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Question: I parked in a metered stall on Nuuanu Avenue, fronting the Mei Sum dim sum restaurant. I put 70 cents in the meter and got 11 minutes of parking time. Are the meters broken? How much time do you get for every dime or quarter you put in?

Question: My fiance and I are visiting my family in Kaneohe. In the first three days we were here, we received two parking tickets on the same street near a bus stop. I have photos that show one car parking closer to the bus stop than I parked, before the stop, and another one that shows a car parked after the bus stop, next to a driveway, where I also parked.

Question: I'm just wondering about those new "parklets" in Kaka­ako. It was said that these are for public use and they are located on city streets. How will these new parklets not become new homeless shelters? Are there laws stating who can use these and when they can be used?

Question: What is our state's community quarantine or isolation laws/procedure regarding highly infectious diseases like Ebola? I read a National Public Radio article that said it is 99.9 percent a state practice to determine when to quarantine someone involuntarily, which surprised me.

Question: As a frequent traveler, I find it annoying that there is no free Wi-Fi at Honolulu Airport. Why not? I am sure thousands of others share my thoughts.

Question: I thought a person in the military who is running for political office can't use a photo of himself or anyone else in uniform while campaigning. What is the law covering this?

Question: Regarding the article about people now being able to put their veteran's status on their driver's license: There was no mention about charges. I called the driver's licensing division and was told there will be a $6 charge. Is this correct?

Question: Recently fishermen and families who enter Paiko Beach through the one remaining public easement (127-A) are being told by several residents that they cannot set up poles, stand or sit beyond the high-water mark as they are trespassing on private property.

Question: When I had my car inspected this month, I received one piece of heavy paper (from which the new sticker was removed for placement on my bumper). I asked the attendant for the copy needed to accompany my motor vehicle registration renewal.

Question: About three years ago a new main water line was installed in Lanikai, and the roads were repaved. We have had four major water main breaks in recent months.

Question: The lights at Kapaolono Park have been inoperative since April 2012. This is a highly utilized park with baseball and soccer fields, swimming pool, basketball courts and tennis courts.

Question: What is the jurisdiction of the harbor police? While driving on Nimitz Highway about 11:15 one night, I was told by a harbor police officer that he was going to ticket me for driving with my high beams on.

Question: Can you please explain the rules regarding the new King Street Cycle Track as it pertains to bikers, pedestrians and motorists, especially at the green-painted areas?

QUESTION: Regarding the new bicycle lane on King Street: My main concern is the area from Kealamakai Street to Victoria Street, where asphalt barriers look like they will prevent people from parking in the few "premium" spaces in the area.

Question: How can someone get a caller ID that says "US Govt. Post Office" through Hawaiian Telcom? Someone on the Big Island is making calls using that caller ID.

Question: Why has the company resurfacing Meheula Parkway all but stopped work? No one has done any work for over a month.

Question: We were sitting at Sandy Beach the afternoon of July 25 or 26 and observed two cops on all-terrain vehicles approach a group of military guys and start rummaging through their cooler looking for alcohol, I presume.

Question: Understandably, they are cracking down on drivers for pedestrian safety. The law, as my friends and I understand it, is that we have to stop when a pedestrian enters a crosswalk on our side of the street.

Question: I saw the commercial for gubernatorial candidate Duke Aiona in a courtroom. I thought the Judiciary was supposed to be apolitical, so how was he able to film in a courtroom for a campaign commercial?

Question: Whatever happened to the police memorial that was going to be built in Honolulu? I contributed money to it and have been asking everyone, but no one knows.

Question:Were the results from the necropsy of Honolulu Zoo's hippo ever released?

Question: Portions of the newly paved Waialae Avenue in Kaimuki have been permanently striped, but we're confused, mainly about the makai side between 10th and 11th avenues.

Question: Everyone wants to know, especially those in Manoa terrorized by Yama Fazzari, why is he repeatedly released on bail, and why is bail set so low? How is he allowed to get back on the streets to threaten and terrorize others? Who makes these decisions?

Question: When in the U.S. is it proper to fly a foreign flag alone? In Kailua where I walk daily, I see an Australian flag in front of a residence.

QUESTION: Now that the Waialae Avenue resurfacing project is completed, a bike lane has been added on both sides of the street. While I am thrilled to have a bike lane to promote alternative forms of transportation, as well as safety for the riders, it appears that we are no longer coning during rush hour.

