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Lingle raised $1.7 million in 3 months for Senate race

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 03:57 p.m. HST, Jan 25, 2012

  Cindy ellen Russell / crussell@staradvertiser.com Former Gov. Linda Lingle spoke with reporters Tuesday after a luncheon at the Pacific Club, discussing her official announcement to run for the U.S. Senate seat that will be vacated by Daniel Akaka next year. She described herself as an independent who would not always follow Republicans on policy.

Former Gov. Linda Lingle has raised more than $1.7 million for her Republican primary campaign for U.S. Senate in the last quarter, according to her campaign.

Lingle, who announced her campaign last fall, has raised more money than U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono and former congressman Ed Case, her Democratic rivals. Hirono has collected about $1.5 million since last spring. Case has not released his most recent fundraising figures but has trailed Hirono.

"I am very grateful for the strong support the community has shown me in the first two and a half months of my campaign for U.S. Senate. Contributors not only have supported me financially, but they have invited me into their homes and businesses to discuss issues important to their families and companies, including the economy and jobs, and Social Security and Medicare," Lingle said in a statement. "In these difficult economic times, I am honored and humbled to have so many local donors and such a significant amount of contributions from voters across the state."

Lingle has said that she could raise a record $8 million to $10 million for her campaign. The former governor faces attorney and former state lawmaker John Carroll in the GOP primary. 

 "It's not at all surprising that Republican Linda Lingle, who introduced Sarah Palin to the world and campaigned hard against Barack Obama, has raised a lot of money from fellow Republicans who are counting on her to support their agenda," Hirono campaign finance chair Jadine Nielsen said. "They know what they're getting by donating to her, and we have no doubt that Lingle will continue to do everything she can to stop President Obama's agenda of creating jobs, protecting our air and water, and improving our kids' education.  

"Unlike Lingle, Mazie Hirono will go to the Senate to work on the side of the people of Hawaii, and not to block the president's agenda. That's why over 48,000 people have joined our campaign."

Case said he is still completing his quarterly report, which is not due until the end of the month. He acknowledged that he would continue to trail in fundraising.

"Mazie and Linda only released their fundraising totals. Just where is their money coming from? From the mainland and D.C. PACs and special interests like so far? Or from the folks of Hawaii where I've been spending my time?" Case said in a statement. "That's the whole problem with D.C. today: All they care about is who can rake in the most money, who they can control, and not who can get the job done. If it's just about another senator bought and paid for before she's sworn in, we'll never fix our problems."

The U.S. Senate seat is open because U.S. Sen. Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii, is retiring.

