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Regents vote to form UH presidential selection committee

By Nanea Kalani

LAST UPDATED: 10:30 a.m. HST, Jun 06, 2013

The University of Hawaii Board of Regents voted unanimously this morning to form a seven-member selection committee to identify candidates to replace UH President M.R.C. Greenwood, who is retiring Aug. 31.

The committee will be responsible for coming up with a detailed plan for the search and weighing the merits of hiring a search firm to help with the process, Regent Chairman Eric Martinson said.

Regent John Holzman was named chairman of the search committee. Other members include Jan Sullivan, Saedene Ota, Chuck Gee, Barry Mizuno, James Lee and Jeffrey Acido.

The full board is continuing to discuss the framework for the search this morning.

Earlier, the board also voted unanimously to authorize an internal task group to come up with two or three potential candidates to serve as interim president.

Holzman, who also chairs the task group, said it would be practical to look at candidates within the UH system to "provide for a smooth, orderly transition" and "keep the wheels spinning." He suggested the interim appointment be for an unspecified term, noting that "the person may be there for a while."

Recommended names are expected to be voted on at the board's July 18 meeting.

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boshio wrote:
BOR search committee? Here we go again folks.
on June 6,2013 | 10:46AM
Nevadan wrote:
What is the penalty for screwing up again? Exactly none.
on June 6,2013 | 02:08PM
gosh wrote:
send in the clowns...
on June 6,2013 | 10:57AM
allie wrote:
on June 6,2013 | 12:13PM
dlum003 wrote:
Oh for crying out loud! Will these do-nothings ever accomplish anything with urgency and efficiency? You have GOT to be kidding.
on June 6,2013 | 11:00AM
TheGermanMethod wrote:
Is this really Breaking News? The criteria for sending mass alerts is getting lower every day.
on June 6,2013 | 11:04AM
4sanitysake wrote:
This is a joke right?!? A search committee for a UH President made up of only members from the BOR....
on June 6,2013 | 11:16AM
WooWoo wrote:
Just name Donna Kim the university president already. That way her son can get in to law school and she can investigate/castigate herself.
on June 6,2013 | 11:21AM
Hilofrank wrote:
He's already there. And I'm sure his grades are good because he "earned" them. I mean really, would you like to have her as your mother? She's a mother father gentleman....
on June 6,2013 | 12:15PM
Nevadan wrote:
Woowoo. You have a sick mind
on June 6,2013 | 02:10PM
naruroa wrote:
This could work if they do two things: 1. Fight the desire to sign up a mainland headhunter. It was headhunters who gave us Evan ("FlimFlam") Dobelle and Kenneth ("Rigor") Mortimer, despite abundant evidence that they really couldn't handle an organization like UH. The headhunters just looked at their current jobs (Dobelle at Trinity, Mortimer at Western Washington) and failed to delve into the past. 2. Ask the UH faculty for their input. In a system a large as UH there are people who will know the qualities of every conceivable candidate for president. Before Mortimer was appointed, there were plenty who complained about his performance at Penn State. Before Dobelle was appointed, there were plenty who pointed out his failures at City College of SF. The Regents closed their ears to their own people and went with the headhunters. The University suffered.
on June 6,2013 | 11:42AM
allie wrote:
totally agree. But Inouye and his henchmen forced this choice of Dobelle on Hawaii. He conveniently hid behind his henchman so he never got the blame. Dobelle was a minor league Democratic Party functionary and errand boy. INouye had to reward the dude. Sad.
on June 6,2013 | 12:16PM
naruroa wrote:
I remember the speculation that the UH presidency was to be a stepping stone in Dobelle's elevation to Congress, or even the governorship. His was a truly spectacular flame-out.
on June 6,2013 | 01:55PM
2disgusted2 wrote:
Ditto with Hinshaw and Greenwood too! No one listened to the complaints against them from California!
on June 6,2013 | 08:08PM
jrboi96786 wrote:
Here we go again.
on June 6,2013 | 11:54AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Watch...their first action will be to hire a mainland-based executive search firm for a six figure amount and then develop a list of very expensive folks with no connection to Hawaii.
on June 6,2013 | 12:05PM
Hilofrank wrote:
