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'Five-0' moves to Fridays

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 10:17 a.m. HST, May 15, 2013

When "Hawaii Five-0 returns to CBS for its fourth season this fall, it won't be on Monday nights.

The network announced today the show will replace "CSI: NY" on Fridays, opening up a Monday time slot for the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced "Hostages" starring Toni Collette and Dylan McDermott.


See the complete CBS fall schedule: http://bit.ly/10PPSwc

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pursuit2000 wrote:
The beginning of the end...
on May 15,2013 | 10:18AM
hanalei395 wrote:
Stupid show.... now beat it. For the viewers who don't Hawai'i, they might think that Hawai'i is just populated by haoles ... and by Koreans with names that doesn't go with them.
on May 15,2013 | 04:15PM
loquaciousone wrote:
From the beginning this show has been plagued by bad casting, plots, and lack of hot dog sales.
on May 15,2013 | 10:21AM
hanalei395 wrote:
And for the finish for this show, hopefully, Steve, Danno, Kono, Chin, and that not-too-bright fat guy, will be killed off.
on May 15,2013 | 04:44PM
whs1966 wrote:
5-0 has just achieved zombie status...the walking dead...
on May 15,2013 | 10:35AM
SOLID3 wrote:
Great show but the bleeding begins. Friday must be the least watched day for tv viewing. Monday was perfect.
on May 15,2013 | 10:42AM
MichaelG wrote:
The last few episodes were so out there! The flash back episodes are absolutely crazy and that that mom out of the series. It ruined the series.
on May 15,2013 | 10:46AM
MoTown808 wrote:
This move definitely means the eventual end of the show. Many shows moved to Friday nights get axed because fewer people watch it when it moves, which leads to a growing inability to lure advertiser, resulting the show not bringing any profits to the network.
on May 15,2013 | 10:50AM
k_takemoto wrote:
So this means that when Season 4 starts in September, 2013, EVERYONE needs to watch the show live AND DVR it so that ratings go up and stay up! :)
on May 15,2013 | 10:56AM
Wazdat wrote:
hahaha...5-0 is a TERRIBLE show. Bad writing and BAD acting.
on May 16,2013 | 05:31PM
silvangold wrote:
you just could NOT ever pull me away from 5-0 up until this season. I switched Castle............can't imaging why I never gave it a chance when it first came out.....can't drag me away now...........not only on chanel 6........but almost every other night on TNT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it. I will miss CSI:NY though.......that and CSI:Miami are my other favorite ....don't/cant get into the CSI:Vegas one anymore, not since the good ones left.......................... But i do have to admit 5-0 is on its last leg, unfortunately........I love the 2 Koreans the best,
on May 15,2013 | 10:58AM
ejkorvette wrote:
Get A LIfe.
on May 15,2013 | 05:57PM
ezridah wrote:
right on Danno's back !!!!! ambassador of the islands
on May 15,2013 | 11:03AM
96815068 wrote:
Your comment is really funny!
on May 15,2013 | 03:32PM
ezridah wrote:
unfortunately I'll always remember him for what he said about the islands
on May 16,2013 | 01:47PM
silvangold wrote:
oh my goodness SA..................k you wanna play games das ok........just please tell me WWWHHHHYYYYY you didn't add my comment. GIVE SOME RULES::::::::::::::!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didnt have the words kill, shoot, stab, punch, beat, not 1 word of profanity....................... and i can tell you no discrimination...... I did say 'I LOVE THE 2 KOREAN BEST" that is an opinion......
on May 15,2013 | 11:04AM
PMINZ wrote:
Just What in the Heck are you attempting to say with your Gibberish?
on May 15,2013 | 01:52PM
silvangold wrote:
Castle is the best........................
on May 15,2013 | 11:16AM
aieanani wrote:
Great! Now I can watch it on Friday's. I usually pick Castle over Hawaii 5-0 even though I like the show, I like Castle better. Works for me!
on May 15,2013 | 11:18AM
PMINZ wrote:
Yep Me also - Monday night at nine Pm was a disaster for me. Had to go to recording it every week this was a HumBug foe me. Friday I don't have to get up early the next day. I have never understood why Friday and Saturday nites were supposedly Bad TV nites. Those two days are the Very best for me. Weekdays "prime time" used to be 6pm til 8Pm who decided the graveyard hours?
on May 15,2013 | 01:48PM
AniMatsuri wrote:
Not the end of the world. CSI:NY lasted 2 more seasons after getting moved to Fridays. Also, the networks know Fridays are low rated so low ratings that would get you canned any other day are tolerated more. Blue Bloods starting Tom Selleck is on right after so its a nice fit for me.
on May 15,2013 | 11:50AM
silvangold wrote:
so it'll be Castle then 1027 for FLASHPOINT 2 10 & 11..... no need 5-0
on May 15,2013 | 12:08PM
silvangold wrote:
on May 15,2013 | 12:12PM
