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Police arrest Occupy Honolulu protester at May Day event

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 01:42 p.m. HST, May 02, 2012

A native Hawaiian practitioner and member of Occupy Honolulu was arrested after attempting unsuccessfully to speak with Mayor Peter Carlisle during the city's May Day ceremony at Kapiolani Park Bandstand.

Police arrested and cited Laulani Teale with disorderly conduct about noon Tuesday, and then released on $150 bail paid by Occupy Honolulu supporters several hours later.

Video shot by fellow Occupy Honolulu member Doug Matsuoka shows Teale blowing a conch shell as Carlisle spoke to the audience, and attempting to approach the mayor afterward. Her path was blocked by Honolulu police officers who told her it was "not the time and place"?to talk to Carlisle.

Teale, on a blog posted Monday on the website of fellow Occupy Honolulu member Doug Matsuoka, said she would be protesting the city's seizing on Sunday of a banner painted by artist Raul Gonzalez to celebrate Kanawai Mamalahoa, the law of the splintered paddle. Originally decreed by Kamehameha the Great, the splintered paddle decree is the concept that people should be allowed to lie by the roadside in safety. The words are part of Article IX of the state Constitution and is being used by Occupy Honolulu as justification for its right to camp at Thomas Square.

Teale said the banner was not tagged by city officials as required by a city ordinance, and that its taking was a violation of the state Constitution.

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Masami wrote:
Still can't figure out WHAT they're protesting and where these people are from as they sure don't look/act "local".
on May 1,2012 | 07:48PM
jusmetwocents wrote:
Another homeless schmuck clogging our judicial system looking for their 30 seconds of fame... What a Donkey Hole!
on May 2,2012 | 07:35AM
Changalang wrote:
Occupidiots totally dilute the message; whatever it was.
on May 1,2012 | 07:51PM
SteveToo wrote:
Three cheers for the cops.
on May 1,2012 | 08:03PM
st1d wrote:
boring . . . tantrums . . . spoiled little children . . . owies . . . disconnected from reality . . . ineffective fringe ideologues . . . yawn . . .
on May 1,2012 | 09:24PM
residenttaxpayer wrote:
All the time they spent occupying the sidewalk...they could have occupied a job by now.
on May 1,2012 | 09:44PM
WalkoffBalk wrote:
The Occupy people should watch for copper thieves as an exchange for places for their sit-ins,
on May 2,2012 | 12:12AM
HDoug wrote:
I realize there will be controversy and different opinions on all the subjects of this issue. But, for those that want to know a little more, I have posted Laulani's message at the following link. I am the Doug Matsuoka identified in the above article. http://dougnote.blogspot.com/2012/04/hawaiian-cultural-practitioner-laulani.html
on May 2,2012 | 12:40AM
jimmyhouse67 wrote:
Doug, honest question for you....how many of the occupy members are employed? If so, when do they find the time to go to work?
on May 2,2012 | 06:21AM
Greystole wrote:
Looks like somebody read the story about the payout to Mitch Kahle and is looking for one of their own.
on May 2,2012 | 12:49AM
ejkorvette wrote:
iF YOU Don't feel the Honolulu Occupiers are protesting a Just Cause, get off your Fat Okole, get out of your comfortable house, and Protest about How your "Grinning" Politicians are and have been Ripping you Off for 30yrs. Banking on the Facts that Hawaii People, specifically Oahu, Never Protests. THey only "MUG" for the Camera on PULSE section in the Star Advertiser.
on May 2,2012 | 02:07AM
Kawipoo wrote:
We got off our butt and have comfortable houses because we work. You should be addressing the Occupiers instead. Why don't you get off your okole and vote if you don't like the politicians.
on May 2,2012 | 05:07AM
onevoice82 wrote:
Sounds like a very angry young man who is not happy with his income in life, but does drive a vette.
on May 2,2012 | 05:33AM
palani wrote:
Kind of like the Nike shoe wearing Seattle Occuoiers smashing Nike store windows in their hometown. Google KIRO7 News for details.
on May 2,2012 | 06:41AM
palani wrote:
Sorry, "Occupiers" not "Occuoiers". SA needs to provde some spellcheck help to catch typos.
on May 2,2012 | 06:43AM
st1d wrote:
more like a bait master.
on May 2,2012 | 07:14AM
SandBar wrote:
Money talks. If you don't like a certain corporation, boycott their product. Easier to get the silent majority involved in a boycott than a protest. Hawaii people are less confrontational than the mainland.
on May 2,2012 | 08:45AM
Kawipoo wrote:
We get off our okoles and work and therefore have comfortable houses. You should be addressing the Occupiers instead. If you don't like the politicians get off your okole and vote.
on May 2,2012 | 05:09AM
palani wrote:
Oh, that Laulani, famous for her all CAPS and boldface comments on these pages.

