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H-1 truck crash bedevils drivers on Halloween

By Gordon Y.K. Pang

LAST UPDATED: 11:42 a.m. HST, Nov 01, 2012

A garbage truck slammed into the H-1 freeway median near the Kao­nohi overpass in Aiea on Wednesday afternoon, creating a nightmare from West Oahu to Kahala for motorists trying to get home or out for Halloween trick-or-treating.

The crash occurred at about 1:30 p.m. when a Rainbow Waste Service truck that was believed to be heading east into town on the freeway smashed into the median and hopped over the concrete medial barrier into the farthest left westbound lane.

Paramedics took a man in his 30s to a hospital in serious condition after the crash.

Police closed three eastbound lanes and two Ewa-bound lanes because of the crash. That had traffic backed up far into town, affecting even traffic trying to head east. Crews managed to dislodge and remove the garbage truck by about 5:30 p.m., but repairs continued on the Zipper Lane. Westbound lanes reopened at about 7 p.m., and eastbound lanes were cleared at about 7:45 p.m.

Caroline Sluyter, state Department of Transportation spokes­woman, said the Zipper Lane will be open during regular hours this morning.

Amy Hennessey, communications director at the nonprofit Ulu­pono Initiative, was among those who had her Halloween disrupted.

Scheduled to attend a meeting on Hawaii island this morning, she decided to fly over Wednesday night to spend time with her parents at their home in Hilo.

Stuck in traffic along Nim­itz Highway for nearly two hours trying to get from downtown to the airport, Hennessey changed her flight from 5 p.m. to 5:30 and then 6:30. Finally, stuck at Nim­itz and Lagoon Drive at 6 p.m., Hennessey was forced to settle for a flight out at 6:02 a.m. today. She waited out the traffic by having dinner at the strip mall on Paiea Street near the airport.

