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Asiana to sue San Francisco TV station over bogus names

By Associated Press

LAST UPDATED: 07:49 a.m. HST, Jul 15, 2013

SEOUL » Asiana announced Monday (Sunday in Hawaii) that it will sue a San Francisco TV station that it said damaged the airline's reputation by using bogus and racially offensive names for four pilots on a plane that crashed earlier this month in San Francisco.

An anchor for KTVU-TV read the names on the air Friday and then apologized after a break. The report was accompanied by a graphic with the phony names listed alongside a photo of the burned-out plane that had crashed at San Francisco International Airport on July 6, killing three and injuring dozens.

Video of the report has spread widely across the Internet since it was broadcast.

The National Transportation Safety Board has also apologized, saying a summer intern erroneously confirmed the names of the flight crew.

Asiana has decided to sue KTVU-TV to "strongly respond to its racially discriminatory report" that disparaged Asians, Asiana spokeswoman Lee Hyomin said. She said the airline will likely file suit in U.S. courts.

She said the report seriously damaged Asiana's reputation. Asiana decided not to sue the NTSB because it said it was the TV station report, not the U.S. federal agency that damaged the airline's reputation. Lee did not elaborate.

KTVU-TV did not immediately reply to emails sent by The Associated Press seeking comment.

Neither the station nor the NTSB commented on where the names originated.

The four pilots, who underwent questioning by a U.S. and South Korean joint investigation team while in the U.S., returned to South Korea on Saturday. South Korean officials plan to conduct separate interviews with them, South Korea's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said.

