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Multiple sources can verify Native Hawaiian ancestry

By Associated Press


A new state law allowing proof of ancestry to be taken from several sources is expected to make it easier to expand the roll of Native Hawaiians — a move that could help them form their own government.

The law that went into effect on July 1 aims to increase the number of people on the roll by reducing paperwork and redundancy on various lists of Native Hawaiians such as those at Kame­ha­meha Schools and for homestead land leases, Hawaii News Now reported Thursday.

"Just the other week I was talking to one of my good friends, and she had mentioned to me, ‘I have list fatigue already,' " said Naa­lehu Antony, a member of the Native Hawaiian Roll Commission, also known as Kanai­olo­walu.

The new law will allow the commission to use information from entities such as Kame­ha­meha Schools, the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands and the state Department of Health to compile the roll.

For example, a verification letter from Kame­ha­meha Schools will be sufficient proof that someone is Native Hawaiian, Anthony said.

With a comprehensive list, Native Hawaiians could follow American Indian tribes in forming their own governments.

There are fewer than 15,000 people on the Hawaiian roll. The deadline to sign it has been extended to January.

Health officials have also agreed to confirm whether someone is Native Hawaiian instead of having the person pay $10 to request a birth certificate.

"We've simplified the process to be able to ask the Department of Health, given this person's name and this person's date of birth, if they're Hawaiian, and it's just a yes or no," Anthony said.

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8082062424 wrote:
This will bring the haters out
on July 8,2013 | 05:52AM
allie wrote:
Let everyone register for something. I registered for a free trip to Vegas at Zippy's!
on July 8,2013 | 06:35AM
8082062424 wrote:
how about you register for a trip home.
on July 8,2013 | 06:42AM
Shh wrote:
haha I wish she would!
on July 8,2013 | 01:50PM
tiwtsfm wrote:
How about using DNA analysis?
on July 8,2013 | 06:07AM
8082062424 wrote:
that would be interesting and maybe make it easier for those with Hawaiian blood that were adopted
on July 8,2013 | 06:10AM
cartwright wrote:
Did that with the National Geographics test. Actually proves without a doubt that my oldest relatives came from Ethiopia. That was about 70,000 years ago. Checked what kind of benefits I would be entitled for being Ethiopian and took a rain check.
on July 8,2013 | 06:46AM
Ken_Conklin wrote:
The great majority of ethnic Hawaiians are not racists. The Kau Inoa racial registry got only 108,000 signatures after 7 years and millions of dollars in advertising and free T-shirts -- that's only about 20% of the 527,000 ethnic Hawaiians nationwide (Census 2010). For the new Kana'iolowalu registry there are allegedly 15,000 signatures after more than a year, which shows very little interest. Seeing how ethnic Hawaiians are voting with their feet, showing they really don't want to create a race-based government, the racist leadership will now simply add in all the names from all the lists gathered over the years by all the institutions that have kept track of who has a drop of Hawaiian blood -- OHA, Kamehameha Schools, Hawaiian Homelands, Kau Inoa, Department of Health, etc. Many of them have gotten free stuff based on their Hawaiian blood, but many of them have merely been identified by the Dept. of Health based on having "Hawaiian" on their birth certificate even if they never joined any race-based organization.

To sign up directly for Kana'iolowalu, someone is required to prove not only that he has Hawaiian blood, but also to affirm that he is an active participant in race-based political or cultural groups, and he believes the racial group has "unrelinquished sovereignty", and he wants to participate in creating a race-based government to reassert that sovereignty. The people identified by OHA, KSBE, DHHL, Kau Inoa, Dept. of Health, etc. never made such affirmations. Their names are being dragged into the new registry without their permission.