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what wrote:
A new highway would solve these traffic problems by bypassing bottlenecks. As proposed in 2005, extend H-3 across Ford Island and on to Kapolei. The Navy commander at the time approved it, but Mufi Hannemann rejected it. Very selfish and shortsighted of him. A new highway is cheaper and more beneficial to the community than rail. Rail should be built IN TOWN where the population core is. The current rail is too big, monstrous, and expensive for a small city like Honolulu and will bankrupt us. Need to scale it down.
on November 1,2012 | 02:25AM
bobbob wrote:
um, that would not have prevented this crash. There was no traffic at the time, and the road was straight.
on November 1,2012 | 07:27AM
what wrote:
um, I did not say it would prevent the crash. Read again. A new highway would give an alternate route for people to get around the crash and would have prevent the traffic bottleneck. I think you are confusing the word bottleneck, which is a traffic jam/backup, with a crash.
on November 1,2012 | 10:22AM
Shh wrote:
I agree. The rail ideas is too big, monstrous, and expensive for Honolulu to Kapolei. It doesn't seem right to have it in Hawaii when the number of people that would ride it is very minimal. It seems ridiculous that they would even start the rail project knowing these facts. Such a big mistake and I don't see Hawaii ever being able to bounce back if that project continues forward. What are they thinking? Very sad.
on November 1,2012 | 11:07AM
OldEnoughToRemember wrote:
By extending the H3, Mufi and the pro rail jihadists wouldn't have been able to profit off of it.
on November 1,2012 | 11:51AM
kapolei wrote:
FACT CHECK: Please provide independent (i.e. news article) evidenve that "the Navy commander at the time approved it, but Mufi Hannemann rejected it"... Here's my evidence that your "facts" are simply not true: "http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2005/Aug/30/ln/FP508300343.html" where Lt. Barbara Mertz, a spokeswoman for Navy Region Hawai'i, said the project is "infeasible" because of "safety and operational restrictions as well as the Navy's responsibility for historic preservation at Ford Island, which must be taken into account." nice try...next lie?...you must live in East Honolulu?
on November 1,2012 | 01:25PM
what wrote:
At the time, the Navy was talking about home-porting an aircraft carrier in Pearl Harbor and saw the highway as supporting that function. It's been awhile so I'll have to google some more to dig it up more, but google easily turns up an April 2005 Star Bulletin article citing Admiral Macdonald saying that the Navy was "receptive" and open to negotiating a bridge and highway through Pearl Harbor. Until I find more, I will revise my statement to say that the Navy was receptive and open to the plan.
on November 1,2012 | 10:19PM
spamhawaii wrote:
The design of the highways are one thing but in reality the root cause of traffic is the amount of cars on the road. Instead of rail, elevated highways, bridges, etc., the politicians should focus on reducing the number of cars on the road. Here are some suggestions.....1) Stricter traffic laws. Any moving violations = automatic 30 day suspension minimum and up to 5 years depending on the violation. 2) Make a revised road test that is harder than ever. Don't just give out licenses like they currently do. If you can't read English, then how can you read the signs? 3) Make anyone over the age of 70 renew their license every 6 months, not just the written test but the actual road test every 6 months. 4) Lastly, which is by far the most drastic but would reduce traffic IMMEDIATELY. Raise the gas tax and I mean double or triple it. Yeah yeah, a lot of people would oppose this method but it'll definitely work. Remember when gas prices shot through the roof in 2008 and the buses were at full capacity? Surprisingly, people must have gotten used to the high price because they're back to driving their big trucks and SUVs even though the gas price today isn't that much lower than it was in 2008. We can also just wait it out since gas prices are inevitably going to rise as the world's supply dwindles. When China and India's economy really booms, neither Romney, Obama or any other President will be able to stop the energy problem.......In 10-15 years, people will be able to buy gas guzzlers for pennies on the dollar.
on November 1,2012 | 07:29PM
Bumby wrote:
A bridge or bridges from Ewa to Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. No need to have it for the public until such a time in the future when the military says okay. In the meantime having another way to get to Pearl Harbor and Hickam for our government workers and military people will make many consider living out there in Waipahu, Ewa, Kapolei, etc. who work in Pearl Harbor and Hickam. Having another roadway (bridges) will help eliviate a great percentage of the traffic on H1.
on November 1,2012 | 11:41PM
whs1966 wrote:
IRT What: Oh, yes, a new highway on which more vehicles would be jamming into and out of the core of Honolulu. Of course, it would be less expensive than rail.
on November 1,2012 | 04:31AM
kiragirl wrote:
Honolulu has the least amount of highways in the nation per capita. Yes, I know land is scarce but that is why we have traffic: Not enough highways!
on November 1,2012 | 05:30AM
Anonymous wrote:
Actually putting the landfill in the Windward or East side would help. Right now the H1 ,west of Middle street , to include Moanalua freeway,H2 and H3 are the most clogged and heavily used roadway in the State. Putting more asphault down will not help it. The Rail would also provide relief as it would go right pass the mess with no problems. Do you know how many children had to cancel their trick or treat because of this mess! Families on the West and Central Oahu still suffer as opined in Governor Ariyoshi's article last week. It's time for the Aloha Spirit to shine.
on November 1,2012 | 07:51AM
Kuniarr wrote:
Under F.A.S.T. and its Traffic Management system the closing of 2 or 3 lanes would only have caused a slight inconvenience to drivers because Variable Speed Limit would have taken control immediately and prevented vehicles from rushing into the accident site and cause over-crowding which in turn cause stop-and-go-traffic congestion and consequently vehicles going thru the accident site would be running at near normal speed instead of Stop-and-Go at 5-10 mph.
on November 1,2012 | 11:31AM
OldEnoughToRemember wrote:
Rail will never be ridden by enough people, even the pro-rail stats say so. So trick or treat didn't happen. Boo effin hoo. Blame the HPD traffic investigation that takes hours on end when it all of it should have been over with in an hour.
on November 1,2012 | 11:55AM
itoboy wrote:
OldEnoughToRemember: "Boo effin hoo." Typical anti-rail attitude. Keep posting. This is why your candidate is slipping in the polls.
on November 1,2012 | 03:04PM
OldEnoughToRemember wrote:
I have no candidate in the polls. Both options suck big time and are more of the same old problems that voters here keep reelecting and then wonder why nothing effin changes.
on November 1,2012 | 08:04PM
Big C wrote:
Better more attentive drivers would help resolve such problems from reoccuring. Slow Down, Don't Tail Gate, Pay Attention to your task of driving. Not blaming anyone specific for last night mess, since don't know who or what caused the accident.
on November 1,2012 | 05:12AM
Publicbraddah wrote:
I agree Big C. Drivers of large, commercial vehicles are no different from drivers of passenger vehicles except their vehicles are capable of very serious damage. Not sure of the cause of yesterday's accident but other accidents involving large vehicles like the Aiea incident and a few years back with the H1 overpass indicates drivers were negligent.