Question: When the Hono­lulu rail project is completed, will there be one price for riding the rail and TheBus? If you ride the rail, can you use the same ticket to get on TheBus? My friend said “no,” because TheBus is run by the city and the rail is a state project.

Question: Is there an agency that checks the interior of taxicabs for cleanliness? Recently I took a taxi as I was late for an appointment.

Question: If you donate your body to the University of Hawaii medical school, how long before you get the body back?

Question: My cousin sent me a YouTube video of poisonous chopsticks from China. I checked the chopsticks in my kitchen drawer and, seeing they were from China, threw them out right away. Does Hawaii check Chinese hashi?

Question: At Saturday's UH-Oregon State football game at Aloha Stadium, two groups of intoxicated people were close to fighting in Section K in the first quarter. Police eventually arrived, but left without action. They came back in the second quarter to eject a couple of people.

Question: I called the city and reported that since street resurfacing was done, the signals on Meheula Parkway are not working as before. Left turns go on even if no cars are turning, lights change even if there are no cars waiting.

Question: Ala Wai Field, mauka of the bike path and adjacent to the parking lot, has been shut down for about a year.

Question: For months, crews have been installing a new waterline on Kamehameha Highway between Kaneohe and Heeia pier. It seems that most of the morning consists of removing the metal plates and excavating a trench, and most of the afternoon, refilling the same trench and replacing the metal plates. What work is being performed, and why does progress seem so painfully slow?

Question: A peaceful Sunday walk with my small rescue dog turned into a traumatic nightmare in Waikele. A man was walking his two bulldogs across the street when suddenly, one dog broke loose. It attacked my dog as she screamed in terror.

Question: I work on Alahao Place and have been parking on the street for over 20 years. Recently, "no street parking" signs were placed all over the street. There is no time as to how long the "no parking" is for. If this involves city construction, aren't they obligated to give us a time as to when we are not able to park there?

Question: The Aiea Public Library has moved to a new location. What is the state is planning to do with the old library on Moanalua Road? Day and night, the parking lot is full of cars and there's so much noise at night. Who is parking there during the day and especially at night?

Question: After exiting the international arrivals baggage claim area of Honolulu Airport on July 29, I noticed a large contingent of Japanese cameramen and reporters.

Question: My mother-in-law received a reminder card to renew her driver's license, which she tried to do recently only to be turned away due to not having the proper documents. We found out the card was not updated with all the changes.

Question: There was a terrible fire in Ewa Beach in June that destroyed six units. We saw many Honolulu Fire Department trucks but not one from West Loch, less than five miles from the fire. Why?

Question: I recently went to get legal documents from the Kapolei courthouse and didn't know you had to pay in cash only. I was short $1. I asked the clerk if I could write a check.

Question: I am 90 years old and visit Hawaii every six months to see my 65-year-old son, who is a quadriplegic.

Question: We recently were asked by a police officer to leave Thomas Square with our leashed dogs, because the sign says, "No Animals." He said he had received a complaint and wouldn't write any citations that day, but if we returned he would have to cite us.

Question: In January, I paid via my mom’s account for her ambulance service only to find out that insurance would pay for it. I called the state Emergency Medical Services to ask for my refund of $946. They said because the money was put into the general fund it would take about 120 days to get a refund. It’s been over six months.

Question: Why is there a black-fabric-and-chain-link fence around Mother Waldron Park?

Question: Several months ago the solar system on the roof of the Aina Haina Public Library was heavily damaged by a windstorm. When will the system be reinstalled and who is responsible for replacement costs -- the state or the contractor?

Question: There's a house on the makai, Diamond Head corner of Bates and Bachelot streets that burned over a year ago. The house is still there and is an attractive nuisance for the kids in the neighborhood. Aren't owners of these damaged properties supposed to tear them down because they're a threat to public health and safety?

Question: Would it be possible for you to find out why the bathrooms at Punchbowl cemetery (near the Visitors Center) are in such disrepair? My wife and I attended services for my dad there in mid-July and went there again at the end of July.

Question: There are a number of vehicles parked downtown at metered stalls, e.g., Richards Street, in which a placard saying "Parking Permit for Government Business" is placed on the dashboard. Can you determine how and why and on what basis these "permits" are being issued?

Question: The state Department of Health has instituted color-coded placards after inspecting restaurants for health standards and food safety. What about food trucks?