This is important because federal recognition of an Indian tribe is based on the tribe being a political entity, not merely a racial group. To be federally recognized a tribe must prove it has more than a century of existence as a political group whose leaders have exercised substantial governmental authority over its members. But the vast bulk of the new Kana'iowalu registry, after all the race-based membership lists get dragged into it, are nothing other than a racial group. So the effort to get federal recognition is no further along that it was 13 years ago -- trying to round up the members of a racial group and convert them into a political entity with governmental powers. Not gonna work.

on July 8,2013 | 06:31AM
8082062424 wrote:
i got news for you Hawaiians are not going to go away and look at all the gains they made in the last ten years.
on July 8,2013 | 06:43AM
hanalei395 wrote:
Ken's favorite comeback ... "Ethnic Hawaiians" (a redundancy) vs. non-Hawaiians who would like to be known as "Hawaiians".
on July 8,2013 | 06:53AM
Ken_Conklin wrote:
Yup. A "native Hawaiian" should be defined as anyone born and raised in Hawaii. A "Hawaiian" should be defined as anyone whose permanent residence is in Hawaii. The way hanalei wants to define those terms is quite obviously racist. Now, in view of the way hanalei thinks "Hawaiian" identifies everyone with a drop of native blood, let's see if he can explain why OHA and so many others use the term "Native Hawaiian." Isn't "Native Hawaiian" the same as "Hawaiian" according to hanalei? So why do most of the "Native Hawaiian" advocates seem to think it's important to stick the word "Native" in front of "Hawaiian"?
on July 8,2013 | 07:48AM
hanalei395 wrote:
Native Hawaiian means 50 percent or more of Hawaiian blood. And it's not "according" to me for the definition of the term "Hawaiian". The OFFICIAL definition for Hawaiian is in the Hawai'i State Constitution. I've already posted it here and Ken saw it. And he STILL wants to be ignorant about it.
on July 8,2013 | 08:18AM
allie wrote:
This entire squalid definition is very saD indeed
on July 8,2013 | 01:11PM
holokanaka wrote:
who created this situation with the "we annexed these Hawaiian Islands/newlands resolution lie?
on July 8,2013 | 08:50PM
8082062424 wrote:
hey ken ill make it easy for you. what does your birth certificate state you are ? what it says it what you are. are you ashamed of your Ancestors so much you want to pretend your some one your not. sad
on July 8,2013 | 09:18AM
Mythman wrote:
Ken is wrong that the DHHL determines "one drop of blood". It determines from 50 to 100 percent blood of 1778. By implication it determines less that it. The other state government outfits named are the ones carrying the one drop of blood torch. Also, since the native Hawaiians were never terminated as a tribe in any congressional termination act, they do not have to jump through the OFA, Office of Federal Acknowledgement, hoops, as Ken mistakenly states, above.
on July 8,2013 | 10:48AM
holokanaka wrote:
"a "native Hawaiian" should be defined as" who the h8ll are you konki to define a Hawaiian? A Hawaiian/Kanaka Maoli/aboriginal is a person with at least one drop of blood of precontact/1778 people of these Islands. its very simple.
on July 8,2013 | 08:48PM
Lanikaula wrote:
Here KKK, read 'em and get lost! http://archives.starbulletin.com/2005/11/03/news/story10.html News media change 'Hawaiian' distinction The "AP Stylebook" says the term should be used to describe ethnicity, not residency By Nelson Daranciang ndaranciang@starbulletin.com Outside the state, few people know that all Hawaii residents are not Hawaiians. For years, "The Associated Press Stylebook" and libel manual, a guide commonly used by newspapers around the country, said there was no difference. That has changed. The AP has informed its member organizations of an update to the stylebook on the use of the term "Hawaiian." From now on, Hawaiians will be used only to describe members of the ethnic group indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands. "Hawaii resident" or "islander" describes anyone who lives in the state. Previously, "Hawaiians" could be used to describe residents of Hawaii. The stylebook is a collection of rules on the use of language to provide a uniform and understandable presentation of stories run by member news organizations. "I'm really quite pleased that AP has made that distinction," said Jon Osorio, director of the Center for Hawaiian Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa. He said the distinction is important to Hawaiians who feel they have a distinct status in Hawaii because they are indigenous people. He said describing residents as islanders also creates a certain degree of romanticism. AP Honolulu Bureau Chief Dave Briscoe said, "We've actually been trying to get a change for years." He said the use of "Hawaiian" becomes an issue whenever a prominent person from Hawaii makes national or international news.
on July 8,2013 | 12:59PM
allie wrote:
Osorio is a racist joke on our campus. He is a disgrace.
on July 8,2013 | 01:07PM
Shh wrote:
Oh give it up Allie, stop speaking for everyone on campus! You are a disgrace.
on July 8,2013 | 01:35PM
allie wrote:
just being honest
on July 8,2013 | 03:03PM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
An honest disgrace, allie.
on July 8,2013 | 04:24PM
Mythman wrote:
Allie, there is a difference between "honesty" self righteous and ignorant.
on July 8,2013 | 06:25PM
Mythman wrote:
Him and Randy made some wonderful music back in the day.......
on July 8,2013 | 06:24PM
holokanaka wrote:
you so funny allie.
on July 8,2013 | 08:53PM
Ken_Conklin wrote:
@ Lanikaula and Hanalei: I guess that means we'll have to force "Hawaiian Airlines" to take the word "Hawaiian" out of their name, because the airplanes were not here before 1778 and the company also is not owned by "Hawaiians."
on July 11,2013 | 07:55PM
8082062424 wrote:
I never got around to signing up meant to, now i will not have to. i do not mind
on July 8,2013 | 06:59AM
holokanaka wrote:
I will never sign kana'ioluwalu. I also removed my name from kau inoa.
on July 8,2013 | 08:54PM
Mrs_G wrote:
"Many of them have gotten free stuff based on their Hawaiian blood. . ." What free stuff?
on July 8,2013 | 07:06AM
Ken_Conklin wrote:
Really? What free stuff? Well Mrs_G, since you asked ...