on November 1,2012 | 06:38AM
kennie1933 wrote:
I don't know about you guys, but I've been on the freeway going maybe 55-60 and have had huge trucks pass me by like I was standing still! If any of those trucks ever had to brake suddenly like for a road hazard or a car cutting it off, that's instant disaster. A small car would have a hard enough time. I've even had buses speed past me carrying full loads. Disasters waiting to happen.
on November 1,2012 | 08:35AM
Taimalie12 wrote:
AND, a lot of these trucks are driving in the left lanes!!!!
on November 1,2012 | 08:57AM
Tenatwelve wrote:
Yep, only in Hawaii.
on November 1,2012 | 09:25AM
hawaiikone wrote:
trucks should be restricted to the right lane only.
on November 1,2012 | 02:09PM
twitter6 wrote:
A lot of commercial vehicles speed and fly past me when I am going the speed limit. Those vehicles take longer to stop than an automobile so I can't understand why these drivers take the risk and endanger others. Absent any alleged medical condition of the driver or mechanical failure I believe Rainbow Waste should issue a public apology to the community for seriously disrupting traffic and ruining Halloween for many families and most of all our keiki. I truly believe the CDL exam needs to be enhanced so we have better commercial drivers on the road.
on November 1,2012 | 11:16AM
Kuniarr wrote:
Under F.A,S.T., 200 close circuit TVs monitor the traffic situation on the H1. Those monitoring the H1 will identify all vehicles driving recklessly on the H1. Private and commercial vehicles speeding or running recklessly on the H1 can be identified and citations issued to prevent re-occurrence.
on November 1,2012 | 11:37AM
OldEnoughToRemember wrote:
Under FAST, we are merely surrendering to more big brother. Unless you can absolutely, positively identify the driver, it is useless.
on November 1,2012 | 11:57AM
olos73 wrote:
Don't they have those cameras on H3? No help with anything. People still speeding and getting into accidents.
on November 1,2012 | 12:30PM
SandBar wrote:
I know a lot of CDL drivers. I hear stories of cars cutting them off almost causing the container they're hauling to jackknife. Have you ever had to jam your brakes because someone cut you off? A heavy truck does not react the same way as a regular car. Give these truck drivers some warning by using your turn signal to change lanes. And give it some time before you actually change lanes so they slow down for you.
on November 1,2012 | 11:56AM
Tora wrote:
Yesterday was a preview of what's going to happen on a regular basis if Cayetano becomes Governer and stops rail. Autos and buses will be gridlocked everytime we have an accident. No other options for Ewa-bound drivers. Freeway and Kam Highway will be parking lots. We should be planning for the future for our kids. The way we're headed, we'll have more intersections and traffic lights to manuever through. Buses will have to stop at all the lights...rail only stops at desiganted stations. Rail has pros and cons but can you imagine what Oahu auto and bus traffic will look like fiive or ten years from now? Make your choice on election day.
on November 1,2012 | 05:54AM
Publicbraddah wrote:
Rail may be the answer if it's done correctly. The one that is being built is wrong for so many reasons; cost, route, ridership estimates, etc. As long as we don't get politicians involved, this might work but too late. People have been paid under the table (Garcia, etc.).
on November 1,2012 | 06:40AM
charlesu wrote:
So....... rail could prevent the gridlock caused by a major traffic accident? Caldwell will not walk on water and rail will not solve everything, wake up.
on November 1,2012 | 06:51AM
olos73 wrote:
I hope Ben was coming up with a solution to this mess cuz he was watching the news and eating his dinner. But, he no need worry, cuz he doesn't drive home to West side. He has all those side streets home to Manoa if there's an accident. He did the same when the Aiea overpass was damaged. Two incidents why he needs to come up with a better solution.
on November 1,2012 | 08:23AM
OldEnoughToRemember wrote:
The better solution for the Aiea overpass would be drivers who know how the eff to drive and know when and where they can carry an oversized load. The solution for big vehicles speeding in the fast lane is to ban them from any other lanes than the right two, like every other state does.
on November 1,2012 | 12:00PM
hawaiikone wrote:
on November 1,2012 | 02:10PM
Jonas wrote:
No, rail won't solve everything, but it is part of a solution. Will FAST or BRT solve everything? No, again they are part of a larger solution. There are and always will be accidents. But at least a rail line which operates independently of the regular freeways and highways will offer a solution for the west side.
on November 1,2012 | 09:16AM
olos73 wrote:
Yeah, at least with any % of cars off the freeway you would've gotten home sooner. Even with Ben's plan, you would be stuck in that traffic somewhere. Heard it was backed up all the way to Punahou and even Ala Moana.
on November 1,2012 | 09:21AM
KekoaBradshaw wrote:
Traffic on the H-1 westbound was backed up to Kaimuki. I know--I was in it.
on November 1,2012 | 10:00AM
olos73 wrote:
I hope had plenty anti-rail supporters stuck too. They can tell Ben what he needs to do. Things come in 3's, already had Aiea overpass fall, truck into median, what's next? Bring plenty food with you and use the bathroom before you drive on freeway, cuz you don't know when the third freeway mess will happen...
on November 1,2012 | 10:24AM
Imagen wrote:
I for one am NOT for THIS rail project. Trying to stop City Hall is unheard of, and yet Ben came out of retirement to do this. I believe that all Oahuans feel there is a need for alternatives, but this particular rail project reeks of stench from corruption and deception. Stop this "Hollywood production" complete with multi-million dollar actors portraying roles that they are concerned with yours and my welfare...Hahahahahahaaaaa; then again, not funny.
on November 1,2012 | 11:45AM
itoboy wrote:
Yep - not to mention all those who missed trick or treating with their kids because it took 2.5 hours to get home. Even the "Express" buses were stuck in the same traffic. I bet all the people on those buses wished there was rail to whisk them by.
on November 1,2012 | 02:50PM
Shh wrote:
I was in it too and not even rail would have made a difference in that traffic. There aren't that many people on the West side that would even use rail to begin with so let's get to reality. The only thing rail is going to do is become a burden to the taxpayers. The only reason there were so much traffic was because the accident couldn't have happened at the worse time. It was Halloween and everyone had plans to be somewhere else for the evening.
on November 1,2012 | 11:23AM
GooglyMoogly wrote:
I agree. We couldn't have known that it was going to take several hours to get home last night. If we're all being honest, even if there were rail, how many of us would've taken a chance and gotten into our cars? Most, I'm guessing.
on November 1,2012 | 11:49AM
control wrote:
took 2 hours to get from ala moana center to the windward side. Gridlock on ala moana blvd and again on the pali starting at old pali road.
on November 1,2012 | 11:12AM
Kuniarr wrote:
Rail only goes from Alamoana to the West Side.
on November 1,2012 | 11:48AM
Kuniarr wrote:
No, Jonas. No. The solution is actual and real Traffic Relief on the H1. Not just an alternative to traffic congestion with Rail. Actually making SITTING FOR HOURS IN TRAFFIC ONT HE H1 a thing of the past which under Traffic Management System of F.A.S.T will happen.

