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More voters head early to the polls

Some 1,729 regulars and first-timers show on the initial day of early walk-in voting

By Leila Fujimori

LAST UPDATED: 12:57 p.m. HST, Oct 24, 2012

The number of Oahu early walk-in voters Tuesday — 1,729 — topped first-day totals for the August primary and the 2010 general elections, which were 983 and 1,261, respectively.

"We're off to a good start," said Hono­lulu City Clerk Bernice Mau, adding that her office had also received 24,000 absentee ballots as of Tuesday morning.


Any registered voter may vote during the early voting period, which runs through Nov. 3. Bring a photo ID. Times are Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., except where noted.

>> Honolulu Hale
>> Kapolei Hale
>> Pali Golf Course

>> Aupuni Center, Hilo
>> West Hawaii Civic Center, Kailua-Kona
>> Waimea Community Center

>> County Clerk’s Office, Wailuku
>> Mitchell Pauole Center, Molokai. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m.; Saturday, 8 a.m. to noon

>> Historic County Annex, Lihue

At Honolulu Hale on Tuesday afternoon, a steady stream of early walk-in voters for the general election flowed in. For some it's a tradition, and for others it was their first time

"I've been voting early since I got home in 2000," said James Tomi, 55, of Wai­pahu, who moved home from Seattle 12 years ago. "It's convenient. … I've already decided. It's not as crowded, and you can park right up front." (Parking is free for voters on South King Street in front of Hono­lulu Hale.)

Punchbowl resident Paulette Haliniak, 68, said she was voting early for the first time, since she'll be off-island on election day.

"Usually we go to vote as a family," all eight voters in their household, she said. "For the primary we all went to Stevenson Intermediate in one car. We say, ‘Who you voted for?' and that night we watch the results on TV and cheer on (the candidates)."

But Haliniak may be introducing a new tradition. She picked up absentee ballot applications for the whole family, "so that way nobody has an excuse."

For those who submitted absentee ballot applications Thursday or Friday, they are still being processed.

Mau said, "If anyone was on the permanent absentee list from 2010 or the primary and hasn't received a ballot yet, they should call our office at 768-3800."

Those who put in a request two weeks ago and haven't received it yet should also call.

Absentee voters who have moved or who have requested mail to be held while on vacation should also call the clerk's office since the post office does not forward or hold ballots, as with other mail, for security reasons, Mau said.

Mau said 621 replacement ballots went out Tuesday to Upper Manoa voters in the 5th Precinct of the 23rd House District who received duplicate ballots. They should arrive in a couple of days, she said. Voters in the same district who received no ballots should also receive them soon since they were mailed Monday.

Elections Administrator Glen Taka­ha­shi said the initial number of 817 voters who were mailed duplicate ballots was an estimate, and they subsequently pinpointed the number at 621.

Voters have until Tuesday to request an absentee mail ballot. Applications must be received by the city clerk's office by 4:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Kimi Elder, 56, of Chinatown said, "The minute I'm able to vote, I vote. … Now when I see all the ads, I don't care. Now we can just put it out of our heads."

Darrow Aiona, 77, a former state Board of Education member, said, "It's the second time (doing early walk-in voting). It's so much more convenient. … You never know, for one reason or another, you (may) have conflicts (on election day)."

