Sunday, November 23, 2014         

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I still hate traffic. "I hate traffic" were the first words I wrote when I started this column more than a year ago, and that hasn't changed. What I know now is that you all hate traffic, too; it's a hate we all love to talk about.

Slow down. This ain't the mainland!"
I saw this bumper sticker when I first arrived in Hawaii five years ago as I sat in the cab from Honolulu Airport. It made a striking first impression. I couldn't help but smile, thinking, "I'm in laid-back Hawaii!"

Let me know if this sounds familiar: You're driving on Kapiolani Boulevard in the left lane.

"Is it just me, or are all the crazy drivers on the road today?" Is it just me, or do I hear that every day? We all probably do. It's been a good while since I raved about my traffic pet peeves and allowed readers to do so, too.

Lately I've noticed a lot of my friends getting dinged for using a mobile device while driving. Most of them are young and dependent on a cellphone for work and their social life.

Mass transit is a great thing, and TheBus does great, nationally recognized work.

Do you "like" the Honolulu Police Department … on Facebook? If you're among the department's 3,700-strong Facebook followers, you are getting daily updates on law enforcement activities big and small.

Three major factors are associated with fatal vehicle accidents, according to a recent study by the nonprofit group The Road Information Program: driver behavior, vehicle characteristics and roadway design.

There appears to be one thing that people for and against rail seem to agree on: Oahu needs traffic alternatives. One option being floated in the Legislature this session is toll roads. State Rep. Joe Souki's House Bill 2153 passed out of the House and is now with the Senate.

I know I've talked about the new driver's license renewal requirements twice before. It's a road well traveled. But it still remains a somewhat confusing issue for a lot of readers, and it's timely because the new requirements will be implemented this Monday, March 5.

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