The introduction of Variable Speed Limit implemented by modern Technology to the H1 brings Traffic Relief on the H1 for the first in a long long time.

It is high time that Honolulu follow what other Cities like Atlanta, Portland, Orlando, Seattle, St. Louis among many cities that have established Traffic Management system employing VSL implemented by modern technology to bring Traffic Relief on H-26, I-5, I-405, I-285 among several state and inter-state highways.
on November 1,2012 | 11:46AM
olos73 wrote:
If Hawaii could fix their roads like those cities you state, I'm all for it. Too much pukas...
on November 1,2012 | 12:34PM
Anonymous wrote:
And those pukas are only going to get worse with more busses running on those roads!
on November 1,2012 | 07:20PM
Imagen wrote:
Could I have an AMEN?!?!?!?
on November 1,2012 | 11:39AM
soundofreason wrote:
Like rail construction won't be causing the same?
on November 1,2012 | 07:15AM
walaau808 wrote:
Any kind of construction is going to cause delays, but rail construction will not stop the freeway from moving...
on November 1,2012 | 10:56AM
Imagen wrote:
Oh to see through the tarnished lenses of wlaaaua808's eyes...life is GREAT!
on November 1,2012 | 11:46AM
Macadamiamac wrote:
Looks like you drank the PRP koolaid. The 'master plan' for the rail never claimed that it would relieve traffic, nor have subsequent studies and (honest) proponents' claims. If you really care for the 'future of your kids, don't have any (more).
on November 1,2012 | 07:46AM
itoboy wrote:
Macadamiamac - so your solution to traffic is don't have any more kids? This is almost as good and realistic of a solution as FAST. Keep posting these brilliant ideas of yours. There's a reason your candidate has lost so much ground. But who cares, you know it all, so just keep posting.
on November 1,2012 | 03:08PM
XML808 wrote:
Both side of the rail issue have indicated that rail WILL NOT reduce traffic. So gridlock resulting from an accident such as this is inevitable with or without rail. Rail is not a magic bullet, just one piece of a complex solution. For what it's worth, some mainland cities do not allow large trucks in the farthest left-hand lanes of the freeway. If that truck had broken down in the right lane of the freeway, perhaps this would not have resulted in the horrendous traffic we experienced yesterday.
on November 1,2012 | 07:50AM
olos73 wrote:
I don't think it matters what side of the freeway the truck was in because he hit the barrier ending up in Zipper lane, not "broken down." There's not always a shoulder lane on either side of the freeway. So, if you hit something, you'll block that side. Any amount of cars off the freeway would mean you would've reached home faster. As the driving population grows, the number of cars on the road grows.
on November 1,2012 | 09:38AM
itoboy wrote:
BUT the City's studies all show rail will prevent traffic from getting worse. FAST will not help traffic get better either.
on November 1,2012 | 02:52PM
Kuniarr wrote:
Not True.

In addition to BRT, F.A.S.T. will be introducing into Honolulu a system used by many State DOTs to relieve traffic congestion on State and Inter-State Highways such as H-26 (Portland, Oregon), I-4 (Orlando, Florida), I-285 (Atlanta, Georgia), etc.

Under F.A.S.T., there will no more be sitting for hours in traffic on the H1. Nor will the H1 become a huge parking lot.

In fact, F.A.S.T. makes rail unnecessary for commuting purposes because F.A.S,T, brings TRAFFIC RELIEF ON H1.
on November 1,2012 | 09:03PM
Anonymous wrote:
So true Tora. Cayetano = gridlock on the streets and courts. How can a mayor/lawyer do anything if he's constantly in court? This guy is a lose/lose situation.if you thought his last term of governor was bad, you ain't seen nothing.
on November 1,2012 | 07:55AM
Tora - Weak argument. Rail will not solve the traffic problem; only a limited number of ridership will be the norm due to the coverage it will serrvice; it will not traverse Ewa, Mililani, Kunia, etc.. where most cars travel
on November 1,2012 | 09:00AM
itoboy wrote:
But it will serve Kapolei, Waipahu, Pearl City, and Aiea. Then we can build branches to Mililani, Ewa, and other communities. We have to start somewhere.
on November 1,2012 | 02:54PM
loquaciousone wrote:
What happens if you multiply Tora by 3? Why you get a Pearl Harbor movie TORA TORA TORA . By the way what did you steal to get your nick?
on November 1,2012 | 09:53AM
control wrote:
And yet there are people who still believe CayetaNO's not-so-FAST faux choo choo bus would have been unaffected by the traffic mess.
on November 1,2012 | 11:11AM
Kuniarr wrote:
Ah, what all rail bloggers do not know is that F.A.S.T. brings Traffic Relief on H1 such that Sitting for hours in Traffic on H1 becomes a thing of the past.
on November 1,2012 | 09:06PM
Kuniarr wrote:
Not really, Tora. Not really. What you and many are not aware of is that F.A.S.T has an aspect far more important and vital to the people than Rail or BRT.--- Traffic Relief on H1.
on November 1,2012 | 11:39AM
billso wrote:
I wonder why anyone who lives Ewa would vote for Cayetano, given that rail could take a lot of cars and buses off the freeway through Aiea and Pearl City.
on November 1,2012 | 11:45AM
Kuniarr wrote:
Voting for Cayetano means not only BRT but also TRAFFIC RELIEF ON THE H1.

