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Ex-boyfriend indicted in missing Maui woman's case

By Jennifer Sinco Kelleher

Associated Press

LAST UPDATED: 05:54 p.m. HST, Jul 14, 2014

The ex-boyfriend of a Maui woman who was five months pregnant when she disappeared in February has been indicted on charges of killing her and torching her SUV to cover up the crime.

Steven Capobianco of Maui is expected to be served with an arrest warrant Monday at Maui Community Correctional Center, where he has been held since last month in an unrelated case, said a person familiar with the investigation who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The person wasn't authorized to talk publicly about the case.

A Maui grand jury on Friday indicted Capobianco on a second-degree murder charge in the death of 27-year-old Carly Scott, who has never been found.

Capobianco is the father of Scott's unborn child and has adamantly denied hurting her.

Family members last saw Scott in February at her sister's Haiku home. The Makawao woman's burned 1997 Toyota 4Runner was later found on the island's north shore.

Capobianco also was indicted on an arson charge.

Before the vehicle was located, police found Scott's dog in the nearby community of Nahiku.

Police later began investigating her disappearance as a homicide.

Capobianco has told Hawaii News Now he saw Scott on the night that her family says she vanished, but had nothing to do with her disappearance.

He said Scott picked him up and drove him to his pickup truck, which had broken down in Keanae. He said that after he fixed his truck, Scott was driving behind him, but he lost sight of her and figured she arrived safely at her destination.

Capobianco couldn't be reached for comment Monday at the jail, where he's being held on $500,000 bail on charges including terroristic threatening and prohibited deadly weapons. His public defender couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

Prosecutors are expected to seek $2 million bail for the murder case.