At least we didn't see any of the Cleveland attempted "blow-up-the-bridge" Occupiers here in Honolulu.

on May 2,2012 | 06:38AM
allie wrote:
Laulani is ok. She is funny. I like her
on May 2,2012 | 11:47AM
palani wrote:
Me, too. I especially appreciated learning about the "splintered paddle" decree. I just wish she would not SHOUT.
on May 2,2012 | 01:02PM
st1d wrote:
what's boring about the owies is their intellectual flatulence in their belief that there is only one way to solve society's problems, their way. they ignore that hawaii's people through taxes provide health and welfare benefits to those in need and the homeless. they refuse to see that hawaii's people contribute funds, food, and volunteer for shelters, food banks, and health centers. rather than playing at being an adult, hawaii's people actively assist the needy in many ways. faith based charities seek out the needy and give them support to allow them to be contributing members of society. the owies still have time to ask for a refund from their professors and use the money to seek therapy to help them become contributing citizens of hawaii.
on May 2,2012 | 06:39AM
allie wrote:
good point. Occupiers mean well but just cannot connect to lcoal folks. Laulani is a lot of fun. She lives in a world of comfortable self-delusion.
on May 2,2012 | 11:52AM
McCully wrote:
Just a brunch of donkeys protesting for nothing. They probably got accounts in the banks they're protesting. How stupid is that.
on May 2,2012 | 07:32AM
control wrote:
Sad that people with personal agendas have taken over Honolulu's Occupy movement. Kind of like how the tea party folks have taken over the republican party for their own agenda. If you want to talk to the mayor, then make an appointment instead of grandstanding.
on May 2,2012 | 07:46AM
Kaleo744 wrote:
right or wrong I dont past judgment on the reasoning for their "protest" that's why we have the right of "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" you dont have to agree or disagree with any one group what ever their agenda may be, but once you start labeling these groups as "donkeys"makes me kinda wonder who's worst? How does a local suppose to look like? Im ready for all the comebacks on this one.
on May 2,2012 | 08:30AM
palani wrote:
The Occupiers we actually see are just the pawns of the unions and Democrat party, which very appropriately has a donkey as its logo.
on May 2,2012 | 09:50AM
keawe wrote:
...you know da group at Thomas Square? dey get about 9 tents, couple tables, and once in a while get somebody sitting on da table. dey even get signs up dat nobody holding. You sure dey not just saving money on hotel rooms and enjoying a low life vacation? by da way everybody should try stop insulting da Donkeys. Donkeys get more sense den living on da sidewalks.... oh yeah a local supposed to look clean and respect there elders and the Aina.
on May 2,2012 | 10:00AM
saveparadise wrote:
There is a time and place for Freedom of speech. Actions speak louder than words. Your own discretion of when and where labels you a protestor/patriot, mentor/hypocrite, occupier/donkey, etc.,.............
on May 2,2012 | 08:38AM
tim5fl wrote:
Bums, just lazy low-lifes, just what is their message anyway?
on May 2,2012 | 09:25AM
st1d wrote:
the owie movement here and elsewhere seems to be made up of little children naively intoxicated with overblown self esteem to the point that they have no esteem for anyone other than themselves. the majority of hawaii's citizens provide health and welfare assistance for the needy and poor through taxes paid from wages earned at jobs. many more volunteer at shelters and donate food and money to food banks, ihs, and river of life. faith based organizations also provide needed health and welfare assistance to those who are in need. far from being uninvolved and ignorant, the majority of hawaii's citizens are deeply involved with helping our brothers and sisters in need. perhaps, this is the reason the message of the owies does not resonate with anyone outside their tiny cult of self worship.
on May 2,2012 | 09:55AM
twitter6 wrote:
West Side boys, how about showing Occupy some hospitality and a one way ticket out of HI. Problem solved
on May 2,2012 | 09:43PM
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