Question: There is a coconut tree in Kaneohe, on the mauka side of Heeia fishpond, that looks a lot like the ones infested with the coconut rhinoceros beetles. Could you forward this to the place that handles this problem?

QUESTION: Along Beretania (and other streets) we see a growing number of traffic signals at a single intersection. At Beretania and Victoria (a relatively low-traffic intersection), there are six traffic lights facing Beretania traffic, four of them on an ugly arm that extends over the whole street.

Question: A friend recently had her first baby, and it was very hard to find information on paid maternity leave in Hawaii. She inquired with her human resources section and was told there was no allocation for paid maternity leave, unless she had sick leave to cover her time out.

In April a very unprofessional landscape maintenance crew did a real job on the Kahekili Highway plantings, and the way they left it was a lot of be desired. They almost finished off what damage was done last year. This time they decimated the loulu palms by removing most of the healthy fronds that were finally becoming attractive.

Question: I have several close relatives buried at Punchbowl, including my brother. It's now been more than a year since we placed his urn in a niche, and we are still waiting for his engraved name to be inked in so that we can find his burial site and see his name.

Question: Has Kirk Lankford, who was convicted of killing Masumi Watanabe, been released from prison? Answer: No. It will be a long time before he is released from prison for the 2007 murder of Watanabe.

Question: There are three problems that need to be addressed at Ala Moana Beach: 1. People saving parking spaces by putting a cooler or chairs to block the space or parking a car in the middle of two spaces. I have seen confrontations when people want to park in the saved spaces. 2. Dogs on the beach and in the water.

Question: A Star-Advertiser article on the lack of spaces at Ala Moana for the Fourth of July Fireworks show made me wonder how many spaces Ala Moana Center and Ward Centers have lost during their recent redevelopment. Doesn't each shopping center have an agreement with the city to provide a set number of parking spaces for shoppers and employees?

Question: For the past couple of weeks, construction workers working on the Ala Moana Center expansion project have been parking at Ala Moana Beach Park, leaving very little parking for beachgoers.

Question: Where can we find a listing of restaurants and the ratings issued by the state Department of Health? Answer: For now you're advised to call or go to a restaurant to check on its color-coded placard.

Question: I filed my Hawaii state tax late March for 2013. I am due a refund of nearly $7,000, but have not received it yet. When I checked the status online, it said that amount had been processed, but that no refund is due. When I called, I was told that because of my credit for photovoltaic installation, my refund was under review. How long does it take?

Question: Is it true that people who are registered to vote are more likely to be chosen for jury duty? This is a widespread belief and the reason for the low voting record.

Question: I just got my absentee ballot for the primary election. There was a note that said I must choose a political party to which I belong, and once I choose a party, I cannot vote for any candidate outside that party or my vote will be voided. When was this ridiculous law passed?

Question: Regarding Gov. Neil Abercrombie's campaign commercial in which he plays a taxicab driver: Even though it is a commercial, aren't the governor and his passengers supposed to buckle up? It's the law.

Question: When and where can the absentee ballots be dropped off? I know the ballot can be mailed in the prepaid postage envelope provided, but I do not like the idea of having my signature, name and address on the outside of the envelope for whoever to see. Why can't the signature part be on the inside yellow envelope?

When will the striping on the H-1 freeway between Kahala and First Avenue be clearly marked? Especially during the evening time, it is difficult to distinguish the lines for each lane as you're driving. I believe an accident will occur because of this.

Question: Why does the Board of Water Supply require my driver's license upon entering just to pay a simple bill? I went to their office to pay my bill and was told that I needed to show a photo ID.

I live one block from a bus stop where the two airport buses, the Nos. 19 and 20, stop. You would think it would service residents who want to get to the airport without paying a lot for a taxi or shuttle.

Question: Early one morning my daughter was in her car in the Ewa District Court parking lot, waiting to pick up some forms.

What is the status of the Ala Wai Dog Park? It was reported that the park was supposed to open this spring. Then a gentleman near the park a month ago said the park would open in June after some water fountains were installed. It's now July, and there is still a padlock on the gate.

Question: Around the condominium being built across the Ward Theatres is a huge fence at least 10 feet high. On the wall are plastered photos of the condominiums and large signs advertising the condo sales.

Question: With hurricane season underway, the TV news channels have run several specials on preparedness, reminding us to stock up on essentials.

Question: I was walking Ewa-bound on Ala Moana Boulevard, approaching the Atkinson Drive intersection.