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Naloboy wrote:
So are we going to let the conservative Mainland Republican money machine elect our next Senator? That is exactly what's happening. If elected she will be falling in line with the Tea Party whackos that she's been hanging with these last few years. If they pay to get her elected do you think they'll want anything in return?
on January 25,2012 | 08:57AM
OldDiver wrote:
That mainland money is mixed with foreign money. The Republican Supreme Court has allowed foreign corporations to influence American election by way of corporate donations to these super PAC's. Most all of that foreign money is being funneled into the Republican PAC's. Linda Lingle constituents would include Europe, Asian and Middle Eastern corporations.
on January 25,2012 | 09:48AM
Denominator wrote:
O give us a break! The japanese money elected Ariyoshi and Waihee spent most of his time in Washington beggin for a job for his retirement plan. Inouye imported bags of cash to elect his little yes girl Hanabusa. Why do you want to limit political donations to only the carpenters union?
on January 25,2012 | 12:03PM
OldDiver wrote:
Not true. You are making stuff up.
on January 25,2012 | 01:44PM
Changalang wrote:
By Japanese money, do you mean Yen? Or, is this yet another expression of racism against leaders of Japanese ancestry that have served Hawaii oh so well. What is it that the Hawaii GOP attack dogs have against the Japanese? Check Senator Inouye's combat service record in defense of this great country against your own; if you have one.
on January 25,2012 | 04:15PM
lee1957 wrote:
Major league chip on that shoulder, eh? I love the "my dad could beat up your dad" comment.
on January 25,2012 | 07:31PM
Changalang wrote:
My Dad's dead General; just like your girl's candidacy because she hurt Hawaii at the worst possible time and will not be allowed to take the honor of the Hawaii people and pimp it for National contrary interests. Not even an apology are owning up for it. Just blame it on the global meltdown and focus on Senator 2012. Despicable. You should take offense to the racist sentiment expressed by the worst in the Hawaii GOP as noted here considering your upbringing. Chairman Chang should also, particularly considering his unit. Are you chiming in to compare your combat record to Sen. Inouye's? Best to about face, sir.
on January 25,2012 | 09:01PM
Changalang wrote:
Racism upsets me; especially when better Americans are besmirched from lesser Americans. Which one are you when comparing yourself to Sen. Inouye, General? Or, Governor Ariyoshi? Whose the one coming in here with the chip on their shoulder? I just have a yawn in my mouth. Lingle's team cannot raise enough money to make Hawaii ignore her record. Let's see you raise $10 million. The higher you go, the greater the fall.
on January 25,2012 | 09:21PM
1local wrote:
you would think that Hirono would be supported by her Kahala neighbors - they could just hold a block party fundraiser. the same could be said for Hanabusa and her Koolina neighbors. Just remember who won the last time Lingle and Hirono had their cat fight...
on January 25,2012 | 11:59AM
AhiPoke wrote:
Let me state again, anybody but Hirono. I'll vote for Case, Lingle or anybody else who may be running against Hirono. Anyone who truly knows Hirono knows she's a product of slick advertising but has no substance. I view myself as an independent and I know of several democrats who feel the same as me.
on January 25,2012 | 09:10AM
808kela wrote:
I agree with you 100%!!! and the same can be said about Hanabusa!
on January 25,2012 | 09:41AM
kapoleitalkstory wrote:
Oh please Case and Lingle are BOTH pro-war and pro-businesses running our government. Government is suppose to belong to the PEOPLE not the corporations!
on January 25,2012 | 10:47AM
Denominator wrote:
Do you want a government that serves you or supervises you?
on January 25,2012 | 10:52AM
dctaira wrote:
She will be a great alternative to free spending, liberal democrats!
on January 25,2012 | 09:11AM
OldDiver wrote:
Linda Lingle left Neil Abercrombie with a $1.2 billion budget deficit when she left office. Remember while the legislature appropriates money it is the Governor who determines how much or little of it will be spent. In other words, Linda Lingle spent $1.2 billions dollars more than the State took in. Talk about free spender.
on January 25,2012 | 09:53AM
Kuniarr wrote:
It is the Democrat controlled State legislature that creates the budget - not the Governor. The blame for budget deficits fall squarely on the Legislative Branch of the Government. In the case of State government - the Democrat controlled State legislature. The State Budget that the Democrat controlled legislature enacts is a Law. The Governor is prohibited by law to spend on any item in the budget more than what the Democrat controlled Senate legislature dictated should be spent. A budget deficit occurs when the amount of monies the Democrat controlled legislature dictates are to be spent exceeds the amount of revenue.
