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Pedestrian critically injured in accident involving police officer

By Gary Kubota

LAST UPDATED: 02:55 p.m. HST, Nov 23, 2011

A female pedestrian went to a hospital in critical condition this morning after being struck by a sedan driven by a police officer in Kalihi.

Police Lt. Robert Towne said the accident took place on North School Street, at the intersection of Pohaku Street at 5:27 a.m.

A 49-year-old woman was crossing School Street toward the makai side when she was hit by a Nissan four-door sedan driven by a police sergeant on his way to work, Towne said. The car was traveling east on School Street, Towne said.

The woman was in a crosswalk, a witness told police. The woman ended up about 25 feet from the crosswalk, Towne said.

The witness said the pedestrian was dressed in dark clothing and that a street light above the crosswalk was out. Police said the witness reported that it appeared the pedestrian was hurrying across the four-lane road with her attention on an approaching mo-ped.

Towne said it did not appear that speeding or alcohol were involved.

Police said the officer is 41 years old.

Police closed School Street between Houghtailing and Kokea streets for about three hours while they investigated the crash.

Police will turn the case over to to police Internal Affairs Division, as is standard procedure in such cases involving an officer.

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Big C wrote:
Hmmm, another night/twilight pedestrian accident. Not sure what the pedestrian was wearing, but bright reflective clothing could have help in this situation. Too many individuals, while walking near streets, are wearing dark clothing. Remember, the pedestrian needs to be seen inorder to be avoided!
on November 23,2011 | 06:39AM
2_centz wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on November 23,2011 | 06:51AM
jess wrote:
Amen to that! I hope she has a speedy recovery and that everyone pays attention to their surroundings on the road this holiday season.
on November 23,2011 | 07:02AM
allie wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on November 23,2011 | 07:18AM
Peacenik wrote:
Why wasn't he driven legally? I mentioned in a comment last night re: HPU student about people who shouldn't be dressed as Ninjas if they plan to cross the street in the dark. She was in a rush, it seems, so may have just darted into the road. She also bears responsibility.
on November 23,2011 | 07:53AM
pakeheat wrote:
"She was in a rush, it seems, so may have just darted into the road. She also bears responsibility." - Peacenik Did you know she almost completed the crosswalk on the other side when she was struck?
on November 23,2011 | 11:04AM
pakeheat wrote:
Ooops!, my mistake Peacenik, wrong article I was thinking about, must be the thought of turkey in my stomach, lol.
on November 23,2011 | 11:11AM
Peacenik wrote:
Apology accepted. Don't let it happen again. :)
on November 23,2011 | 11:38AM
pakeheat wrote:
Nah, it won't happen again, NOT! LOL
on November 23,2011 | 12:43PM
RetiredUSMC wrote:
At least they did not charge her with leaving the scene of a accident!
on November 23,2011 | 12:50PM
lee1957 wrote:
Quite the conclusion with no facts.
on November 23,2011 | 08:00AM
1local wrote:
Police are exempt from cellphone , texting and seat belt use by law. Most crosswalks do not have a street light above them. Hurrying or taking their time doesn't matter - as long as the pedestrian is in the crosswalk - it is the motorists responsibility to yield the right of way...
on November 23,2011 | 07:36AM
Vivgie wrote:
Was the cop chewing gum, talking on the speakerphone, listening to the radio, angry about something, hungry, dsitracted by something, or what? Were the headlights working? Why couldn't the pedestrian wait for the moped and car to pass before crossing? I always wave the car to go ahead and pass before crossing. And I RUN. The less time you spend in harm's way the better. Yesterday i saw a pedestrian crossing looking down at the crosswalk. I rarely see an intelligent pedestrian in a crosswalk. Funny the people who jaywalk do cross carefully. Thye do look both ways worried about being run over. Maybe should stop painting crosswalks and forget pedestrian rights. Let them RUN.
on November 23,2011 | 07:46AM
Buido wrote:
Vivgie ... I agree with most of your statements ... below is a link to a good article on this problem if you all didn't see it ... Over 1000 pedestrians hit in a 2 year period on Oahu !!! ... Not all are reported in the news ... One statistic I would like to see is "how many of the pedestrians accident victims have a drivers license or have ever driven a car??? ... I think they may not realize what it takes stop a car (doing the speed limit) and just how many distractions and visual stimulus a driver is subjected to ... http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/current/ln/pedestrian
on November 23,2011 | 08:42AM
BO0o07 wrote:
Many pedestrians believe they are protected by their right-of-way in a marked crosswalk. Yes, many do not drive or have driver licenses and don't know what it takes to be a responsible driver.
on November 23,2011 | 09:11AM
lmarty wrote:
I agree. One day a work, I drive a Cargo Van (same size as a 15 pass van), turned off Kona Street to Mahukona St, behind Ala Moana Hotel. Saw that I had a green light at Kapiolani, as I reached Kapiolani, a lady with her two kids,walking east on Kapiolani, started crossing Mahukona, against the light. She then yelled at me for not stopping for her.
on November 24,2011 | 04:45PM
Peacenik wrote:
Running is worse. Sometimes you dart out from behind a stopped car and the driver in next lane don't see or expect you. Better to proceed cautiously and make eye contact. Also doesn't hurt to wave thank-you to those who stop for you.
on November 23,2011 | 11:42AM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Well as humans we can speak, think and understand so we can investigate everything until we write an essay on what happened. Bottom Line is that there was a collision between a Motor Vehicle and a Pedestrian.
on November 23,2011 | 08:40AM