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manakuke wrote:
Absentee voters serve as one of the key Hawaii voting blocs.
on October 24,2012 | 03:39AM
Ronin006 wrote:
There was a time when we had an Election Day in the United States. It was the day when people went to the polls to cast their ballots after campaigning was completed. People who were not going to be available on Election Day could vote by absent ballot. Then some states started allowing people to walk in and vote early, in some cases as early as two months before the election campaign ends. This is ridiculous. Early voting allows people to vote while candidates are still being vetted and before debates in which opposing candidates express their positions on various issues. There are lots of things that can happen within the last few days before Election Day which could change people’s minds, but if they already have voted early, it is too late to do anything about it.
on October 24,2012 | 04:58AM
nitpikker wrote:
i disagree. romney and dingle say one thing when courting their republican party nomination and change their tunes later. that tells me a lot about their character. by this time if you don't know about the candidates running for office, the TRUE candidates, you never will.
on October 24,2012 | 06:47AM
allie wrote:
on October 24,2012 | 08:14AM
Ronin006 wrote:
Ok, so if you already voted for Obama and the world learns next week that he lied about the attack on our consulate in Benghazi and that he ordered his staff to provide cover by also lying about it, you are saying you would be ok with that. Is that right?
on October 24,2012 | 09:42AM
5xcalibir2 wrote:
jus like a republican...hypothetically negative
on October 24,2012 | 04:57PM
aomohoa wrote:
Excuse me, 5xcalibir2, I am a republican and I already voted. Guess what , it's not a dirty word. I just can't into being a socialist!
on October 24,2012 | 07:03PM
fka wrote:
How true. They say things that the voters want to hear,in order to get their votes,when they truly mean otherwise. In other words,they are good salemen.
on October 24,2012 | 09:36AM
aomohoa wrote:
Statistics say, the debates change very few peoples minds.
on October 24,2012 | 09:33AM
tiki886 wrote:
The few whose minds do matter belongs to the "undecided" vote. That is scary. If you can't make up your mind until the very last moment, I surely don't want any election dependent upon i diots who can't figure out the truth by now.
on October 24,2012 | 04:55PM
kennysmith wrote:
why don't they like to vote i just wonder. don't this like to.
on October 24,2012 | 06:56AM
loquaciousone wrote:
Early voting is like going to the races and picking a horse to place and then the breaks a leg at the starting line.
on October 24,2012 | 07:19AM
tiki886 wrote:
If you notice, it is the Obama campaign that is pushing early voting, not the Romney campaign. Obama wants to lock in as many votes for himself before the Libyan scandal explodes.
on October 24,2012 | 04:58PM
Grimbold wrote:
I don't see why anybody would bother to go to a poll place to vote, when you can do it with absentee voting comfortably in the undisturbed privacy of your home.
on October 24,2012 | 07:33AM
allie wrote:
good point although early voting may prevent you from changing your vote after more Lingle scandals emerge at the last minute. People are investigating her background and who the dark powers are that are financing her election on the mainalnd and in Israel
on October 24,2012 | 08:16AM
iwanaknow wrote:
I can't wait til voting is done on-line!
on October 24,2012 | 08:19AM
aomohoa wrote:
You love to talk about Lingle's connection with Israel.Maybe you should explain that further. As far a I know Israel is our allie in the Middle East.
on October 24,2012 | 09:42AM
allie wrote:
Oh come now. Please read history and current events. Why does that country have a choke hold on our foreign policy? What have they done to honor and support the uSA. It is all one sided.Please examine their role in getting us intot eh disastrous Iraq war. In fact...just look behind the curtain in general.
on October 24,2012 | 10:29AM
Bdpapa wrote:
You are definitely not from North Dakota!
on October 24,2012 | 10:37AM
hawaiikone wrote:
Who are you really?
on October 24,2012 | 01:19PM
tiki886 wrote:
She is the Jewish the nightmare incarnate as an Indian Princess.
on October 24,2012 | 05:14PM
5xcalibir2 wrote:
amen to that...got mine yesterday...voted for the winners and mailed it in.
on October 24,2012 | 05:04PM
aomohoa wrote:
If only your free education was doing you any good. LOL!
on October 24,2012 | 07:07PM
5xcalibir2 wrote:
alright Obama gets tiki886's vote when by Nov. 6 the Libyan scandal DOES NOT explode.
on October 24,2012 | 05:03PM
aomohoa wrote:
That is what we always do Grimbold. Maybe people just don't think about how much easier that is to do.
on October 24,2012 | 09:34AM
aomohoa wrote:
Good, good, good. At least all the registered voters with vote, I hope! They are making it so easy. No excuses, please:)
on October 24,2012 | 09:32AM
fka wrote:
This year was the first year I absentee voted and liked it very much. So simple and convenient. Just vote and send in the ballot. No stamps required,no hassles with making time on election day to vote. SIMPLY GREAT!
on October 24,2012 | 09:32AM
Bdpapa wrote:
I like going to the polling place. I definitely know my vote was counted. There is no chance of getting lost in the mail. Now, I can sit back and cruise. The fighting is over now let's see who's the last one standing when the dust settles. Good fortune to all!
on October 24,2012 | 10:39AM
Mana07 wrote:
I can't wait until Obama is thrown out on his okole. The new mantra is "THREE MORE MONTHS." Hey Libs...it's over. Today's breaking news, revealing that Obama KNEW it was terrorism 2 hours after the Benghazi attack was the final straw. Gonna be a bummer having the freeway shut down all the time when he moves here in January.....
on October 24,2012 | 11:40AM
Mana07 wrote:
Today's breaking news that Obama knew that the Benghazi attack was terrorism 2 hours after it happened will prove to be the final straw. Romney will win. Hey advertiser....how come liberals can make all kinds of inflamatory remarks and name call but any anti-obama remark gets sent for approval?
on October 24,2012 | 11:45AM
Grimbold wrote:
I don't understand what big difference it makes: To say our ambassador was killed by Terrorists, or he was killed by a mob of angry murderers who have not registered yet as terrorists. Dah! To attack Obama on that detail is ridiculous . ( And I am not a Obama supporter)
on October 24,2012 | 12:30PM
aomohoa wrote:
What is important is always the details! I didn't vote for Obama because he is not doing any good when it comes to our economy. As far as I am concerned, he is likable but as close to a Socialist as anyone can be!
on October 24,2012 | 07:12PM
Larry01 wrote:
I think you might want to read these comment sections again. The majority of irresponsible, inflammatory comments come from the other side, usually making fun of Obama's name and repeating unfounded rumors and lies about liberals. Childish and immature to say the least, it's the only way they seem to know how to get thier points across.
on October 24,2012 | 12:31PM
fka wrote:
I think otherwise,Obama will win,but it will be close. I voted for Obama,he is for the 99% and I am one of them.Romney's primary objective is to cater to the wealthy.
on October 24,2012 | 06:27PM
HawaiiCheeseBall wrote:
No reason not to vote, absentee, early voting or go to the polls on election day. Come on my fellow citizens, get informed and go out and vote!
on October 24,2012 | 12:26PM
Larry01 wrote:
Oh, and trust me, my comments always get sent for approval and do not show up for hours. Sometimes not until the next day. So don't feel bad.
on October 24,2012 | 12:32PM
M75 wrote:
on October 24,2012 | 03:47PM
tiki886 wrote:
Yes, that is what nit wit and allie are saying.
on October 24,2012 | 04:52PM
5xcalibir2 wrote:
Larry01 that's their nature, LIE, CHEAT, AND DECEIVE!!!!!
on October 24,2012 | 05:08PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
I was surprised to hear that out of 1,700 votes more than 80% were for Ben. Now, that's serious momentum!
on October 24,2012 | 06:48PM
aomohoa wrote:
Let's keep the momentum going people.!
on October 24,2012 | 07:15PM
fka wrote:
on October 24,2012 | 07:31PM
DowntownGreen wrote:
Haven't seen that fact reported. Link?
on October 24,2012 | 10:22PM
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