on January 25,2012 | 10:19AM
aiea7 wrote:
waipahu - here again commenting on something which you are ignorant of. The legislature does make the budget but the governor has the discretion to spend or not spend if spending will put the state in a deficit position. lingle chose to spend all of the budget, ignoring the fact that all the authorized spending would put the state in a big hole.
on January 25,2012 | 12:56PM
Kuniarr wrote:
aiea7 - here again commenting on something your are ignorant of. Someone needs to be told that the Governor does not have the ability to spend more than what the state has in its treasury. Someone needs to be told that the Governor can not release funds that the State does not have. Spending may be "authorized" but if there is nothing in the treasury, no monies can be released.
on January 25,2012 | 03:28PM
OldDiver wrote:
Either you have no idea what you are talking about or...............
on January 25,2012 | 04:16PM
Kuniarr wrote:
Either you have no idea about how the government functions or.......
on January 25,2012 | 05:34PM
aiea7 wrote:
lingle knew that even if the budget authorized an expenditure but there is not money, she should not spend. she decided to delay the tax refunds so he could spend the money in one FY and not worry about the deficit in the next FY because she could not be governor again. she deliberately overspend to put the onus of the next governor. see how irresponsible and uncaring she was, she would do things only to make herself look good, but to heck with others. repubs are like this.
on January 25,2012 | 07:23PM
Changalang wrote:
This statement is 100% correct.
on January 25,2012 | 09:05PM
Kuniarr wrote:
Misinformation and deception seems to be the modus operandi of finding a way to attack a Republican governo for it is impossible for the governor to have money released from the treasury to fund any and all items in the budget if the treasury is empty.
on January 25,2012 | 09:51PM
Denominator wrote:
Too OldDiver? Are you suggesting that she could have and should have cut spending more to avoid the deficit? Should she have cut more out of the teacher's pay? Since she had no power to raise taxes where are you thinking she could have cut 1.2 billion?
on January 25,2012 | 10:56AM
OldDiver wrote:
I am suggesting Linda Lingle spent more money than she had. In fact I am not just suggesting it, I am stating it as a fact.
on January 25,2012 | 01:47PM
Kuniarr wrote:
It is a fact that the Governor can not spend more money than what is in the state treasury. To say otherwise is dishonest.
on January 25,2012 | 03:31PM
OldDiver wrote:
Well she did. That is how you leave a $1.2 billion budget deficit for the next governor.
on January 25,2012 | 04:17PM
Kuniarr wrote:
False. The Governor does not have the capacity nor capability to enact a budget which is the sole and only the sole prerogative of the Democrat controlled legislature. Take Abercrombie for example. He proposes a budget. But it is the Democrat controlled State Legislature that actually enacts a budget into law. Meaning that the budget will come out of the state legislature may actually be entirely different than what Abercrombie submitted.
on January 25,2012 | 04:49PM
lee1957 wrote:
Where, pray tell, did the money come from? Did she print it? Who did she borrow it from? To whom is it owed?
on January 25,2012 | 04:20PM
Changalang wrote:
"State auditor Marion Higa's report slammed the state's purchases of the auction-rate securities, questioning whether the Department of Budget and Finance had adequate oversight of the purchases, and saying it may have failed to do risk assessments and may have broken its own guidelines on amount of certain holdings. Higa also criticized the state for breaking a law requiring investments to have shorter maturity dates. The underlying obligations for the auction rate securities have maturities that in some cases are almost 40 years out." (Star Advertiser) Perhaps all of Hawaii needs to be talking about this now that the legislature is back in session. We all deserve an explanation before the election.
on January 25,2012 | 09:34PM
Kuniarr wrote:
Indeed Marion Higa did so. And Lingle rebuked the auditor's report on the investment (http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2010/Mar/20/ln/hawaii3200335.html) Democrats have no leg to stand on regarding the investment. One thing that the naive do not realize is that it is the very nature of "investing" that a profitable investment can turn sour. In this case, although the investment turned sour, the State has not yet lost money on its investment contrary to the wild and reckless accusations of anti-Republicans.
