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Inouye unsurprised by offensive comments about Jeremy Lin

By Dan Nakaso

LAST UPDATED: 07:14 p.m. HST, Feb 20, 2012

U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye says he is not surprised by offensive comments about Asian-Americans that have followed the basketball exploits of New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin, an American-born descendant of Chinese ancestry whose parents once lived in Taiwan.

Inouye, (D, Hawaii), who suffered prejudice after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, also told Star-Advertiser reporters and editors today that racially insensitive sentiments are "common place" in U.S. politics.

Asked by a Star-Advertiser reporter, who is Japanese-American, whether he was surprised by a string of offensive comments that have surrounded Lin's rise in the NBA, Inouye said: "No, I'm not surprised because my eyes look like yours. And I've gone through this lifestyle for many years. And I would say that the vast, vast majority of Americans try their best. But it takes just one comment and you people print it. If you didn't print it, no one would know about it. But it makes the paper saleable, I suppose. But I don't think that some of these insensitive remarks represent the majority, far from it." 
"In the political world, the one I live in most of my time, it's common place," Inouye continued. "Sure the days of lynching are gone. But there are many different ways to lynch people."


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Changalang wrote:
When Inouye and the other guys saved the lost battalion from Texas; I bet those rescued didn't mind being rescued by Americans of Asian ancestry...... " In the fall of 1944, Inouye's unit was shifted to the French Vosges Mountains and spent two of the bloodiest weeks of the war rescuing a Texas Battalion surrounded by German forces. The rescue of "The Lost Battalion" is listed in the U.S. Army annals as one of the most significant military battles of the century. Inouye lost ten pounds, became a platoon leader and won the Bronze Star and a battlefield commission as a Second Lieutenant." ............. As a loyal Hawaii voter, I am honored to vote for Sen. Dan and hope the opportunity keeps presenting itself time after time in the future.
on February 20,2012 | 04:13PM
Kapena2001 wrote:
Senator Inouye was awarded The "DSC" for his actions when he lost his arm. He was already a 2Lt at that time. The medal was later upgraded to the "CMOH' in 2000. In 1945 it was unthinkable for someone of Asian descent to be honoured with such an award.What does his weight has to do with anything? When he tried to get a haircut in San Francisco on his way back to Hawaii, he was told that they don't cut Jap Hair!!
on February 20,2012 | 05:48PM
Changalang wrote:
Take it up with my quoted source (http://www.asianamerican(dot)net/bios/Inouye-Daniel.html) if you wish to be the self appointed Internet biography editor of our honorable Senator. That source has been posted online for quite awhile; unlike your "opinion"; unless you witnessed these events yourself in the 1st person.
on February 21,2012 | 04:30AM
Kapena2001 wrote:
Did You?Facts are facts! He was Awarded the DSC which was later upgraded to the CMOH.He was a 2nd LT at that time and he lost his arm.these comments are not opinions(www.inouye.senate.org/military)!Who cares about his "ten pounds".
on February 21,2012 | 07:11AM
Changalang wrote:
So, take it up with the webmaster at the website provided, weenus. Or, better yet contact Inouye's media staff office to go after the source for Internet libel. I am sure they will be all over that as priority number 1. LOL.
on February 21,2012 | 02:08PM
ya_think wrote:
Then the question is do you vote for him because he is of Asian ancestry or for what his policial views are??
on February 21,2012 | 06:54AM
Changalang wrote:
That is not the question, nor the answer. EVERYBODY in Hawaii should vote for Sen. Inouye because he is 20 percent of our local economy that we cannot do without via Federal dollars. He is the most efficient Senator at fulfilling the job occupation that the Chamber has ever known.
on February 21,2012 | 02:10PM
MC96816 wrote:
I recall that Senator Inouye was referred to as "that little Jap" during the Watergate hearings.
on February 20,2012 | 05:20PM
Changalang wrote:
The honorable Senator faired much better than the dis-honorable President, though; Bachi.
