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Q: I have heard there are labyrinths in Hawaii, including at the University of Hawaii-Manoa. Can you tell me where they are and why they were built? A: The Labyrinth Society lists 22 in Hawaii, including "portable" ones.

Q: We have not noticed any roadwork going on, no resurfacing, repaving or repairs on Beretania Street, from University Avenue to South Street. Nothing has been done and the road is awful. What about finishing Beretania -- or even starting work on it?

Question: Who did Neil Abercrombie pardon before leaving as governor? Answer: During his four-year term, the former governor issued pardons to 83 people, most of them in his last year in office.

Question: In early February someone spilled what seemed to be at least five gallons of white paint on Manoa Road just before the tip of Triangle Park.

Question: Can you find out why the Makapuu Trail parking lot gate was closed and locked two out of the three days over the Presidents Day holiday weekend? Only on Presidents Day, Monday, was the parking accessible.

QUESTION: I'm a senior. I don't have a computer. I don't have the instruction book for the 1040A or Schedule A and B that I need to begin my income taxes. I can't find any place on this island that has the booklets or forms for us to use.

Question: I am a retired serviceman who is rated 100 percent disabled by the Veterans Administration. I had to go to the federal building, but found there are no disabled parking stalls assigned there. Why?

Question: When is the completion date for the new airport rental car building? What is the total cost to taxpayers for the work going on at Honolulu Airport?

Question: Are there any rules/ordinances regarding boats and cars parked on streets, especially in residential areas? We live in Mililani, and both sides of the street are full of cars and boats. It's hard to drive in and out of a two-lane road.

Question: In regards to news that the Makapuu Trail will be closed for repair: It will take up to six months (probably longer). Repaving, adding seating areas, better lookout areas, etc., are all good. But why can't there be any money put aside to add some basic needs, like portable toilets, or some way to have some water available for people to have?

Q: Can you identify and stop who in the state Department of Public Safety is abusing the Nixle emergency system by sending out announcements like the one on Feb. 4, "Man arrested by state sheriffs for stealing restaurant tip jar?"

Q: I have an egg allergy that prevents me from getting the normal flu vaccine, which is grown in eggs. A new vaccine that doesn't use eggs, called Flublok, has been available for over a year, but I can't find anyone who offers it?

Question: Sunset Memorial Cemetery in Pearl City is in deplorable condition. Grass is so high it's difficult to locate graves. Who is responsible for the upkeep of that cemetery? We need to know! (Two complaints received.)

Question: I filed my Real Property Tax Exemption Claim for Alternative Energy Improvements (my photovoltaic system) last month.

Question: Some neighbors and I would like to petition for a four-way stop at Kainalu Drive and Mookua Street in Kailua. It is the only through street from Kalaheo Avenue to Maluniu Street, therefore is very busy.

Q: I saw an ABC news report that said law enforcement officers in Los Angeles and across the nation were clamping down on people illegally using disabled parking placards with fines of hundreds or thousands of dollars. What is Honolulu doing to enforce this law?

Q: I was called for jury duty and a number of people did not show up. The judge said something about issuing a bench warrant. What is this and what is the penalty for not reporting for jury duty? Is it different for state and federal courts?

Question: If the city is collecting trash in gray bins to burn at HPOWER, which saves money, why are we putting newspapers and cardboard into the blue recycle bins, when recycled refuse costs the taxpayers money to ship off island?

Question: I frequently paddle my one-person canoe from Magic Island to the Diamond Head buoy and back.

Question: Visitors from the mainland keep asking me why the bridge in Nanakuli is blocked off. They say it is such a nice bridge and it's a shame not to let the local people use it.

Question: The restrooms at Kaiaka Bay Beach Park have been boarded up for months. Any clue as to when they will reopen?

Q: I am usually asked to renew the registration of my alarm about October each year. What has happened to the alarm registration process and procedures? Do I need to do anything? • Q: Where can we drop off old telephone books this year to be recycled?

Question: I'm a cancer physician. In my last practice in California, I was accustomed to filling out paperwork for appropriate patients to acquire medical cannabis. I wished to continue that practice here.

Question: How is the University of Hawaii Manoa's College Hill, the large house near the Manoa campus that was previously used as the UH president's residence, used now? I don't think it's been used as the president's residence since 2009.

Question: How is it that a TSA agent at the airport can take your personal property and keep it forever?

Question: Would you explain to the many drivers who use Waialae Avenue in Kaimuki every day, why after months and months of repaving work and completion dates extended multiple times, when the road was finally repaved and a delight to drive on again, why it is now being torn up again by Hawaii Gas?

