2 wrote:
Now you guys are being racist after having accused me of being such!
on July 11,2014 | 05:48PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
I never accuse anyone of anything.
on July 11,2014 | 07:44PM
IAmSane wrote:
Whoa, take it easy there. There's no need for racial slurs, pal.
on July 11,2014 | 07:02PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
That's what I thought also, however HSA approved my comment so I felt it was ok. If I was out of line, then I apologize.
on July 11,2014 | 07:46PM
2disgusted2 wrote:
on July 11,2014 | 05:48PM
mitt_grund wrote:
Nabbed. How come it took so many years to have a reality check? Because he was House Speaker, and he isn't now? That's par for politics. When you're down, they kick you and smear you so you stay down. Down, boy, down!
on July 11,2014 | 03:25PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Mitt. I agree with you, Barry was elected only because he hoodwinked us. Now the chickens are coming home to roost. We wish your Political Party the best this year.
on July 11,2014 | 04:13PM
LKK56 wrote:
While walking on 10th Avenue once, I saw Rep. Say working in his yard. Rep. Say is a seasoned politician, I am sure he will prove his residency with no problems.
on July 11,2014 | 03:27PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
So how are we going to prove that we are not homeless?
on July 11,2014 | 04:04PM
lokela wrote:
Jeez calling out politicians on where they live now. How about just doing your jobs like you suppose to and do it honestly.
on July 11,2014 | 03:31PM
atilter wrote:
there you have it - the key word, "...honestly...". definition, please!? then provide necessary documentation to support it. thank you.
on July 12,2014 | 01:38AM
Rickyboy wrote:
Try check out where he was born..ha ha.
on July 11,2014 | 03:44PM
2disgusted2 wrote:
Ok., now don't say Kenya!
on July 11,2014 | 05:50PM
Masami wrote:
Love the picture that goes with the story. It can't be to influence the readers, right?
on July 11,2014 | 03:47PM
headcheese wrote:
I hear that he has moved back to Palolo after the challenge was filed. He served a good many years and deserves to retire with some dignity.
on July 11,2014 | 03:58PM
Carl_C wrote:
The sooner, the better!
on July 11,2014 | 05:02PM
2disgusted2 wrote:
Did he go to the Palolo home?
on July 11,2014 | 05:51PM
dontbelieveinmyths wrote:
So what is proof that he lives in the Palolo house? Mail? Anyone can send mail to that address. Pictures? Mortgage documents? Usually a mortgage, if there is one, requires you to declare primary residence. Don't know. Seems like the judge is giving him a way to skinny out of this one.
on July 11,2014 | 04:03PM
kwensel wrote:
He will move and stay there for the election then go back to where he really lives in Pauoa after that. Check on him a few months after the election and see. Check the electric bill probably very low activity in the past few years. He should put in solar but it won't help if his bill is less than $100. He is too Chinese to leave the lights on.
on July 11,2014 | 04:32PM
2disgusted2 wrote:
I can't believe you guys are saying these anti Chinese things after giving me a hard time! And I only criticize the one from the PRC!
on July 11,2014 | 05:53PM
Skyler wrote:
Fricken' brussels sprouts... only good fried, not boiled.
on July 11,2014 | 04:36PM
Ronin006 wrote:
Try them steamed.
on July 11,2014 | 05:49PM
Skyler wrote:
Awful. Fried in olive oil w/parmesan cheese, salt & pepper = fantastic.
on July 11,2014 | 06:11PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Ima little puzzled as to how this thread went into Brussel Sprouts.
on July 11,2014 | 07:48PM
hanabatadayz wrote:
SAY it isn't so
on July 11,2014 | 04:42PM
fasteddie wrote:
Well, his parents live(d) in Palolo, and I know he uses that as his political address. We know he don't live there. I mean look at the light at 16th Ave and Waialae Ave, they should stagger that left turn light!! If Calvin Say really did live in the district it would have been fixed years ago. His parents/dad live there and he could be the owner on that house, so technically, he might prevail.