on February 20,2012 | 07:58PM
ggum wrote:
i wish sen. inouye, whom i use to have the utmost respect for, would also set aside his prejudices. is it race or the idea that ed case is not part of the "network" that bothers inouye so much? the beauty of this nation and our democratic process is that any citizen has the right to run for office... so why does "premier" inouye believe that he and the "party" have the right to handpick akaka's successor?
on February 20,2012 | 06:01PM
Admirable wrote:
Senator Inouye is not only a powerful advocate for Hawaii he is wise and a good judge of character.
on February 21,2012 | 02:18AM
pechanga wrote:
Auwe! Inouye; shibai man, You may have begun your career as a man of good character. However, during your tenure, you lost your integrity. You have enjoyed media cover which has protected you from criticism. You,sadly, are now not either wise or of good character . You are fighting hard to protect your machine and your public relations image. A fresh idealist candidate will be good for Hawaii. Stop being selfish and let the people of Hawaii decide for themselves.
on February 21,2012 | 05:42AM
cojef wrote:
So right, the quote by HD36 below is worthy of consideration. Change will deter those entrenched to pay homage or return favors to those corporate donors whose only motives for kokua are their bottom lines. Not more than 2 terms for Representatives and one term for Senators. 6 years is a long time for a senator, they get grey in the beard.
on February 21,2012 | 09:48AM
kapoleitalkstory wrote:
Case is not a democrat he does not support the working person and he is against a safety net for the poor and middle class. Though he is all for corporate welfare. Maybe this is why Inouye does not support him, I know it is why I am many others do not support him.
on February 21,2012 | 08:57AM
OldDiver wrote:
Case is a self described "Blue Dog Democrat". A Blue Dog Democrat is a Republican with a "D" After his name.
on February 21,2012 | 11:17AM
HD36 wrote:
We need term limits.
on February 20,2012 | 06:53PM
kahu808 wrote:
I read about an incident where Inouye wanted a haircut. So there he was, in his Army uniform, chest full of medals, his right uniform arm sleeve empty, and was told "We don't cut Jap hair".
on February 20,2012 | 07:56PM
ISCREAM wrote:
I have read where the Senator has great INtollerance for those who disagree with him. He has been know to take it out on them personally...very vindictive.
on February 20,2012 | 08:57PM
pechanga wrote:
I agree with ISCREAM. Dan uses color of his position to lynch people. He is a master of lynching those who speak about his malfeasance.
on February 21,2012 | 05:09AM
palani wrote:
I assume that the Honorable Senator is only critical of the ignorant comments coming from some whites, since other minorities such as Floyd Mayweather cannot by definition be racist.
on February 21,2012 | 05:34AM
OldDiver wrote:
An what makes you assume this?
on February 21,2012 | 11:15AM
OldDiver wrote:
And what does this have to do with racism?
on February 21,2012 | 11:16AM
Publicbraddah wrote:
Why should anyone be surprised? Race has always and will always be an issue in America.
on February 21,2012 | 05:41AM
kailua000 wrote:
Race is always in issue even in Hawaii. Sen. Inouye served honorably and yes had issues. but when he wouldn't nominate my haole nephew to the Naval Academy or West Point, but nominated only Asian Americans that year, I saw something wrong. My nephew was at the top of his class and met all the criteria. He was eventually nominated by another and succeeded in becoming a decorated officer, no thanks to Inouye. But 4 of the 7 Asians he nominated left the school within 2 years.
on February 21,2012 | 05:59AM
ftaele83 wrote:
the Senator nominated my haole nephew to West Point, and btw--my nephew, too, is a highly decorated war veteran. So, I wouldnt be too suggestive that the Senator only favors Asians
on February 21,2012 | 10:49PM
eastside808 wrote:
Nothing is black or white in US sports these days. More like shades of brown and yellow.
on February 21,2012 | 07:25AM
butinski wrote:
Why is Hawaii a magnet for interracial couples whose spouse (husband or wife) is an ethnic Asian? Ask them and they will say that prejudice against Asians is still much too common on the mainland. Senator Inouye is only telling the truth so why are readers so upset by what he said?
on February 21,2012 | 11:34AM
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