on January 25,2012 | 10:00PM
Changalang wrote:
Weak. Go with it, though. We'll keep telling the truth and let Hawaii decide if Marion Higa is more credible than Lingle and the Hawaii GOP and if Act 127 was just to cover her tracks.
on January 25,2012 | 10:26PM
livinginhawaii wrote:
How does the executive branch spend beyond the budget established by the legislature? I am very confused about what you are saying here.
on January 25,2012 | 11:14AM
mitt_grund wrote:
OldDiver, it is clear that your detractors are unaware of the $1.1 billion investment fiasco that left Hawaii $1.1 bill in the hole. Supposedly, the company who made the bad investment recommendation will fork up that money by 2015. In the meanwhile, Hawaii suffered a $1.2 bill shortfall, largely due to Lingle Administration's faith in an investment firm. ALL ABOUT WORK & FINANCIAL Thursday, March 4, 2010 Citigroup’s Auction-Rate Bonds Freeze $1 Billion in Hawaii Cash Two years after the auction-rate bond market froze, Hawaii has lost about $250 million in market value on $1 billion in student-loan securities sold by a single Citigroup Inc. broker as a cash substitute that the state has had difficulty unloading. Hawaii purchased half of the securities for its short-term treasury account from Honolulu broker Pete Thompson, 60, in the eight months before the market collapsed, according to Scott Kami, an administrator at the state finance department. The transactions came while Citigroup was increasing brokerage commissions and traders were being told to “make sure all hands are on deck” and “do whatever is necessary” to dispose of auction-rate bonds as the $330 billion market began to fail, according to a 2008 U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission complaint against the New York-based bank in a separate case related to sales of the debt. “I was shocked,” state Representative Karl Rhoads said of his reaction when a constituent informed him last year that Hawaii was stuck with the auction-rate securities. “I didn’t believe it. We’re a small state, only 1.3 million people,” Rhoads said in a telephone interview. Hawaii’s frozen-cash crunch complicates efforts by Governor Linda Lingle, 56, to close a $1.2 billion budget deficit as tourism revenue has fallen during the worst recession since the 1930s. She has proposed eliminating 800 state jobs, with teachers being told to stay home without pay for 17 days from November 2009 to May of this year.
on January 25,2012 | 11:48AM
Kuniarr wrote:
An investment is an investment. An investment originally profitable and turns sour is the exact nature of investing. $200 million has already been liquidated at par value of the $1.1 billion. In July this year, a provision of the settlement agreement kicks in whereby the state can liquidate as much as $150 million at par value with Citigroup paying the difference between par value and market value. The state has not lost a single cent from securities that have been liquidated and will not lose a single cent from the rest of the investment.
on January 25,2012 | 12:08PM
mitt_grund wrote:
Kuniarr, you are obviously a Lingle blog operative. Truth is that total reimbursementt has not yet happened. $800 mill is not yet back. Saying so does not make it true. And for an investment, where is the "profit"? Are you saying a Republican can be forgiven for stupidity, but a Democrat doing ths same cannot? Are you saying that Lingle was entitled to do a questionable investment and putting the state $1.2 bill.in the hole? Did you read the above story that says that high commissions were on the line, good investment for the customer was not the intent. I have said before a pox on parties. They are the reason nothing is getting done. And your one sided gloss of Lingle is a case in point. Call a spade a spade whether it be Republican or Democrat, Green or Red. No one should be safe because of party. Have you seen my attacks on Neil. Blind party loyalty cannot be forgiven.
on January 25,2012 | 12:38PM
OldDiver wrote:
Not to mention Linda Lingle violated state laws which call for state investments to be diversified. She put all of her eggs in one basket and then dropped the basket.
on January 25,2012 | 01:49PM
Kuniarr wrote:
False. Prove it, OD. Nonetheless, violation of a state law by a Republican governor would have brought swift impeachment proceedings from the Democrat controlled legislature. Was there even a whisper of impeachment proceedings against the Republican governor, OD?
on January 25,2012 | 03:46PM
lee1957 wrote:
If it's so obvious that State law was violated, why wouldn't a government apparatus controlled by the opposition party not go after her? There must be a good reason since it is so obvious in your mind that she is a crook, no?
