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Ex-UH star Bess arrested in Florida in officer assault

By Curt Anderson

AP Legal Affairs Writer

LAST UPDATED: 03:16 p.m. HST, Jan 18, 2014

MIAMI >> Cleveland Browns and former University of Hawaii wide receiver Davone Bess was arrested Friday on charges of assaulting a law enforcement officer at an airport, the latest in a series of personal problems for the NFL player.

According to a Broward Sheriff's Office arrest report, Bess was approached by Deputy Thomas O'Brien inside the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport terminal because he was "acting irrationally, dancing, singing with his pants repeatedly falling down."

"I inquired if he was all right and received no response," O'Brien said in the report, adding later that Bess "appeared to be looking through me" while they talked.

Bess, 28, then picked up a cup of hot coffee from a counter and squeezed it, "which caused the cup to break with the liquid going all over my uniform," the deputy wrote. Bess then took up a "fighting stance," and O'Brien said he hit the player on the leg with a baton to no effect.

"Bess proceeded to take off his shirt and once again took up a fighting stance refusing my repeated orders to get on the ground," O'Brien said, adding that Bess was finally taken into custody when backup officers arrived.

Sheriff's office records show that Bess is charged with simple assault on an officer, resisting arrest without violence and disorderly conduct. It was not immediately clear whether Bess had a lawyer. Browns spokesman Zak Gilbert said the team was aware of the arrest and was gathering information.

Bess was released Friday morning on $100 bail. The three charges are all misdemeanors. He did not comment about the substance of the charges to waiting television news crews.

The Miami Herald reported Friday night that police were summoned to Bess' home in Florida last year before he was traded to the Browns. According to a report uncovered by the newspaper, six officers were needed to restrain Bess and his family reportedly had him hospitalized against his will.

The Browns signed Bess last year to a three-year, $11.5 million contract after acquiring him on draft day in April from the Dolphins. This season Bess had career lows with 42 catches for 362 yards.

The arrest comes one day after Bess posted a photo on his Twitter page of a small package containing what appears to be marijuana. The photo was later deleted. Last month, a photo posted on Bess' Instagram account showed him lighting a cigar or marijuana joint next to a photo of late reggae star Bob Marley, a Rastafarian flag around his shoulders.

On Dec. 19, the Browns placed Bess on the reserve/non-football illness list for what were described as personal reasons. He missed the final two games of the season.

Bess spent five seasons with the Dolphins. His best year was in 2010, when he caught 79 passes for 820 yards and five touchdowns. The Oakland, Calif. native starred at the University of Hawaii before joining the Dolphins in 2008 as an undrafted free agent.


AP Sports Writer Tom Withers in Cleveland contributed to this story.