PMINZ wrote:
silvangold Come Back when your IQ gets up to 10
on May 15,2013 | 02:51PM
readergirl wrote:
Yipee...now I can watch Castle on Monday and then watch 5-0 and Blue Bloods on Fridays. Always watch Blue Bloods anyway and I love Castle but also love 5-0, now I get to watch all of them on the nights they come on.
on May 15,2013 | 12:27PM
Publicbraddah wrote:
readergirl, Blue Bloods is great.
on May 16,2013 | 02:08PM
Aieagrl wrote:
Hopefully this is the last season. These haoles don't know how to act.
on May 15,2013 | 12:28PM
PMINZ wrote:
Aieagrl - If you do not like it just change the channel!
on May 15,2013 | 03:38PM
iwanaknow wrote:
Kiss of Death
on May 15,2013 | 01:40PM
GeoDiva wrote:
Quit watching half-way through this season. Each episode was getting worse than the previous one.
on May 15,2013 | 02:19PM
sak wrote:
Best K-Drama on TV! And the two Korean main stars speak good Engrish, and with no sub-titles.
on May 15,2013 | 03:22PM
CloudForest wrote:
How about HAWAII 5.0 with an opening that does NOT include someone getting killed in the worst possible way! Maybe it would even show the true Hawaii with ALOHA and joy of living in the best island chain on Earth !!! What a concept! Maybe it could have wholesome families that are intact and engaged in good clean fun and that they even PRAY and LOVE each other as families do - maybe just maybe ..........
on May 15,2013 | 05:25PM
ejkorvette wrote:
Too bad, the show actually had potential. Hopefully they will bring back Retro-episodes of Hawaii 5-0 and The Hawaiian Eye. May be a bit "cheesy" compared to today's standard, but not all T.V. shows today are of quality of yesterday's shows. Fair trade-off I believe.
on May 15,2013 | 06:00PM
Dtab wrote:
Get rid ofthe show, would rather watch reruns of Diner, Drive In, and Dives on FN than this stupid show!!!
on May 15,2013 | 06:17PM
Iuki wrote:
Don't critics call Friday evening "the dead zone" for TV? Doesn't sound good for 5-0, although Selleck's Blue Bloods has done okay on Friday night. If 5-0 doesn't get some better writers for the fourth season, they aren't going to get the lucrative fifth season, I'm afraid.
on May 15,2013 | 07:10PM
CartwrightPark wrote:
Just dissapointing how poorly written and cheesy the show is. Make shows like the old Five-0 & Magnum PI shame.
on May 16,2013 | 12:06PM
great808 wrote:
I hope the show goes off air. Everyone in Hawaii should be boycotting it after what Mr. Caan had to say about Hawaii on the Chelsea Lately show. How we in Hawaii are S-L-O-W and the food sucks. Why should we provide him with a paycheck by watching the show? He sucks as an actor anyway.
on May 16,2013 | 01:49PM
Publicbraddah wrote:
I was hoping they'd give Blue Bloods a better time slot. That's a very good cop drama show. Tom Selleck is terrfic as is Donny Wahlberg.
on May 16,2013 | 02:08PM
localguy wrote:
Got that right. Is there anything Tom Selleck can't do right? He is also great as Jesse Stone. Hmmmm, would have loved to see a movie with him and Clint Eastwood.
on May 16,2013 | 03:04PM
localguy wrote:
Lots of posting rookies saying the sky is falling due to Hawaii Five-O moving to Friday. Last season, doomed, end of days is coming. How little they know. Look at another Friday night show doing just fine, CBS Blue Bloods, easily winning its time slot. Adding Five-0 to the timeline will help keep viewers on CBS, police shows back to back. And if you check all the networks, you see so many police themed shows on now, more than any other time. I'm always using my DVR so I will not miss one. What a time for TV. Book em Dano.
on May 16,2013 | 03:01PM
kennie1933 wrote:
When it was first mentioned that 5-0 was returning to TV, I thought what a great opportunity for local actors to be in a national TV series! Well, the cast was not local, but hopefully, locals would get secondary roles. That they did! In fact, they seem to get all the roles where the character DIES! Remember Kelly Hu? Blown up! Remember the guy in the ulua commercial who played a cop? Shot to death! It's to the point now where we watch it, and as soon as a local person enters and has a speaking role, we all comment together..."DEAD!" And if s/he doesn't die, s/he's WAYYYY in the background where you can barely make out the face. Oh well, at least they'll get some royalties.
on May 16,2013 | 05:24PM
localguy wrote:
In Star Trek anytime you see a crew member wearing a red shirt, they will soon be gone.
on May 17,2013 | 06:28AM
Wazdat wrote:
They are sending this show to the GRAVE YARD. Bye Bye 5-0
on May 16,2013 | 05:30PM
richw66 wrote:
my comment got sent for approval.....talk about sensoring!
on May 16,2013 | 05:44PM
localguy wrote:
Before you post, always copy the text. Sensor system is totally dysfunctional, flagging words for no reason. Look for any words the censor may have issues with and just change them.
on May 17,2013 | 06:29AM
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