Voting for Cayetano means - NO MORE SITTING FOR HOURS IN TRAFFIC ON H1. And can Rail ever do that, billso?

Whenever an accident occurs on H1 or one or two lanes are closed, Rail can not do anything to prevent traffic congestion from happening. But Cayetano's F.A.S.T can and will prevent traffic congestion from happening when one or two lanes on H1 are closed to Traffic

Cayetano's F.A.S.T. does two things (1) bring Traffic Relief on the H1 (2) make commuting by Bus more convenient with BRT.
on November 1,2012 | 09:11PM
GooglyMoogly wrote:
Yes, because more rail cars will magically appear in situations like yesterday to get everybody home on time. For all the hours that we spent in traffic yesterday, I'm not sure people would prefer spending an hour or two waiting at the rail station. And remember, those people that would've left their cars at work to take the rail home last night would face a similar wait this morning to take the rail back in to town.
on November 1,2012 | 11:46AM
MakaniKai wrote:
And once at the rail station they would catch the bus, walk or have someone pick them up in order to get home? Repeat in the morning and then drive home???? Jus askin' Aloha.
on November 1,2012 | 12:35PM
GooglyMoogly wrote:
I wasn't even considering getting to and from the rail station. I was referring to the wait to actually get on a rail car to begin the journey home...and then the wait to get on a rail car the next morning to head back into work. I'm sure if we knew ahead of time that it was going to take a few hours to get home last night, some would've opted to give the rail a try (the world my assumption takes place in has a completed rail system). The problem is that we usually don't know how long the ride home was until it's completed. So, most would've gotten in their car anyway.
on November 1,2012 | 04:09PM
Anonymous wrote:
The frequency is every 3 minutes during rush hour. Maximum peak time can be as short as 1 1/2 minutes, you wouldn't be waiting very long at all…Do a basic amount of research (a 3 minute google search) before assuming misinformation spoon fed to you by the Cayetano camp.
on November 1,2012 | 07:31PM
itoboy wrote:
Agreed, Tora. We need options. An option that would be invulnerable to what has become routine motor vehicle accidents so people can better plan their schedules; an option that would allow people to save on gasoline costs, vehicle wear and tear, and perhaps even the need for a vehicle; an option that would save one the stress of fighting traffic and road rage; an option that would allow people to read,sleep, text, or check emails or play games on their smartphones. Rail won't solve everything, but neither would flyovers (double-decker roads) and jamming more buses on already crowded roads.
on November 1,2012 | 02:46PM
Kuniarr wrote:
No, Tora, No. What you and everyone should know is that Cayetano's F.A.S.T. is bringing into Honolulu the solution to the problem that everyone who has experienced (1) during rush hours (2) one or two lanes on H1 is closed to traffic because of an accident or work being undertaken - sitting for hours in traffic on the H1.

The Department of Transportation of other states have relieved traffic congestion on State highways as H-26 and Inter-State Highways as I-4, I-5, I-285, I-405, etc.
F.A.S.T will introduce the system that DOT of other States have been using that brought Traffic Relief to several cities.