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SY808 wrote:
Asiana did enough damage to their reputation by crashing their airplane, this faulty news report didn't make it any worse. Besides, the pilots real name, Lee Kang-Kuk, is a lot funnier than Sum Ting Wong! :)
on July 15,2013 | 08:05AM
tutulois wrote:
This strikes me as a bad public relations move. What damaged Asiana's reputation far more than a stupid prank, was a crash landing in good weather, and according to the NTSB, a considerable delay in ordering an evacuation.
on July 15,2013 | 08:37AM
jussayin wrote:
Yup! Well said.
on July 15,2013 | 04:43PM
serious wrote:
I thought that was the funniest thing I ever heard for a TV station to be hoaxed into something like that and the NTSB giving the names out like that!! Bush did it right?
on July 15,2013 | 08:37AM
Ronin006 wrote:
The TV anchor named the cockpit crew as Capt Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Lo, Ho Lee Fuk and Bang Ding Ow; clearly bogus names someone dreamed up as a joke. The TV anchor who showed and read the names on the air and the station staff who helped prepare the report should be fired for their ignorance. The station claims they received the names from someone at the Federal Aviation Authority. Bull.
on July 15,2013 | 08:42AM
loquaciousone wrote:
Sure sure blame a summer intern.
on July 15,2013 | 08:48AM
HOSSANA wrote:
The only thing damaging ASIANA's reputation is ASIANA itself and its idiot executives........how stupid can they be!!!! Well, I guess they are stupid enough to hire pilots that can't land a plane..........
on July 15,2013 | 08:48AM
HOSSANA wrote:
The only thing damaging Asiana's reputation is Asiana itself....nothing more and nothing less.
on July 15,2013 | 08:48AM
CriticalReader wrote:
Those fake names appear to be more Chinese than Korean. Asiana is a Korean airline. The racism becomes apparent because the fake name inventor wasn't even knowledgeable enough to differentiate between Chinese asians and Korean asiians, and the nature of their respective languages. The racist prankster just lumped the asians all in one pot. What's actually funny is how stupid and ignorant the TV station anchor and staff were about the whole thing. Have to conclude there isn't a single asian staffer working there, much less anyone knowledgeable about the various asian cultures. Anyone with the remotest understanding would have caught things immediately. While Asiana's suit seems a bit of a attention diverter from the real problems associated with the crash, it is an important statement about the cricumstances that allowed the prank to go to air.
on July 15,2013 | 08:53AM
Pacej001 wrote:
The term racism has become the Swiss Army Knife of the American left. Any act by anyone that you folks don't agree with, no matter what, can be and is smeared as racists. Only in that part of the political spectrum could a juvenile prank which amounts to a goofy play on language be described as an egregious racial insult .
on July 15,2013 | 09:38AM
CriticalReader wrote:
The spin of a racist, pace.
on July 15,2013 | 11:09AM
Pacej001 wrote:
Thank you. You prove my point. Even objecting to the ever present, 24/7, hyperventilating charges of racism can lead to one being branded a racists. And if your mentality permits, please note my last name, the focus of too many laughs/puns/you name it--- all juvenile, sometimes funny, sometimes not, but never racists.
on July 15,2013 | 11:33AM
CriticalReader wrote:
so now you revert to attempting racist spin through non-intelligibility? The point of my post above is that you must strive to EVOLVE! Not regress. Pay Attention!
on July 15,2013 | 05:31PM
Fred01 wrote:
Who cares about your so-called "various Asian cultures."
on July 15,2013 | 11:10AM
cojef wrote:
Broadcasters using a tragedy to poke fun with racial overtones should be forever barred from using the airways to foster their agenda. Lives were lost and hundred injuries resulted from this tragedy, to air the news callously as described is outrgeous. Apologies does not distract from the racial bias expressed. These are antics that were commonplace in the early 20's/30's era. The racial profiling mentality still exist amongst us. The proof of the pudding is evident. We have long way to go. Even the the just adjuducted murder trial cannotes racial bias.
on July 15,2013 | 08:54AM
Pacej001 wrote:
OMG! Alert the sensitivity police. Have the FCC remove their license. And above all, charge the tens of millions who had the gaul to laugh at the prank (and the comic seriousness of clueless foolish news media) charged with a hate crime. And why not roll the race bating zealotry of the Zimmerman trial into it, too. Just one great big seething ball of national race hate. The very first thing you liberal Hawaiians should do is to make a national statement of solidarity-------------by jailing Frank Delima.
on July 15,2013 | 09:47AM
cojef wrote:
Never meant to offend anyone. Apparently it is okay for you to make light of tragedy. By the way I am from the ole school and a born conservative from yesteryears. By the way I am a buddah head and love Delima. The newscasters were not comic artist as Frank, and it was serious news hour production. It does make a difference, whereas Frank is recognized comic who pokes jabs at the locals whatever their racial background. Anyway thanks for your post. At least feel gratified that my post was read with earnest.
on July 15,2013 | 10:01AM
Pacej001 wrote:
Think this through. No one is making light of the tragedy or the victims. In a sense the pilots who evidently drove a perfectly good airplane into the ground deserve ridicule, but that aside, the cluelessness of the oh-so-authoratative news media is nothing but hilarious, not racists.
on July 15,2013 | 11:37AM
Fred01 wrote:
on July 15,2013 | 11:11AM
bodysurf_ah wrote:
on July 15,2013 | 03:49PM
Surfer_Dude wrote:
This just in..........307 passengers sue Asiana Airlines because their pilots crashed the plane. Your airline had it's reputation damaged by the crash, not by KTVU. Asiana, the most important thing right now is to gather your resources to make sure this never happens again......not a frivolous lawsuit.
on July 15,2013 | 09:24AM
environmental_lady wrote:
Both Asiana and the TV station were wrong. I totally agree with the statements made by tutuiois, hossana, Critical Reader, and Cojef., All made excellent points. I hope that Surfer Dude is correct in stating that Asiana is now being sued as well. I couldn't find any confirmation of victims suing Asiana. I'm afraid that this is a hoax until someone can prove that.
on July 15,2013 | 09:53AM
Surfer_Dude wrote:
Lady.....I was being facetious to make a point. However, there is obvious negligence on Asiana's part. There will be many, many lawsuits. Asiana better start saving their money now. They are going to need it. Hmmmm......maybe that's why they are suing KTVU. They need the extra revenue to off set their settlement claims.
on July 15,2013 | 10:45AM
babyb_19 wrote:
I knew this would happen..
on July 15,2013 | 10:12AM
Mahalo wrote:
When you heard the report it was very funny like something that should be on Saturday Night Live... But again it was a tragic accident
on July 15,2013 | 10:40AM
primowarrior wrote:
I thought that broadcasting those fake names damaged KTVU-TV's reputation much more than Asiana's, but now that Asiana is suing them over it, their own reputation may take a hit, at least in my eyes.
on July 15,2013 | 11:07AM
bodysurf_ah wrote:
Typical response from your kind
on July 15,2013 | 03:48PM
Pacej001 wrote:
Well, it may be unintelligible to you, but it's really pretty simple. Anything/anyone the far left doesn't like or doesn't agree with is frequently labeled racist, no matter what the subject. It's the go to smear of the left. So, knock yourself out with the factless accusations of racism. It's become over used that it just doesn't mean squat.
on July 15,2013 | 05:42PM
mogainhawaii wrote:
It would have been comical had the incident not been real. It was in bad taste to make a joke of such a tragedy, but I don't believe it ruined the airlines reputation. Accidents happen; it if was pilot error then focus on that and how to prevent it from happening again. Other airlines have crashed and there wasn't such a big deal; at least there were not more deaths. It could have been a lot worse. Maybe someone should focus on the emergency vehicle that allegedly ran over one of the passengers. I think the racist card gets played too many times.
on July 16,2013 | 01:33AM
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