Q: What can a homeowner/resident legally do to address mess-making animals on your property? Is it legal to trap or poison? How about random audio bursts that scare off the birds? • Q: How should a widow be addressed: Ms. or Mrs.?

Question: The traffic signal at University Avenue and Coyne Street in Moiliili is still not operating. Will it be turned on soon? In October, after installation of the lights was completed months earlier, you said the city was awaiting Hawaiian Electric Co. to complete its work. No target date was given other than before the cycle track was completed, by November or December.

Question: Are the "Live Aloha" bumper stickers still available? If so, can you tell me how I can get them?

Question: State law prohibits sales and consumption of liquor on public streets, but the city allows it during lots of block parties in Chinatown.

Last year signs were posted on property line walls of Wilhelmina Rise stating "Private Parking" for the strip of land between the street and walls. The city's Code Enforcement Branch, the inspector said the city cannot enforce whether an owner displays such a sign. Is this true?

Q: Is it true that both the items in the blue bin and the trash bin at Honolulu Airport all end up at the landfill? Isn't that a little deceiving? Many folks assume they are doing a good thing by separating their recyclables from the trash. • Going Green events for January • Mahalo for regular cleanup

Question: While turning left on King Street into the driveway of a business, I paid extra special attention to watching my rearview mirror for any bicyclists in the new dedicated bike lane.

Question: I drive on the H-2 freeway a lot and sometimes see vehicles with U.S. government license plates driving recklessly or speeding. Whom do I call to report them? I know whom to call for state or city vehicles but not for federal vehicles.

Question: A neighbor continually feeds animals in the morning. I see mongooses and other animals feeding, besides birds. There is a lot of bird poop in the driveway and garage area. Isn't there a law against that?

The tap water in Maunawili has begun to have a strong chemical taste, which it never had before. Is this a temporary issue or the new normal? • Where can I go for a state ID card? Can you provide any information and office times? • Mahalo to honest young man for turning in handbag

Question: How is it that elected state politicians are allowed to practice nepotism in the workplace? Legislators continue to have relatives on their payroll.

Question: I have had to call the unemployment claims office at the state Department of Labor ever since I got laid off. Two numbers are provided -- 586-8970 and 586-8971 -- but it is nearly impossible to speak to someone, despite multiple attempts.

Question: I'm a part-time coin collector, and for quite a while I've noticed there are no quarters, nickles or dimes dated 1964 or earlier. Have they been removed from circulation?

Question: A private waste company picks up our garbage but leaves liquid waste on the street adjacent to a storm drain. This is very evident by the oily, smelly residue on the street.

QUESTION: Nearly every day at approximately 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. at the Moanalua Recreation Center, the Freeway Service Patrol is there with at least two tow trucks. They cone off the entire area beneath the overpass and sit on their lawn chairs.

QUESTION: I found a "no parking" sign fronting the side lawn at my address and other properties throughout Mariners Cove in Hawaii Kai the beginning of November. I called the company "Green Thumb" named on the sign and was told this was for a city project to plant trees.

Question: In August 2013 the Hawaii Kai Marina Community Association contractor dumped a load of dredge material on H-1, closing the westbound freeway for hours.

Question: What is the status of the project to improve the lane markings on the H-1 in the Kaimuki area?

The Hawaii Automobile Dealers Association says "Hawaii's needlessly cumbersome paper processing" system is behind delays in dealers obtaining motor vehicle registrations and metal number plates for new car buyers.

Question: Has anyone asked about a delay in receiving license plates for a new vehicle? I bought mine July 1 and still haven't received my plates. The temporary plate is dated "8-31."

Question: Auwe to the response Oahu Transit Services gave Kokua Line about a bus not arriving as scheduled that "there is no guarantee that any bus will arrive as scheduled.

Question: Could you explain a "Higher Fines Zone"? How much are the tickets?

Question: What gives McDonald's at Waialae and Palolo the right to use Waialae Avenue as a loading lane for drivers waiting to enter its drive-thru and thus block a lane of Ewa-bound moving traffic on Waialae Avenue? This happens at certain times of day, not all day or all night.

Question: The Kaneaki Heiau in Makaha is one of the most interesting and well-restored heiau on Oahu. It had a wonderful carved image of Ku, the god of war. Also a fascinating history.

Question: The sprinkler at a house in our Waikele neighborhood has been running 24/7 for at least 10 days. The owners only spend a few weeks a year here and are currently in Japan. We don't know how the sprinkler went on.