on January 25,2012 | 04:23PM
lee1957 wrote:
It's a shame you go to bed so early, enquiring minds want to know!
on January 25,2012 | 07:35PM
Changalang wrote:
State Legislative Auditor Marion "Higa also criticized the state for BREAKING A LAW requiring investments to have shorter maturity dates. The underlying obligations for the auction rate securities have maturities that in some cases are almost 40 years out." (Star Advertiser)
on January 25,2012 | 09:43PM
Kuniarr wrote:
More misinformation. There is no such "law" that Lingle broke. Such reckless and unfounded accusations against Lingle simply means that the Democrats have nothing against Lingle.
on January 25,2012 | 10:06PM
Changalang wrote:
Lingle appointed re-appointed Higa and raved about her honest record until Higa went public and Lingle got caught with her hand in the cookie jar.
on January 25,2012 | 10:29PM
Kuniarr wrote:
Did I say that $800 mil is already back? Putting words into my mouth is inappropriate. It is dishonest to keep talking about $1.1 billion "lost" when at the same time know fully well that it is $800 million not $1.1 billion that is the subject. Moreover, it is premature to even think that the settlement that would give back the State the full amount of $800 million has gone bad. Finally, fact checking those who blatantly twist facts is not "party loyalty". And all who blatantly twist facts to make a Republican governor look bad is IMO acting on blind Democrat loyalty.
on January 25,2012 | 03:41PM
OldDiver wrote:
Kuniarr? Did you not read the State auditors report? It's full of the facts you seek.
on January 25,2012 | 04:19PM
mitt_grund wrote:
You are putting words into my mouth, attempting to twist and obfuscate. I simply said that 800 million is still outstanding and until the money is all in hand you cannot claim the situation is resolved. It is like one of the recent DOE embezzlers saying they will pay back all monies taken and you saying that is proof the money has been returned. As for what to do, I understand the Democratic majority are still wrestling with what to do. Don't be surprised if it all happens just before the election. You know those Democrats. Before it was 1.1 bill. You say $200 mill has been returned. It still means that 1.1 billion was not available when the shortfall was declared. And if the $200 mill was returned, you certainly haven't heard Neil saying "eureka", we got some money back. I've asked about it of legislators and they haven't heard about it, so you might want to touch bases with them.
on January 25,2012 | 05:02PM
Kuniarr wrote:
OD, did you read this? --> http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-11-24/citigroup-and-hawaii-settle-1-1-billion-auction-rate-securities-dispute.html which provides the details about the so-called $1.1 billion "loss" that Democrat fanatics keep repeating over and over in the forum. And this: http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2010/Mar/20/ln/hawaii3200335.html which is Lingle's reply to the auditor's report. To say that Lingle violated state law is reckless and unfounded. Reckless and unfounded simply because the mere thought of impeachment against the governor did not even surface - either by rumor or gossip.
on January 25,2012 | 05:03PM
Kuniarr wrote:
My mistake for thinking you were putting words into my mouth. The settlement between Citigroup, Inc. and Hawaii is binding. Facts are facts that no amount of gossip and rumor can erase.
on January 25,2012 | 07:16PM
Changalang wrote:
Are you calling the Star Advertiser a liar? That is where the quoted source came from. After all that money spent to have the little box at the top of the page. That is hypocritical. Oh yeah, you are a Hawaii GOP bot. You can't help yourself. Can you feel it slipping away? Maybe if you spend more money, you can change Hawaii's mind. Better spend it all just to make sure. LOL.
on January 25,2012 | 10:33PM
serious wrote:
She is the person of choice. Sure, she had 8 tough years as Governor with a what? 75% Democratic opposition. She is tough, well educated, the people elected her many times because she speaks her mind and does things for the ordinary people. And, personally, I don't think gays are ordinary!!
on January 25,2012 | 09:26AM
kapoleitalkstory wrote:
She is a horrible choice. She lied while in office and worked to destroy this State. A vote for Lingle or Case is a vote for war without end and tax-cuts for the rich while making everyone else pay for their bad decisions!
on January 25,2012 | 10:48AM
Kuniarr wrote:
Lied? What lie? Another Democrat who has this food stamp mentality and the mantra of tax and spend is not what we need today.
on January 25,2012 | 11:16AM
Kapakahi wrote:

Much of Lingle's mainland money is coming through the Republican Jewish Coalition. “I’ve been to events that have already raised in excess of six figures for her,” Republican Jewish Coalition President Matt Brooks said. “This is going to be a real priority race for the organization.”

There is nothing inherently wrong with members of an ethnic group taking pride in, and helping, the careers of others of the same ethnicity. It happens all the time. But the number one priority for the RJC (and the National Jewish Democratic Council, its Democratic counterpart) is do enforce uncritical support for the policies of the Israeli government. This causes them to also support Republican politicians who are OBJECTIVELY anti-semitic, like Christian fundamentalists who believe all Jews will be cast into he11 unless they convert and who "support" Israel only to help create the pre-conditions for Armageddon. "With friends like this...."

on January 25,2012 | 10:40AM
1local wrote:
Dan inouye supports the Jewish State - check it out online. Currently Inouye is a registered Democrat...
on January 25,2012 | 11:49AM
Kapakahi wrote:

For your comment to be on point, you would have to be able to say Senator Inouye has received a massive portion of his campaign funding from Jewish organizations demanding uncritical support for Israel. But you can't so you shift the subject.

Senator Inouye has been too uncritical of Israel's policies, in my opinion. But he has broken from them on a number of foreign policy matters, particularly on the war on Iraq. With the current campaign of saber-rattling being encouraged against Iran, I am hoping the next Senator from Hawaii will resist the Israel Lobby's strident calls for a military attack. Inouye is much more likely to do that than Lingle.

Not all Jewish campaign contributions are tied to a hardline support for Israel. And not all Jewish politicians (or Jewish Americans generally) share that perspective. But The Republican Jewish Council DOES and contributions received through them have that string attached to them. The fact that so much of Lingle's mainland money is coming through pro-Israel networks should be an important consideration for Hawaii voters, particularly as the US-Israel relationship has once again emerged as a MAJOR source of danger and instability in our foreign policy.

Except for Ron Paul, all the Republican presidential candidates are simultaneously pledging undying devotion to Israel's interest AND for military action by the United States against Iran. The Neo-Cons are back and in control of Republican foreign policy again.