I love the smell of stupidity in the morning. He's what happens, this "committee" of regents will vote to hire a blue ribbon national search firm at the high end, oh about $400k. Then this nationally recognized head hunting team will fan out and identify likely candidates similar to people like Dobelle and Greenwood and other "nationally" recognized university administrators, who look forward to adding a few Tommy Bahama or Sig Zane shirts to their wardrobes and get a nice fat salary to teach the brown kids how to sing, dance and smile tor tourists, and then retire on a fat, juicy pension courtesy of you and me. Oh, and that person will suck up to Donna Kim and the Governor and contribute heavily to their campaigns. Nothing changes in this State, other and names and money changing hands. It all gets taken out of pockets.
on June 6,2013 | 12:14PM
Mythman wrote:
I nominate: Jay Leno; Andy Bumatai; Frank DeLima and Mel Cabang. Also, Madonna; Michelle Obama; and fill in the blank any feminist ________ with a bachelors degree.
on June 6,2013 | 12:51PM
Opelu wrote:
It would be interesting to know who of these sitting Regents graduated from UH and did or are sending their kids to UH ? Now that would be telling ?
on June 6,2013 | 01:14PM
Bdpapa wrote:
Good question!
on June 6,2013 | 01:19PM
Wazdat wrote:
the INCOMPETENCE continues....I have ZERO, NADA, NO FAITH in the regents. THEY have helped CREATED this mess UH is in now. Maybe BEST to get rid of them and put it in control of elected leaders again. Not saying elected leaders are any better BUT it can get any worse than the regents.
on June 6,2013 | 01:28PM
2disgusted2 wrote:
on June 6,2013 | 08:09PM
moki wrote:
On a more serious note, what do we need a mainland headhunter for anyway. Remember that headhunters brought us a President Dobel that basicly got fired, then brought us Greenwood. Between them we had McClain who basically did nothing for fear of angering the UH family of overpaid administrators. The fault is that of the State and the Governor because the UH system is out of control with highly overpaid administrators, poor management, unconrolled spending and no true accountability. When we finally had someone with the guts to challenge the status quo, what happens? Greenwood shows up at a Senate hearing with an attorney. You may ask why, and the answer is, if you may have done something wrong and it can be proven so, you show up wih legal advice. You also get back at your antagonist with so called truths about Senator Kim's query about law school registration. I'm not saying what the Senator did was right, but have we heard from Senator Kim lately. Scorcard - Overpaid UH executives one and State Senate one. Prior to the debacle when the UH changed the system from a smaller, more manageable administrative system to the present one with lies that it would not cost more they have probably tripled the administrative and facility costs for that specific change since then. There are written minutes of the Board of Regents that prove that this change was not costing any additional funds. Wonder why students cannot get the classes they need and take more than four years to graduate. Try doing one of them dubious studies that UH is famous for and it will be proven that the number of clases have decreased since that time. Those funds that could have gone to classes, went to the organizational changes that actually made the UH System cumbersome and ineffective. We must force change to the UH System where they become more accountable and keep costs at a manageable level with students coming first. First, revert to a similar organizatioal system before we hired that loser. Second, increase accountability until the UH can prove that students come first and way over priced salaries are reduced. Third, stop wasting money on headhunters that have not brought us the best and let the Regents do their job. Regents must do what they were selected for or resign. Stop wasting money and understand your responsibilities. We're tired of the shibai.
on June 6,2013 | 01:59PM
2disgusted2 wrote:
They did say they were going to look at someone within the system...so they've picked someone already.. Maybe the Chancellor who was at West Oahu?
on June 6,2013 | 08:12PM
hon2255 wrote:
This time hire someone who wasnt fired from their last job!(Greenwood)! So the Search committee will now hire a head hunter firm to seach for a president that the search committee has convened for. And the head hunters will charge us hundreds of thousands of dollars to recommend another LOSER
on June 6,2013 | 03:30PM
hon wrote:
What do you guys want? Read the article. The regents will pick the interim president. They will also develop the process for picking the permanent president. It is a committee of regents doing this. The public will be includedd in picking the permanent president. Everything sounds right to me. Do you want the governor or Donna Kim picking the next president?
on June 6,2013 | 04:13PM
boshio wrote:
Where is our honorable Gov anyways. Oh, I forgot he is campaigning and begging for votes in the nex election.
on June 6,2013 | 06:50PM
2disgusted2 wrote:
Donna Kim ..
on June 6,2013 | 08:12PM
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