Question: I noted on the screen at the Honolulu Museum of Art Doris Duke Theatre that the state Department of Labor and Industrial Relations has donated $10,000 to the Museum Business Council. What is the rationale or connection for the state doing so? Who made the decision? Isn't the state supposed to be hands-off in giving money to private, profit-making entities?

Question: I know that you have published a few articles about the new bike lane on King Street, and I think we are just going to have to see how it works out during the "pilot program" period. However, one of my main concerns now is parking. What parking is allowed on the mauka side of King Street?

Question: What is the speed limit on the rehabilitated stretch of the H-1 freeway, between Punahou Street and Likelike Highway?

Question: About 8:45 a.m. one day, my neighbor began flying his drone over houses and in the park near my house. This continued through our breakfast with a sound that mimics a hundred mosquitos. About 11 a.m., I went into my backyard and found the drone flying above me.

Question: I was exiting Kaiser's Honolulu Clinic onto South King Street recently and looked both ways as we automobile drivers have the sidewalk, green bike lane and at least two more lanes to view before proceeding safely.

Question: In March, we drove to the Waialae Iki V Community Association gated community on Laukahi Street and expected polite clearance to proceed on the public access to Wiliwilinui Ridge Trail, a state Na Ala Hele trail.

Question: Since we elected a new governor, I'd like to know: What are the salaries of the governor and lieutenant governor? Does the governor have a cook and housekeeper?

Question: Every morning I drive down Kai­nalu Avenue in Kai­lua, past the intersection by the fire station/police complex, past Kai­lua Intermediate School and on into Enchanted Lake. Elementary and middle school students I see riding bikes without helmets far outnumber those who wear helmets.

Question: Recently I have noticed an increasing number of people parking in handicap stalls with no handicap placards or plates, including a healthy man with a young son.

On Sunday, Oct. 12, we went to Ala Moana Park to spend the day with friends and were shocked to see the number of dogs in violation of the "no animal" ordinance: 37 on Magic Island alone and another 14 throughout the rest of the park.

My husband received notice from the state that he has to give a DNA sample because of a law passed in 2005 for people convicted of felonies. He was convicted in 1999, before the law was passed.

Question: I recently was at bus stop 16, waiting for the airport bus that is supposed to depart there at 6:08 a.m. About 6:10 a.m., my bus app "Hea" said it had come and gone, which was not true.

Question: The past year Kaaawa has seen the springing up overnight of a dozen faux stop signs/5 mph speed limit signs in a four-block radius where there is virtually no traffic.

Question: In the past you have reported that some schools and other organizations hire off-duty cops to direct traffic or to provide security. Who pays their workers' compensation or other costs if they are injured in the course of these off-duty activities? I hope it is not the taxpayer.

Question: On the election ballot questions, if I don't select either a "yes" or "no," will it count as a "no" vote? If I vote "yes" and "no," will it invalidate the whole ballot or just the question in which both boxes were marked?

Question: The Date Street-Kapiolani Boulevard area, including the Regency Tower condominium, has been without telephone service since the week of Oct. 20.

Question: The Star-Advertiser had an article about Waimalu being a flood zone. The rail is being built in this area. My understanding is that you can't build anything in a flood zone, especially the rail. Can you correct me if that's not true?

Question: As a fan of classic cars, I have often tried to get a clear answer to what I have always thought to be a rather straightforward question, but I guess it's not: What is the exact procedure to secure a "horseless carriage" license plate for a classic car in the City and County of Honolulu?

Question: It's been two years since the University of Hawaii has had a mascot. Are they doing anything to get one, or are they ever going to get one? Answer: There are no current plans to replace UH's former mascot, Vili the Warrior.

Question: While going through my credit card billing, I discovered a $26 charge for Consumer Reports. As a general rule, I do not charge magazine subscriptions so was baffled by the expenditure.

Question: Hurricanes that form in the East Pacific travel west for 2,000 miles on a track that would take them south of Hawaii. But when they near Hawaii they tend to turn north or northwest, threatening Hawaii. Why? Why don't they keep traveling west?

Question: I parked in a metered stall on Nuuanu Avenue, fronting the Mei Sum dim sum restaurant. I put 70 cents in the meter and got 11 minutes of parking time. Are the meters broken? How much time do you get for every dime or quarter you put in?