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lee1957 wrote:
Stick a fork in him, although he could probably still play for the Raiders.
on January 17,2014 | 06:00AM
kennie1933 wrote:
PERFECT for the Raiders!
on January 17,2014 | 07:11AM
Songoboy wrote:
if you dont have anything nice to say.....
on January 17,2014 | 09:52AM
lee1957 wrote:
........this would be a very boring forum.
on January 17,2014 | 10:37AM
jess wrote:
on January 17,2014 | 02:43PM
lwandcah wrote:
Wow, he is really on a downward spin. Hope he straigtens things out.
on January 17,2014 | 06:16AM
sjean wrote:
Don't worry. Michael Green will sue the police for provoking Bess.
on January 17,2014 | 07:21AM
HawaiiCheeseBall wrote:
Agreed, there is something going on with him.
on January 17,2014 | 07:35AM
kiragirl wrote:
Yeah. Seems like he lost it. He needs help.
on January 17,2014 | 02:50PM
joseph007 wrote:
why is it that African Americans, who have 13 % of the population, half are women, those males remaining between 12 and 30 years of age, which represent 2 1/2 % of the population: are involved in 36 % of all violent crimes, such are rape, murder, shootings, etc? I know part of the reason is the lack of a male in the home, and being brought up in the hood, but there must be something more? Any thoughts?
on January 17,2014 | 06:36AM
serious wrote:
If we had picked our own cotton to begin with we wouldn't have this problem. Look at our President, if he were white, the media would be all over him. We play with kid gloves. Can't profile for one. Equal rights. Say something bad and they yell discrimination--or racist.Look at the welfare program--it's easy, get pregnant and be on the Democratic ticket for life.
on January 17,2014 | 07:12AM
cojef wrote:
Structure and discipline lacking in his life, which could have been provided if there was father image at home to look up to. Of course the father image must be strong and upright. He has the financial resources but cannot manage his adult life. Sad that he was short-changed during his childhood.
on January 17,2014 | 07:22AM
sjean wrote:
I though Mississippi had the lowest literacy rate in the nation. How did you 2 even read this article.
on January 17,2014 | 07:22AM
control wrote:
Another clueless neo-con trying and failing miserably to make an accurate political statement....."Look at our President, if he were white..." You do know that our President's mother was Caucasian, right?
on January 17,2014 | 07:33AM
false wrote:
Blame it on the Jone's Act.
on January 17,2014 | 07:39AM
Dizzle wrote:
"Picked our own cotton..." ? While there have been many ignorant and repulsive posts over the years, you've set a new benchmark.
on January 17,2014 | 09:58AM
serious wrote:
Oh, I have a better one. The first time the media had a bad remark against the Messiah, a guy name Jimmy Carter exclaimed--THAT'S RACIST!! Look it up Dizzle. WE DON'T LIVE IN A PERFECT WORLD.
on January 17,2014 | 02:38PM
loio wrote:
it's actually more like 70% on the violent crime thing
on January 17,2014 | 08:10AM
false wrote:
ooooooooooo………do you really want someone to answer that. OUCH
on January 17,2014 | 10:23AM
Slow wrote:
Really sad news. I hope his earnings are carefully invested and he puls himself together. This is a frightening story.
on January 17,2014 | 06:38AM
uhsportsfan wrote:
I am very sorry for Davone. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him play for UH and going on to the NFL. I hope he gets the help he needs, but I'm fairly certain his NFL career is over.
on January 17,2014 | 06:46AM
Bdpapa wrote:
Yup, too bad!
on January 17,2014 | 08:27AM
sak wrote:
There's always the Canadian league
on January 17,2014 | 03:51PM
HOSSANA wrote:
I have no sympathy for D. Bess. I don't care if he is on drugs or whatever but please don't give me that dribble that just because he played for Hawaii we have to be sympathetic for him. On the contrary, he should be booked and charged and sentenced to the fullest extent of the law. All this crap that we should be sympathetic and maybe he is on drugs...all b.s....get his rear end in prison and let him rehab there if anything...he had his opportunities and now he is wasting his life...well, tough luck....
on January 17,2014 | 06:52AM
With a name such as yours, it is quite amazing you cannot see your way through your obviously thin self-righteous guidelines. Too bad we all couldnt learn from you since you must be without sin and casting that 1st stone at Devon. It is a pity!
on January 17,2014 | 04:23PM
paniolo wrote:
He's done. Say Aloha to your NFL career.
on January 17,2014 | 06:53AM
HOSSANA wrote:
No sympathy for him. He should be booked and sentenced to the fullest extent of the law. He had his opportunities and is wasting it away but that's just tough luck. Please don't give me this dribble that we should be sympathetic to him just because he played for Hawaii.
on January 17,2014 | 06:53AM
islandsun wrote:
True, next we'll hear that he is broke and homeless.
on January 17,2014 | 10:10AM
palolo2001 wrote:
Perfect. He can move back to Hawaii and live at Kapiolani Park and smoke dope at Queens Beach.
on January 17,2014 | 12:37PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Is he one of the guys we claim as a "local boy"? I've lost track of which ones count as local boys.
on January 17,2014 | 07:14AM
control wrote:
Welcome to the wonderful world of illegal drugs.
on January 17,2014 | 07:28AM
lwandcah wrote:
Not in Colorado. Can you imagine where they are headed in that state? Recreational, for personal use? Get real. The threads of our moral fabric continue to come unwound everyday in the name of individual rights, freedoms and preferences.
on January 17,2014 | 07:35AM
PCWarrior wrote:
Unfortunately neither you nor the government are the ultimate judges of morality.
on January 17,2014 | 07:58AM
lwandcah wrote:
Time will tell my friend time will tell.
on January 18,2014 | 10:41AM
kailuabred wrote:
So, wat's your stance on alcohol, which is far more dangerous and detrimental to society??
on January 17,2014 | 09:05AM
bigwalton15 wrote:
You can take the kid out of the hood, but you can't take the hood out of the kid.