"For Hawaiians Only"

The Native Hawaiian Grants Project is part of an ongoing effort to determine the efficacy of the millions of dollars spent on grants meant to help Native Hawaiians and the Native Hawaiian community. So far, we have catalogued over 600 state and federal grants, representing hundreds of millions of dollars poured into programs that purport to help Native Hawaiians. How is the money being spent? How effective are these programs? Explore our grants database to find out . . .

Search the Database
4 Hawaiians Only Grant List – Download HERE!

As of April 1 [2011], 856 grants totaling approximately $322,220,808.
Approximate Federal spending: $265,666,125
Approximate State spending: $56,554,683

OHA and DHHL Cost to State of Hawai'i Treasury as of year 2002 (11 years ago): $1 Billion to Date. Estimate for Next Ten Years: $2 Billion More at the Current Expenditure Rate. See Spreadsheets On This Webpage for Details.

on July 8,2013 | 07:42AM
allie wrote:
Well as we all know it is all about $$$$$$. Without the $$$$, none of this nonsense would be happening.
on July 8,2013 | 08:18AM
Shh wrote:
And you would know.
on July 8,2013 | 01:53PM
hanalei395 wrote:
Non-Hawaiian malihini Ken wants some of that "free stuff".
on July 8,2013 | 07:58AM
Shh wrote:
So does Allie. Always butting in on issues of Hawaiians.
on July 8,2013 | 01:37PM
allie wrote:
not at all...just saying that money drives this entire embarrassing search for blood. Really grotesque actually
on July 8,2013 | 03:04PM
Mythman wrote:
Money drives it? Not united states Indian policy. And you know this how?
on July 8,2013 | 06:26PM
holokanaka wrote:
"entire embarrassing search for money" allie do you you think maybe just maybe it could be pride in who we are?
on July 8,2013 | 08:58PM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
Like a white missionary who came to tell the Natives, " Im smarter then You, My God is Stronger and Better, you listen to me"! All they accomplish was evil and lies. Auwe KK kaumanua.
on July 8,2013 | 04:22PM
aldfhalisdbflaksdbf wrote:
millions of ads and only 15,000 have signed up? Epic fail.
on July 8,2013 | 06:32AM
Mythman wrote:
The reason they don't sign up is because they are not so dumb as to not see how silly it is for them to sign up so the crooks that run the Hawaiian thing can now legally, in theory, keep stealing their land and money as an "official" government instead of an unofficial, crooked one.....Here - where do I sign to legitimize you screwing me?
on July 8,2013 | 10:54AM
holokanaka wrote:
ditto, I will not sign up!!!!
on July 8,2013 | 08:59PM
soundofreason wrote:
"With a comprehensive list, Native Hawaiians could follow American Indian tribes in forming their own governments.">>> Yeah, like that's worked out so swell for the Indians.
on July 8,2013 | 07:35AM
allie wrote:
Hawaiians are not native Americans at all. They are nothing like us, they are not in any way indigenous, and they should just be happy with their own history. No need to copy us.
on July 8,2013 | 08:19AM
hanalei395 wrote:
When you leave ...No Aloha .....No leis. "No need to copy us". ....Just beat it.
on July 8,2013 | 08:39AM
8082062424 wrote:
we are not native Americans nor do we want to be.we are native Hawaiians and indigenous to these islands. Not to worry the last thing we want to do is copy you why would we want to. We live in homes not a reservation . our culture is rich and alive. so much so it what this state sells to bring tourist here. for you guys you have no culture the Nuptare language is just about dead with only a few people being fluent in it. you got so hooked up on free handouts there no pride left to you guys. the way young girls and women are treated on your reservations primitive. so you need not worry the last thing we want is to be like you or become like you