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HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Yes and Deedy had "nothing" to do with the death of Kollin Elderts. Famous Last Words.
on July 14,2014 | 08:59AM
honokai wrote:
Apples and oranges. It is not disputed that Deedy killed Elderts. Nothing like this case.
on July 14,2014 | 06:02PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
So who killed the ex-girlfriend then? Do u know? Btw I googled Honokai and u r on Maui. Grand Juries don't indict just any John Doe, otherwise u and I and every citizen in this country would fear for our lives that the government is out to get us, which is what's happening in North Korea.
on July 14,2014 | 07:15PM
honokai wrote:
I saw that. One commentator said, :"older facility, yet comfortable."
on July 14,2014 | 07:37PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Saw what?
on July 14,2014 | 07:41PM
honokai wrote:
The tripadvisor rating on Hono Kai.
on July 14,2014 | 08:00PM
SueH wrote:
on July 14,2014 | 08:56PM
saveparadise wrote:
Capobianco will claim self defense and that he was the victim.
on July 14,2014 | 09:11AM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
We all do, and the most famous of all? Seedy Deedy.
on July 14,2014 | 10:01AM
honokai wrote:
No logic here.
on July 14,2014 | 06:03PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Do you know of a course called Matrix Algebra that's called Math 311, at UHM?
on July 14,2014 | 07:17PM
honokai wrote:
Are you referring to the 1987 course catalog?
on July 14,2014 | 07:39PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
on July 14,2014 | 07:44PM
SueH wrote:
HonoluluHawaii, were you dropped on your head as a baby?? Just wondering.
on July 14,2014 | 08:58PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Well during the 5th grade at my elementary school, I slipped on a wet surface and went head over heels to land on a concrete (no not cement) ground and must have passed out for I don't know how long, and when I came to, I had a lump on my forehead the size of a half golf ball. So if I think I'm nuts, yes I'm nuts. Really though my Forte is Mathematics, as I even took Math 424, at UHM, one of the most difficult math courses to take for a non-math major, Partial Differential Equations, and after all those years, I don't know the heck how to write any equation. I do know that the integral of something is something.
on July 14,2014 | 09:15PM
kiragirl wrote:
May there be closure in this case.
on July 14,2014 | 09:28AM
LadyNinja wrote:
The only question I have is: "why?". Why kill a mother to be who is pregnant with your child, a precious life.
on July 14,2014 | 09:30AM
aomohoa wrote:
It happens all the time. Selfish men that are very narcissistic. The world needs to revolve around them. Ever hear of Scott Peterson?
on July 14,2014 | 09:39AM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
In the animal world, it's hippopotamus that do it a lot, as seen on National Geographic.
on July 14,2014 | 10:03AM
inverse wrote:
Male lions when they take over another male lion's pride will kill the cubs of the male he just defeated but it not done out of malice but to wired in that animals brain to do so. Both humans, hippo's and lions and the rest all have an "animal level" part of their brain, however humans, well most humans, have the higher order cerebral cortex that make decisions beyond animal instinct and adhere to societal rules, so no sense comparing this person with animals. This is the failure of the Hawaii judicial system when conviction of first degree murder, with irrefutable forensic evidence, should result in penalty of death. He murdered in cold blood two people, including his own child and it was all planned. The death penalty in this case is not about revenge or sending a message. This guy if ever given a chance would murder a again.
on July 14,2014 | 02:52PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
u a smart dude.
on July 14,2014 | 07:30PM
inverse wrote:
If you watch enough Forensic Files on CNN and HLN, guys like him do not want to be tied down by his unborn child that he would be expected to financially support. He considered Scott and their unborn child excess baggage that he can just make "disappear". The best is solid forensic evidence and in this case UNLIKE the Deedy case, would be premeditated murder and if found guilty, too bad Hawaii does not have the death penalty.
on July 14,2014 | 10:15AM
cojef wrote:
The police had better have a ton of forensics in this case as there is no body to indicate a crime occurred or committed at least from what has been published, other than a a presumed torched auto.
on July 14,2014 | 10:58AM
kiragirl wrote:
The grand jury must have heard convincing evidence to press charges. Else, if he gets off, that's the end.
on July 14,2014 | 12:42PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Another way that he can be caught is if he does kill again and leaves undisputable Forensic Evidence, and tried again for a new case. This is not the way to go though, this guy needs to pay for what he did, if he did it of course.
on July 14,2014 | 07:34PM
SueH wrote:
Oh sure, and he could go on the Oprah Show, too and confess the whole deal......lots of crimes are solved that way. If you believe that, you're an id..ot.
on July 14,2014 | 09:00PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Believe what?
on July 14,2014 | 09:18PM
Skyler wrote:
Agree. One less murderer out of society (including prison) would be good for all.
on July 14,2014 | 11:04AM
gobows wrote:
He'll probably escape.
on July 14,2014 | 12:05PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Got nothing to lose with a $2 million dollar bail. Maybe the bail needed to be set at $5.26 billion.
on July 14,2014 | 07:40PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
If he escapes though, his sentence can be lengthened.
on July 14,2014 | 07:47PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
This is a repeat history case that with enough Forensic Evidence, such as blood identifiable via DNA of Ms. Scott in the burned out vehicle, juries can be convinced that the suspect and soon to be defendant, would be found via a verdict in Circuit Court on Maui of innocence or guilt. I say repeat history because this type of a case, for which a body has not been found, with possibly no murder weapon recovered, is all too common in the annals of relationships between Man and Woman. We don't care what happens in a jungle amongst mammals, however the United States justice system gives the defendant the benefit of the doubt, by allowing declarance of innocence until proven guilty. So we try, via trials, to catch the perpetrators, although some do get away "with murder". I suppose this case will be another closely followed case, on Maui, as well as the media in general, and that includes the AP.
on July 14,2014 | 09:07PM
Skyler wrote:
Awriiiiiight! Hope they have a good case against him; too many get away due to lame prosecution.
on July 14,2014 | 11:02AM
ryan02 wrote:
Given his unrelated charges, this guy seems like he was always a bad seed. Why would a woman date someone like that in the first place? I wish ladies would have a little more self-respect and common sense to stay away from guys like this. I'm not "blaming the victim" (I feel really badly for Scott and her family) but I'd like to see this type of case as a wake-up call. Sometimes it's better to be alone than to be with a violent loser.
on July 14,2014 | 11:09AM
Masami wrote:
Very common and its known as "Bad Boy Syndrome".
on July 14,2014 | 11:17AM
bluebowl wrote:
I would like to see men not going around and killing women and child in this case.
on July 14,2014 | 11:44AM
palolo2001 wrote:
Yes, I see the beautiful teens girls going out with the 20 yr old losers often here.
on July 14,2014 | 02:54PM
bluebowl wrote:
Oh contre, contre the perpratator starts out in a relationship being ever so nice then slowly starts blaming the victim, then they question why. Does not matter why. There is nothing more you can do to help. And in this case Carly Scott went to Help ex-boyfriend one last time. Condolences to family and friends.
on July 14,2014 | 11:42AM
Bully wrote:
Its about time.
on July 14,2014 | 11:35AM
gobows wrote:
She went out of her way to help him, which was probably all part of his plan to begin with. Premediated murder.
on July 14,2014 | 12:08PM
kiragirl wrote:
Yep. And he did not go looking for her when she did not return.
on July 14,2014 | 02:04PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Because he knows where she is.
on July 14,2014 | 09:09PM
islandsun wrote:
Possibly a jailhouse snitch or the uncovering of new evidence with the help from the FBI.
on July 14,2014 | 12:33PM
KWAY wrote:
on July 14,2014 | 12:56PM
residenttaxpayer wrote:
He looks like a low life.....
on July 14,2014 | 01:00PM
Skyler wrote:
Actions speak louder than looks.
on July 14,2014 | 04:53PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Looks or words?
on July 14,2014 | 07:37PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Uh oh
on July 14,2014 | 07:27PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
What I was trying to submit was a comment to Inverse's smart comment at 02:52PM. HSA probably didn't like it because I referred to too many commercial companies such as Her*tz.
on July 14,2014 | 07:51PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
I give up u guys win.
on July 14,2014 | 07:29PM
Masami wrote:
GOOGLE this scum bag's name and you'll find a link to an evaluation of this guy's responses to Mileka Lincoln who interviewed him RIGHT AFTER Carly went missing. The "narcissist" that he is looking for the attention kept referring to her and their relationship in the "past tense" and referred to his unborn child as "it". Me thinks that in his quest to be "IN THE NEWS" is what's gonna DO HIM IN. And rightfully so.
on July 14,2014 | 09:35PM
South76 wrote:
That unborn child is not considered human by those who support abortion for abortion's sake.
on July 15,2014 | 01:20AM
moonfyre wrote:
so whatever happened to the other case of the other missing woman on Maui (Moreira "Mo" Monsalve) from last year? Bernard Brown was her ex b/f. The Maui police said they didn't have any evidence to connect him to her disappearance, so they let him go.... and he went. Back to the Mainland.
on July 15,2014 | 01:34PM
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