Question: My fiance and I are visiting my family in Kaneohe. In the first three days we were here, we received two parking tickets on the same street near a bus stop. I have photos that show one car parking closer to the bus stop than I parked, before the stop, and another one that shows a car parked after the bus stop, next to a driveway, where I also parked.

Question: I'm just wondering about those new "parklets" in Kaka­ako. It was said that these are for public use and they are located on city streets. How will these new parklets not become new homeless shelters? Are there laws stating who can use these and when they can be used?

Question: What is our state's community quarantine or isolation laws/procedure regarding highly infectious diseases like Ebola? I read a National Public Radio article that said it is 99.9 percent a state practice to determine when to quarantine someone involuntarily, which surprised me.

Question: As a frequent traveler, I find it annoying that there is no free Wi-Fi at Honolulu Airport. Why not? I am sure thousands of others share my thoughts.

Question: I thought a person in the military who is running for political office can't use a photo of himself or anyone else in uniform while campaigning. What is the law covering this?

Question: Regarding the article about people now being able to put their veteran's status on their driver's license: There was no mention about charges. I called the driver's licensing division and was told there will be a $6 charge. Is this correct?

Question: Recently fishermen and families who enter Paiko Beach through the one remaining public easement (127-A) are being told by several residents that they cannot set up poles, stand or sit beyond the high-water mark as they are trespassing on private property.

Question: When I had my car inspected this month, I received one piece of heavy paper (from which the new sticker was removed for placement on my bumper). I asked the attendant for the copy needed to accompany my motor vehicle registration renewal.

Question: About three years ago a new main water line was installed in Lanikai, and the roads were repaved. We have had four major water main breaks in recent months.

Question: The lights at Kapaolono Park have been inoperative since April 2012. This is a highly utilized park with baseball and soccer fields, swimming pool, basketball courts and tennis courts.

Question: What is the jurisdiction of the harbor police? While driving on Nimitz Highway about 11:15 one night, I was told by a harbor police officer that he was going to ticket me for driving with my high beams on.

Question: Can you please explain the rules regarding the new King Street Cycle Track as it pertains to bikers, pedestrians and motorists, especially at the green-painted areas?

QUESTION: Regarding the new bicycle lane on King Street: My main concern is the area from Kealamakai Street to Victoria Street, where asphalt barriers look like they will prevent people from parking in the few "premium" spaces in the area.

Question: How can someone get a caller ID that says "US Govt. Post Office" through Hawaiian Telcom? Someone on the Big Island is making calls using that caller ID.

Question: Why has the company resurfacing Meheula Parkway all but stopped work? No one has done any work for over a month.

Question: We were sitting at Sandy Beach the afternoon of July 25 or 26 and observed two cops on all-terrain vehicles approach a group of military guys and start rummaging through their cooler looking for alcohol, I presume.

Question: Understandably, they are cracking down on drivers for pedestrian safety. The law, as my friends and I understand it, is that we have to stop when a pedestrian enters a crosswalk on our side of the street.

Question: I saw the commercial for gubernatorial candidate Duke Aiona in a courtroom. I thought the Judiciary was supposed to be apolitical, so how was he able to film in a courtroom for a campaign commercial?

Question: Whatever happened to the police memorial that was going to be built in Honolulu? I contributed money to it and have been asking everyone, but no one knows.

Question:Were the results from the necropsy of Honolulu Zoo's hippo ever released?

Question: Portions of the newly paved Waialae Avenue in Kaimuki have been permanently striped, but we're confused, mainly about the makai side between 10th and 11th avenues.

Question: Everyone wants to know, especially those in Manoa terrorized by Yama Fazzari, why is he repeatedly released on bail, and why is bail set so low? How is he allowed to get back on the streets to threaten and terrorize others? Who makes these decisions?

Question: When in the U.S. is it proper to fly a foreign flag alone? In Kailua where I walk daily, I see an Australian flag in front of a residence.

QUESTION: Now that the Waialae Avenue resurfacing project is completed, a bike lane has been added on both sides of the street. While I am thrilled to have a bike lane to promote alternative forms of transportation, as well as safety for the riders, it appears that we are no longer coning during rush hour.

Question: When the Hono­lulu rail project is completed, will there be one price for riding the rail and TheBus? If you ride the rail, can you use the same ticket to get on TheBus? My friend said “no,” because TheBus is run by the city and the rail is a state project.

Question: Is there an agency that checks the interior of taxicabs for cleanliness? Recently I took a taxi as I was late for an appointment.

Question: If you donate your body to the University of Hawaii medical school, how long before you get the body back?

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