on July 8,2013 | 09:14AM
allie wrote:
dream on...we have a rich history and a complex language. We do not recognize Hawaiians as natives. But the differences are good. It takes all kinds hon.
on July 8,2013 | 01:09PM
Anonymous wrote:
you dream on the language is just about dead Google it to use your term. culture wise you all sold out. the last thing Hawaiians want to do is copy you that would be going back wards not forward
on July 8,2013 | 01:16PM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
The man dans were imbreaded by a Welsh prince. Mandan were called " white Indians". The Welsh had there ways with the squaw while they gave English whiskey to the men. I googles it. And my room mate is a Mandan the kine.
on July 8,2013 | 04:30PM
turbolink wrote:
Amazing how you and KC write alike, often with the same key words allie.
on July 8,2013 | 09:18AM
8082062424 wrote:
do not forget diver dave
on July 8,2013 | 09:43AM
Mythman wrote:
Is Allie Ken's daughter?
on July 8,2013 | 10:57AM
allie wrote:
huh..never met him.
on July 8,2013 | 01:10PM
Shh wrote:
Allie's probably Ken using another account.
on July 8,2013 | 01:40PM
turbolink wrote:
on July 8,2013 | 01:50PM
Mythman wrote:
As a Hater, This Allie creepo is in the same racist category as some others who think native Hawaiians are trying to pull something----imagine that. The real reasons some tribes, not all, have this attitude is they are greedy and fear having native Hawaiians competing with them for federal grants. This is ignorant and out of touch with economic reality but old ideas die hard when they are biases and not reality based.
on July 8,2013 | 10:56AM
allie wrote:
speaking of greed..ahem...
on July 8,2013 | 01:10PM
Shh wrote:
Isn't she! I noticed it the first time she opened her fat mouth regarding Hawaii and it's people. She even tries to speak for everyone on UH and acts like she knows everything and everybody on this island. She's not even from here!
on July 8,2013 | 01:43PM
allie wrote:
having that key outsiders view is a key to my originality and helpful suggestions
on July 8,2013 | 03:06PM
turbolink wrote:
Not to mention a long dark beard.
on July 8,2013 | 03:24PM
Mythman wrote:
Err, allie, have you ever heard of something called Narcissistic Personality Disorder, known as NPD?
on July 8,2013 | 06:28PM
holokanaka wrote:
lack of knowledge is not "helpful" allie.
on July 8,2013 | 09:08PM
DiverDave wrote:
A birth cert. is not proof of being a "Native Hawaiian" of 50% or greater blood quantum. Looks like there will be a lot of fraudulent registered names on the total list. The final list will be as bogus as the kue petitions were.... just names on a piece of paper.
on July 8,2013 | 11:36AM
hanalei395 wrote:
Like the Obama "Birthers", non-Hawaiian DiverDave is now a Birther for Hawaiian issues.
on July 8,2013 | 11:55AM
DiverDave wrote:
Hanalei395 never has anything to ad to a discussion except name calling and negativity. Poor you. I'll give you a second chance. Is a birth certificate that says that one of the parents is "Hawaiian" proof of being at least 50% blood quantum?
on July 8,2013 | 12:22PM
hanalei395 wrote:
The subject as of now is the official definition for "Hawaiian" and "Native Hawaiian" as defined in the Hawai'i State Constitution. As a Birther, you should know that a "blood quantum" is NOT on any birth certificate.
