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Mom finds teenage son's ashes in Wal-Mart bag

By Associated Press

LAST UPDATED: 09:27 a.m. HST, Aug 30, 2013

AMELIA, Ohio » An Ohio woman who found her teenage son's cremated remains in a plastic shopping bag inside an urn is talking about how she's upset with the Kentucky funeral home that handled the ashes.

Nancy Bronner, of Amelia in southwestern Ohio, said she was disgusted to open her son's urn after his death last September only to find his ashes tied up in a Wal-Mart bag.

"I don't care who you are; it's not right to put a human person's ashes in a Wal-Mart bag," Bronner told WCPO-TV.

"It is still disrespectful," said Bronner, who is considering filing a complaint with state authorities. "You don't do that to a parent who has lost their child. You don't do that to anyone."

Her son, T.J. Mitchell, died at age 17 of a heart condition.

Bob McDaniel of McDaniel Funeral Home in Dry Ridge, Ky., said that the family had asked him to divide the ashes in four containers that didn't seal and had no bags, so he used what he had.

He said he cut the bags so they didn't show any store name or logo. Bronner says it was recognizable as a Wal-Mart bag.

Thomas Mitchell, T.J.'s father and Bronner's ex-husband, defended the funeral home's decision and said he still keeps his son's ashes in the original bag he was given.

"Was anything done maliciously? No," he said. "It may have been a split second lack of judgment, but they were also looking out for our best interest because the containers we provided did not seal."

But T.J.'s mom feels differently.

Bronner said she had her son's ashes transferred into a clear plastic bag at another funeral home. She has contacted the Kentucky attorney general's office and the Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors to file complaints.

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cojef wrote:
Sad for Mother who just lost a son to have his cremated ashes in urn delivered to her in a WalMart shopping bag. No class action on the part of the funeral parlor. Poor taste!
on August 30,2013 | 05:56AM
Macadamiamac wrote:
Would a Sam's Club bag be acceptable?
on August 30,2013 | 07:33AM
Robynne wrote:
Sorry sam's club are providing a bag, its all recycled open boxes!!!
on August 30,2013 | 07:44AM
krusha wrote:
I bet she got a discount for that...
on August 30,2013 | 06:32AM
livinginhawaii wrote:
Actually the ghetto and trailer park funeral homes do use Walmart bags. Sometimes 7-11 bags too.
on August 30,2013 | 07:36AM
ryan02 wrote:
Would a zip-lock bag have been disrespectful? Maybe they should specify what type of bag they wanted. Most people only specify what kind of urn they want -- so as long as the urn matches the one they paid for, they got what they ordered. If they want to specify what type of plastic bag (white, clear, etc.), they should say so up front. I know I'm insensitive, but I'm also tired of people's hysterics over what constitutes "disrespect" for the dead. They're dead, they know not anything (Ecclesiastes 9:5). The LIVING may be shown disrespect, but again, if the type of plastic bag used matters that much, it should be specified when the urns are ordered.
on August 30,2013 | 08:25AM
false wrote:
A zip-loc bag sounds nice to me. According to my wife, I'll end up in a Miracle Whip jar...from Costco... if I'm lucky. Shoots, I won't know the difference.
on August 30,2013 | 09:00AM
lookup wrote:
Dividing the ashes into four containers? That seems the most odd to me. Don't they realise that his spirit can not be divided.
on August 30,2013 | 09:24AM
poipoo wrote:
Ashes are 'spirit'? If that's the case I have a whole hibachi full of 'em.
on August 30,2013 | 01:06PM
nodaddynotthebelt wrote:
I had a wife like that at one time. She was not like that before I married her. But after she became accustomed to being a housewife she decided that she could set up camp and live the leisurely life not doing much to help the household. I ended up doing all the housekeeping and child rearing. She did not even cook after she proclaimed that she had had enough of that. She had bought into that news article proclaiming that housewives deserve a million dollar salary. That article pretty much belittled the husbands who go out to work day in and day out dealing with deadlines and difficult bosses and co-workers. It stated that because a housewife cleans after the family that she should be paid a janitor's salary along with the nurse's salary for fixing the booboo on the child's cut. She was also entitled a psychologist's and police officer's salary because she was the therapist and the police of the household. And don't forget that she deserves a teacher's salary because she teaches the children when she helps them with their homework. Don't forget that she is also the chef as she fixes all the meals. Thus, she deserves that million dollar salary. She bought into that article wholeheartedly. She became her own union and demanded that she be paid for her services. This while she had access to my hard-earned money which she decided was hers to dole out to her church through tithing. At the same time she would not invest any of my hard-earned money to buy our children a much needed computer. I had to basically said enough is enough and went out and bought our children a computer so that they can access the information that they needed for school assignments. She would not spend time helping the kids with assignments. After putting up with that for some time I finally listened to my kids and divorced her. Funny how your kids can be the ones who put some sense into you. Friends and family kept encouraging me to try to work things out even with couple's therapy. Even my tag was created by my kids who decided that that would be appropriate because I have never laid a hand on them but fear the expression on my face when they have done something wrong. I am sure that the deceased really didn't care about the fact that his remains are in a Wal-Mart bag. It's this woman who is the problem. She chose to make a big issue of something that is not so important. I suspect that the ex-husband is like me and that he is glad that he is no longer with that petty woman.
on August 30,2013 | 10:15AM
Mei mei wrote:
that's quite a story there - nodaddy...
on August 30,2013 | 10:39AM
poipoo wrote:
on August 30,2013 | 01:08PM
GooglyMoogly wrote:
Dwell much? Don't worry, it hardly shows.
on August 30,2013 | 04:06PM
pauliboy wrote:
Seems like you're getting over your ex.
on August 30,2013 | 05:04PM
312guy wrote:
irt nodaddy: do you feel better now airing your dirty laundry in public? but your missing the point of respect for the dead
on August 30,2013 | 05:39PM
Mei mei wrote:
That is very insensitive of the funeral home... one would think they would have some sort of Paraphernalia to transport (ashes) when this type of situation arises... plain callous~
on August 30,2013 | 10:37AM
2NDC wrote:
If she sprung for an appropriate urn, this wouldn't be an issue. Sometimes families can be so difficult. They all kinds of demands and when they don't have the $$$ to fund the demands (Federal Law requires prices to be fully disclosed AND families have the option to bring in their own casket, urn, etc.) they get upset with the funeral home for doing the best they can with limited resources. Father seemed like a very nice guy. Mother was probably a joy to live with. :-O
on August 30,2013 | 11:50AM
BRock wrote:
When the time comes, I would like to be cremated. However I have instructed that my ashes not be given to my ex-wife. She will bury me at sea via a flush down the toilet.
on August 30,2013 | 02:28PM
312guy wrote:
irt brock oh yeah last ride in a water park ride maybe a log ride lol
on August 30,2013 | 05:41PM
Fred01 wrote:
What a crybaby.
on August 30,2013 | 02:31PM
seaborn wrote:
I hope my ashes are put in a Target bag, which has that cool "bull's-eye" logo on it. Yeah, that'd make a cool bag for my ashes. Maybe if that mom would transfer the ashes to a fun Target bag, it'd make her feel better. Or, maybe even a Macy's bag, because they have that nice New York parade each year. Target and Macy's bags would make great ash bags.
on August 30,2013 | 08:43PM
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