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Thousands turn out for 'Five-0' premiere

Fans' enthusiasm at the annual event leaves the show's stars "gobsmacked"

By Mike Gordon

LAST UPDATED: 02:23 p.m. HST, Sep 27, 2013

Cindy ellen Russell / crussell@staradvertiser.comFans eager to see the cast of "Hawaii Five-0" and the Jonas Brothers gathered at the entrance to the red carpet at Sunset on the Beach in Waikiki.

It was a sunset marked by star power, a singing boy band and thousands of screaming fans of "Hawaii Five-0."

For the fourth year, the cast of the state's most celebrated TV show dressed up to walk a red carpet on the sand and say mahalo to fans who had come to see the crime drama's Sunset on the Beach premiere.

The outdoor event Thursday at Queen's Surf, hosted by CBS, has become a tradition on the fall TV calendar. Fans come from all over the world to get an advance screening of the season's first episode, which is something that doesn't typically happen with TV shows. Hono­lulu police estimated the crowd at 8,000.

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"It's very unique," said executive producer Alex Kurtzman. "If you are going to do ‘Hawaii Five-0,' you have to bring it back to the beach and the people you make the show for. It's the greatest thing ever. The fact that they are letting us do it here is the best part."

Australian actor Alex O'Loughlin, who stars as the show's leading man, Steve McGarrett, said he's always amazed at the Sunset on the Beach reception. This year's crowd was as boisterous as ever, with fans lining the red carpet five deep.

"I get to this thing every year and I'm gob­smacked," he said. "People have come from all over the world."

Co-star and "Five-0" love interest Michelle Borth was equally amazed.

"To me it seems like it is far bigger than last year," she said. "Oh, my God. It's wonderful."

Part of the draw was undoubtedly the presence of the Jonas Brothers, who gave a free concert immediately following the screening

Youngest brother Nick Jonas, 21, an aspiring actor, has been in Hawaii this week to shoot an episode of "Five-0" and looked a bit tired. He and brothers Kevin and Joe kept their red-carpet presence to a minimum to preserve their voices.

None of their fans followed suit, however. Every announcement of the Jonases' progress toward the event, from simply getting in the limo at their hotel to walking the red carpet, drew enormous cheers.

"Hawaii has a very warm, welcoming way of doing things," Nick Jonas said. "It's pretty incredible."

On "Five-0" he plays a computer hacker.

"Everybody has been really amazing and making me feel very welcome," he said. "I'm looking forward to my last day and my big scene."

The episode airs tonight at 8 on CBS.

Some of the fans staked out spots on the sand Wednesday night, but Barbara Rathmann, 62, of Chicago got there at about 5 a.m. Thursday — good enough to snag a front row to the action. There were already 100 other people there, she said.

Rathmann said she learned she had to get to the site early to get a good spot when she attended the Season 2 Sunset on the Beach premiere two years ago. One of the reasons she came back was because of all the friends she made at the event.

"What's nice is we get to see the stars, but it's really nice to see them enjoying the fans," she said.

"Five-0" executive producer Peter Lenkov arrived around 11 a.m. to hand out Li­liha Bakery Coco­puffs to the devoted.

"He tweeted he would give people who were here early a treat, and he passed them out personally," Rathmann said. "He made us feel appreciated."