So, for the first in a long long time - Under F.A.S.T. - There will be NO MORE SITTING FOR HOURS IN TRAFFIC ON THE H1 and THE H1 WILL NEVER EVER BECOME A HUGE PARKING LOT.
on November 1,2012 | 08:53PM
inverse wrote:
{cut and paste my previous comment from a related post}
Been saying this for years; large trucks should NOT be allowed in the left most lanes. This is the LAW in Cailfornia, Florida and pretty much everywhere else in the US, for just this reason. I don't need to know who the driver was, whether he is a nice guy, whether he had a medical condition....I KNOW for a fact you drive in the left most lane to drive at the fatest rate of speed on the highway and for WHATEVER reason the truck loat control, an extermely large truck getting in an accident on the H1 will not only damage the zipper barrier, it will most likely impact traffice going in the OPPOSITE direction.
PS Having the rail in place would NOT have helped most commuters as the bus connections these rail commuters would require to take would have stuck in traffic as well as almost the ENTIRE Honolulu area was impacted by the truck accident, roadwork such as the koko head bound lane of Kapiolani blvd, pau hana traffic, Halloween activities, etc.
on November 1,2012 | 05:58AM
Giligan wrote:
This guy caused heartache for many parents with kids who missed Halloween, for almost every street in the area was stuck. You see too many truckers speeding and driving erraticaly. They are professional drivers, and their job is to not crash their trucks or injure anyone. We have too many unprofessional truck drivers in Hawaii! Bus and van drivers included, even government vehicles. This is the rare case of more government regulation needed, or at least the private sector truck owners need to be more responsible and liable for their equipment. The trucker union is too busy with political PACs.
on November 1,2012 | 06:11AM
inverse wrote:
My second post got sent from approval. Almost every state in the nation has laws that prohibit oversized vehicles (something like greater than 12K-14,000 pounds) from using the left most lanes on a highway or freeway. It is a basic safety issue as the sheer mass of such vehicles are inherently more dangerous and destructive at higher speeds on a highway or freeway. Only in Hawaii do you see oversized vehicles ripping in the left most lanes on a freeway. Wasn't just a week or two ago, some oversized vehicle took out a pedestrian overpass and it was only be sheer luck people were not killed either while on the overpass or bridge material falling onto cars below. Like everything else it will take a de ath before such laws in Hawaii are enacted regarding prohibiting oversized vehicles on our freeways from using the left most lanes
on November 1,2012 | 06:29AM
Nocturnal wrote:
Per copperwire9 you guys both are inconsiderate, have no heart, are probably republicans, don't show or share any empathy. I agree with you guys completely. I see these moke drivers, POUNDING IT. How do I know they're pounding it? Because just like inverse, I am already going 65MPH and these guys are passing me like flying colors which literally means that either my speedometer is broken, probably not, or these guys are going way too fast in their trucks. Sigh, bleeding hearts.
on November 1,2012 | 07:20AM
bobbob wrote:
pretty much. large vehicles should stick to the right hand lane period.
on November 1,2012 | 07:28AM
PTF wrote:
CDL drivers are required to take a BMC medical exam every two years or every year if they have certain medical conditions that is under control like hypertension or non insulin dependent diabetics. Diabetics on insulin are banned from holding a CDL.
on November 1,2012 | 05:37PM
panepane wrote:
I drive on that stretch of freeway almost 7 days a week due to work. Truck headed west almost always head directly for the left lane because they go way faster than the speed limit. For some reason, I've never seen a big rig stopped by the police for speeding, although they usually go 70mph or faster. I always stay in the right lane whenever possible. My opinion for yesterday is that after taking care of the injured, the dangerous lanes closest to the accident (probably 1 east bound and 1 west bound could have been coned off until later at night after peak traffic, then work to free the truck and repair the medial could have been done. It appears no one in government has common sense. This is why we should vote for Cayetano - based on his past political career and what he's saying now shows that he still has a lot of common sense.
on November 1,2012 | 06:47AM
menehunemimi wrote:
AMEN! I was just going to say that. After getting the injured removed, cone it off and fix it after rush hour. I hate the way investigators take so much space & time to write it up.
on November 1,2012 | 02:23PM
donthigpen wrote:
I also agree that large vehicles (tractor trailers, dump truck, garbage trucks, etc.) should be restricted to the right lanes on the freeways. As stated by some earlier, this is a law in many states. Some states have a law that the left lane is used only as a passing lane. This means you can't camp in the left lane and pace vehicles in the next lane. Another problem is most traffic is moving at 55-60 on the freeways (except during rush hours), but you get people in the left 2 lanes cruising at 45-50 which is actually impeding the flow of traffic. But back to the large vehicles - Everything is moved by trucks in Hawaii, from Sand Island or Campbell. Look at the number of Matson trucks on the highways. These companies and the unions would attempt to block any law that would restrict large trucks to the right lanes...time is money. Some of the truck drivers are reckless as I've seen as amany as 3 Honolulu C&C garbage trucks racing/speeding on Ft. Weaver Road at 6 AM on Saturdays.
on November 1,2012 | 06:57AM
bobbob wrote:
Yeah, 1 knuckehead driving slow in the left lane backs traffic up for miles. Then they say "i was driving with aloha (slow)". But how is singlehandedly bottlenecking traffic "driving with aloha"?
on November 1,2012 | 07:30AM
MakaniKai wrote:
IRT bobbob. On top of it these “knuckle heads” chugging along driving with “Aloha” nevah get a clue when 3, 4, 5 cars pass and get in front of them. As for the BIG trucks, I drive the H-1 and H-3 six days a week and can confirm the aggressive and high speed driving habits of these rigs. The majority of these drivers should not possess a CDL. OBTW I cruise with the flow of traffic and if you like pass I ‘m gonna get over if I can. If you signal and like change lanes, not gonna speed up to cut you off. Geez I hate that! Aloha.
on November 1,2012 | 08:18AM
Anonymous wrote:
DOT in Hawaii is so lame. They only enforce required documents and periodic vehicle checks at ports and occasional delivery areas at stores or shopping center delivery docks. They should also put a real hard look at how these second rate CDL drivers are performing on the roadways. Don't get me wrong. There are a lot CDL drivers who take their driving seriously. But a lot do not.
