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Obama, Romney tackle issue of nation's safety

By Nedra Pickler and Philip Elliott

Associated Press


WASHINGTON » Looking to win voters even as they swore off negative attacks, President Barack Obama touted his administration's military accomplishments on the 11th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks while rival Mitt Romney warned against budget cuts that he said would be devastating to the armed forces.

Obama pointed to gains in the war on terror during his time as commander in chief to make the case that Americans are better protected.

"Al-Qaida's leadership has been devastated, and Osama bin Laden will never threaten us again. Our country is safer and our people are resilient," the president said at a Pentagon memorial service.

Romney, in a speech to a National Guard convention in Reno, Nev., won applause for thanking the Navy SEALs who killed bin Laden. Romney, who didn't mention Obama, added, "I wish I could say the world is less dangerous now."

The day offered Romney a chance to address criticism that he didn't include a salute to the troops or reference the war in Af­ghani­stan in his GOP convention speech last week.

"With less than two months to go before election day, I would normally speak to a gathering like this about the differences between my and my opponent's plans for our military and for our national security," Romney told thousands packed convention hall. "There is a time and a place for that, but this day is not it."

But Romney still delivered a political speech — criticizing defense cuts scheduled to take place early next year and suggesting an end to the war in Af­ghani­stan lacks a clear mission, even though his strategy is similar to Obama's.

Obama's goal is to end all U.S. combat there by the end of 2014, while Romney says he wants to hand over security responsibility to the Afghans at a pace that does not risk the country's collapse and al-Qaida's return, without specifics about troop numbers.

Polls show Obama leading Romney on terrorism and national security issues, but both are a low priority for voters in an election dominated by the economy. A CBS News/poll conducted in July found 37 percent of voters called terrorism and security extremely important to their vote, while 54 percent said the economy and jobs were that important.

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Kuniarr wrote:
Obama is riding the coat tails of GW Bush when it comes to the safety of the people of the US. Unlike GW Bush, Obama is a weakling concerning: Russia, China, and Iran.
on September 12,2012 | 09:20AM
false wrote:
Bush left no coat tails to ride. Texas is a country to itself and equally arrogant. There no esteem Bushes, because we were left with war and the debt of war. It was dumb.
on September 14,2012 | 05:23AM
tiki886 wrote:
Obama praised and encouraged the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt! Now they have come back to roost in Obama's Embassy! Obama through Hillary, sided with the 'rebels' in Libya and now they have murdered our Ambassador!

Obama has been bragging about killing Bin Laden by repeating the bumper sticker slogan "GM is alive and Osama is dead!" If Obama is So Concerned with Feelings in the Muslim World, Why is He Bragging So Much About Killing Osama?

By "spiking the ball" for political purposes, Obama is the one who killed our ambassador and creating new wars in the Middle East!