on January 26,2012 | 01:39PM
kapoleitalkstory wrote:
Let us all not forget the $40 million she wasted on the super ferry because she thought her friends did not have to follow the law! Nor the Billion or so dollars taht she tied up in horrible investments for the State. She was a horrible governor and she will make an even worse senator.
on January 25,2012 | 10:53AM
Kuniarr wrote:
Ah, the Super Ferry. A reverse Tea Party movement deprived Hawaii of a means of fast and economical inter-island transportation that would have benefited us all. Lingle was a governor much superior to the current governor in that Lingle gave priority to the welfare of the taxpayers while the current governor gives priority to the unions and care less for us taxpayers.
on January 25,2012 | 11:22AM
Changalang wrote:
Except that it was yet another activity that cost the Hawaii taxpayer in the end and the whole concept was scrapped after the fact because the process was deemed illegal by the Hawaii Supreme Court. "But the Supreme Court on Monday sided with the environmentalists, as it did in August 2007, when it ordered the state to conduct an environmental study of the ferry’s impact on state harbors before it could operate. A Maui Circuit Court subsequently issued an injunction stopping Superferry operations in September 2007." (Pacific Business News)..."The U.S. Maritime Administration has taken bids for them in an attempt to recover some of the $138 million in taxpayer money paid to cover defaults on loans it guaranteed for the owners, Hawaii Superferry Inc. The company sought bankruptcy protection and defaulted in 2009. The unwanted ferries are reminders of the defaults and oversight problems reported as recently as December in the so- called Title XI program as vessel owners have won $798 million in new loan guarantees this year, the most since 2001. As it considers two applications for an additional $712 million in guarantees, the maritime agency is trying to recover what it can on $311 million paid out to cover six defaults since 2008." (Bloomberg)....Isn't it time Hawaii stop suffering for Lingle's huge fiscal mistakes? Lingle made Hawaii a miserable failure and deserves the "L" in her name.
on January 25,2012 | 04:52PM
Kuniarr wrote:
Democrats are scraping bottom and simply can't find anything to hit Lingle with except gossip and rumor which can not in any way erase fact. It is a fact that what the Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional (not illegal) was Legislation enacted by a Democrat controlled State Legislature.
on January 25,2012 | 10:14PM
Changalang wrote:
Yeah, nobody cares about this stuff. It isn't hurting her at all. You guys are going to win. Don't worry.................................................................................................................................................................. The truth never sleeps my friend; especially on an island. :)
on January 25,2012 | 10:35PM
1local wrote:
the superferry would have benefited many in hawaii. The Unions made sure they killed it to maintain their monopolistic / unsustainable way of life by keeping the citizens of Hawaii from a competing source...
on January 25,2012 | 11:53AM
OldDiver wrote:
I can understand Lingle wanting the Super Ferry after a sizable campaign donation was made to her by guess who?
on January 25,2012 | 01:50PM
livinginhawaii wrote:
I will vote for anyone who does NOT robo call me. Simple as that!
on January 25,2012 | 11:09AM
kainalu wrote:
Duh. No surprises here. She's a member of the party that represents the rich, end of story.
on January 25,2012 | 11:13AM
Kuniarr wrote:
The Democrat party of Hawaii represents a party that sucks needed money from the poor and the elderly. Only in Hawaii is a political party that is unconcerned with taking away money from the poor and the elderly that otherwise would have been used to pay for food, clothing and shelter.
on January 25,2012 | 03:50PM
omd111 wrote:
Anyone but Hirono. She does nothing, spends like it's going out of style and doesn't have a simple plan of her own. She just keeps following what the senior democrats want her to do.
on January 25,2012 | 11:36AM
OldDiver wrote:
Nope, you are just repeating the Republican TV (Fox News) talking points. Republicans Presidents are responsible for over 70% of the national debt. Republicans are the party of big spenders.
on January 25,2012 | 01:54PM
omd111 wrote:
Just listen to her when they ask her about things. She just keeps spending money with no regard to fiscal responsibility. Tell me, what has Hirono ever accomplished in her time as a legislator and now her time in congress?
on January 25,2012 | 02:48PM
Kuniarr wrote:
And what do you think you are doing?
on January 25,2012 | 03:51PM
Lowcal_Boy wrote:
I'm voting for Case. There is a reason he does not have as much money as Lingle or Hirono. It's because he has a backbone. He's a leader that will not be influenced by people with money. He is strong enough to do what he thinks is best for Hawaii. This is why the individuals and groups only give money to candidates that they can influence. I may not agree with all the decisions he makes, but I respect him for standing up for what he believes. He's the only leader in the group of candidates running for the Senate.
on January 25,2012 | 11:56AM
OldDiver wrote:
The reason Case doesn't have money is because the conservative right wing money which would normally go to him is being swept up by Linda Lingle.
on January 25,2012 | 01:52PM
Anonymous wrote:
Lingle will be a good replacement for "do nothing" Akaka. Bruddah should have been out to pasture a LONG time ago. I sincerely hope Lingle gets in. Let's not forget that Hanabusa made a commitment to her constituents when she ran for the House of Representatives. She's now "jumping ship" mid term. Do we want this kind of person in office? How can she serve the people when she's too busy focusing on how she's gonna win the race for senate?
on January 25,2012 | 01:31PM
Changalang wrote:
You know it is Rep. Mazie Hirono that is running against Lingle for the Senate right? Adjust your racist perspective and understand that although Japanese women may all look the same to you; they are individuals with separate names and political accomplishments. I am embarrassed for you.
on January 25,2012 | 03:29PM
kuewa wrote:
I cannot think of even one major positive accomplishment by the Lingle administration during her 8 year governorship. Her administration squandered million$$, perhaps billion$$, in the poorly managed biotech tax credit program, spent million$$ pushing the poorly planned Super Ferry, advocated for buying resort property during the initial economic downturn, and wasted Federal funds intended to support education. And after we finally elected a President who has close ties to Hawai`i, she proceeded to snub him for no reason other than politics. Now she is apparently continuing to do nothing meaningful for the State, but manages to pull in huge campaign donations, mostly from non-local donors. I don't have a favorite among the other candidates, but Lingle seems to be exactly the wrong choice.
on January 25,2012 | 01:45PM
Changalang wrote:
Hawaii deserves representation by a Senator. Mainland donors should not be able to buy a GOP vote in the Senate to represent their contrary interests for the GOP. Akaka did Hawaii's will. Let's honor his legacy by keeping THAT spirit alive in his Senate seat.
on January 25,2012 | 02:27PM
kanebear wrote:
She's satan.
on January 25,2012 | 03:15PM
Changalang wrote:
No, but I bet the devil is on her donor list using an alias with a Wall Street address.
on January 25,2012 | 03:24PM
Changalang wrote:
My Dad's dead General; just like your girl's candidacy because she hurt Hawaii at the worst possible time and will not be allowed to take the honor of the Hawaii people and p!mp it for National contrary interests. Not even an apology are owning up for it. Just blame it on the global meltdown and focus on Senator 2012. Despicable. You should take offense to the racist sentiment expressed by the worst in the Hawaii GOP as noted here considering your upbringing. Chairman Chang should also, particularly considering his unit. Are you chiming in to compare your combat record to Sen. Inouye's? Best to about face, sir.
on January 25,2012 | 09:01PM
Changalang wrote:
Approval filter put this in the wrong place.
on January 25,2012 | 10:36PM
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