on January 17,2014 | 07:53AM
ka_iwa wrote:
Devon? You see that Little Red Light Blinking in the corner of your eyes? That's your NFL Career self destruction light blinking ! Take control of your personnel life and correct the negatives! Get off the drugs bro!
on January 17,2014 | 07:54AM
fairgame947 wrote:
So sorry for what has happened or appears to have happened to Davonne. I got to know him a bit while at UH and he was a great guy! Is this what money and a bit of acclamation will do? Very unfortunate.
on January 17,2014 | 08:26AM
kainalu wrote:
Meanwhile, Isaac Sopoaga is playing in the AFC Championship Game this weekend. Where is his headline, SA? smh
on January 17,2014 | 08:54AM
bigislandkurt wrote:
"for dancing, acting erratically, and pants falling down." Now let me offer another angle. Did someone file a complaint? Was Bess breaking the law? Could it be that this law enforcement officer was just a cracka?
on January 17,2014 | 09:01AM
lee1957 wrote:
Acting erractically, spilling coffee on the officer, non-responsive. Could it be that the officer was just doing his job?
on January 17,2014 | 10:40AM
Bdpapa wrote:
Just by looking at the photo it is obvious, to me, that he wasn't just smoking pot.
on January 17,2014 | 11:40AM
ezridah wrote:
maybe soon to be ex-nfl player....no more hype in yourself or attention or ...money
on January 17,2014 | 09:05AM
dlum003 wrote:
as smart as he looks
on January 17,2014 | 09:10AM
2bworker wrote:
Nah, pay for dry cleaning, plead out his case, pay a fine, be told to go to substance abuse treatment by the team, and alls good. see you next year in Cleveland, go help some kids.
on January 17,2014 | 09:44AM
false wrote:
Man he looks bad not bad but BAD.
on January 17,2014 | 10:22AM
ezridah wrote:
glassy eyed and bushy head
on January 17,2014 | 10:30AM
50skane wrote:
Either smoking meth or heroin now, or smoked some weed spiked with some bad stuff like PCP in the old days. Better check himself into a rehab or start looking for another team..if they will even look at him after this.
on January 17,2014 | 10:40AM
Bdpapa wrote:
You remember PCP! That was some nasty stuff.
on January 17,2014 | 11:42AM
mitt_grund wrote:
The downward spiral begins. Hopefully, the spinout stops before he becomes a dweller of downtown Honolulu streets, courtesy of a Florida one-way airfare policy. When you're no longer a star, you're a nobody, like the rest of us couch-dwellers.
on January 17,2014 | 10:40AM
kennie1933 wrote:
It's the scary recipe of professional sports, particularly the big three: football, basketball and baseball. Take a young, often just 20 years old now that they leave college early (or even high school in the case of baseball and basketball), give him millions of dollars, and see what happens? Some can handle it, many cannot. Some hire agents who you HOPE are honest.... If you have a teenager or college aged child, imagine if you gave him/her 3 million dollars today, and you couldn't say how it should be spent, if at all. I wonder what s/he would do with it? Bess can probably buy a truckload of pakalolo. In fact, police better check out that big yellow Penske parked out behind his house....
on January 17,2014 | 11:18AM
Aquarius1 wrote:
Just another high paid thug.
on January 17,2014 | 11:40AM
hon2255 wrote:
He neeeds to go into rehab NOW , throwing away a career and great amount of money to support his family, what a trajedy
on January 17,2014 | 11:59AM
wn wrote:
Seems like he's spiraling out of control...no mention specifics of his personal problems. Behavior seems very bizarre and could be a chemical / mental imbalance. The cause? Hopefully to be determined and help provided.
on January 17,2014 | 12:10PM
Dawg wrote:
on January 17,2014 | 12:28PM
RKC808 wrote:
Something is going on in his life and it's not good. Cant say if it's drugs, alcohol or mental break down because I don't know. But I hope he gets the help he needs and continue his NFL career. As always, some people got kick people when they are at or near rock bottom. He will definitely find out now who his real friends are. It will be the ones who stood by his side and picked him up when he was down. Get well soon Devon Bess.
on January 17,2014 | 12:49PM
Rickyboy wrote:
Up in smoke...
on January 17,2014 | 01:11PM
Kealii wrote:
Seems like he's been dealing with this issue for some time. He was Baker Acted back in March of last year for pretty much similar behavior. Well I guess that explains why he decided to post online those marijuana pictures he did and basically incriminate himself -- he's not in the right state of mind. I hope he gets the help he needs to get better. It'd be a shame to waste all of that great physical ability he possesses.
on January 17,2014 | 01:33PM
gobows wrote:
Posting the picture was a cry for help...............someone quick, help him!
on January 17,2014 | 01:41PM
jess wrote:
I think he's doing a lot more than smoking pakalolo.....
on January 17,2014 | 02:44PM
iwanaknow wrote:
Can any homies in Oakland CA give him a hand?
on January 17,2014 | 02:55PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
I was shocked to learn he will be 'Duke' Aiona's running mate. Never saw that coming.
on January 17,2014 | 03:00PM
HanamauluBoy wrote:
What an idiot! for some who has a $11.5 million dollar contact...he sure is stupid!
on January 17,2014 | 03:59PM
amela wrote:
During the Jones era a lot of the starters were not drug tested which is too bad. For all you JJ lovers, win and who cares about the kids. Got star treatment from Jones and most of them could have benefited from being tested. Colt and Devon, who's next.
on January 17,2014 | 04:31PM
MillionMonkeys wrote:
Obviously a really bad drug problem, and the posted photo with Mary J a call for help. The "assault" is probably not a big deal, I'm guessing they considered the splashed coffee as assault, about right for a $100 bail. But dude needs help from a good friend. Maybe not the Browns?
on January 17,2014 | 07:18PM
lopati15 wrote:
maybe he can reunite with colt on the Kiss team and then hey can move the team to Hawaii.
on January 17,2014 | 10:13PM
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