on July 8,2013 | 12:55PM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
Diver Dan always piggy back Kens posting. I just don't know which one is the piggy.
on July 8,2013 | 04:33PM
turbolink wrote:
Sounds like a KC talking point.
on July 8,2013 | 02:03PM
Mythman wrote:
Can I answer? A lot of this depends on when the birth was. The whole BQ thing is really a short hand for kinship, as in any kind of estate. The nearest kind has more right to the estate than the farthest kin. Federal law goes along with this. State law turns it around because the ali'i trusts are mostly the farthest kin. This is evident in that the nearest kinship group is in trouble but the farthest kinship group is filthy rich.
on July 8,2013 | 06:31PM
Anonymous wrote:
sure diver dave. since your BC is a legal document honoured by the state and federal government. so do tell how it not proof
on July 8,2013 | 01:03PM
Mythman wrote:
The homesteaders themselves take care of phonies who scam themselves into a lease by lying about their BQ.....
on July 8,2013 | 06:29PM
holokanaka wrote:
I can see that the three amigoes-konki (aka ken conklin), the joker (aka diver dave) and allie- -are alive and well and still posting their negative comments about Hawaiians. since they are all together now, I would like them, all or individually to show me an annexation treaty by which america claims ownership/sovereignty over these Hawaiian Islands.
on July 8,2013 | 02:30PM
DiverDave wrote:
What did I say that was "negative"? Just showing that this whole list thing is nothing but nonsense, like all your comments.
on July 8,2013 | 02:39PM
hanalei395 wrote:
DiverDave ... "this whole list thing", ... don't worry about it.
on July 8,2013 | 03:39PM
holokanaka wrote:
you didn't show me an annexation treaty joker. anxiously awaiting a response from the other two amigoes.
on July 8,2013 | 08:26PM
bodysurf_ah wrote:
Forget malihini, they are howlees plain and simple.
on July 8,2013 | 05:59PM
Mythman wrote:
It's funny, they can hate on native Hawaiians but not on blacks, women, gays, asians, disabled - what's with that? That is something weird going on. I think I need to see their NSA emails and phone calls?
on July 8,2013 | 06:34PM
Ken_Conklin wrote:
Mythmaker says "It's funny, they can hate on native Hawaiians but not on blacks, women, gays, asians, disabled - what's with that? That is something weird going on." First, there's no hatred from me (even though there's plenty toward me). But regarding the fact that I focus on ethnic Hawaiians rather than the other groups -- yes, indeed. I do that because the "funny thing" is that none of the other groups are demanding goodies from the government based on nothing more than race. None of the other groups are demanding to create a racially exclusive government for themselves. The ethnic Hawaiian activists are the ones who single themselves out for special "rights", so they are the ones whom I single out for special attention to show that there should be no racial entitlements.
on July 8,2013 | 07:50PM
holokanaka wrote:
konki is the acting government of the Hawaiian Kingdom/Keanu Sai "demanding goodies from the government" other than what rightfully and legally they are entitled to?
on July 8,2013 | 08:31PM
hanalei395 wrote:
Ken, as I told another frustrated envious, jealous non-Hawaiian ...... Don't worry about it.
on July 8,2013 | 08:47PM
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