HoldEverything wrote:
Traffic laws need to be turned around. Cars should be given the right of way, not pedestrians. Instead of expecting cars to stop when you're in a crosswalk, stay on the curb and give right of way to cars until it's safe to cross. Too many pedestrians think having the right of way ensures cars will stop for them. As we've seen all too frequently, that isn't the reality. Challenging a moving car just because legally you have the right of way and you're in a crosswalk is asking for trouble. Stop, wait, then cross when it's clear. And make eye contact with driver's if you're crossing where cars are backed up. Don't expect cars to stop.
on November 23,2011 | 08:58AM
Hawaii001 wrote:
Amen to that!
on November 23,2011 | 10:09AM
Hyland wrote:
What ever happened to "Look both ways before crossing and keep looking until you are on the other side". It was a mistake to pass a bill saying pedestrians have the right of way. As commented earlier some pedestrians aren't looking out for themselves. There are too many of these tragic accidents lately. The crosser is always the long term loser of hit by a moving car.
on November 23,2011 | 09:07AM
akamaiperson wrote:
Ummm, pedestrians have ALWAYS had the right of way. When I learned to drive 40 years ago, that was drilled into you during driver's ed, along with other basic rules of the road. Unfortunately, we now have at least 1-2 generations of arrogant & clueless drivers who apparently never heard of that basic principle of driving. They seem to think it's their God-given right to blow through crosswalks whenever they want. It is too bad that the pedestrian pays the price for this thoughtless behavior.
on November 23,2011 | 09:27AM
Poipounder808 wrote:
Pedestrians cannot just run across or step into the crosswalk thinking they have the right of way. They must do so when prudent and allow vehicles to make a safe stop.
on November 23,2011 | 09:46AM
Hawaii001 wrote:
I don't care if they have the right of way or not. PEDESTRIANS NEED TO HELP US OUT BY WEARING LIGHT COLORED CLOTHES SO THAT WE THE DRIVER CAN SEE THEM. To put it from the driver's perspective, maybe we should drive a black car with our headlights off and have pedestrians watch for moving cars when it's pitch black outside. Then they'll understand what WE have to go through trying to look for and avoid them. It's a two-way street. We can be the most alert driver in the world, but if we can't see them until it's too late...then they run the risk of being injured.
on November 23,2011 | 10:15AM
Peacenik wrote:
That's why I always buy White cars, and even yellow, one time.
on November 23,2011 | 11:44AM
lee1957 wrote:
Yes, they ALWAYS have the right of way. Even when they are dead right.
on November 23,2011 | 04:54PM
residenttaxpayer wrote:
During hours of darkness its very difficult to see pedestrians in a crosswalk as most don't have overhead lighting. Many times i come across pedestrians whom i didn't see until almost upon them. There needs to be better lighting so that it makes them more visible to oncoming traffic.
on November 23,2011 | 09:34AM
palani wrote:
About two weeks ago I was driving to work via Kam IV at a still dark 5:45 am. A youngish able-bodied male pedestrian in dark clothes was very slowly crossing in an unmarked crosswalk at a section between streetlights. He and I were both lucky to avoid each other. Although I consider myself an assertive pedestrian, I'm not so dumb as to challenge an oncoming car on a dark street, crosswalk or not.
on November 23,2011 | 09:40AM
quint34 wrote:
Hey people wear clothes people can see!!!! black at night is near invisible . Bike riders same thing. You have some responsibility as well.
on November 23,2011 | 10:51AM
Peacenik wrote:
on November 23,2011 | 11:46AM
false wrote:
Drivers no forget to turn on your lights. Because of two main things. You yourself know you are there. All other drivers most likely will have a difficult time making out the profile of your car. Secondly, if a driver has a difficult time knowing where you are, think about how difficult it would be for a Pedestrian to know that you are there, rambling as a moving vehicle.
on November 23,2011 | 05:13PM
solobiker1 wrote:
I think you can rate are driver as some of the worst in the country. I
on November 23,2011 | 02:47PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
I hope they don't sweep it under the rug like usual when a police officer is responsible for the accident.
on November 23,2011 | 03:18PM
lee1957 wrote:
I drive Kalaheo every morning around 6:30. One thing motorist can do is turn on your damn headlights. Yes, you can probably see fine, but the sun is not up, folks haven't had their morning coffee, and you can be missed by someone who is not completely alert.
on November 23,2011 | 04:57PM
Anonymous wrote:
Well I would say Cars have the right of way at times and Pedestrians have the right of way at times. However, The Pedestrian needs to be given all the consideration that a fellow human needs to be given. When I walk as a Pedestrian, I think of myself as a motor vehicle that at most can travel at say 2 MPH. A car can go up to 150 or more MPH. So the car will always win, in a battle of wills. When does a Car have a right of way? When the crosswalk signal says "do not walk". When does the Pedestrian have the right of way: When the signal says "walk". How about a crosswalk without a signal? It is matter of judgement however if the Pedestrian has started into the crosswalk and the driver is able to see the Pedestrian and is able to stop before passing through the crosswalk, the driver of the car needs to stop to allow the Pedestrian to cross. It takes Patience, Patience, Patience. Just as it takes Location, Location and Location in the Real Estate Business.. What is one moment in time, for the ultimate prize of crossing the street, if one can be as patient as possible and cross the street only when the way is completely clear? It is the satisfaction that one has crossed the street and is able to live another day to tell your tutu and children about it.
on November 23,2011 | 05:06PM
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