on November 1,2012 | 06:22PM
W_Williams wrote:
Rail can't solve the problem of these large trucks, some of which are driven by individuals who have little regard for the speed limit.
on November 1,2012 | 07:46AM
olos73 wrote:
Yeah, but at least "X" amount of cars won't be on the roads when the next large truck creates a freeway mess. I wonder how many anti-rail people were stuck all the way to Kahala? That's OK, I was watching you on TV just like how Ben was.
on November 1,2012 | 10:29AM
kainalu wrote:
Imagine if you will, that you went to work or school not feeling so well, and now you're stuck in this mess feeling lousy to begin with for a couple of hours. How's about the young mother with the screaming infant - perhaps with a full diaper. Or the elderly with bladder and bowl-movement control issues. Even if they do have adult diapers on, still a horrific experience. It's not just regular healthy people that were stuck in this mess for several hours, it includes a lot of others that are already facing challenges. Challenges that made Halloween night's drive home a horrific nightmare.
on November 1,2012 | 07:53AM
sanababeets wrote:
It took me 2 and half hours to get from Ward Avenue to Ewa Beach. Left town at 4:30. People were merging before hitting Kaamilo when there were no signs to do so. These pre-mergers were slowing down the 2 left lanes while the 3 right lanes were blowing by. We passed the scene at about 6:45 and all the lanes were open. The rubberneckers and anxious mergers contributed to the gridlock. I got home at 7:15. Nearly 3 hours and a half tank of gas to go 17 miles. WOW! Now, we got the road closures starting tonight at 9 pm in Aiea. What's happening with Hawaii Drivers lately? I've been traveling to the mainland a lot and although the driving is aggressive and much faster there (70 mph speed limits), I don't see as many accidents. The express lanes are closely monitored and they actually move faster than regular traffic. Imagine that!
on November 1,2012 | 08:24AM
glory_glory_man_utd wrote:
Check the driver's phone records...was he on the phone or texting at the time of the accident? I ALWAYS see these guys on their phones while on the road. If he was, then both he and the company should be found liable for the damages, not the taxpayers, the driver should be cited and fined.
on November 1,2012 | 08:44AM
96706 wrote:
!. Why was this TRUCK DRIVER driving in the LEFT Lane? Aren't all heavy equipment drivers supposed to be driving in the left lane? 2. He was speeding! 3. Does he have a CDL? 4. Was he on his cell phone or even texting? All it took was this ONE CARELESS JERK to ruin Halloween for everybody ... INCLUDING THE CHILDREN.
on November 1,2012 | 09:18AM
kapolei wrote:
No matter what the spin doctors want to spin it...this could only hurt Cayatano's chances with some votes...in no way it would help it (and he was already behind in the polls...try to spin that)...of course those on the east side don't care as it doesn't affect them...THANK YOU Gov Ariyoshi for highlighting the selfishness of some people...hopefully that ad will stay up thru the election...thank you head of the SHOPO union for your large ad the other day, thanks you Sen Inouye, thank you Mayor Carlise, thank you all other unions for gathering your troups...Gov Cayetano has the rich people on the east (no one of significant statue has supported him other than the anti-rail PAC),...but money can't buy an the election...hopefully for Cayetano there will be no more traffic jams to worsen his chances even more otherwise.
on November 1,2012 | 09:32AM
loquaciousone wrote:
That's mighty white of you to forget John.
on November 1,2012 | 09:51AM
olos73 wrote:
And where was Ben during this mess and the Aiea overpass mess last month? Having dinner in his Manoa home and watching the news with all the anti-rail people stuck in traffic. You anti-rail and were stuck in that mess somewhere on the freeway or even in town, no grumble. Already had 2 incidents in past month. Remember, things come in 3's. Be prepared to be stuck in your car one more time...
on November 1,2012 | 10:07AM
itoboy wrote:
Agreed - Except I think he lives on Waialae Iki on the hill - where he has a view of the gridlock but still doesn't care.
on November 1,2012 | 02:57PM
Imagen wrote:
@kapolei: you took a very unfortunate situation and turned it into an ad campaign for the trolley cars...seriously? Ridiculous!!!
on November 1,2012 | 12:02PM
loquaciousone wrote:
I'm glad that only one person was unlucky enough to get her schedule rearrange by this incident.
on November 1,2012 | 09:42AM
KekoaBradshaw wrote:
There are eight paragraphs in this story. Three of them are devoted to Anne Hennessey, where her parents live, the flights she missed, where she ate dinner. Frankly, who cares? Gordon Pang, you should be ashamed for padding this story with a lot of useless twaddle.
on November 1,2012 | 09:57AM
lowtone123 wrote:
And he didn't even quote her for the article, what's the sense. For all we know he could have made that part up.
on November 1,2012 | 11:03AM
localguy wrote:
Let's face it, many of the CDL carrying drivers in the Nei fail to meet minimal standards. They drive slow trucks in the fast lane, fail to secure their load, drive trucks not up to current safety standards and have yet to discover turn signals on their vehicles. Driving in the Nei is like driving in India or Bangladesh, we are a little 4th world. Tourists come here to see a living version of South Park. This is what we do. And lets not forget the owner of the trucking company was driving the truck which took out the pedestrian overpass. Need I say more? I rest my case.
on November 1,2012 | 10:08AM
KekoaBradshaw wrote:
Have you ever driven in India or Bangladesh?
on November 1,2012 | 10:10AM
Anonymous wrote:
You so RIGHT loaclguy!
on November 1,2012 | 06:26PM
rahakana wrote:
Some things happen at the most inconvenient times, don't they? I suppose rail promoters would abandon their cars on the freeway and walk to their alternative, the nearest train station. Even in the most rail-efficient countries of the world, things disrupt train schedules. Then, there are long lines for buses and taxis. (George Jetson would say we should start pushing for a public helicopter-transportation system so that we are not late watching all our programs recorded on our DVRs. On second thought, considering the TSA check-in, people might get home faster in their cars.)
on November 1,2012 | 11:03AM
Dbung wrote:
I would have left my car at work at hopped on the rail to go home. I sat in traffic for two hours.
on November 1,2012 | 12:12PM
Kuniarr wrote:
This is exactly why we needed F.A.S.T. that would have prevented hundreds of cars running as usual at normal highway speed to the site of the accident only to cause stop and go traffic congestion.