on July 11,2014 | 05:07PM
fbiguy wrote:
The 16th and Waialae light is a joke. Can't believe that an engineer designed it. 99% of cars in the left turn lane don't turn left. How about signage and arrows on the pavement?
on July 11,2014 | 05:48PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Calvin Say never aspired to become anything more than a State Representative. It seems incongruous that a successful politician would hold the same job for years and years and not aspire to become Say (pun intended) a governor, as John Waihee had become (albeit with some mudslinging thrown at Cec Heftel).
on July 11,2014 | 07:53PM
SomebodyElse wrote:
What? He was House Speaker. But beyond that, saying he was "only a state representative" is like saying, "he was only a teacher...he was only a banker...he was only a cop." What is wrong with being a state representative for years? Is the measure of a man what title he attains or the impacts he has on the people in his life?
on July 11,2014 | 10:29PM
kekelaward wrote:
Term limits.
on July 12,2014 | 02:16AM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
His parents? what are they ..100 year old.
on July 11,2014 | 07:55PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
In their 80s.
on July 11,2014 | 08:00PM
palolo2001 wrote:
Say has lived in Palolo all his life. He is always walking around our neighborhood saying hi to everyone. Make the complainers prove he doesn't live here.
on July 11,2014 | 05:47PM
kekelaward wrote:
Before he gets in his car and drives home to Pauoa.
on July 12,2014 | 02:18AM
2NDC wrote:
Who did Say cross? I see his political future is coming to an end.
on July 11,2014 | 06:01PM
Ambergris23 wrote:
Calvin Say has lived in the district since he was a kid!!! It's ridiculous that six voters can make these ridiculous claims and the court gets involved.
on July 11,2014 | 06:41PM
atilter wrote:
is this the same thing as being "super-ferried"?
on July 12,2014 | 01:46AM
krusha wrote:
When you commit fraud like that and not represent the people who live where you live, then it's time for Say to step down once and for all. I'm surprised it took so long to get to this point...
on July 11,2014 | 07:18PM
Hawaiiobserver wrote:
I wonder if the 6 voters felt that their voices fell deaf on Say's ears for whatever reason..whatever the reason for doubting his residency, they obviously want him OUT!
on July 11,2014 | 07:58PM
atilter wrote:
have the 6 voters proved their residencies?
on July 12,2014 | 01:47AM
Lindall wrote:
This is definitely an unfair political hatchet job. Who are these 6 voters anyway? Calvin has always worked hard for the people in his district. Get a life you 6 voters.
on July 11,2014 | 08:16PM
tobytippy wrote:
Speaker Emeritus Say was well respected as one of the more Akamai reps...Before his speakership, he was Chr of the powerful Finance Committee and he knew that budget like the back of his hand. I marveled at how he knew every department head by name! I definitely agree with Lindall... The 6 should 'get a life'!
on July 11,2014 | 11:34PM
CloudForest wrote:
(D) = Manufactured Truth [modified to whatever suits their needs]. They tell us mere peons that we MUST do as they say, meanwhile they do whatever they feel like doing without repercussion or penalty.
on July 12,2014 | 01:52AM
BIGmouth wrote:
For the last two decades Calvin Say has maintained ownership of a house in Palolo on 10th Avenue. But he has lived with his family, sent his kids to school, and had a very short commute to his office at the Capitol by living 2 minutes from downtown in Pauoa. When challenged on this, his "proof" has been that he received mail at Palolo (which for years was picked up by his parents -- now deceased -- who did live in Palolo). He submitted utility bills with ridiculously low amounts due, even one 2-month water bill showing zero gallons consumed. He won an appeal at the Board of (Voter) Registration by one vote and only after proceedings were delayed so a board member could be pressured into changing her vote. He has skated on a provision of law enacted to protect deployed soldiers that allows one to maintain voting residency if one "intends" to return and live in that home. Can one honestly claim intention to "return home" for 20 years, live elsewhere, and still legally represent a legislative district that demands voting residency? The court should find Say unqualified under the law.
on July 12,2014 | 11:33AM
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