on September 12,2012 | 12:49PM
tiki886 wrote:
In Egypt at the embassy yesterday, the protesters were all shouting, "We're all Osama's, Obama. We're all Osama's, Obama." There are millions of Osamas, Obama. So we might even conclude, ladies and gentlemen, that if we're gonna accept this notion that hurt feelings inspire terrorism, then maybe Obama is responsible for this, and ultimately maybe the blame falls to him.
on September 12,2012 | 12:55PM
allie wrote:
false hon
on September 13,2012 | 06:35AM
geralddeheer wrote:
What a crock of nonsence. So, for political purposes President Obama killed our ambassador. Maybe you and Romney could compare notes.
on September 13,2012 | 06:39AM
tiki886 wrote:
Yes, political expedience, stoopidity, incompetence and a brain geared toward apologizing to our enemies. It's the "Hate America First" mentallity - If terrorists kill Americans, it must be "our" fault.
on September 13,2012 | 04:16PM
tiki886 wrote:
Duh!? Romney didn't allow the terrorists to kill Americans in our embassy. Obama's failed policies killed our diplomats. Weakness invites aggression, disrespect and hate.
on September 13,2012 | 05:26PM
false wrote:
The ridiculously untimely release of the Bin Laden book raised the bar for a renewed attack on 9/11. The US will continue to be a target as long as we are engaged in war on the planet. Obama isn't about making conflicts. He grew up in a culture that doesn't see the gain in that. No huhu makes a lot of sense. It is of course most challenging when a challenger "shoves it to you". It comes in many forms. Code name for that behavior is "steve".
on September 14,2012 | 05:28AM
allie wrote:
Bush failed to protect the nation on 9-11 and dragged us into two losing wars that have ruined our economy. Romney looks to be the same kind of rum dummy. We are all voting Obama
on September 13,2012 | 06:35AM
boshio wrote:
For this reason alone, Romney doesn't stand a chance in this election. Yes, vote Democrtact.
on September 13,2012 | 12:44PM
tiki886 wrote:
You mean, vote COMMUNIST!
on September 13,2012 | 04:05PM
Kuniarr wrote:
All Democrats are whipping boys and weaklings when it comes to National Security. Obama is acting like Jimmy Carter towards Iran right now.
on September 13,2012 | 08:50PM
hawaiikone wrote:
"we" again, hon? You've been warned before....
on September 13,2012 | 01:03PM
tiki886 wrote:
What you are witnessing today is the result of three and a half years of Obama's failed foreign policy because if you lead from behind or more like not lead at all, evil people and regimes will fill the vacuum. If you believe that America has no business taking the lead or the initiative in world affairs, then you get "Arab Springs" and enemies like Iran who have now developed a stronger relationship and influence with Iraq than we do with Iraq.

The reason there was a WWl and a WWII is because there was no nation or block of nations that was dominant. These blocks of nations were vying for dominance in the world. After this conflict, only America and the Soviet Union emerged to lead the world and now Obama has this notion that America needs to give up its dominance in the world. The result? No one respects or fears America because Obama has no hair on his balls. He has emerged as the new American Communist - a Dream realized from his commie father.

on September 13,2012 | 02:31PM
tiki886 wrote:
ALLIE: The cost of the wars in the Middle East since 2001 has totaled $1.4 trillion dollars and has been only 20% of our national annual budget each year.

Obama on the other hand has accumulated 4 to 5 times as much spending debt in 3.5 years and what has he got to show for it? 8% plus unemployment, stagflation and communism.

on September 13,2012 | 04:10PM
Kuniarr wrote:
Baloney. All you Democrats forget that the Intelligence community in place in September 2001 was from 8 years of Bill Clinton. The fact of the matter is that in 1999 the Bill Clinton administration had the opportunity to get Bin Laden but did not.

The intelligence community in place today under Obama is from our legacy from GW Bush.

on September 13,2012 | 08:48PM
cabot17 wrote:
I wonder if the film insulting Muslims is a coordinated dirty trick by Republicans designed to enrage the Muslim world and embarrass Obama?
on September 13,2012 | 08:14AM
KekoaBradshaw wrote:
Yes, it makes you wonder. Maybe the mainstream Republicans didn't do it, but what about some of those Tea Party types or evangelicals who are 10,000% behind Israel? When Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said in 2009 that the goal of Senate Republicans is to make sure Obama is a one-term president (which is why there are no compromises), some not-cases to the extreme right of the Republican party would engineer anything to defeat Obama.
on September 13,2012 | 01:02PM
tiki886 wrote:
Obama and the Democrat House and Senate had free reign for 2 years. They screwed up so bad that dozens of Democrats were fired and Republicans took over the House to stop the insanity and almost won a filibuster proof Senate. Yes, defeat of Obama and his minions is necessary to preserve America and all that is good and great about her.
on September 13,2012 | 02:39PM
tiki886 wrote:
You ignore what the terrorists have done to our embassies and focus on Romney as if he were the one at fault? You, Obama and the national media are ALL morally bankrupt!
on September 13,2012 | 02:11PM
false wrote:
See, told you R and R are "pretty girls". So glad their skirts are showing. It may have finally turned the tide on the lack of experience with the demand needed. They should have been respectfully quiet until they had the facts, which they don't have access to.
on September 14,2012 | 05:22AM
tiki886 wrote:
Obama said yesterday Egypt is neither our enemy nor our ally. Jimmy Carter had to correct him that Egypt is our ally. Duh!?
on September 14,2012 | 08:03AM
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