This is exactly why we needed F.A.S.T. because those monitoring the 200 closed circuit TVs in the Traffic Management control room would have seen the accident happen in real time. Then (1) inform emergency crews to the site of the accident within a few minutes - not hours (2) turn on the Variable Speed Liming signs to prevent vehicles from crowding into the site of the accident and cause stop and go traffic congestion.

This is exactly the kind of situation why many cities of the US have started establishing Traffic Management centers that employed VSL implemented by modern technology.

To implement VSL, F.A.S.T. intends 200 CCTV, 50 traffic data collection stations and 6 Variable Message Signs. The Traffic Data Stations tells the computer the volume of traffic passing thru each station. The 200 CCTVs monitor conditions on the H1. The 6 variable Message Signs flash the Variable Speed Limit signs.

The VSL signs gradually slow down traffic heading into the site of a congestion or accident to prevent vehicles from over crowding and allow vehicles to pass thru the accident site at near normal speed..
on November 1,2012 | 11:18AM
olos73 wrote:
Since when do people look at these signs anyway? You think they'll slow down just because a sign says so? Drivers don't even go the speed limit with posted signs.
on November 1,2012 | 12:40PM
itoboy wrote:
The backlog lasted from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. 7 hours of gridlock. You think fluctuating the speed limit and 200 TVs would have prevented the backlog yesterday?
on November 1,2012 | 03:00PM
OldEnoughToRemember wrote:
I have lived all over the planet and I have never seen a traffic investigation unit take as long as the HPD does to get traffic back up and going. Most places I have been the investigation, removal of vehicles, cleanup and all of the other related issues are done within an hour. Why does the HPD constantly close roads for hours on end for a simple single vehicle mishap?
on November 1,2012 | 11:50AM
twitter6 wrote:
DOT need to privatize the clean-up crew and develop a rapid response team. Many guys standing around at the accident site doing nothing yesterday. If they are so called specialist in tow and clean up it would not have taken half a day. Too many chiefs and not enough workers.
on November 1,2012 | 02:29PM
itoboy wrote:
FAST doesn't address this. Oh yeah, FAST doesn't address anything. It just says it will magically help H-1 traffic.
on November 1,2012 | 02:58PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
Because they're incompetent and just don't care if motorists are inconvenienced at all. You would think they would act with a certain level of urgency to resolve a blocked road at rush hour asap but they don't care at all about public inconvenience, they've proven it time and again.
on November 1,2012 | 07:43PM
Anonymous wrote:
So this is why I had trick or treaters at my door at 11pm as if it were supposed to be 6pm? Who's fault is this? Romney?
on November 1,2012 | 01:32PM
The_Dean wrote:
Here is another example of why alternative highways are needed. I am not a fan of development, but if it must be done, develop the West Side. Hopefully people can work and attend school closer to home. Also geographical exempt public school kids should be required to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher. What is the point of attending school out of district if the kid cannot maintain above average grades. Check the traffic around Moanalua High, Middle and Elementry schools. On a normal day the traffic is heavy because many kids do not live in the district. If you want your kids to go to certain schools, move in so the kids can walk.
on November 1,2012 | 02:47PM
Why do I need to know about Amy Hennessey. I'd like to know why the 30 year old driver lost control of the vehicle. Did he have a heart attack/stroke? Thank GOD no one was killed.
on November 1,2012 | 06:16PM
jusjoking wrote:
after finally getting home to makakilo around 8pm wondering as we crawled westbound for 5 hours about what terrible catrastrophy and pontential loss of life occured, imagine our suprise to find out it was merely a truck stuck on the center devider. I nominate panepane for any transportion office he wants. 10 hours of babble in these comments about rail and buses before panepane stated the obvious response to this mishap. sad.
on November 1,2012 | 06:49PM
Kuniarr wrote:
We endured long hours of traffic congestion because of a truck accident on the H1. We have long endured traffic backing up during morning and afternoon rush hour.

But not anymore under F.A.S.T.. For in addition to BRT, F.A.S.T. is introducing to Honolulu what every one has long wanted to happen - TRAFFIC RELIEF.
on November 1,2012 | 09:15PM
Kuniarr wrote:
Yes, TRAFFIC RELIEF. Be it during the morning or after rush hour or one or two lanes on the H1 is closed.
on November 1,2012 | 09:18PM
Canefire wrote:
It was State DOT's deliberate design decision to narrow the lane and drastically reduce the median shoulder width on this section of freeway.
on November 1,2012 | 11:36PM
Bumby wrote:
None dare call it a conspiracy for rail. Timing very coincidental to the general election coming up. How many of these type of accidents occurred before?
on November 1,2012 | 11:45PM
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