Question: I went to the City Square driver licensing and state ID office in May and June and waited in line at 5:30 a.m. both days. There were about 35 people ahead of me, and the lines got much longer. As soon as the door opened at 7:45 a.m., these people (who were not in line) cut in front of those patiently waiting in line.

Question: I've lived on the North Shore for over 60 years. During my residency, I enjoyed the beauty of Waimea Bay until recently. I've noticed boats anchored really close to the shoreline.

Question: Another year has passed, and the parking lot at the Shell is still under construction.

Question: Several months ago streets in Hawaii Kai were repaved. Many of the manhole covers were removed and left on the curb, replaced by new covers. We now have many manhole covers lined up and down streets such as Lunalilo Home Road.

Question: Who is responsible for the no-smoking signs at bus stops? I did not think any were up at the makai side of Ala Moana Center (nor have I seen any on the mauka side), but then noticed two signs, one each on poles with bus numbers.

Question: Regarding the June 12 Kokua Line on what drivers should do when they're stopped at an intersection and an ambulance approaches from the rear: Quite some time ago the city equipped traffic lights with sensors to allow emergency vehicles to pass.

Question: On the evening of Kamehameha Day, June 11, I walked over to the King Kamehameha statue on King Street, expecting to get some great night photos of the king draped in lei.

Question: My husband and I have lived on Oahu for the past 12 years and it appears to me that for the past 12-18 months there is a "different" weather condition happening fairly regularly.

Question: It's difficult to find addresses of places inasmuch as many buildings do not have the numbers easily seen as we drive by.

Question: Several years ago the state set up seven buoys at Ala Moana Beach to prevent collisions between swimmers and stand-up paddlers.

Question: My wife and I were awakened at 1:15 a.m. on a recent Friday by men in hard hats on the Ewa side of the federal building, pounding with hammers on metal pipes.

Question: What is happening with the old Honolulu Advertiser building? When they first announced plans to build condominium buildings at 801 South St., they said Hawaiian Dredging was going to buy the front part of the property and turn it into corporate headquarters. Is that still going to happen?

Question: In the June 2 Kokua Line (bit.ly/1oNZXSN), someone wanted to know what to do if his was the first car stopped at a red light when an ambulance approached from the rear.

Question: My mother is in a nursing home. Is there a way for her to renew her state ID without going in person to an ID card office?

Question: I was watching a YouTube video in which a gentleman with a smoke detector took the 9-volt batteries out and just threw them into his rubbish container.

Question: The bulky-item guys came recently and again left all kinds of trash on Lehua Street in Pearl City. Why are they not cleaning up their mess?

Question: New signs posted on the bathhouse at Ala Moana declare it illegal to use shampoo, soap or conditioner at the beach showers since the runoff may enter the ocean. What about the folks with suntan lotion going into the water or showering off?

Question: I got into an automobile accident recently. I called 911, and they sent a police officer. I asked the officer if I could have a written report, but he said they don't do any written reports for automobile accidents.

Question: A minister has been leading mourners down to the edge of the ocean where he sprinkles ashes of the deceased.

Question: When is the section of Kapolei Parkway across from Costco set to open? It is such a small section, but much needed and finally completed.

Question: If I'm the first car stopped at a red light and the ambulance comes behind me, what do I do? Do I cross the intersection and let the ambulance go?

Question: Could you please tell me what organization collects bottle covers? I couldn't find your past article on this.

Question: I want to release balloons at my father's funeral. Is that legal? Are there any state or city regulations regarding that?

Question: Recently a television newscast talked about illegal car window tinting and a new law. Can you explain window tinting that is legal, what the law is about, when the law will take effect and how can tinting be "tested" for percentage of darkness?

A while back on a Sunday, a roofing company worked a full day on a neighbor's house. I called the state Department of Health to report this violation of noise law and got a recording machine as they are not open on Sunday.

Question: What are the rules regarding turning left into driveways across a contra-flow lane? On Kapiolani Boulevard in the Ala Moana area, a contra-flow lane is set up going Ewa in mornings and Diamond Head in afternoons.

Question: I’m calling about a person who’s driving around in a Jeep with an illegal veteran’s license plate. He’s not a veteran. He’s never been in the military. Whom do I call, or can you help get him to remove his license plate?

QUESTION: Is the Pearl Harbor Bike Path ever going to be continued Ewa of Waipahu Depot Road? Also, who is responsible for its maintenance? The canal that runs along the trail is often filled with debris.

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