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HonoluluHawaii wrote:
How could 8,000 people show up at the reception and only 10 at most write in this forum for Five-O? One of the mysteries of life, as they say. So if 8,000 divided by 10 is 800, then one commentator here represents 800 people. Omg. By the way, I am as avid fan as there is of Hawaii Five-O, especially the original version because I am a back in the day person, and I did not attend last night: did not want to struggle with the crowd. I went to it once though. Dah dah dah dah dah doe. Tepid attempt at the theme lol.
on September 27,2013 | 05:35AM
mayihavesumor wrote:
O,Loughlin doesn't have the gravitas of Jack Lord (maybe it was the dark suit no matter the temperature) but James McArthur's Danno just did his job without the constant yapping of Caan's Danno.
on September 27,2013 | 06:02AM
allie wrote:
The show is just horrible. So Hollywood moguls throw a crumb to the masses and they come flocking and bowing? Sad scene
on September 27,2013 | 07:38AM
Dbung wrote:
For all of you who don't like the show, don't watch it. That way we don't need to read your sniveling, hateful comments. The show creates 2800 jobs and brings in millions each annually for Hawaii. Plus, it is free advertising for people to come to Hawaii to visit. After all, isn't our industry tourism? For those of you complaining about the writing and the story line, Feel free to write and create your TV show.
on September 27,2013 | 08:20AM
hanalei395 wrote:
I stopped watching after a few episodes in its first season. What I saw was a TV display of using the beautiful Hawai'i scenery as a lure, a lead in for a ridiculous show, with improbable plots, written by clueless Hollywood screenwriters. And the four leading actors, clueless malihini. Yeah, it brings in jobs, and millions, if one doesn't mind Hawai'i Nei lowering its character and dignity, and losing its culture.
on September 27,2013 | 09:16AM
PCWarrior wrote:
Very happy for the publicity for Hawaii and the jobs the show provides. The show, however, is a joke. Terrible writing, terrible acting, terrible plots. Wasn't enough to bring in McGarret's mom so now you gotta bring in the little man hater's mom too? You gotta be kidding.
on September 27,2013 | 11:04AM
Fred01 wrote:
hanalei395: You are an absolute loser at life. Everyone wishes you would just leave Hawaii for ever. You are nothing but clueless angry fool with no culture, and an inferiority complex.
on September 27,2013 | 12:30PM
allie wrote:
agree totally. So shameful
on September 27,2013 | 05:14PM
Masuda5316 wrote:
Dbung i aree with you....who cares what Allie says she is so negative. Maybe some vitamin F would help her.
on September 27,2013 | 12:23PM
inverse wrote:
I don't watch the show. I do watch the re-runs of the original 5-0. I don't know who Michele Borth is and I assume the Jonas brothers are a singing group but I have never heard them sing before. I do hope they improve their story lines and would like them to succeed but like the current UH football team, if they can't attract fans, the will be gone. What I previously suggested is for the new 5-0 to stay away from stories involving Steve's mother or any family member or relationships and focus on cutting edge story lines not personalities. For example highlight a young half Caucasian, half Black kid growing up in Hawaii and getting into trouble with drugs other crimes then have 5-0 arrest the kid in a gang investigation and Steve recognizes the "good" and "potential" in this kid and he expunges the kids arrest and sets the kid straight telling him that one day he might become President of the US. Or who how about deal with over development in Hawaii and the friction between Hawaiians and the current establishment and show how iwi was destroyed or thrown away when a construction company excavates bones in building a super scraper or elevated rail track and didn't want anyone to know about. Or how about new 5-0 episodes dealing with 5-0 uncovering corrupt politicians taking money under the table by pressuring for voter suppression or a master plan of placing elected politicians in office who would be guaranteed "yes" votes in development projects that are worth millions or even billions of dollars of taxpayer monies even though these construction or transportation projects that have no real worth except to pay off special interest. The original 5-0 wrote such cutting edge storylines and even 40 years later are still relevant.
on September 27,2013 | 12:51PM
inverse wrote:
PS: Just saw a rerun for the first time of an original 5-0 episode of a disgruntled computer hacker against his bosses who used his skills to hack into police, airline, bank, etc computer files and almost got a murderer found innocent in court. This computer hacker fooled everyone including 5-0, until the very last minutes of the episode. This was 1974 and is STILL relevant in 2013 and represented a storyline that eerily mirrored the real life stories of Edward Snowden or Bradley Manning. The original 5-0 very smartly dealt with terrorism, over development of Hawaii, racism, Hawaiian sovereignty movement (Mufi's cousin Nephi was the protagonist), weapons of mass destruction, PTSD in soldiers, corrupt politicians, terrorists, etc.. All of those topics are STILL relevant in Hawaii almost 40 years later.
on September 27,2013 | 01:04PM
mayihavesumor wrote:
Exactly, and had locals in positions of authority and respect. Even when locals were the bad guy they weren't clowns. Instead of just cashing in on the location for what I think will be it's last year, a better 5-0 with a run of six, seven, or eight years would make filming in Hawaii more attractive in the long run.
on September 27,2013 | 04:35PM
HawaiiCheeseBall wrote:
Jack Lord makes all of the new cast members look like mama's boys.
on September 27,2013 | 04:53PM
allie wrote:
yes, the old show is very well done and it is interesting to see so many fine actors appearing in those shows as young actors.
on September 27,2013 | 05:15PM
Makua wrote:
I am a great fan of Five O, having watched it for years. Maybe I am just smarter now but I tend to see or notice logic missing in the story line. If Five O has a gun why not shoot the bad guys truck tire before the long protracted chase scene. Yes, you want the chase scene but it's obvious that it didn't have to happen. I suggest you huddle in the early days of a new episode and let reviewers pick holes in the story line. At least let Five O shot the tire at some point in the chase. And the ever annoying New Jersey guy gets more screen time than needed. Also, please show some Hawaiians that are Akamai, rather than fat and dumb. Good TV shows are when the brain of the viewers light goes off telling them it's logical, emotional, satisfying, memorable.
on September 27,2013 | 06:26AM
hanalei395 wrote:
A great episode would be when Shorty, the New Jersey guy, gets whacked ..... along with that fat and dumb guy.
on September 27,2013 | 06:55AM
lookup wrote:
If you are refering to Kamekona as the fat guy...he is not even Hawaiian, he is a haole!
on September 27,2013 | 09:19AM
Big_Boss_Grandma wrote:
Light and fluffy - that's Hawaii 5-0 and I watch it as a last resort. Suspend all logic - there's absolutely nothing in depth about it. Each character has to have the same amount of time on film which leaves little time for the actual episode plot - although if the ANNOYING man from New Jersey (ANNOYING from day 1 and Chelsea Handler has nothing to do with my feelings) is written off there could possibly be more time for plot development. Whaat???? No way!! Nevah happen! What's the name of the street? That's not a Hawaiian word! McGarret's foliage enhanced home at the beach is where on Piikoi Street? Why does HPD have a supporting role to 5-0? That position has never been fully explained to my satisfaction. If I miss an episode - no loss to me - I'll catch it on the reruns if there's nothing else better on TV.
on September 27,2013 | 07:29AM
allie wrote:
bad show..a real waste of time.
on September 27,2013 | 07:39AM
wiliki wrote:
You don't try to think too much when you watch 5-O. It's a battle between good and evil. Just sit back and enjoy.
on September 27,2013 | 08:10AM
Wazdat wrote:
The show has some terrible writers, BUT I love the fact that it promotes our beautiful islands.
on September 27,2013 | 07:36AM
allie wrote:
huh? By showing crime, stupid 'locals" and corruption in high places? Great promo hon.
on September 27,2013 | 07:39AM
lookup wrote:
If you dont like it dont watch it. No need to call local people stupid, you are showing your ignorance by doing so. Hawaii is the 50 state and just like everywhere else in the world there is good and bad, the scenery and Aloha spirit is what is important here and I think they do a good job on showing that. By the way those who are refering to fat, stupid hawaiians...if you are talking about Kamekona...He is not Hawaiian, he was not raised in Hawaii either but I do think he does a good job and adds some local style humor. Enjoy the show people dont be so critical.
on September 27,2013 | 09:29AM
allie wrote:
huh? I said the show falsely depicted locals as stupid
on September 27,2013 | 05:15PM
niceynicey wrote:
Wait a minute. . . YOU think our locals are stupid, too.
on September 27,2013 | 11:24AM
808behappy wrote:
Allie you never has anything nice to say. If you don't have anything nice to say about anyone, don't say anything.
on September 27,2013 | 01:07PM
allie wrote:
I am compensated for my sapient remarks
on September 27,2013 | 05:16PM
paradisetax wrote:
Mindless violence with no socially redeeming values.
on September 27,2013 | 07:46AM
wiliki wrote:
Wow... sounds like a terrific show.... will be watching the season starter.
on September 27,2013 | 08:05AM
GorillaSmith wrote:
One of the best shows on TV - and it's based in our islands. One has to wonder at the whiners who claim not to like the show but are somehow motivated to read articles like this and write mindless, negative screeds.
on September 27,2013 | 10:20AM
I really have no comment on the show as I dont watch it unless I'm walking by the TV and its on. But what does interest me is how 8000 people cant find something better to do than salivate over people and their lives of television. It would have made a better story if: the 8000 people that showed up took some time to do some community clean up or assist the homeless. What a waste of time!
on September 27,2013 | 12:00PM
lowtone123 wrote:
Whatever happened to Govenor Denning?
on September 27,2013 | 02:04PM
rayhawaii wrote:
Never saw the show yet but I am sure it is very good. Since so many fans and people with beach chairs and umbrella's taking the space of 5 people, I would recommend putting the premiere show in the park where more people could get a view. Waikiki Shell would be a lot better, then I might bring my family.
on September 27,2013 | 02:58PM
lokela wrote:
Show moving from Mondays to Fridays. Hope they keep good ratings. Otherwise all pau.
on September 27,2013 | 03:18PM
HawaiiCheeseBall wrote:
It kinda interesting how locals don't quite understand the allure of Hawaii Five-O and Hawaii in general. My brother lives on the East Coast and because he was born and raised in Hawaii he was more or less compelled to host Five-O viewing parties by his friends and co-workers. he has a box of Hawaii stuff like fake lei and Hilo Hattie shirts that they all put on. But when the show comes on, he has to be tour guide, they are always asking "where is that", and "what are they eating" and when its getting cold back east his friends all watch and say how they are all going to Hawaii for vacation. I think as locals we don't realize how our home looks to people on the mainland. I watch the show and personally enjoy it, its not great but I imagine if you are living on the mainland and its cold outside, Hawaii Five-O might be the next best thing to being here. Aloha.
on September 27,2013 | 05:02PM
allie wrote:
On our reservations, we do not admire it
on September 27,2013 | 05:16PM
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